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“I don’t care,” snapped Victor suddenly, the air humming to life around them. Mitch shot forward, putting his hulking form in front of Sydney, and Victor caught himself before he lost control. All three seemed surprised by the outburst, and guilt—or at least a pale version of it—tightened in Victor’s chest as he considered the other two, the loyal guard and the impossible girl. He couldn’t afford to lose them—their help, he corrected himself, their cooperation—certainly not today, so he drew the energy back into himself, wincing as he grounded it.
“I’m sorry,” he said, letting out a low breath

Imagine an AU where...

Volstagg, being much older than most of Thor’s friends, is a very young man – just into adulthood, really – during the war with the Frost Giants. He serves in Odin’s army, and Volstagg finds the baby in the temple of Jotunheim instead of Odin. 

So of course, he brings the baby home – he and his fiancé have been talking about having all kinds of kids anyway once they get married after the war – and the two of them raise Loki as Loki Volstaggson, along with his many many younger siblings that follow. 

Loki grows up with no expectation to be a prince. No scrutiny. No inheritance, beyond the expectation he might run the farm someday, though any of his siblings could do as much if he chose otherwise. He’s the eldest sibling, saddled with a lot of practical responsibility for wrangling and caring for all the little ones, but is surrounded by warmth and affection all the time. When he shows an aptitude for magic, it’s a bit of a surprise, but Volstagg works hard and pleads with the court to score him some lessons – if only so he doesn’t set the chicken coop on fire again. And Loki learns illusion spells that he uses to tease and delight all his little sisters, illustrating their bedtime stories with floating images of warriors and dragons made of light. 

He has no reason to compare himself to the crown prince Thor. Though he’s honored when his father brings him along to join the warriors three and Thor and Sif on an adventure, and over time, as Volstagg gets older, Loki spends more time questing in his place (though Volstagg does pull Thor aside and is like, “I love you man, but if you get him killed…“ embarrassing the shit out of Loki in the process).

But yeah. Imagine Loki Volstaggson. With the big loving family and all the big ginger!dad hugs and no rivalry and just… being happy. 

What Ragnar and Aslaug are like in the Sagas
  • Ragnar: You know a lot of times I get a really brilliant idea, but then I hear this negative voice trying to like tear me down. Telling me my idea is stupid and that it's going to get me killed.
  • Ragnar: There's that voice again...
Headcanon Game (SFW) - Harald Finehair


He could be very straight forward and left you speechless quite a few times at first. But the affection he always showed for you was something you loved.


Dating Harald had turned out to be much different than you had expected. Gone was the blood soaked berserker you had met on the battlefield, replaced with a man who did care a lot for your feelings…as long as they were directed towards him.


Sometimes he hugs you so tightly you think your bones are about to break. It’s like he’s scared you’ll eventually just vanish if he lets go for a second, staring into thin air.


He wasn’t by far gentle and always left you with more than one bruise but you did enjoy your time together quite a bit anyway. Getting his attention was quite easy as well, all you had to do was look at him with those big, pleading eyes and his rough touch turned a lot gentler in an instant.


Oh yes, he did get mad. But not the raging kind of anger everyone saw at first glance. It was the scary kind, calm and determined and with a purpose. And the purpose was usually someones death.


The sight was jaw dropping gorgeous and if it was up to you, you’d never have let him wear anything in his entire life.


If he didn’t like something, you knew. Those looks could kill but sometimes you got him rilled up on purpose. Seeing him lose control was quite sexy and damn did you like it when he dragged you away without another word to anyone.


He had half expected you to come up with some kind of condition when he askes you to marry him. It was written all over his face. Doubt, worry and sorrow all mixed together. When you simply said yes he just blankly stared for a minute before he realised that he’d indeed get married soon.