I promised to deliver on sketches, so here you go–more reasons why I’ve been so busy. I’m producing a lot of new artwork for the upcoming KiT tournament, with my goal being 20 characters (and if I can accomplish this, then I probably won’t need to worry about doing any sort of conprep besides comics. At least, that’s the incentive I’m giving myself). One friend asked if I was going to offer these as post-card sized prints. I’m still not sure what format I should make these in, but I still have a little bit of time. ^^;

It’s a really good thing I love fighting games.

Oh, and I do have some Guilty Gear. BOY do I have some Guilty Gear.


So, I managed to sketch and complete an illustration within record time (six days!), and while I’d like to tweak it later, I am rather pleased with the results. I was partaking in a fighting game fanart community’s art project, in which each artist was to draw an obscure/lesser known fighting game character, so I went with Yoko Kono from Last Bronx, a game I really liked back in my youth. I nearly missed the deadline, but managed a bit of a miracle.

I’m including the sketch from which I worked off of, so you can see just how different the final is by comparison.

Part of my goal for this con season is to draw characters that I’ve loved at one point or another, but haven’t drawn in forever. And to add to that list: Kaiba Seto from YuGiOh. This one is going to be a bookmark, and will be in a set that will also consist of Yami Yuugi, Yami Bakura, and Jounouchi Katsuya.

People who follow me on facebook have seen the cellphone photo I took of this, but I’ve finally scanned it properly.

I think it’s been about five years since I’ve properly sketched Reno from Final Fantasy VII (chibis don’t count). I guess the stars were properly aligned or something. I thought I’d do a little variation with his outfit (just a little). I still have this headcanon that he’s got bad habits aplenty, hence the cigarette. I have positively no idea what to do with the background, though.

But, yes. Revisiting another one of my old favourites. Reno’s been a favourite of mine since I was in high school…and that was a very long time ago.

Annnnd another sketchbook post, this time of Malshina from Akibaranger. I suspect she’ll be completed in pencil since I had to erase and redraw and erase so many times (on account of the fact that I wasn’t satisfied with her face.)! Hopefully I’ll get something drawn up that can be properly coloured later like that Akibaranger illustration I’ve been meaning to do

I hadn’t really posted much lately that pertains to art, so I’m posting up these outfit designs for Lars and Alisa for the 20th anniversary fanbook I’m working on. I’m really into camo cargo pants for some reason. I may throw on some more outfit designs if I’m feeling up to it…honestly, I keep telling myself to post more of my work, and I feel that should include the unpolished stuff.>C

Wasn’t kidding when I remarked about drawing butts over the weekend. The pose is based on an illustration from Oh!Great’s Tenjo Tenge manga–because I figured that since he would design outfits for Tekken characters, it would be rather fitting to homage one of his illustrations with Tekken characters.

…of course, since it’s me, it had to be drawn with men. I’m not sorry. Especially since it’s gonna be used for the fanbook