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Another Message from Former Mexican President Vicente Fox for Donald Trump, the current President of the Electoral College of the United States


(via A Message for Donald Trump from Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

What a way to start the new year
  • January 1st: Gasoline prices rise to 15.99 the cheapest and 17.71 the most expensive.(mexican pesos)
  • January 2nd: Protest agaisnt the rise in hydrocarbons start in the big cities of the country. Rumors of revolution start to spread among the people.
  • January 3rd: Mexico City and Veracruz start to report lootings, starting with small convinience stores and then scalating to chain supermarkets. Protesters take gas stations and give out the gasoline for free, there are threats of burning them down. Rumor says the government is behind it.
  • January 4th: Mexico's situaton makes it to world news, citizens are afraid of leving their homes, people start panic shopping and by now only few supermarkets are open in Veracruz. The lootings continue.
  • January 5th: Five deaths have been reported untill now and the number of detained for the lootings rise to 800. Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto asks to the people 'What would you have done?' when explaining the rise in hydrocarbons prices. Public transportations are in strike in the state of Veracruz. Rumor says water and power will be cut down and a curfew will be installed.
  • January 6th: The panic shopping continues. Multiple panic messages are circulating in social media like whatsapp and facebook. The people start taking matters into their own hands waiting for the looters with any weapon they can find to defend their shops and homes. Several neighborhoods start making watches to protect their homes. Looters are now trying to enter houses. Rumor says the police is asking citizens to distinguish themselves of the looters by wearing white shirts when they leave their homes. Multiple children don't receive gifts in the day of the three wise men.
  • January 7th: Some citizens are traveling all the way to Guatemala to buy cheaper gasoline. Stores report loses of more than 1000 million pesos. Multiple schools have cancelled classes untill new notice. Hydrocarbons price is making rises in everything else.
  • And yet the only thing I see when going through the Mexico tag is people announcing their vacations or posting pretty pictures of Mexico.
  • #MeDuelesMéxico

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox just made it clear who’s paying for Trump’s wall

  • This week, Trump walked back on one of his few solid campaign promises and announced he would ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for his proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. 
  • Trump later clarified in a tweet that Mexico will still pay for a wall by reimbursing the United States.
  • On Friday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox clapped back at the Trump, saying once again that Mexico will not be financially responsible for the wall. Read more.