vicious kids

Imagine you and Loki getting into a huge argument about the topic of having kids. You end up storming out as Loki began to become more vicious and proclaims that he will never have children because of how he was treated. When he doesn’t hear from you all night and for most of the next day, he gets worried and begins looking for you all over Asgard. He finds your body by a lake, having drowned by a crazed servant. Apparently, the servant heard you two arguing and decided that getting rid of you would be her chance of finally having Loki.

Juphelia With Kids

-So Jules is a teacher and Ophelia is a cop.
-O actually has normal colored hair (forced by her job)
-they are hella over protective parents
-their kids are kinda really sheltered
-And juphelia is the perfect parents who “never do anything wrong”
-so their kids dont really know that they are kind of badasses (except O bc shes a cop, but they always thought that O was like a good child and crap)
-so as their kids get older they begin to tell them about their younger selves
-and the kids are just kind of like wtf
-they show them pictures from college (“mom are you wearing a weed shirt?” “No…” “that is definetly weed” “how do you even know what that is” “mom im fifteen, please” “dont you ever do weed! It is a gate way drug and itll kill you” “there is literally a picture of you smoking a joint, you cant say anything” “shut up! Dont smoke weed”)
-they find out about the vigilante thing and o being a weed dealer and their like wtf our parents werent always lame
-and then thy beg jules to teach them how to fight (at first she says no, but then shes like “rats, you do need to know how to defend yourselves”)
-so their children become badasses as well and thy want to carry out their parents legacy (which o and jules flip the fuck out about and lecture their kids about not doing for three weeks)
-the kids dont listen and become vigilantes, and O ends up arresting them for vigilante work and gets so pissed bc she lectured them on this
-so the kids get grounded, Ophelia yells at them and Jules gives them the silent treatment (bc it makes them feel worse when shes just silent, with a dissappointed/angry look on their face)
-they try to go out again but jules follows them, and they almost get hurt by the guy their going after and Jules ends up saving their ass and beating the shit out of the guy
- jules takes them home and is silent the whole way and the kids are like holy shit that was awesome but crap she pissed
-and when they get home she just goes to her bedroom and leaves them to O. O looks at them and shakes her head then follows Jules.
-the kids apologise and that stops their vigilante adventures (for now at least)

monsters dont even gotta be nice monsters to ally themselves with kids who have suffered. kids have huge emotions, huge fear and rage and not a lot of emotional maturity or experience to help them deal with it. kids can have a keen sense of injustice. kids often act according to what seems best at the moment without thinking of consequences. 

personally if i have to choose i vastly prefer “kid and vicious monster team up to kill bad adults” horror over “vicious monster hunts down innocent kid” horror. kids and monsters were just made for one another.

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Hi,i love your blog,I spent all night reading your stories,Prompt idea remember when Betty suggests "Rebel without cause",and they just share a smile.Can you maybe add a backstory to it?

I’m sorry this is so late! But here ya go!

“Maybe… rebel without a cause?”

Jugheads head snapped up at her answer, shooting her his gorgeous smile, followed by an eye roll, the smile never leaving his face.

She looked back at him and smiled, she knew he was thinking the same thing as she was.

Flashback to six years ago, it was Betty’s birthday and she was turning ten.

Jughead could remember clearly the way she was practically shaking with excitement

“I’m double digits now juggie, just like you, and I can’t believe mom and dad finally said I could have a party with some of the kids in our class, were having triple chocolate cake!”

Betty was growing into herself, slowly, and that meant the baby fat all the other girls had lost by now, still was present on her body.

Jughead didn’t care, he thought she looked just fine to him, all the other girls looked sick, had they never had a hamburger.

Unfortunately for Betty, it gave the vicious elementary school kids a perfect excuse to pick on her.

Jughead was in the same boat due to his second hand clothing and enormous appetite.

“You know that’s my favorite bets, I’m for sure getting the first piece.” He teased

“Not on my birthday you’re not forsythe” she smacked his shoulder when suddenly her eyes caught onto their familiar red headed best friend .

Tugging jughead along she ran to Archie

“Archie! You’ll be at my birthday party tonight right.” Betty asked

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Hey jug!”

Jughead smiled at his best pal

“Hey arch”

They talked for the length of recess before the school bell rang.

The rest of the day dragged for both ten year olds.

Finally it was time for Betty’s party and he found himself in front of her door knocking with his signature three taps.

Alice opened the door and smiled

“Forsythe, come on in Betty should be down any minute.”

Alice was a great mom, and she loved Betty and her sister more than anything.

As he headed to the snack table his eyes caught a flash of pink and suddenly the pretzel he was about to put in his mouth was on the ground.

Betty was standing at the top of the stairs in a soft pink dress. Her hair looked like sunshine falling down her back in golden waves.

She was so pretty.

She finally reached Jughead, twirling around

“What do you think?”

He couldn’t speak

“Nice dress , uh real nice”

“Thanks” she beamed tugging him to the couch “let’s wait over here for a few minutes for everyone else to show up.”

Minutes turned to hours and suddenly it was eight o clock at night.

The party was over.

No one had shown up.

Suddenly the blare of a car horn drew their attention to the window.

There was Archie, getting out of Jason blossoms dads car and waving before walking into his own home.

Before he could register what was going on Betty was in his arms. Crying.

“No one came, no one at all. Not even Archie” she sobbed into his chest.

His ten year old brain didn’t even hesitate, he wrapped his arms around her and rubbed circles into her back “I know. I know”. After what felt like years Betty pulled away, wiping her nose on her sleeve.

“Thanks Jughead , for being here on my birthday, I can always count on you.”

Jughead didn’t want her tenth birthday to end like this.

“Hey the party doesn’t have to end here, there’s still plenty of snacks and I bet my mom would let me sleep over and we can stay up and watch movies.”

Betty sniffled, bringing her watery eyes up to him
“What movie?”

He scrambled to get up and move to their VHS case, grabbing the first one he saw ,he handed it to her.

“This one!”

She took the movie smiling slightly, her eye brows wrinkling in confusion

“Rebel without a cause?”

He had no clue what the heck that movie was

“Oh sure, that’s a great one! Well what are you waiting for pop it in!”

She laughed for the first time getting up and placing the movie in and moving to cuddle up next to him on the sofa.

For the next two hour they laughed so hard they cried, stuffed themselves with cake and eventually fell asleep wrapped up in the same blanket.

Walking into the living room Alice stopped in her tracks, smiling softly.

She was so grateful for her baby girls best friend, he had saved her a lot of heart ache tonight.

Taking out her camera she snapped a picture.

Oh shoot, she should probably call jugheads mother!

Sleeping Arrangements (2/4)

I’m a meanie butt, but after 12,00 words I had to conceded and admit that the last part needed its own chapter. My conciliation: I actually swear it will be up as fast as possible after the 30th. (I do have to write my CSBB)

Read Part One Here

When Killian Jones is six, he’s sharing a bed with the increasingly wide berth of his mother and all too happy to share it. He’s gathered they’re poor (vicious kids on the street, kicks from discerning shop owners, the way Liam sometimes knicks bread for them to eat) but his mother always smells of lavender and hums him to sleep. Her hands are still soft and everything about her touch speaks of love: the way she cards her fingers through his hair when he’s had a nightmare, the way she lets him clutch at his fingers when they’re at the market, even the way he used to snuggle into her neck before her body became unwieldy with the carriage of his sister.

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the way to yuri plisetsky’s heart is to tell him he looked like he could kill a man as a ten year old, and I think that’s beautiful. 

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for the soulmate au prompt shindeku with number 8

  • the one where your soulmate’s first words to you are written on your body.

Hitoshi was the only one of his siblings to have a soulmate marker develop at the young age of twelve years. His parents were delighted, especially since they had soulmate marks of their own, and his sisters thought it was ‘super lucky!’ of him. Kokeshi, his brother, was two and had no viable opinion on the matter. 

He didn’t think it was all that special himself. It was one of the most common phrases one could imagine being their soulmate mark. “Sorry, excuse me!” It said, scrawled halfway down his arm. The mark itself was a sort of sea blue-green, always shifting in the light, one way or another.

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Ok so I’ve had this au idea in my head for a couple weeks so hear me out

  • imagine if andrew and neil had met before psu
  • like neil was a blond then, and his eyes were a murky grey color and his mom let him go to school for a little bit
  • andrew was the kid with bruises on his ribs, dark clothes, and vicious glares
  • he was the kid who drank and smoked and fought on the concrete slab behind the school
  • he was the kid that all the others learned to stay away from
  • he hasn’t been to juvi yet, but it’s obvious that he’s heading there
  • suddenly there’s a new student in his class, with clearly bleached hair and cheap contacts (the kinds of things andrew’s taught himself to notice–the people who are trying to hide)
  • he has scars too, and andrew knows the other kids are staring as much as they usually do at him
  • they never speak, but one day he hears neil (who’s name is anthony at the time) telling a group of boys three times his size to stay away from andrew (at this point, he has a british accent because that’s where he’d been most recently and it was too soon after running away for him to be able to switch between accents)
  • he never speaks to the boy, save for the one time he (grudgingly) says “thank you”
  • the kid looks shocked, like he’s never heard the words before, and andrew leaves before he can see the smile spread across his face
  • the smile that neil (anthony) wears home, the one that his mother sees and screams at him about, and drags him to the car
  • andrew doesn’t see him again after that

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Request: The bat boys and girls with a s/o who wants them to be their first time.


Bruce :

How could you not be nervous about wanting Bruce to be your first? The man was literally sex on legs, and it made you feel insecure just by standing next to him. It would probably be a month after realizing you wanted him to be your first before you asked him because you wanted to make sure your relationship could last even with both of your desires to, well, pounce on each other. When you finally told him, you could never forget the look of relief that washed over his face. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, but he just simply smirked and said, “At least I know now I wasn’t the only one that’s been thinking about it.”

Dick :

When you first told Dick, you two were watching a movie in your shared apartment (and no, it wasn’t Fifty Shades of Grey). At first he was like, “That’s cool” because he wasn’t even paying attention to anything you were saying. Like expected, after five seconds, he slowly turned his heads towards you with wide eyes. “Wait, what?” He’d ask. You, of course, was already nervous, so you just told him not to worry about it. “No, repeat it because I think I heard you wrong.” He said, turning off the the t.v. and just stares at you. You shifted in your seat, looked him straight in his eyes, took in a deep breath, and said, “I want you to be my first.”

Jason :

You asked Jason at the most unexpected moment. No, it wasn’t at a funeral, or a church (both you and Jason do indeed have morals), but rather when you were stitching him up after a long night of patrol with his family. How could you resist when he was sitting right in front of you with his messy hair and no shirt on? Not to mention he was cursing like a sailor every time you came a centimeter near him with the needle. He’d be too busy mumbling about his hatred towards the ‘demon spawn’ and ‘swords’ to even realize you asked him such an important question. Or so you think. It wouldn’t be until after you were done with the stitches that he glances down at you with a smirk and says, “Whenever you’re ready, just join me in the shower.”

Tim :

Unlike his older brothers’, Tim’s reaction was immediate. Somewhat. He’d blink at you continuously, wondering if he had heard you right. “Oh, you’re being serious.” He’d finally say, and you grew even more nervous because he usually answers your questions right away. “Um…uh I-I’ll just,” he points to the door and awkwardly leaves. He quickly makes his way over to Dick’s room to get some advice. He’ll come back to his room later to see you asleep on his bed. He walks over to you and smiled softly at how peaceful you looked. “Okay.” He whispered. Unbeknownst to him, you were wide awake and had heard him. Your eyes flew open and met his. Let’s just say things went from one to a hundred reeeeeaaaal fast that night.

Damian :

Damian would automatically leave right after you asked him to go to a nearby store. It didn’t matter what type of store as long as they sold condoms, he was good. You, thinking he didn’t want the same thing, locked yourself in your room and wouldn’t come out, so Damian had to sneak through your bedroom window. If your neighbor had been observant, he would’ve noticed a teenaged boy dressed as Robin opening the window with a box of condoms in his arms, but he wasn’t fortunately. Your nerves and doubts went away as soon as you saw him. From that day on, you two were closer than ever. Bruce, Alfred, and his brothers had a sneaky suspicion on what went on that night, but wisely chose to keep their mouths shut. Though Jason and Tim had a really hard time doing so.

Barbara :

You almost didn’t ask Barbara because of how sure you were she’d say no. Maybe it was just because of the nerves, or maybe it was a gut feeling. Or maybe you were just insecure. I mean, she’d dated Dick Grayson for God’s sake! Who could live up to that? But you soon calmed down once you came to the realization that this was Barbara Gordon. The girl who you loved more than anything. When you finally asked her (to your relief) all she did was smile and took you seriously.

Stephanie Brown :

Stephanie and yours relationship was complicated. Well, that was an understatement. But somehow neither of you could break up with one another. Maybe it was because you both knew you needed each other. Or maybe it was because you were each other’s drugs. Destined to kill each other in the end if you two didn’t go see a therapist. You knew she was the right one for you, yet at the same time how could she be? It could be a mere infatuation for all you know. No. You refuse to believe that. At the end of the day, you got the closure you yearned, and so did she.

Cassandra Cain :

How could you tell Cassie you wanted her to be your first when her adoptive father was Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Not only was he intimidating, but so were her four brothers. Yes, including Damian. That kid was vicious. But regardless, your love for her was bigger than any threat. So you sucked it up and told her, only to feel relieved at the fact that she didn’t laugh at your face. Though you knew in your heart that she would never do that to you, your mind didn’t feel the same. But luckily, the mind is not always right. Just like how the heart isn’t always wrong.

here to win — flamel ft crabbe

Bernardo Flamel tinha quatro regras pessoais para a sobreviver no universo. A primeira era: as pessoas vão julgar, vão rotular, vão falar, vão fazer de você o que bem entender. Não se importe com o que elas vão falar, e siga sua vida, porque o que elas dizem é menos importante do que você diz. A segunda era : nem as pessoas que dão as regras obedecem as próprias regras, então porque ele iria seguir? Foda-se. Regras pautadas em motivos corruptos e ações deturpadas não guiariam a vida dele. A terceira era: a sociedade constantemente vai tentar te enquadrar no que eles querem que você seja, vai querer ditar o que você deve pensar, fazer e dizer, mas você é livre. O dever dele era destruir as prisões, demolir cada uma das paredes com Bombarda Maxima até não sobrar uma parede de pé, e todas as estruturas iriam ruir. Era um dos motivos pelo qual ele pintava. E a última: ele sempre teria uma oportunidade para expandir sua experiência de vida, não no sentido de se tornar uma pessoa melhor, porque isso de pessoa melhor não existia. Ele só precisava ter a consciência de que oportunidades apareceriam, e ele não deveria perdê-las, e isso faria com que ele sempre aprendesse um pouco mais amanhã do que aprendia ontem.

Por isso enquanto todas as pessoas que sabiam o que havia acontecido em Beauxbatons o julgavam, ele não se preocupava. Bernardo sabia que havia caído na Sonserina não somente porque amava ganhar e trabalhava para isso, mas porque tinha suas próprias regras morais, e ele estava tranquilo sobre elas. A única coisa que realmente perturbava Bernardo ao ponto de impedi-lo de dormir era a possibilidade de não poder mais jogar quadribol devido à recém adquirida lesão na coluna. O medibruxo disse que poderia acabar tendo danos piores se não desse uma pausa por algo em torno de um ano. Um ano? Como poderia ficar sem rebater balaços voadores na direção dos outros por um ano? Ele tentou parar, realmente tentou, mas não deu.

Esportes sempre haviam sido a área de Bernardo. Coisas práticas. Esgrima, duelos, quadribol, DCAT, artes, feitiços. Ele gostava disso, de colocar seu corpo em bom uso. O bastão de quadribol, o sabre de esgrima e a varinha eram extensões do seu braço, funcionavam de forma única com seu corpo quando praticava as modalidades. Nem poderia dizer isso sobre o pincel e as penas, era como se fossem parte da sua mente sendo incorporadas ao papel. Por isso quando chegou à Hogwarts, demorou algo em torno de um mês até que jogasse uma partida inteira de quadribol com os outros colegas do sétimo ano, só pra zoar. Bernardo não era bom como antes, mas ele ainda era bom, e ele sentia falta.

A partida de quadribol havia finalizado, era uma brincadeira entre os jogos dos campeonatos, e a maioria nem estava no time, como Bernardo. Sentou-se na arquibancada, vendo outras pessoas jogarem, e tentando controlar um pouco a respiração para fazer a dor na coluna melhorar. Havia sido uma ideia ruim fazer aquilo, mas era como uma droga. Bernardo deu um grande gole em sua garrafa de água, e olhou de soslaio para a pessoa que havia se sentado ao seu lado. Era Caius, seu colega de casa e capitão do time de quadribol da Sonserina. Ele era um ótimo apanhador, não tinha jogado com ele, mas havia visto com atenção todos os jogos da Sonserina.

“Hey, mate. Tudo bem?” Bernardo perguntou, secando seu rosto com a toalha bordada com o símbolo da Persévérer.


And here we see a vicious gummy worm.

Just kidding, it’s a a ribbon worm. They have a proboscis which lies in the rhynchocoel when inactive but everts (turns inside-out) to emerge just above the mouth and capture the animal’s prey with venom. 

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Aaaaah, I just binge read all of Summer Rain. The title is all cutesy, and then it's like bam, here's some drama. And that sounds like possibly Suga's squad from home at the end, with Bokuto no less? So yeah, drive by ask to say thank you, it's Amazing!

The title is so misleading, isn’t it???

It’s all about misdirection.

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But anyway, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story thus far. Prepare for me to ruin it even more. *vicious winking*

Just kidding. I’m sure it’ll get better.


In thirty chapters or so.


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