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Vice Magazine - May 2012

Lemon Party

Photos by Alena Jascanka

I loved this spread mostly because Jade from Britain and Irelands next top model was in it, showing winners of the competition do more edgy work, not just Revlon commercials and online shopping. I also loved the styling; the simple make up and bold clothes were perfect together. I thought the whole spread was really great and I can’t wait to see Jade develop more as a model, because I think she’s fantastic in this, along with the other model, Adeele, who’s hair is incredible.

Vice Jewellery // “Rainbow In The Dark” Model: Tais Rose King Photography: Sally Gordon Styling: Aasha from The End Collective Beauty: Phoebe Barrett Location: Secret 70’s shack in Goonengerry, NSW

Is this not their relationship, though?

Based on this :)

i’m not in the one direction fandom but people making fun of it should just back off. it wasnt fun when fall out boy went on hiatus. it wasnt fun when my chemical romance broke up. it wasnt fun when ryan ross and jon walker left panic! at the disco. if you like any of those bands you know how it feels when something bad happens. it sucks. and, directioners, it’ll get better. when fob split, we got soul punk, one of the greatest albums ever made. when mcr split we got hesitant alien, frnkiero andthe cellabration, ray’s solo stuff, and electric century. when ryan and jon left p!atd, brendon and spencer still went on and made vices and virtues. harry, niall, louis, and liam will make great stuff on their own. it’s not the end of the world. and maybe yall will get some solo album out of zayn one day! basically, it sucks now but give it a year or two! it’ll get better.