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Anonymous said:Dating Two-Bit would include?

A/N: I actually made this one before, but some people complained about it so I took it down and re-wrote it. So I hope that you enjoy it, anon!

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Dating Two-bit Matthews would include:

- Two-bit constantly teasing you and driving you insane.

- Two-bit constantly telling you jokes to make you smile and laugh, because, he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful when you do both of those things.

- You being terrible at telling jokes, so you stick to horrible and cheesy puns.

- “That was cheesier than the cheese on my pizza!” Two-bit would laugh.

- “Oh my gosh, Two-bit! You’re terrible.” you’d shake your head at him.

- “You love it really, baby.” he’d grin.

- Learning how to cock your eyebrow.

- Examining and taking his switch blade.

- “You be careful with that, alright? It’s sharp.” Two-bit would warn you.

- Two-bit being very protective of you.

- “Listen, buddy, pick up your own kind, and get the hell away from my girlfriend before I show you what this blade can do to you.” he’d threaten.

- Two-bit rarely getting jealous but when he does things get real serious.

- You getting jealous whenever girls flirt or try pulling moves on Two-bit.

- Two-bit constantly flirting with you and flattering you.

- Having the kindest, funniest boyfriend in existence.

- Not agreeing with the fact that your boyfriend drinks way too much.

- You and Two-bit prank calling people.

- Two-bit always offering you a chew.

- “You want one? You’ll grow lot’s of hair on your chest.” he’d tease.

- Two-bit opening up to you.

- “I only drink this crap to help me feel less afraid. It makes me forget most things for awhile.” he’d admit about why he drinks so heavily.

- Two-bit allowing you to open up to him, and vice versa.

- “Shoot! I don’t know much about these types of things, baby, but; life get’s tough and I know the chips may always seem to be down on our side, but, you’ve got to make the best of what you’ve got. So make the best of it, I guess. Either you like it or you lump it: And that’s law.” he’d say.

- When you cry or get upset, it breaks Two-bit’s heart so he always does his best to know what to say to make you happy again.

- Lot’s of banter.

- Cuddles.

- Learning how to do phenomenal voice impressions because Two-bit teaches you how to.

- Sex at the lake in the back of his Thunderbird.

- Getting mad at Two-bit for going too far with his jokes.

- You punching him for banter or hitting him on the chest when he says or does something way out of line.

- “It was a joke!” he’d utter, exclaim.

- “Yeah, whatever! You’re lucky that you’re you, or I would have hit you so hard your head would have spun right off!” you’d retort sharply.

- “You’re like honey! You wouldn’t hurt a fly!” he’d grin at you.

- Both of you being madly in love with each other.

- Two-bit taking you to the Drive-in’s every week or two.

- Being a happy couple; - a genuinely happy couple.

- Watching Mickey Mouse together.

- Pigging out on chocolate cake together.

- Baking chocolate cake together and have it turn out into a disaster so the two of you head to the Curtis house and steal their chocolate cake.

- Dancing to Elvis together.

- When you get jumped or hurt, Two-bit get’s real serious.

- “You drive this hood crazy, baby!

- Two-bit being sweet to you.

- Him stealing stuff and giving it to you.

- “This is stolen, isn’t it?” you’d inquire.

- “It’s only a candy bar! And besides, you had nothin’ to eat.

- Two-bit picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.

- “Put me down, Matthews!

- “Nope!

- “Oh my god! I’m gonna barf!

- Two-bit never listening and you end up throwing up.

- Getting worried whenever he’s in a fight or participating in a rumble.

- “Baby, don’t sweat it! I can handle myself.” he’d reassure you.

- Being close to the gang/ the gang becoming incredibly protective over you.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too, Two-bit.

- You getting Two-bit.

-  Two-bit getting you.

- “You dig okay, baby.

- You and Two-bit getting overly lovey dovey in front of the gang to annoy them.

- “Get a room! You two make me sick.” Dallas would growl.

- “You can join in, Dally. She doesn’t bite, but I do.” Two-bit would waggle his eyebrows.

- “Get outta here!” Dallas would try not to laugh.

- Being the only person to call him by his real name, Keith. (And usually only when he does something stupid, wrong or terrible).


- “What’d I do now?

- Being the only one that Two-bit opens up to over serious topics.

- Both of you pranking each other and everyone else.

- Loving each other unconditionally.

- When driving with Two-bit, he makes you sit on his lap.

- Two-bit always showing you off to people because he thinks you’re the most beautiful girl ever.

- “Two-bit, stop! This is embarrassing.” you’d whine.

- “How so, baby? You’re beautiful, and I want every guy to know how lucky I am.” he’d beam at you.

- Two-bit teasing you over anything and everything.

- Helping him with his homework.

- “Boy howdy! You sure are smart, doll.

- Laying in bed together on a Sunday morning before watching Mickey.

- Getting along well with his kid sister.

- Reminding him to take certain things more seriously.

- Him reminding you to live a little and not take everything so seriously.

- Two-bit walking you home every night.

- Loving Two-bit’s laugh just as much as he loves yours.

- “I don’t know what I’d do without you, (Y/N).

- “Same, baby. You mean the world to me.”

- Two-bit loving you more than he loves Mickey.

- “You love me more than Mickey, right?

- “Hell yeah I do! What kind of question is that?

- Treating each other right.

- Being each others everything.

- “You know I’d do anything for you right, baby?” Two-bit would ask.

- “Yeah. And I’d do anything for you.” you’d reply.

- Both calling each other cheesy pet names.

- Being goofy together.

- You not liking Kathy, Marcia or any of Two-bit’s past many blondes.

- “You jealous, baby?” Two-bit would inquire.

- “No!

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Being each others best friends as well as each others partners.

- Being partners in crime.

- Both having Minnie and Mickey shirts.

- Constantly stealing and borrowing his shirts.

- “Soon enough I’ll be walking out naked if you keep taking my clothes!

- “I’d like that sight.

- “I bet you would, doll. But you’ve got a jealousy issue and girls would be staring.

- “Don’t flatter yourself so much, Matthews.

- “That’s cold!” he’d laugh.

- “I was kiddin’!

- “I know baby, don’t sweat it.

- Making each others lives a heck of a lot better.

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title: don’t stop me now
fandom: kuroko no basket
pairing: akashi/kuroko
summary: in an alternative universe where kuroko tetsuya graduated two years before any of the miracles came onto the court, seirin and teikou hold a practice match.
notes: written for the first day of the akakuro week. i chose to work with a combined theme - teikou!akashi + seirin!kuroko and rivalry. i… know very little about basketball, so the actual game is pretty handwavy and i didn’t go into much detail - sorry! plus tho i love hyuuga as captain, i do think kuroko would make a good captain & i liked the idea of him facing off akashi as a captain. 

headcanon world is that kuroko was one of the founding members of the seirin team. he quits teikou in his first year, but is accidentally discovered by riko’s dad in his third year, who trains him & gets him to love basketball again. 

set after the second national championship & akashi developing the emperor eye.

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Vice President Biden on the Orlando Shooting

Vice President Joe Biden released a powerful statement about the Orlando nightclub tragedy. “These prayers are not enough to end these kinds of senseless mass shootings. The violence is not normal, and the targeting of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans is evil and abhorrent.” #orlando #LoveConquersHate

{{ * give me the slightly older male actor who is a huge star on the biggest show on television against my younger innocent girl who’s hollywood’s princess and joins the show in the fifth season and is his love interest and it’s v blank space-ish because the media immediately says that she’s going to try and seduce him just to write a song about him and she totally doesn’t have that in her plans but she starts falling in love with him and vice versa as they shoot and then he’s taking her to club 33 in disney for her birthday because it had been her dream since she was a baby and he takes her to the world’s biggest victoria’s secret store and tweets about what a diamond she is and how great she is but they aren’t even dating ??