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The year is groovy 1973, and eighteen-year-old Louis Tomlinson is as gay as the rainbows that never waste their time in gloomy ole’ Fortwright. Would be fine if he wasn’t so viciously bullied at both home and school for such a “harmful” sexual preference.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard this story, haven’t we?
Believe him, Louis didn’t think he was anything special either.

Until he found the mansion. The notoriously haunted mansion hidden deep within the forests of his tiny blip of a town in Bumfuck Nowhere, Idaho. No one with a brain ever goes near it, but Louis could use a little excitement in his life…and possibly a Band-Aid or two.

After discovering the mansion was less abandoned than he’d thought, he’s now left with the most riveting mystery of a lifetime; every new finding leaving him with more questions. Who is this elusive owner, and why won’t they show themselves? Why is there a set of journals in the same handwriting that span over centuries? Why in the world is there a padlock on the refrigerator…and who the hell is Alexander?

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, but somehow they find each other.

Harry loses the love of his life on New Years Eve and finds him again, six months later, ready to open some poorly-stitched wounds.

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Nixon Thought He’d Get Away With It, Too

As we’ve known for hours now, for the first time in history, a White House barred a large swath of legitimate press from the day’s briefing. 

DJT had the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, Politico, and Buzzfeed barred from today’s White House press briefing. 

Out of solidarity, Time Magazine and the Associated Press refused to enter.

Yesterday at the CPAC Conference, DJT once again viciously attacked our free press, calling them for the second time this week, “The enemy of the people!” Then he laughed about journalists who bring up The First Amendment. 

As I’m writing this, we’re learning from the Washington Post and from MSNBC that officials in DJT’s White House spent last week calling members of Congress and various intelligence agencies–especially the FBI–trying to coerce them to squelch the emerging stories of ties between Putin’s government and DJT’s campaign.

I’ve said from the start DJT is a fascist. Again, this is a word I’ve never used in relation to an American president and I’ve always discouraged others from tossing it around offhandedly. Because it dilutes the horror and impact of the real thing.

This is the real thing. 

When he speaks, he’s smug and blustering, expecting our fealty and enraged when he doesn’t receive it. 

He thinks he’s impervious to criticism, opposition, and the law. 

Richard Nixon held the same beliefs. 

Frequently, it feels like we’re bleeding internally. We seem okay from a distance, but inside we’re hemorrhaging.

This man lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. We didn’t elect him and we don’t want him.

Another point I’ll repeat: by creating an oppositional relationship to all 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies and to the press, he ensures his downfall. 

And his administration has targeted more than half of the nation with some form of hate or punitive legal maneuver. 

His tenure is unsustainable. 

Take care of your mental and physical health. This is a brutally difficult time. 

Be here to see him fall. 

Be here to hasten his fall. 

Be here for his impeachment.

- Draco scrubs the skin on his arm viciously every time he showers. The skin is always red and marked by scratches. He tries so hard to get the mark off of him. He wants to feel clean again.
- George can’t look in the mirror anymore. Not without remembering Fred. He smashes all mirrors in their home. He cuts his hair, he dyes it.
- Neville sees Nagini in his dreams. But in his dreams it reaches Ron and Hermione before he does.
- Harry has multiple wands all around his house hidden in places that only he knows. Beneath his pillow, beneath his bed, under the couch. Just in case.
- Hermione’s boggart is no longer failure.
- Draco and Blaise are afraid of fire.
- Someone accidentally calls George “Fred” once. No one knows who starts crying first.
- Headmistress Miverna Mcgonagall is fierce, powerful and kind. All first years are intimidated and amazed, she seems untouchable. However some nights she roams the school hallways and remembers every student she lost, every life that got taken away too soon, every soul that left them too early.
- Harry suddenly can’t stay in very small rooms. He feels trapped, his throat starts convulsing and his eyes sting.
- Hagrid still feels the weight of what he thought was Harry’s corpse in his hands. It haunts him.
- Hermione, Ron and Harry had gotten so used to spending months having one small meal per day that sometimes they forget they’re supposed to eat.
- Harry rolls in his sleep once and hits his forehead against the night stand on accident, when he wakes up with pain on his forehead his heart sinks and his whole body freezes. It isn’t until he sees the bruise that he’s able to calm down. Because Voldemort isn’t back.
- Ron dreams that he’s back in their tent, traveling and hiding, he’s changing the radio stations and he hears Ginny’s names as one of the victims.
- Molly always has “where’s Fred?” on the tip of her tongue, at all times.
- Harry spends the year post-war discovering who he is, what he loves, other than the Boy-who-lived and the Savior-of-the-Wizarding-World. Because there are things he never had time to think about, never had time to experiment, never had time to experience. Sometimes he wonders if coming back had been the right choice, because it hurt so bad on some days that he couldn’t take it.
- When Teddy is sad or scared and he’s crying, Harry tells him stories and shows him pictures of his parents, it’s then and only then that he calms down and his hair goes back to normal.
- Harry pulls back to himself when the date of his death nears every year, his friends do everything in their power to bring him out of it.
- Draco and Harry have talks about the war some nights, both saw what Voldemort was capable of, Harry in his dreams, Draco in his home. Both understand.
- Luna is quirkier and weirder than ever before. She always does everything in her power to lighten up the mood in the room when the silence is bitter and mournful. It’s like she can’t stop shifting and smiling and nervously twitching and saying random facts about things no one has heard of before. Everyone knows it’s her way of coping, of staying positive. So no one minds. It’s comforting.
- Harry gets the sudden desire to travel all over the world. Sometimes Ron and Hermione come with him, others he goes alone, once Neville joins him. Draco does too.
- Draco starts writing, he writes thousands of words on some nights and none on others. He’s good at it, too.
- Harry always, without fail, looks for Sirius’ constellation. He visits his grave too, tells him how things are going in his life, how he’s coping, how he isn’t.
- Hermione getting a tattoo of blooming pastel flowers on top of her “mudblood” scar, because she’s alive, many her friends are alive and she wants to remember that.

And maybe not all is well, maybe they have scars time cannot erase, but they’re together, their hearts are still beating, so it’ll be okay. They’re going to be okay.

It’s almost poetic the way Junkrats on opposite teams end up viciously targeting each other. When things get super intense and they’re both in each other’s face, they normally end up killing one another at the same time. And if not at the same time, the payback is fucking brutal.
It’s beautiful.

the fact that sangwoo’s full name is Oh Sangwoo fucking kills me. cause in english, every time somebody says his full name it sounds like they’re softly admonishing him. “oh sangwoo……why did you have to murder all of those people…..”

To whoever is lucky enough to be her next,
She’s jealous. Furiously, viciously, desperately jealous. It’ll annoy you, fuck, it’ll annoy you. But don’t get angry, learn to love it. It means she loves you, she cares. She cares so much. She’ll think every girl can see what she sees in you.

She’s scared of the dark sometimes, she has nightmares, bad ones. Hold her. Hold her so tight, stroke her hair, kiss her forehead, and don’t sleep without lingering your arm around her limbs, please don’t let her go.

She has a sense of humour you’ll never find in anybody else. She’s so funny, a dark and honest humour that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. She’ll love to laugh, make her laugh. She throws her head back and her hair brushes off her shoulders and her eyes light up so bright it’s indescribable, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

She’s insecure, heartbreakingly so. She always has been and she probably always will be. She’ll put the duvet over her body and she’ll turn the other way if you look at her for too long, but she is beautiful. In every light, in every season, at every time of day and in every dimension of the universe, she’s beautiful. Remind her, every day. She’ll blush and shrug it off but she’ll smile when she thinks about it lying in bed that night, and that’s worth the stars in the skies.

Lastly, she doesn’t give second chances. She didn’t give me one. I didn’t deserve one but I’ll never stop wishing I got one. At every opportunity, kiss her in the street, buy her flowers (she loves orchids), dance with her at parties and don’t break her heart. Please don’t break her heart. Because that’ll end up breaking yours twice as bad. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of her closing the door behind her and you’ll never fucking forget it.

Love her, because she’ll love you. She doesn’t do anything in halves, she’ll love you whole heartedly and she’ll do it so very gracefully. Love every single one of her flaws, if you ever manage to find any, love her how she deserves and don’t make my mistake.

Yours truly, I lost her

—  blue-delusion 
I didn’t realise that cruel was a colour until I saw you wear it so well. I didn’t realise judgment was a shade of lipstick until I heard the viciously colourful words from yours lips as they fell.
—  Nikita Gill

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There is no greater rivalry than 2 Widow mains on opposite teams. They will dump all pretense of team work or defensive support to viciously play a deadly game of peekaboo with eachother where the slightest hesitation means death

oh i agree watching two widows trying to out snipe each other is one of the most intense things ever

Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Today is a day of remembrance.

A day to remember our siblings, our friends, our parents, our co-workers and those we’ve never met.

A day to remember all those who were lost.

However we lost them.

But unfortunately, it’s a day that forces us to remember how we lost them.

To remember all those who were viciously and mercilessly bullied, and victimised for who they were.

To remember those who were taken from us by bigotry, ignorance and hate.

To remember those who lost themselves, and felt that they had no reason to carry on.

It’s a day that highlights the importance of education. Imagine how many of us would still be here if everyone just understood, if they were taught from an early age.

And so I leave to you, my siblings, my friends, my family, a message. A message to uplift, and inspire.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. - E.E. Cummings.

A Planet Earth Documentary on Junkrat Mating Season

Once every Friday, a gathering takes place of Junkrats. They gather in many numbers, large inter-breeding packs where they will constantly compete to be the alpha and avoid vicious predators together.

(Above: A gathering of Junkrats. Among them, a Eastern White Crested Junkrat (far right).)

Junkrats gather in packs of 2-6. You can see a Junkicus Toasticus has joined them. His unique markings make him a very desirable mate. He has become the alpha, who will protect the rest of his pack and all the future Junkpups he rears.

(Above: The alpha aiding his pack in taking down a foe.)

There are times Junkrats will not choose an alpha among themselves, but will gain a matriarch. It is a close member of the Junkrat family and tends to nest with the lesser subspecies. 

(Above: A Junkicus Hogroadia amidst a successful pack of Junkrats.)

(Above: A pack will viciously defend their nest and matriarch, just as the matriarch will protect them.)


Dark skin model of the week

Model Kenisha Nalisha Finita Thom

Born 1983 in Trinidad & Tobago

  • Started her modeling career at the age of 19 
  • Represented Trinidad and Tobago in the 2004 Miss World Competition then again at the Miss Universe pageant in 2006 where she stood in the top 10 
  • Kenisha has a Bachelors in Management Studies and a Masters in International Relations 
  • Kenisha still models and has often been recruited as judge for beauty pageants
  • Thoms is the director of a non government organization called Arts-Insight that helps people with disabilities 
  • Has worked with different HIV/AIDS organizations
  • In 2010, she and her mother were viciously beaten outside their home in Lowlands, Tobago that almost left her for dead 
  • She is the mother of 3 children and currently lives in Tobago 
The Instruments As Shit My Extended Family Did Over Thanksgiving
  • flutes: spilled red wine all over the tan carpet
  • clarinets: spent 95% of the time playing pokémon sun
  • saxophones: viciously heckled anyone playing mariokart if they were not in first
  • trumpets: wore a bluetooth headset constantly despite never using it
  • horns: took a generous sip of scotch besides being generously pregnant
  • trombones: brought up politics™
  • baritones: claimed more alcohol made him better at mariokart; was correct
  • tubas: guilt tripped everyone into watching college sportsball
  • percussion: made a disturbingly convincing case for my weird uncle being a former government spy
Borderline and astrology

Borderline personality is a condition of pain. There is a clinical list of symptoms that validate diagnoses, but I am not a specialist on personality disorders. I am not going to go into these. I first learned about Borderline personality as a nursing student studying mental health. Their emotional reactivity is extreme. I like to think of it as, imagine 4 girl friends walking down the street. The weather is cold, it’s snowing and windy. Three of the girls are wearing warm jumpers, scarves, and weather resistant clothing. The fourth girl is wearing shorts and a t shirt. They are all experiencing the same degree of coldness and temperature. But the fourth girl is absolutely freezing, she not just cold, she is purely uncomfortable and shaking viciously, all her fingertips are burning. The fourth girl is expressing the Borderline’s severe experience of emotional storms. It’s like they truly lack the protective clothing. They are vulnerable, exposed, and feel deeply. One aspect of the Borderline personality quality I want to focus on, and relate to astrology is that of a distorted self image, identity diffusion, and a disturbed sense of identity. Intense projection seems to be a problematic attribute of Borderline. This lack of self seems to result in substance abusing behaviors to fill some of the emptiness, to try and hold onto something real, constant shifts in vocational aspirations and goals, this prevailing sense of worthlessness. They have trouble ascertaining who they are, what they want, what they like, and where they want to go. This is where astrology can become an effective tool. Can astrology cure Borderline personality? No way. It is typically a manifestation of PTSD, and best treated in the hands of professionals. I do believe though, that astrology is capable of relieving some of the suffering and giving a clear definition of inner potential. The astrological chart suggests our archetypal qualities and potential. It gives an untainted description of attributes that exist within us, inherited at birth. These have not been blemished by their self image, or maybe the abuses they have received from others. It can give people with Borderline personality a framework of characteristics they can found their identity on. They are no longer gliding in the ether, hollow, chameleon and reflecting the traits of others. And people leaving may not feel so deadly, because they have bloomed a portrait of the self, a definition, they can stand alone. Maybe they will learn that their natal Venus in Aquarius is a personality that feels quite distant from others to begin with, and they associate with this, they connect astrology with qualities within themselves. And that Venus in Aquarius, once grounded, revels in its independence. Or that sixth house stellium guides that person to a career in nursing, when he felt so conflicted and confused, astrology provided an outline of his talents and skills, his calling, and he was able to define a future. The emptiness a Borderline feels can be filled by that contemplating reverence they conceive as stars pour into them, they have been divinely crafted, there are constellations that entangle them, they are the descendent of Gods and Goddesses. They are souls expressing as Leos or Scorpios or whatever. I know that people with Borderline personality can feel so hollow and diffuse that they are relieved to hear a Borderline diagnosis because iit provides a stable outline of who they are. And the clinical picture of Borderline personality is not so wonderful. And I think, wouldn’t being able to find yourself through the positive qualities illuminated by astrology provide so much more comfort, guidance, and beneficial reference? Instead of being a pathology, you are a progeny. There is nothing profoundly evil or bad about them. Rather than feeling as though they lack an identity, they just float, they can look into the night sky and see themselves.  At it’s most sacred essence, astrology is compatibility with the self, the stories of the stars are stories of you, and you can fall in love with yourself. I am not an expert on Borderline personality. I do not know that much.Astrology is by no means a remedy nor a therapy. But it can provide a definition of the self in a way nothing else can, and for those who feel so vacant, for those who are searching for an identity, no anchor could be so pure as the cosmos.