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obviously trans women are women but to say that pre-op trans women are physically the same as cis women and therefore lesbians should feel the same physical attraction towards them is ridiculous. so a lesbian doesn't feel attraction to trans women. get over it. you can't control who you are physically attracted to so stop telling impressionable people that their sexuality is wrong.

No two women are physically the same. That’s the fuckin’ point I’m making. There’s no such thing as a person who can clock trans women with enough accuracy for it to be their orientation. Maybe when you do a scrap of work to get over your frothing hatred of trans lesbians, you can get over that. You can’t control the fact that there are transgender lesbians, so stop telling impressionable people to be openly and viciously transmisogynistic.

Viciously berating our only male escort here today. I missed the part where he was literally screaming at him; “COWARD! YOU’RE A COWARD! YOU’RE NO MAN, A MAN WOULD PROTECT THESE WOMEN. YOU’RE A LITTLE BOY.” Creepy shit.

I could record this guy nonstop for hours and he would say so. Much. Vile. Shit. Endlessly, screaming about the most offensively ignorant shit you’ve ever heard, at the top of his lungs. He hasn’t stopped since he got here.

Your move, UFOtable

So the Zestiria manga just ended, and we’ve all had our own mental breakdowns after all the reveals (that I won’t be mentioning for Reasons) and the post-Epilogue stuff.

From what we’ve seen of the anime, it seems to be an enhanced version of the manga (given the extended Water Armatus arc, which, imo, is actually a better way of approaching that part of the plot, but game quests are game quests, so…)

*waves arm viciously*


The manga has upped the ante, and so far the anime has been topping it. But… I really wonder if it’ll be able to manage endgame?

Not an option

A/N: IM BACK!! I had lots of fun up north but by the last couple days I was completely ready to come home. As promised, I did some writing up there. Unfortunately, it’s not one of my best. But I hope you like it at least a little bit😉 As always, thank you for reading❤️❤️



Blood trickled down your wrists, which were viciously scraped from the ropes tightly wound around your arms, tying you to the large metal pipe running along what you assumed was a wall. A scratchy cloth was wrapped around your head, shielding your eyes from your vicious captors. Because of the blindfold, you couldn’t see any windows, so you had no idea how long you’d been gone.

Your best guess was a week. Maybe more. But you did know you were abducted on a Tuesday. It replayed in your mind like a vivid dream,

The hot, soapy, water, stung your hands but didn’t compare to the anger brewing in your chest. Never one to leave dishes in the sink, you had just finished eating a pasta dinner meant for two. However, Wade missed it. Without a call or a text, you were left alone to finish your helping and put his in Tupperware for later. Even though he had promised that he wouldn’t miss yours and his weekly date night. Ever since you two had become a couple, he would only be late to a date every once in a while, leaving you worried for his wellbeing more than anything. He had never completely missed one. But there you were, washing the dishes at quarter to midnight. Your thoughts were interrupted by the back door beside the sink, bursting open. Splinters flew everywhere as men dressed from head to toe in black holding assault rifles invaded your kitchen. Panic replaced fury, you backed yourself against your kitchen counter and watched the men circle your small one level house. They seemed to be looking for something, or someone. Wade, you realized. The men were looking for Wade.
“Where is he?!” A deep voice shouted, gloved hands jabbed a gun in your face. You could only shake your head ‘no’, signifying you had no idea where he was. Suddenly, the man who pushed his gun in your face spotted the framed picture of you and Wade standing in front of a large, pink, plastic elephant. The elephant tourist attraction was stationed in front of a pizza shop you had passed while on vacation. Wade dressed in his Deadpool suit had an arm around your shoulders and the other was bent at the elbow, with a thumb up. You had both arms wrapped around his waist and looked up at him. That was the last time you and him had an endless amount of fun. Back in your kitchen, the man stared at the picture for a good ten seconds then signaled to the others to stop looking,
“You’re coming with us.”

And that was the last thing you heard or saw. A swift knock to the head rendered you unconscious and you woke up blindfolded, cold, and tied to a pole. A pounding headache persisted from the blow to your head and your stomach remained nauseous from the lack of food.

For the first day, you sat against the wall wishing and hoping for Wade to find you. By now, you figured all hope was lost. That Wade wasn’t looking for you, that’s why he hadn’t found you yet. At the first thought of this, tears made their way down your face. After bouts of these thoughts, the tears stopped. The only thing you could feel now was fear, and the ever present longing for Wade.

Tired, you moved your hands down the pole and laid down on the floor. Your head immediately fell to the floor out of exhaustion.

You had been dead to the world sleeping, when you heard a door bang open near you. You couldn’t bring yourself to lift your head until a familiar voice shouted your name,

“(Y/N)! Don’t worry babe. I’m here,” Wade confidently announced.

Fatigue left you laying on the floor, as a rush of gratitude flushed through you.

Quick steps came towards you and you felt a pair of gloved hands gently push down the blindfold. Bright light pierced your eyes, causing you to squint. You tried to look around but Wade’s mask covered face blocked your view. He made quick work of the ropes around your wrists and let out a hiss of anger when he saw they were rubbed raw.

“I swear to the holy pancake those motherfuckers will pay. With organ donations,”

The unfamiliar sound of a furious Wade was one of the sweetest sounds you ever heard. Once you were free, Wade wrapped an arm around your back and pulled you towards him, while the other gingerly laid a hand on your face and stroked his thumb back and forth across your pale cheek.

His eyes scanned your face, looking you over, making sure everything was where he remembered it to be.

“Sweet, sweet (Y/N),” he whispered.

Wade leaned down and pressed his forehead against yours. The tears came back and ran freely down your face. You weakly raised an arm to cup a hand around Wade’s bicep. Wade’s worry and fear poured into you in waves. Now, you had no doubt that he would always find you.

You let go of his elbow and brought both your hands up to run them along his mask, until you met the bottom and pulled it up with wavering fingers. When the mask was completely off his face, your fingers mapped out his facial features, wanting to never be away from him again.

His brown eyes bore into your (Y/E/C) ones. Wade’s scarred mouth lifted in a half smile before pressing to yours, in one of the most sweet-tempered kisses you’ve shared.

The embrace ended shortly after Wade started to dig around in one of the pouches on his belt. Hands still placed on his face, you looked at him in confusion and followed his hand with your eyes, as it pulled out a small ring.

A small diamond ring.

A smirk graced his face, he pulled your left hand from his cheek and slid the ring on your ring finger. After the ring was in place, he put your hand back on his face with his gloved hand over it, holding it there.

“You’re marrying me,”

He explained.

The thought of marrying Wade made a shaky grin appear on your face. Large, swooping, butterflies soared in your belly. You started moving your thumb back and forth across his cheek and quirked an eyebrow,

“You’re telling me that I’m marrying you?”

You asked, your sass coming back in full force now that you knew you were safe. Wade seriously nodded and took your left hand off his face and held it in his own, softly running the pad of his thumb over your ring finger.

“I’m not proposing because proposing would mean that I’m asking. And I’m not asking because asking would mean you could say no. And I’m not taking no for an answer,”

Then, Wade looked away from your face, down to your joined hands,

“This is actually why I was late Tuesday. I was finding the best ring for my best girl.”

You looked down at the ring, really studied it, and understood that to anyone else, it wouldn’t be anything special. It was a small diamond set in a gold band. Nothing fancy. But it was good enough for you. Hell, it was perfect. And you told him such,

“I love it,”

You assured him. Wade looked back up at you with devotion,

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

To whoever is lucky enough to be her next,
She’s jealous. Furiously, viciously, desperately jealous. It’ll annoy you, fuck, it’ll annoy you. But don’t get angry, learn to love it. It means she loves you, she cares. She cares so much. She’ll think every girl can see what she sees in you.

She’s scared of the dark sometimes, she has nightmares, bad ones. Hold her. Hold her so tight, stroke her hair, kiss her forehead, and don’t sleep without lingering your arm around her limbs, please don’t let her go.

She has a sense of humour you’ll never find in anybody else. She’s so funny, a dark and honest humour that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. She’ll love to laugh, make her laugh. She throws her head back and her hair brushes off her shoulders and her eyes light up so bright it’s indescribable, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

She’s insecure, heartbreakingly so. She always has been and she probably always will be. She’ll put the duvet over her body and she’ll turn the other way if you look at her for too long, but she is beautiful. In every light, in every season, at every time of day and in every dimension of the universe, she’s beautiful. Remind her, every day. She’ll blush and shrug it off but she’ll smile when she thinks about it lying in bed that night, and that’s worth the stars in the skies.

Lastly, she doesn’t give second chances. She didn’t give me one. I didn’t deserve one but I’ll never stop wishing I got one. At every opportunity, kiss her in the street, buy her flowers (she loves orchids), dance with her at parties and don’t break her heart. Please don’t break her heart. Because that’ll end up breaking yours twice as bad. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of her closing the door behind her and you’ll never fucking forget it.

Love her, because she’ll love you. She doesn’t do anything in halves, she’ll love you whole heartedly and she’ll do it so very gracefully. Love every single one of her flaws, if you ever manage to find any, love her how she deserves and don’t make my mistake.

Yours truly, I lost her

—  blue-delusion 
PJO Headcanon #31 - Pokemon go

Well, mainly the Seven’s pokemon go teams.

  • Annabeth is Mystic.
    • Did you expect anything else.
    • Percy is too, because they’re the blue team and there’s no better color.
    • Hazel is Mystic because Blanche seemed like the most kickass leader, plus she kinda liked their spiel.
  • Leo is Instinct.
    • Partially because they’re underdogs but partially because he thinks their team is a giant meme.
    • Piper joined with him because when Pokemon go first dropped they were out on a daytrip so they just both joined the same team.
  • Jason is Valor.
    • Literally Jason loves the Valor team.
      • Things get pretty heated between him and Annabeth like they get INSANE when it comes to competition
    • Frank is Valor because they remind him of Mars a lot, plus all of his siblings were valor and he didn’t want to be the only one on Instinct.
  • There’s one gym at camp half blood for the ‘strawberry farm’ and it is so viciously fought over.
  • Camp counselors take the younger kids out on pokemon hunts.
  • The Iris kids have discovered that if a pegasai will let you, strapping a phone to their back and having them fly around is a great way to get kilometers in as long as they go slow.
Leaving Her Wet (Jason McCann) (MATURE)

“You like that?” He growled viciously in my ear as his hips smashed against my own. “Tell me I’m fucking you good or ill stop.” His right hand traced threateningly over my throat, as though he wanted to release his inner desire but wasn’t sure if he should.

I let out a few gasps of air before looking at him with furrowed eyebrows. “J-Jason,” I stuttered, feeling my stomach tightening every now and then.

There was always something pleasurable about intimate times with Jason; he was demanding and rough. I never complained.

A deep smirk made its way onto his face while he moved closer to me. He left a sloppy kiss at the corner of my mouth. “Hmm, baby.” He moaned deeply, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. I took pleasure in watching him.

I adored the way his eyes disappeared to the back of his head while a soft but sharp moan left his wet lips.

His pelvis moved perfectly against mine while my hands wrapped around the back of his neck. “Doesn’t it make you think of all those nights you waste masturbating? All that effort to get to an orgasm that could never be as mind blowing as the ones I can give you.” He rasped closely to my ear. “But I have to say, the idea of you touching yourself and making yourself cum is enough to make me lose control.” He took a hold of my thighs and began picking up the pace.

We aimed for our next orgasm of the night, after going round upon round throughout the long hours. I heard a familiar growl emit from his throat, only for it to dance against my eardrums. I hummed in response.

“And when I think of all those times I waste jacking myself for a good half an hour when I’m stressed.” He laughed at himself. “Why do that when I’ve got a perfectly good fuck doll right here whenever I need?” He grinned darkly and ran his nose along my cheek. I whimpered when his cock rubbed my g spot.

“Fuck, Jason.” Letting out a whimper, I noticed how his face hardened and his throat became more prominent as he gulped.

His hips rocking against my own caused the headboard to slam continuously against the bedroom wall and the bed seemed to be on the brink of collapsing. Due to Jason’s aggressive nature, this happened so often it became normal to the both of us.

His hand reached out and slapped my thigh, and my stomach flipped at the slight feeling of pain that quickly collided with the pleasure that was corsing through my body.

“Oh, baby.” His breathing was becoming rapid as he picked up the pace even more. I had to take a firm grip of his upper arm to control my body.

“Although I love fucking you until you’re sore and treating you like a slut, I do adore you.” His hands caressed my side lovingly, just for a moment. “It’s just, I guess, a kink of mine to be rough and have my way with you.” He said. “But I love you so, so much.”

“I love you too.” I sweetly pecked his cheek, wrapping my legs around his waist.

“I’m gonna nut.” He grunted, crushing the sweet moment instantly. His cheeks were noticeably red. “F-Fuck, babygirl.”

But before either of us had time to fall over the edge, the shrill sound of Jason’s phone ringing fell upon the air that was previously occupied with only our moans and the sound of our skin touching.

“Shit.” Jason cursed under his breath. “It’s fine, it’ll stop.” He thrusted his head into my neck and began nibbling my skin while he pushed himself deeper into me, almost like he was trying to distract me. “Just ignore it. Focus on cumming.” His breath was heavy and I knew he was close.

The phone didn’t stop, however. I huffed as I pushed on his shoulder gently, he looked down at me, aggravated. “Answer it, Jason. It might be important.” As I spoke, the ringing stopped, only for it to start back up again a few moments later.

“I swear to God; whoever this is is getting shot.” He spoke through gritted teeth while still inside of me. He reached over and grabbed his phone off the floor before accepting the call and I realised he’d put it on speaker phone as he carelessly dropped his phone on the bedside table. “What?” He muttered.

I laid silently and watched him. I small smile edged its way onto the very corner of my mouth without my control while I watched his tongue slide slowly over his lips and his eyes fall up and down my upper body as he listened in to the person on the other end.

We need you down here, now.

Jason sighed. He let his fingers trailed across my stomach and towards my boobs, I gasped when his thumb pressed down on my nipple and began moving in circles. Jason smirked down at me. His smirk disappeared instantly though. “Why? What’s happened?” Jason frowned, I didn’t like when he frowned.

There’s a shipment you need to pick up. We’ve got no one else for it. You need to come.

His jaw clenched. “Trust me, dude. I was about to.” Jason’s hips moved slowly back and forth against mine, I choked back a moan.

He pushed deeper into me and I moaned loudly, and abruptly, before slapping my hand to my mouth, he chuckled silently in response.

Shit, am I interrupting something?” The man questioned, it seemed as though he was struggling whether to laugh or be genuinely apologetic. “But seriously, Jason. Whether you’re busy banging your girl or not, we need you as soon as possible. We’ve only got a few hours before we need it delivering.”

“For fuck sake.” Jason looked torn, running his hand up and down his face, so I decided to help him.

“Go.” I mumbled, shuffling up onto my elbows. He didn’t look like he wanted to leave. “Jason, this is important. Go.

“But making you cum around my cock is important.” He said quietly, letting his head fall into my neck. “Maybe if I speed it up I can get you to cum quick.” Before he’d even finished speaking, his hips began moving against mine.

Yo, I don’t wanna listen to you guys going at it, I’ve just eaten. You’ve gotta get over here, Jason.

Jason huffed and groaned loudly. “Fine. Whatever. I’ll see you soon.” A permanent scowl was resting on his face as he ended the call. “Fuck, I’m so hard.” He hissed as he pulled out of me. He ran his hand up and down his dick a few times before climbing off of me.

Pulling the covers over my naked body, I watched as he threw his t shirt over his head before pulling his boxers over his hard on and clumsily pulling his jeans up his legs. “Can you tell?” He asked, indicating to his bulge.

I laughed as I nodded, looking at the easily noticeable situation. “It’ll calm down soon, it’s fine.” I bit the inside of my cheek as I felt my thighs clench shut.

Jason ran a hand across his head, through his hair. “Shit, I’m sorry I’m leaving you like this.” He walked over to me, my hands clutching the sheet in the palms of my hands. “But,” He pulled the covers back, off of my body. “I think you’ll be able to have a lot of fun by yourself,” His hand instantly landed on my clit, it rubbed circles quickly. “Not as much fun as you would if I could finish you off but I’m sure you’ll manage.” He grinned.

I looked at him while I let my hand caress my left boob, I subtle moan left my throat. He looked down at me with that look of pure love and lust. He let out a strangled hum. “I’ve got to go before I change my mind and stay to fuck you senseless.” But he didn’t move, even when he’d stopped speaking.

“Go.” I chuckled, shoving him gently, he hardly budged.

“Hey,” He took a hold of my wrist abruptly in his large hand. He moved his lips closer to my head. “Don’t feel like you can’t send me pictures and videos.” I knew he was smirking without having to look at him. “And make sure to fuck yourself while you’re thinking of me.” He kissed my forehead.

He walked towards the bedroom door. “I’ll be back later and hopefully, I can finish what we started.” He opened the door and looked over at me. I noticed his hard on still very much alive behind the material of his clothes. “Cum hard, babygirl.” He winked before he walked out of the door, leaving me to deal with my own sexual needs.

Ok but like Voltron partial au where after Pidge comes out as a girl (none of the guys care btw) she starts going through puberty and suddenly the suit starts fitting her differently and the guys start to realize like Pidge? Is pretty? Like really pretty? And it’s like Dad Mode™/Brother Mode™ are activated and like viciously so and at first Pidge doesn’t really notice though until like the 5th guy that Keith just “scares off with his brooding stare” doesn’t talk to her.

I guess part II of the previous anonymous ask but also like a separate idea where everyone thinks Pidge has a crush on Keith for like a solid month before they realize that it’s like a brother sister thing. Like no one takes the brother role as seriously as Keith does and like Pidge considers all of them brothers except shirt who she accidentally called Dad once and now everyone calls him dad and that’s how they start the whole “space dad” joke on the ship… Ok I’m done 

omg anon this was wonderful, i did this for you, poor alien dude tho

+ lance saying some stuff in the bg like “look at the vastness of the universe hunk, its the vastness of my love for you”

“i’m beautiful.”

this scene though. chato was all but completely broken down and choking back tears, floyd and boomer were almost paralyzed in their horrified anguish, and harley just turned all the anger she had at chato’s confession back at him (was she reminded of her own murder of jason, another child himself?)

and i know that harley didn’t mean it and then again when she lashed out at boomer and dragged waylon into it by saying that he’s just ugly all around

but he just took all that viciousness and misplaced fury and and self-loathing and helplessness that were suffocating everyone in that room and just… waylon responded to harley so simply, with so much respect and love and kindness for oneself.

when my theater audience broke into laughter and harley smiled back and said, “yes you are” it’s so honest and true, it feels like an immediate balm to the heart.

Andrew says 'I love you'

- Andrew says I love you to Neil but never in the form of words. He says I love you with a thousand actions & gestures.
- Andrew says I love you with his eyes when he looks at Neil like he’s the only interesting thing in a disengaging world.
- He says I love you whenever he gives Neil a chance where he would’ve viciously cut anyone else off for even trying.
- He says I love you when he makes him a duplicate key for his car and identical bands for his arms. He says I love you when he allows himself to fall asleep next to Neil despite that ever-present & prickling sense of anxiety that stirs inside him whenever there’s too much proximity to another person.
- He says I love you when he chooses to share anything about the nightmare that has been his life, even if it’s always vague & leaves Neil all flustered & speechless.
- He says I love you when he chooses to invest in Neil. 
- He says I love you when he sometimes lets Neil touch his jaw or face. When he indulges Neil’s ‘unattractive neck fetish’ and feels shivers ripple through his body at the contact.
- Andrew says I love you in the form of gasps when he lets Neil run his hands across his bare skin for the first time.
- Andrew says I love you when he hangs on to every word that comes out of Neil’s mouth with knuckles tight, even if he couldn’t care less. He says I love you because Neil is music and everyone else is static.
- He says I love you when he grazes every inch of lacerated flesh on Neil’s body. He says I love you everytime he stands up for Neil when someone’s giving him a hard time. Even that caustic death glare and that callous twist of the knife is for Neil’s benefit. (It’s usually Kevin who gets almost gutted.)
- He says I love you when he lets Neil stop him from acting out on his more violent impulses. When he trusts Neil to be enough. When he lets Neil be his bridge between the smokescreens of his black & grey world & everyone else’s more colorful one.
- Andrew says I love you everytime he tells Neil he hates him, even though he does probably hate him a little bit, for being the exception, the anomaly. For letting him get under his skin like nobody ever has and nobody else ever will.
- Andrew says I love you in a thousand bruisingly hot kisses, in every fervent roll of the tongue, in a promise bitten into Neil’s chest, in fingers twisted in hair, in a name called quietly in the night like a curse like a prayer. 

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Is Steven's knife actually Pearl's knife that she took out of Amethyst's room in Together Breakfast?

Oh, you must be new to the fandom.

Don’t even get me started on how many people would mix up Amethyst’s knife Pearl took from her room with Steven’s knife, nowadays it’s a rookie mistake.
Steven has had his knife since Gem Glow, Amethyst has one too which she carries on her in almost every episode to make sure Steven doesn’t constantly “jokingly” stab her - he’s successfully caught her off guard multiple times and poofed her (spoilers, Amethyst gets poofed a lot during the series). In fact, he even poofed Amethyst recently. While Amethyst was distracted by Jasper, he managed to stab her during Crack The Whip from behind. Stevonnie was also going to stab Jasper with their gun’s bayonet but Jasper ran away; don’t worry though, Jasper finally got a taste of Steven’s knife during Earthlings where she was viciously stabbed by Steven and Peridot.

The knife Pearl took was Amethyst’s original knife, she got a new one (which the fandom has dubbed: “Puma Claw”) immediately after Together Breakfast.

I hope that cleared things up!


viciously attacking “aplatonic”, a term used by abuse victims and schizospectrum people to describe their lack of ability/drive to form relationships with people as a result of their abuse/disorder, and saying that people who use it are “just freaks with no friends”, because that’s definitely not something schizospectrum people already hear all the time and in no way ableist

Mating Bond Tension
  • ---At the Spring Court---
  • Tamlin:*looks at Feyre* You'll be mine forever
  • Feyre:Forever. *repeatedly punching him in her head*
  • ---At the Night Court---
  • Mor:Rhysand are you okay?
  • Rhysand:*Looks highly irritated* Yes, I just suddenly got the urge to viciously stab something that's all.