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I find Kylo Ren's moral ground to be quite fascinating. He's not above killing innocents (when he ordered that village on Jakku to be slaughtered), but was against using Starkiller to destroy the Hosnian system. He had Poe tortured and brutally extracted the information about the map from his head as well as viciously attack and torment Finn during their fight while showing twisted and sadistic pleasure from it. But was quite gentle towards Rey in comparison and showed remorse when killing Han

Yes, Kylo’s behaviour and rationales for things are presently rather mysterious, to say the least. My feeling is that - for now - it’s best to take each decision one by one. So with him ordering the massacre of the villagers, I think that is as much to do with his hatred for the Jedi and his determination that they should be eradicated as anything else (the villagers worshipped the Church of the Force, which is all about the Jedi). 

Kylo’s pathological hatred for the Jedi is fascinating to me, and one of the main mysteries of the character, as far as I’m concerned. He started out as a Jedi apprentice himself, so what happened to convince him that the Jedi were evil and had to be destroyed? Anakin had reasons - the prequel trilogy is essentially all about said reasons - so Kylo has to have had reasons as well.

The Silver-haired Baker || Prompt: Fairytales/Legends

According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

Thus man and woman were created.

Upon meeting your other half, you’ll feel an instant inexplainable connection -a connection strong enough to define your existence -to give you meaning and reason.

Sakura didn’t understand it when it first happened. It was a weird feeling after all.

The silver-haired baker that sold her some pink frosted cupcakes was more or less a stranger, so why would she feel like she belonged to him since the beginning of time?

It was a brief eye-lock between magnetising charcoal and a sea of green but in that moment everything fell into place perfectly.

The dog that barked viciously at her on her way back home and made her take a different route to work was there to make her see the bakery poster on the other street.

The bakery poster she saw everyday walking down the street? It was there to bring her to this place.

Her newly found love for pink frosted cupcakes? It was meant to drag her to him out of all the other five people working there.

All her life seemed like a slide by slide play for her to arrive at this moment.

And when he smiled lopsidedly at her, all oxygen left her lungs in one go and she was left staring at him in awe with a rapid heartbeat.

From now on, nothing but him will ever matter. Nothing but his smiles, his laughed and his health.

From now on, two strangers were going become one.

They’ll learn to love and trust each other, to complete each other like two pieces of a puzzle.

“Here,” he handed her the bag, “I added an extra cupcake because you’re a regular.”

“T-thanks,” she stuttered.

“I’m Kakashi.” He extended his hand over the counter with a pleasant smile.

Taking it, the Pinkette felt a spark strong enough to identify as an electric shock. “Sa…kura.”

His eyes creased. “It suits you.”

Who knew a hand shake could be more connecting than a lifetime friendship?

This is her soulmate, her mind identified, her other half. She’s finally complete.

To whoever is lucky enough to be her next,
She’s jealous. Furiously, viciously, desperately jealous. It’ll annoy you, fuck, it’ll annoy you. But don’t get angry, learn to love it. It means she loves you, she cares. She cares so much. She’ll think every girl can see what she sees in you.

She’s scared of the dark sometimes, she has nightmares, bad ones. Hold her. Hold her so tight, stroke her hair, kiss her forehead, and don’t sleep without lingering your arm around her limbs, please don’t let her go.

She has a sense of humour you’ll never find in anybody else. She’s so funny, a dark and honest humour that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. She’ll love to laugh, make her laugh. She throws her head back and her hair brushes off her shoulders and her eyes light up so bright it’s indescribable, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

She’s insecure, heartbreakingly so. She always has been and she probably always will be. She’ll put the duvet over her body and she’ll turn the other way if you look at her for too long, but she is beautiful. In every light, in every season, at every time of day and in every dimension of the universe, she’s beautiful. Remind her, every day. She’ll blush and shrug it off but she’ll smile when she thinks about it lying in bed that night, and that’s worth the stars in the skies.

Lastly, she doesn’t give second chances. She didn’t give me one. I didn’t deserve one but I’ll never stop wishing I got one. At every opportunity, kiss her in the street, buy her flowers (she loves orchids), dance with her at parties and don’t break her heart. Please don’t break her heart. Because that’ll end up breaking yours twice as bad. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of her closing the door behind her and you’ll never fucking forget it.

Love her, because she’ll love you. She doesn’t do anything in halves, she’ll love you whole heartedly and she’ll do it so very gracefully. Love every single one of her flaws, if you ever manage to find any, love her how she deserves and don’t make my mistake.

Yours truly, I lost her

—  blue-delusion 



Jacheongbi (자청비) is a Korean earth goddess who is also the goddess of love.

Jacheongbi’s story begins when she disguises herself as a young man in order to pursue higher education in the company of a young god for whom she has an attraction. For three years she maintains her masculine appearance, studying at an academy in Seoul and sharing a room – but not her true identity – with this son of the Emperor of Heaven, with whom she has fallen in love. The implication is that her desire for education and opportunity is equal to that for her young god, and she will simply do whatever is needed to achieve her goals.

Only when their three-year term of study is over does she reveal her true nature to and feelings for the young god. He is inclined toward love with her, and they secretly marry. However, he is called to return to the Garden of Heaven where his father lives, and where he had been committed to marry another. The father puts the two would-be brides to a test of walking on knives in the fire; the other woman refuses and instead starves herself to death, allowing Jacheongbi to become his goddess.

I used to analyze myself down to the last thread, used to compare myself with others, recalled all the smallest glances, smiles and words of those to whom I’d tried to be frank, interpreted everything in a bad light, laughed viciously at my attempts to be like the rest -– and suddenly, in the midst of my laughing, I’d give way to sadness, fall into ludicrous despondency and once again start the whole process all over again – in short, I went round and round like a squirrel on a wheel.
—  Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment
Meet Cute: Team Addition

(Circumstances in which a whole gang of characters could conceivably meet each other)

  • There’s a tornado warning so we’re all going to be stuck together in the basement of the library for an indefinite amount of time does anybody have a deck of cards
  • We all got arrested on the same day and now we’re sharing a holding cell
  • The massive, compulsory school-wide round-robin dodgeball tournament is coming up and we were “everybody else” after teams were formed
  • For various reasons, we all have a vendetta against the same person, and we bond over mutual hatred/plotting revenge
  • A little dog is caught in a storm drain and we are the people that gathered to get it back out 
  • You got kicked out of class for expressing your opinion and we all got up and walked out with you 
  • The elevator stopped and the emergency call button doesn’t work so we’re gonna mission impossible our way out of here together
  • All of our roommates are dating each other and we all got sexiled simultaneously 
  • We’re all fighting viciously to buy the old mansion on the hill that’s up for sale for cheap when we realize that everything will be cheaper if we split it X number of ways
  • We all answered the same really sketchy ‘Help Wanted’ ad and now we have No Idea what is going on 
  • We all wore basically the same outfit to Orientation Day and now everybody just groups us together automatically so we might as well

Dragons of Thedas – Fereldan Frostback [1/10]

The Fereldan Frostback is a variant of High Dragon that is native to the Frostback Mountains. Even when compared to other High Dragons, Frostbacks are viciously territorial. They often claim a large swath of territory where their numerous offspring are allowed to roam, under the protection of their mother.