vice17 replied to your post “I just realized that in 2013 they had a winter strom named after Khan….”

I always imagined if Khan was a weather phenomenon. He’d be a tornado, sudden and deadly. But then again revenge is a dish best served cold.

Ohh, that works too… *-* I’ve compared him to a force of nature like the monsoon storms and the raging sea, in a doujin thingie that is still among the many wips in my folders. Both are utterly beautiful, but can also be dangerous, so they fit him. *-*

Haha, I have SO MUCH PORN in my mind about neutron cream, so drawing something innocent with it was so hard. XD;;; lol
I will balance this out with some porny neutron cream some other time… 8D

And getting buried with one’s favorite fanfics sounds like the best way to go!! 8D

In the afterlife all our OTP are canon. XD