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....why did you post that hunting thing? Like, I know you are probably in favor for it and stuff. Since you didn't tag it with anything there was no way for me to avoid it + it makes me super upset that a wolf who actually likes humans will get betrayed and killed for that interest? And you don't want us to protest it or help them so why would you post it? Why make your followers super upset like that I actually cried? I can't fucking deal with more bad news and how fucked up humanity is.

@daughtersoftime​ Hi! My blog posts factual content about wolves, including news or articles. In order to be able to create a realistic view on what’s going on, I share áll wolf related news - not selectively just the positive news, because it’s important to be aware of what’s going on. That includes upsetting news. I usually post the original articles without adding anything myself such as my own opinion, unless I consider it needed/useful.

I do support regulated, sustainable wolf population control - it is one of the most beneficial ways to help keep their own population, other species’ populations, and the environment they live in safe and healthy, and is beneficial to the conservation of wolves as a whole*.
But I’m against the hunting of wolves for other reasons than effective wildlife conservation. I often post petitions of cases in which the culling of wolves is not beneficial to the concerning wolf population. When needed, I speak out against culling practices that have nothing to do with sane wildlife conservation.
If people feel like they want to take action after reading news on my blog by let’s say starting a petition, I fully support that.

This case of the wolf in Saxony doesn’t concern hunting, it concerns conservation - a less pretty side of conservation, yes. I understand that you’re upset - so am I. Cases like this are always painful and sour, especially considering it was probably humans who made this wolf a threat. But there’s no denying this wolf became a legitimate threat that needs to be dealt with anyhow.

There aren’t unlimited resources for conservation, so you’ve got to pick your battles. Realistically, there is very little chance a very expensive rehabilitation program for this wolf would work. So unfortunately, this case is a “pick your battles” one, and a preventive action for the greater good, because the general public holds a very ignorant and irrantional fear towards wolves, and will not be open for reasoning if this wolf causes serious problems. Those people won’t hear to the fact that this concerned a habituated wolf who acted very unnatural, and that wolves normally don’t act like this. An attack on livestock, a pet, or a human being will do severly further damage to this already very negative public opinion on wild wolves, and will only give governments and hunters yet another argument to cull more wolves in said region, or the whole of Germany, or all over the world.

The feeding of wild animals is the cause of this problem, so preventing problems like this is mainly a matter of educating the public to not feed wildlife. There is no wildlife conservator that wants to kill an animal. But until we have fixed the cause (the feeding of wild animals), we will have to deal with the consequenses in a way that fits the bigger picture. Knowing how these politics work, there’s a very big chance that in this case protesting/petitions/etc. won’t make a difference, and even if you cóuld somehow stop them from killing this wolf, it’s just a matter of time before the wolf will cause an accident and it will then be shot either way ánd will be used as an ignorant example of the misinformed, fear-mongering idea that wolves are vicious man-eaters.

I do apologize for forgetting to tag this post with “wolf hunting”, which I normally tag posts like these with. I totally understand that news like this is upsetting, but it’s not okay assuming things about people you don’t know and accusing people of things when you don’t know what and how.

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(*some proper sources on wolf population control in case people want to read more about this topic:

The Heartache Pg1

Oh yes, the star of the show as everyone knows him, Bendy the Dancing Demon. He was in his room sitting in a wooden chair as he was breathing in his smoke, it’s lovely poison. His room was covered in gifts from his fans, especially those who were women. Constantly sending him letters just begging to dance with him, or be his back up dancers and all,sometimes begged to marry him. He leaned back in his chair as he opened more and more letters from his adoring
fans. He felt like a hero any time he saw a child trying to act just like him.Heck, he was a hero, every now and then when some brute would come around he’d show them a thing or two and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget. Bendy once drove a large raging pig out of town so it wouldn’t hurt any people anymore. He beat up a wrestler who didn’t know when to stop destroying people’s homes just to look for a challenger.  He caught all five robbers on a train and threw them in prison.
        And yet, an unwelcomed thought creeped along his mind. Would he have been the cheeky little devil everyone would love today if he had never met Boris? Or would he still have been trying to become everyone’s nightmare he had planned ages ago? When he got caught up with the wolf he planned to use him for as long as he wanted just to get what he wanted and toy with his emotions for a bit. Yet things…took a different turn. He never had expected the guy to be so incredibly kind. He was a wolf. Usually people have seen wolves as vicious animals who are ALWAYS hungry. Boris was different though.Boris isn’t like any wolf. Bendy threw his cigar down on the floor and stomped on it. He pulled out another one from his box and lit it. He took in a few puffs and sighed. He chuckled. He remembered when Boris would try to cheer him up when he was feeling down. Boris was certainly something. His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing and he frowned. He picked it up.

Bendy:“Bendy the Devil here.” He said and just as he expected a loud shriek came through and he quickly slammed the phone down hard to hang up. He shook his head and growled. The phone rang once more. He yanked the plug out and silenced it for good. He sighed and leaned back in his chair once more. He looked at some old photos of himself and Boris from over the years. He looked outside and noticed it was raining. Bendy stood up and closed the curtains. He put out the cigar and dropped onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling. Over the years of beating down villains and chasing women, none of that was exciting any more. Except the beating up the villains part….and the dancing. Ah yes, the dancing, it will always be his most favorite thing to do.
All eyes are on him, people stopping what they’re doing just to see his amazing dances. All of that was thanks to Boris. He was the one who put the idea in his head. Bendi turned out the light and rolled over on his side, just staring at the wall.  Every show he’s been in, none without his best friend Boris. He and him have always been together. Danced together, played music together.Bendy loved trying different things however. Playing just one instrument wasn’t enough. He wanted to be good with all of them.Most of all though, he wanted to be able to play the clarinet.
        Bendy remembered getting into a couple fights with Boris over stupid nonscence every now and then. Even best friends get into arguments eventually, he thought. Boris wouldn’t speak to him for a week after Bendy glued feathers on him to make him look like a chicken. Bendy almost lost it. He was about ready to get into a fight with the wolf but instead, he wrote him seven pages that read; ‘I’m so sorry’ over and over. Bendy rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. The sound of rain pounding on the roof made it impossible for him to fall asleep.
           Years later when his fame grew, he was chased around by his adoring fans. He didn’t mind, he loved the attention. He just couldn’t get enough of it.
           And yet….even though he was loved by all, no matter who he was with, it wasn’t enough for him anymore. The feeling of wanting attention from EVERYONE just seemed to almost very slowly fade away. It was when he was robbed from one of his 'fans’ that made him realize that he still can’t trust ANYONE. Not even when you’re famous. When things were going down he knew he could always depend on Boris’s help. He would help him no matter what. Just when he felt safe being with Boris…everything turned into a nightmare when he met her. Bendy covered himself up with the blanket and
closed his eyes tightly.
       It was fall. The wind blew like crazy, everyone’s in a hurry to get home, Boris was waiting outside Mrs. Mo’s store for Bendy. Bendy was stuck in a chat with Mo as he held onto a brown bag full of sweets. He actually seemed to enjoy her stories though. Bendy laughed after she had told him a joke.

Bendy:“That’s a good one Mrs. M!” He said with a grin. She chuckled.

Mo:“Well, you should be getting going soon, I think Boris is still waiting for you outside.” His eyes widened.

Bendy:“Ha! Oh yeah! Time flies when you’re listening to stories huh?” The two laughed and he left. He looked around for Boris but he was no longer there by the door. He frowned a little looking confused. He looked at his truck but he wasn’t there either.“Boris?” He called. He looked around until he finally saw him giving a poodle back her umbrella. Seems it got caught in the wind he thought.
He smiled.“Aw Bori, you kind hearted son-of-a-gun.” He said to himself and chuckled.“Always helping strangers huh buddy.” He walked towards them but quickly stopped when he could hear them talking. His expression changes from a warm smile to a look of worry and confusion. The woman was giving him a flirty look and his face was more red than usual. He kept telling her jokes
and telling her stories of him and Bendy’s adventures together. She giggled a lot. It was starting to get on the demon’s nerves.It was odd though, he had never felt this way before. Just seeing someone else acting like that to Boris just made him feel bitter. He didn’t understand why but he wanted to pull him away from her as far as possible. Boris finally stops talking to her and turns
around only to find Bendy. He smiled. Trying to play it off as if nothing happened Bendy thought.

Boris:“Guess what Bendy!” He said happily. Bendy put one hand on his hip and smired.

Bendy:“You got a job as a clown?” He asked, half mocking half joking. Boris shook his head.

Boris:“Nope! I gotta date!” He said and laughed happily. Bendy’s tail dropped to the ground along with his smirk and shoulders.The demon opened his mouth to speak and was ready to argue with him but he couldn’t. Not after when he looked in his eyes. He’s never seen them sparkle like that before. And that smile of his was so different. It was that feeling he had with Scarlet years ago. Bendy slowly smiled.

Bendy:“Oh, that’s great buddy!” He said. Boris was always supportive of him with whatever he wanted to do, it was his turn. Boris went on about the poodle, her name was Abella. She loved travelling to different places. This was her first visit…and apparently, Boris interested her the most. At least that’s what she told him. Bendy wanted to be as happy as Boris was whenever he thought Bendy found someone to be with, so why was this so difficult for him? He thought he was over the whole fear of Boris leaving him forever thing. But maybe he wasn’t. For a couple of nights Boris left Bendy alone at home so he could enjoy his dates with Abella. He didn’t seem to mind too much at first, things were going smoothly. Until she decided to stick around a little longer. She decided to follow them wherever they needed to go for their shows in different places. She said she wouldn’t get in the way, but after at least five shows have passed, instead of going straight to the truck where Bendy was waiting, Boris went to Abella’s car and the two would talk for hours. Bendy would sit there waiting as he smoke three cigars. His smoking became worse after seven more shows. It went from three to nearly twenty cigars.
      Boris came home every morning after their dates ever since their last show. Bendy, trying hard as he could stay happy, began to feel as if the world was crushing him. He felt like Boris was starting to push him away. He felt like he was all alone in the house when he was gone. He even left on a ship for a few days with Abella without telling him. He sincerely apologized for making him worried. He even missed their show a week after. Abella didn’t come over much. Oh gee! Haha, wonder why. Bendy thought to himself with a snarl. Bendy and Abella rarely spoke to each other. Bendy tried but even though the two had the same interests, it was like she was never truly comfortable around him. Mostly when Boris was around. This made Bendy feel worse. Every now and then when something didn’t go right, he would leave ink everywhere he walked. This seemed to gross Abella out and this was the reason she rarely came over to visit. Boris tried to make Bendy feel better but no matter what he said, his words no longer calmed him down. They felt empty. Was this karma? He wondered. Whenever he went chasing after women, going on dates, spending long nights away from home?
                  These thoughts began to trouble the demon and he bit his bottom lip. He slowly curled up into a ball of ink. His tail wrapped around his body as he hugged himself. No matter how much people begged for Bendy to stay he would always say no… then why was Boris staying when she asks him to? No matter who he was with, he always picked his best friend over everyone else.

The door slammed shut downstairs. Bendy sat up in his bed with wide eyes. He forced himself to get out of bed and walked down the steps. He took in a deep breath and smiled. The ink quickly dried and he found his friend on the couch. He looked tired. He walked quietly next to him and saw that he had already fallen asleep. Bendy covered him up with a blanket near by and finally felt exhaustion hit him like a train. He slowly got up on the couch and snuggled up to the wolf. He buried his face in his chest. His tail curled around him and it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.
       He expects to see him gone by tomorrow morning and to be gone for another month with Abella again.

Lovers in the Night

can I just say this is one of my favorite eras? oh, and this is a mob! draco x reader story, which is probably one of my favorites, if I’m entirely honest. 

Smoke. Liquor. Jazz. Platinum.
The thump of the club bumped along with his heart, erasing the day’s troubles and drowning him in amber. Crystal eyes scanned the room, spotting the only woman among a sea of suits. 
They called her ‘Wolfie.’ It was mainly because she worked alone. Well, alone, or with a pack. Born into the mafia scene, she worked her way to the top, learning how to clean a house quicker than ‘Four-Eyed Harry.’ From day one, she sat on the boss’ lap, memorizing each street and gang until she could recognize a fed from his eyes, alone. She was perfect. 
Malfoy took a drag from his cigar, turning to Blaise Zabini, who was carelessly stalking the interaction, as well. They made eye contact with Wolfie, who smirked, turning back to the Irish henchman. ‘So, Mr. Finnigan, what’s a gal gotta do for a drink around here?’ Seamus, also known as ‘Freckle-Face Finnigan,’ was flagging down a bartender, ordering some frivolous, fruity cocktail for the lady in green. She sipped, luxuriously, at the sustenance, trying not to wince at the cheap alcohol. She made eye contact once more with Malfoy, before leaning over the table, giving Finnigan a quick glance at her breasts. ‘I hear you’re selling magic downtown.’ He sucked in a breath, eying her, carefully. ‘Four-Eyed Harry’s got a lead, down there. Apparently, the Mafia is selling all kinds of angel dust, angel face.’ She giggled, popping out a cigarette. A quick match was struck before she slipped the lighter back into her purse. ‘Well, is that Potter man going to stop it?’ He chuckled, ‘I don’t know, sweetheart.’ She sighed, gently bringing the smoke into her fingertips. ‘That’s funny. You should know.’ She looked up, sneering while pressing the tobacco to his arm. ‘You work for him.’ He gasped, attempting to retract his hand, while Y/n clawed at his wrist, keeping him in place. She plastered a plastic grin, keeping eye contact like a hawk. ‘Listen to me carefully, Finnigan. I know you’re working for Potter, and frankly, I don’t like rats.’ He teared, his arms beginning to burn. ‘So, listen to me, and don’t forget one detail. The Riddler doesn’t like to be tricked, Seamus,’ his eyes widened at the use of his name, ‘so I’ll give you one chance. Do you see my buddies over there?’ Seamus turned his head to find Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini sitting in their signature booth, amusement hinted in each stare. ‘They are going to walk out of this club in exactly ninety seconds. You are going to follow them into that alley, and peacefully get into the car parked outside. If you try to escape, or contact any one of your friends, I will personally pop you in the forehead, and leave your remains on your wife’s bed.’ He shivered as she feigned laughing, to not alert anyone’s attention. ‘In thirty seconds you are going to stand up, invite me outside for some fun, and we’re going to walk out of here, pretending I don’t have a gun to your stomach.’ He flinched as he felt the cool metal through his dress shirt. 
Shifting through dancers and flirts, the two met blondie and chocolate in the alley outside, Y/n’s heels adjusting to the pavement. Draco smiled, snapping his fingers as the Model 18 Ford rolled up to the sidewalk. Draco whistled at the driver, urging him to pop the trunk. ‘Crabbe, did you get the stains out?’ He shook his head, ‘Sorry, boss, I had to meet with Goyle and Greengrass to talk about the meeting next week.’ Draco sighed, gripping Finnigan’s collar and stuffing a tube sock down his throat. ‘I guess you’ll have to accommodate the smell.’ He shoved the Irishman into the compartment, the stench of day-old blood filling his nose. He began to wretch when Blaise strolled up, a knife pressing to Seamus’ neck. ‘You throw up in the car, and I skin you alive.’ He slammed the trunk, walking up to the shotgun seat, leaving Malfoy and L/n to the back. The Ford drove onto the road, solitude passing in the silence. Draco reached a hand over, gripping Y/n’s with silent comfort. No one said a word as they drove to the city canal, ready for another night of jazz and blues.
‘What are you saying?’ Officer Weasley placed his hands on his head, gripping his apricot locks as if it were a life line. ‘Finnigan’s body washed up this morning! That’s what I’m saying!’ The detective leaned back in his chair, a breath of shock leaving him. ‘We’ll have to send someone else undercover.’ He thought for a moment, before a thought struck. He reached to the telephone on his desk, twisting his secretary’s number. ‘Yes, um, Ginerva? Could you get Officer Granger into my office?’ Weasley spun around, gasping. ‘No…no, you can’t send her-’ ‘Yes, have her here as soon as possible-’ ‘No, please, sir, you can’t-’ ‘Well, get her here, now-’ ‘I SAID NO!’ He looked up through his wiry glasses, a huffing Weasley present. ‘You’ll be sending her into the lion’s den. No one, I mean no one, survives them! Finnigan, Creavey, Thomas, Jordan, they’ve all been shot, drowned, MURDERED! You are not sending Hermione in there!’ He sat in the burgundy chair across from his chief, folding his hands like a prayer. ‘Harry…’ Detective Potter looked up, pain across his face. ‘I have no choice, Ronald. How else are we going to catch them? Look, we’ve been sending all men in there, but we’ve never sent a woman, and no one as smart as Hermione-’ ‘But that will just make it worse!’ Harry squinted his eyes, calculating. ‘Why is that?’ Ronald stood up, pointing to their cork board of evidence. ‘Wolves are protective. Wolves are jealous. Wolves are vicious. A female wolf will always feel threatened if someone tries to steal, or harm, the alpha. We’ve profiled that the alpha to Wolfie is The Riddler, since he raised her, right?’ ‘Right.’ ‘Well, what we haven’t connected are Wolfie and-’ ‘The Cobra.’ They both looked toward a mug shot of the platinum gangster, a smug snarl in his eyes. Harry stood up, matching Ron’s stance, a shocked expression across his face. ‘They’re lovers.’
Draco sat in front of the fire, his legs crossed with laziness. His burnt out cigar was spiraling smoke into the atmosphere, mixing with the flames. His ears turned up at the sound of heels clicking, soon stopping in front of him. His eyes glittered, looking at her hourglass. ‘You know it drives me wild when you wear that.’ She smirked, admiring her lingerie. ‘I’ll never take it off.’ She sat on his lap, twirling his golden silk while sucking on her cherry stained lips. He shifted, gripping her waist and leaning his head on her shoulder. ‘Have you considered my offer?’ Her e/c eyes fell, a sad frown disgracing her pout. ‘You know it would never work, Draco.’ She was the only one who called him that. ‘They would find us in a heartbeat, darling.’ He leaned his head back, neck stretching to watch the shadows chase her cheekbones. ‘I’d love you dead, or alive.’ She grinned, nibbling on the tip of his ear. ‘I can’t fuck you if you’re dead.’ A deep chuckle rang through the empty study, the sounds of kisses and breath occupying their time. They wouldn’t escape the mafia tonight. In fact, they might never escape. In the mean time, they’d kiss and make love in the midnight, forgetting the days ahead.


Symbiotic relationship between dogs and humans have been developing for centuries. Dogs are called “man’s best friend” not without a reason, but this relationship has its own nuance. Dogs are former wolves. Wild, vicious and bloodthirsty. At some point, tens of thousands of years ago, some of the less aggressive wolves decided to stay near the tribes of first humans. People started using dogs for work, therefore, their appearance had also changed.

Matthew 7:15-20 (NLT)
“Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.

Grimoire Card: Ghost Fragment- House of Devils

You people of two-arms ask me of the Fallen. Of the Exiles trapped on their mother planet’s moon, of the House of Winter, decayed and ruled by a complacent Kell until his death, of the mysterious Kings, of the vicious Wolves, and of the Devils. Ahhh yesss…the Devils. The two-arms’ questions of the Devils never cease. The Devils, red Devils, Devils of blood and hate and sacrifice. They ask of Devil Kell and Devil strength. They wear trophies of Devils, cut from Devil Captain and gleaned from Devil Servitor. They do not truly understand. Devils are not as…powerful as they first appear. They have ether, yes. They have weapons, yes, yes, many weapons. Tanks and skiffs and Ketches. They have Servitors, yes. They have Archons, yes, skull lord Archons. Twisted and manaical skull lords. More hateful than even Skolas of Wolves. They swarm across the white snow like rivers of two-arms’ blood. But, of Devil Kell, there is nothing. Devils are superstitious. Devils descended from Houses of Rain and War after Whirlwind. Devils cling to strange rituals. Ancient rituals, from before the time when the Great Machine came to us. Their Skull Lords offer Ether to nameless ghost Kells to lend strength in battle. But ghost Kells do not rule. No, rule of a House can only come from a living Kell, yes? Demons without direction are no more than nuisance, like being docked of two arms: painful, yes. Humiliating, yes. Deadly, no. But even demons answer to power. So too with Devils. There is much bigger power at work. It works through Devils, against City, towards Great Machine. It is very great, yes, yes, but hidden in the shadows.

Paws Off; The-littlest-Hamada

He watched as the boy fell to the ground. A low, deep snarl rumbling from his chest as he lowered himself, shoulders raised as he prepared himself, ears flat against his head. Another kick to the boy’s stomach and the creature shot out from the bushes, barking, snarling, snapping. The boys all stumbled back, terrified. “J-just leave him to it!” They scrambled over one another, running as fast as they could and pushing each other out of the way, only worried for their own safety. Once they were gone, the wold turned towards the unconscious boy. His hair reminded him of a pup. Sniffing at him cautiously, The lupine nudged at him before grabbing hold of his blue hoodie and carefully dragging him into the brush. Once where he wanted to be, Tadashi let go of the young teen and looked around. They were safe in his den. He licked at a few of the open wounds the boy had and laid down beside him, keeping himself close to the human to try and keep him warm. Humans were more vicious than wolves. Attacking one of their own for no reason other than to do so. This poor human was hurt. He huffed softly and closed his eyes. Soon, he was asleep. the-littlestthe-littlest-hamada

Cute Date Ideas

A picnic in a soft blanket in a flower field.

Sitting in a library ready cute book exerts to each other.

Stabbing each other in the chest repeatedly.

Shoving food down each other’s throats until one of you chokes to death.

Holding hands while a vicious pack of wolves tear your limbs off.

Playing Russian roulette to establish trust.