vicious kids


When I was five,
I took a plastic beaded
jumprope bullwhip
to you–split your cheek
and I reveled in the blood

in your pain

because it was just.
It was right.

panty-grabber, boy
who will always be a boy–

copper-haired and vicious,
big kid with glasses askew,
laying on the bloodspatter
concrete–unbelieving hand
pressed to the drip-drip
of your new off-center

Fast forward ten years,
to an airport in Utah–

me, flying from Louisiana
to Idaho–

you there for god knows why,
dressed in jeans and a plaid
shirt–still coppery, still
in glasses.

Seeing you there, my past
smiling, your livid-scarred
cheek smiling too, feral–

I turned away and ran.

– S. E> De Haven (SnuffyArt)

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Imagine you and Loki getting into a huge argument about the topic of having kids. You end up storming out as Loki began to become more vicious and proclaims that he will never have children because of how he was treated. When he doesn’t hear from you all night and for most of the next day, he gets worried and begins looking for you all over Asgard. He finds your body by a lake, having drowned by a crazed servant. Apparently, the servant heard you two arguing and decided that getting rid of you would be her chance of finally having Loki.

Juphelia With Kids

-So Jules is a teacher and Ophelia is a cop.
-O actually has normal colored hair (forced by her job)
-they are hella over protective parents
-their kids are kinda really sheltered
-And juphelia is the perfect parents who “never do anything wrong”
-so their kids dont really know that they are kind of badasses (except O bc shes a cop, but they always thought that O was like a good child and crap)
-so as their kids get older they begin to tell them about their younger selves
-and the kids are just kind of like wtf
-they show them pictures from college (“mom are you wearing a weed shirt?” “No…” “that is definetly weed” “how do you even know what that is” “mom im fifteen, please” “dont you ever do weed! It is a gate way drug and itll kill you” “there is literally a picture of you smoking a joint, you cant say anything” “shut up! Dont smoke weed”)
-they find out about the vigilante thing and o being a weed dealer and their like wtf our parents werent always lame
-and then thy beg jules to teach them how to fight (at first she says no, but then shes like “rats, you do need to know how to defend yourselves”)
-so their children become badasses as well and thy want to carry out their parents legacy (which o and jules flip the fuck out about and lecture their kids about not doing for three weeks)
-the kids dont listen and become vigilantes, and O ends up arresting them for vigilante work and gets so pissed bc she lectured them on this
-so the kids get grounded, Ophelia yells at them and Jules gives them the silent treatment (bc it makes them feel worse when shes just silent, with a dissappointed/angry look on their face)
-they try to go out again but jules follows them, and they almost get hurt by the guy their going after and Jules ends up saving their ass and beating the shit out of the guy
- jules takes them home and is silent the whole way and the kids are like holy shit that was awesome but crap she pissed
-and when they get home she just goes to her bedroom and leaves them to O. O looks at them and shakes her head then follows Jules.
-the kids apologise and that stops their vigilante adventures (for now at least)

the way to yuri plisetsky’s heart is to tell him he looked like he could kill a man as a ten year old, and I think that’s beautiful. 

Ok so I’ve had this au idea in my head for a couple weeks so hear me out

  • imagine if andrew and neil had met before psu
  • like neil was a blond then, and his eyes were a murky grey color and his mom let him go to school for a little bit
  • andrew was the kid with bruises on his ribs, dark clothes, and vicious glares
  • he was the kid who drank and smoked and fought on the concrete slab behind the school
  • he was the kid that all the others learned to stay away from
  • he hasn’t been to juvi yet, but it’s obvious that he’s heading there
  • suddenly there’s a new student in his class, with clearly bleached hair and cheap contacts (the kinds of things andrew’s taught himself to notice–the people who are trying to hide)
  • he has scars too, and andrew knows the other kids are staring as much as they usually do at him
  • they never speak, but one day he hears neil (who’s name is anthony at the time) telling a group of boys three times his size to stay away from andrew (at this point, he has a british accent because that’s where he’d been most recently and it was too soon after running away for him to be able to switch between accents)
  • he never speaks to the boy, save for the one time he (grudgingly) says “thank you”
  • the kid looks shocked, like he’s never heard the words before, and andrew leaves before he can see the smile spread across his face
  • the smile that neil (anthony) wears home, the one that his mother sees and screams at him about, and drags him to the car
  • andrew doesn’t see him again after that

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And here we see a vicious gummy worm.

Just kidding, it’s a a ribbon worm. They have a proboscis which lies in the rhynchocoel when inactive but everts (turns inside-out) to emerge just above the mouth and capture the animal’s prey with venom. 

One day when my mother was a young child, she leaned down to kiss a neighbor’s dog and it bit her cheek. The bite bloodied her, and the dog was taken in for observation to see if it might have rabies.

Two girls in the neighborhood started teasing my mother. “Ha ha ha, you have rabies! You have rabies! They’re going to have to put you down!”

My mother wouldn’t stand for that, and bit both girls on their stomachs, drawing blood. She stood up, smiled, and said, “Now YOU have rabies TOO!”

I'm dying.

Somebody’s posting Switchfoot songs on YouTube with titles and images that credit One Direction. They’re so OBVIOUSLY fake in every way, right down to the MASSIVE differences in musical style and of course Jon’s VOICE. But 1D fans are commenting going “omg, can’t wait for this album” and “best One Direction song ever” and “love their new style!!!”