viceroyalty of peru

The Most Excellent Don Joseph Antonio Manzo de Velasco, Count of Superunda, Knight of the Order of Santiago, General Leutenant of the His Majesty’s Royal Armies, Gentleman of the Bedchamber and of his Royal Council. Viceroy Governor and Captain General of the Kingdom of Peru. Royal Vice-patron who rebuilt the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral of Lima, Primate See of the West Indies, ruined in the earthquake on October 28th, 1746.

Cristóbal Lozano. Metropolitan Cathedral, Lima.


Most Pure Conception, Lima

Second oldest convent in the city, founded by the widow of the first mayor of the city Nicolás de Ribera y Laredo, Inés Muñoz de Ribera in 1573.

The church contained a mixed collection of 17th- and 18th century Baroque, Rococo, and classicist altarpieces. The treasures inside the convent included a series of paintings from the workshop of Zurbarán, among others.

No pictures of the choir or other areas of the convent have been made public.

The presbitery was demolished to make room for an avenue circa 1952 after the nuns were forced into accepting its destruction. The community left the convent, which was later destroyed for the construction of a mall.

From the original structure, only the tower and gate (17th century) are standing.

The only remains from the altarpieces and church furniture are a few sculptures reliefs and other elements from two retables, which were later used in reconstructions for the Metropolitan Cathedral. Part of the Conceptionist collection was moved to a new convent, but most of it is presumed lost.