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I hit 200 followers!! 

So I decided to make a follower forever thingy or something x3 So if I forget you, it’s ok, I would add ALL of you but I’m pretty rusty with remembering names ^^;;;


.:~Epic People~:.
rainbow-the-zany sweggie-bro michirecroom rhys-ravenfeather tdovadst smashnsass prettyguardiansailorluigi mochimon rustyblust hamporonchronon prancing-pixies celebi9 brighteronthesunnyside codythemaverick hayamika minty-flutters msperryrocks the1goddessofpink queeniepastel glittahsaurus chrom-enthusiast fandom-traveler prismasandpie twofacedwitch sunny-beans s-ce13 dyphi death-by-pancakes doodlebug-808


.:~Coolest People You’ll Ever Meet~:.
nakklepiggy peachcranberry keybladedetweiler seafoam-stars wanderartlovergal disleanne gabs-sam madoka-and-hp-obsession fuzzyspacecheeto pokemon-deliverer pool-boy-nilesy netbug009 lemoncherries hpreducedto1 hadamsj alemexx dacobbler nitrus-baro homestarwanderer cnpika 100-yardstare cutie-tabootie the-shy-lonely-weirdo sapphzeal mitsukisdoodles my-ships-control-my-life birtrain chilledcoolcat


.:~People You Should Check Out~!:.
arieltheevilgenius whosplayerthree win-jam zetta-knight elbuiz youknowdatpersonyo thelittlemermage xxmoonlightxwishesxx bensonphonia croatoan-the-line crispystar enchantedribbons villavede vichoste nerdykhaleesi negikurikaniko maria-ruta jojodear looki-32 heyytalia sydneythefangirl 212pawprints mushroom-cookie-bear kathyatipton sageearth robotoco tnilnil 

I can’t believe I gained 3,000 Followers. This is amazing!!  I don’t say this enough, but thank you guys so much for following me and supporting me. I love you all and the memories I’ve made on Tumblr have been so incredible. So to celebrate this moment in my life, I’ve decided to set up a follow forever & giveaway! 

Follow Forever & Giveaway Details are under the read more!!

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