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I’ve always had a hunger and a determination, ever since I was a little girl. A lot of that, I think, comes from my mum. She is vice-president of marketing for a global management consultancy and has always worked very, very hard. I got my work ethic from her, for sure. She was taking a marketing meeting a few hours after she’d given birth to my baby brother.

If Trump wants, he can unleash serious damage by undermining the individual markets in three ways. Insurers currently making decisions will closely scrutinize signs from the administration to gauge those markets’ long-term viability. His administration can weaken the individual mandate through various mechanisms, which would mean fewer younger and healthier people and higher premiums. It can pull back on all forms of outreach designed to get people to enroll on the marketplaces. Or it can stop paying “cost-sharing reductions” to insurance companies, which enable them to reduce out-of-pocket costs for lower-income enrollees, which may encourage insurers to flee the markets.

This could strand many of the 12 million people who have gotten coverage on the individual markets, according to Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation. They could be left with “no insurers in the marketplaces, no way to get tax credits, no way to get coverage at all,” Levitt tells me, adding that the insurer exodus could also prevent people who individually obtain coverage outside the exchanges from doing so: “You’re talking about small business owners, farmers, self-employed people, early retirees — who would have no way of getting health insurance.”


After the health-care fiasco, Trump’s next move may be even more disastrous

Trump is a childish, vindictive, bully. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he tried to hurt the people who benefit from the ACA just because he can.

I’ve always had a hunger and a determination, ever since I was a little girl. A lot of that, I think, comes from my mum. She is vice-president of marketing for a global management consultancy and has always worked very, very hard. I got my work ethic from her, for sure. She was taking a marketing meeting a few hours after she’d given birth to my baby brother.

Ruby Woo (Part Three)

[part one here] [part two here]

pairing: daveed diggs x reader, ft. rafael casal (you’re welcome)

request: i was asked by many people for a part 3 to ruby woo, and i had a request for daveed x rafa x reader dp smut, so, YIKES there’s this

summary: reader meets daveed’s best friend rafa for the first time, they do some bonding and then they do some…well, bonding.

warnings: (where do i even start) hair pulling, ass grabbing, choking, face fucking, thigh riding, daddy kink, slight praise kink probably, double penetration, anal, just a smidge of unprotected sex, i think that’s it but let me know if there was something i missed yikes

word count: 4,157

a/n: I AM DISGUSTING, I AM A BEACON OF SIN, I BEG YOU TO RECONSIDER READING THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF CONSENT. I AM GROSS. HORRENDOUS. i’m sorry, except that i’m not that sorry. if you don’t like any of the things i listed above, this story is not for you. my next fic is fluff, so there’s something on the way for you who are weak of heart or who are uninterested/repulsed by sex. i love u all okay sorry this took so long have a nice day.

You had no idea what to expect when Daveed told you that his best friend wanted to meet you. You had heard a lot about Rafa, mostly from Daveed, but also because you had googled searched his name (at Daveed’s urging). You realized that you actually did know of Rafael Casal. In college, you had been an avid participant in the poetry club, and as such you had spent a lot of time online searching for spoken word poetry. You had developed quite the crush on him, actually. You spend the flight to New York rewatching the videos you had watched years ago, and you can feel the traces of that innocent celebrity crush bubbling beneath the surface.

Sure, you had crushed on him, but that was years ago, you remind yourself. He isn’t the same person he was back then, and neither are you. Plus, you have a sort-of-relationship with Daveed now, so you figure it’s best if you forget about your old crush.

While that’s a nice sentiment, it’s easier said than done. When Daveed greets you at the door to his apartment, you catch a glimpse of Rafa sitting on the couch and you’re stunned for a moment.

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I can’t even say I’m surprised. Their social media presence is often obtuse and, ah, insensitive, utterly clueless about who their audience is (remember when they used Demon!Dean molesting a stripper to promote their show? Or when they make fun of teenage girls in their official promos? Or when their executive vice president of marketing and digital programs called tumblr the “male pinterest”?).

TPTB are pretty thin-skinned when it comes to criticism. Singer in particular has a reputation of punishing people, including cast and crew, for criticism or even just questioning.

The retconning isn’t even a matter of opinion, it’s something that’s quantifiable. You can point out exactly where the retcon or continuity error happened. But SPN/CW doesn’t like it when you point out exactly where they messed up, even when it’s a big giant thing that any other media outlet wouldn’t just ignore. 

So I am not surprised the CW Supernatural facebook account blocked you for being disappointed and voicing legitimate criticism.

Has this happened to anyone else?

hey hi hello everyone im nelly (17,she/her) & im excited to start rping w all of you! i lit debated for like days if i should join & i just caved because what is self-control ?? anyways this intro is long and messy sorry about that ! but here’s some things about hwang kiha ! tw: pedophillia, rape, attempted murder 

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I have been a researching fool, since my last theory. I will tell you now, I got some stuff wrong in the last one, mostly about Charlie Walk. I will address that in a later post. Right now, I want to concentrate on the connections I have found, that tell me a lot about the people who have authority over all of the girls. It’s a bit complicated, but I’ll keep it as simple as possible………..

Simon Cowell created X-Factor. He also created his own record label and T.V. company to produce his shows and sign the acts from those shows, Syco Music, and Syco T.V..

Simon has always worked closely with Sony Music, to distribute his content world wide. In 2011, he made a deal with Sony Music Entertainment, on a 50/50 partnership, with his companies and Sony Music. They named this new partnership venture, Syco Entertainment. Now, everything produced through Syco is split 50/50 between Simon and Sony Music.

When Fifth Harmony took third place on X-Factor, they were signed to a joint deal, via Syco Entertainment, to Syco music and Epic records. Epic Records is owned by Sony Music. 5H signed a U.S. deal, which gave Epic creative control.

So, Simon Cowell owns Syco Music, which is part of Syco Entertainment, which is in a 50/50 partnership with Sony Music, which owns Epic Records. Sony Music also owns Columbia Records and RCA records, among others.

L.A. Reid is the CEO of Epic Records. He and Simon have both worked closely with Charlie Walk. Charlie used to be one of the big wigs over at Columbia Records, where he worked closely with Destiny’s Child, and Beyoncé, among others.

With the success he had at Columbia, Sony tapped Charlie to be the President of Epic records. When he left Epic for Republic Records, is when L.A. got tapped to take his place as President of Epic.

When Charlie made the move to Republic, he was the Executive Vice President. The duties associated with that title were marketing, promotion, and P.R., for many artists under the mantle of Republic Records Group, which is many labels under the bigger umbrella of Universal Music Group. One of those labels is Big Machine Records, which is Taylor Swift’s Label. Charlie Walk actually spearheaded her “Set It Off” campaign. Another one of those Labels, is Island Records, which is Shawn Mendes’ Label.

Another of the Labels attached to Universal Music Group, is Interscope Records. Interscope bought out Bad Boy Records from Warner Music Group several years ago. Bad Boy Records and Interscope Records are Machine Gun Kelly’s Labels. As of 2015, BBR made a deal with Epic to operate as an Imprint of Epic Records, so Epic is one of MGK’s Labels also.

In May of 2014, John Janick became the Chairman and CEO of Interscope Records. John Janick also founded the record label, Fueled By Ramen, in 1996. Fueled By Ramen is an independent record label that is distributed by Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records is owned by Warner Music Group.

Janick and his Label FBR made the distribution deal with Atlantic through Independent Label Group. Independent Label Group is owned by Warner Music Group, and was established by ROGER GOLD.

Roger gold, Camila’s manager, was a prominent figure with Warner Music from 1996-2005. In 2012, he co-founded 300 Entertainment, with a few others from WMG. 300 Entertainment, which operates under Atlantic Records, is the Label of Fetty Wap, which collabed with 5H on “All In My Head (flex)”. Atlantic Records is also the Label of Ty Dolla Sign, who won awards with the girls for “Work From Home”.

See how everyone and everything is connected. Dina LaPolt is no different. Before she became an Entertainment Lawyer, she was part of the Music Industry. Once she became an Attorney, she worked with many under Sony Music. She is the Attorney for the Group, Fifth Harmony, not the girls personally. Plus, her wife is the head of Adult Content over at RCA, which is owned by Sony Music.

By the way, before Maverick became a Management Company, they were a record label, that operated under Warner Music, where Roger Gold worked. Plus, Roger serve(d) on the same Advisory Board with Charlie Walk over at DesiHits.

If you want to connect all the dots, like I have, you can come to your own conclusions. My conclusion, the girls can’t trust anyone who has any kind of power or authority over them. All of them care more about money than anything else. 

On a happier note……………………

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous 2017!!!!!!!!

American oil is in a 'sweet spot'

(Jim Urquhart/Reuters)
Crude oil has not yet recovered from its worst crash in a generation.

But the price range that it has traded in for several months is proving to be a boon for US oil producers, which took several steps including job cuts to adjust to the lower-price environment.

“Energy is very much in a sweet spot for the economy and for markets,” said Randy Frederick, the vice president of trading & derivatives at the Schwab Center for Financial Research.

Prices are high enough that many producers can turn a profit and are not defaulting on their debt, both of which would affect markets, Frederick said. Energy earnings, for example, are expected to provide the largest contribution to profits growth, according to FactSet. Analysts think the sector earned $7.5 billion in the first quarter, compared with a loss of $1.5 billion a year ago.

Additionally, oil and gas mergers-and-acquisitions activity is more subdued than it was when several companies were on the verge of bankruptcy.

“If oil prices get too low, it’s a drain on the market, and if oil prices get too high, it’s a drain on the market,” Frederick said. “It’s now irrelevant, which is a good thing.”

With oil trading in a relatively stable range, US explorers have returned to continue flooding the market. The oil-rig count rose by 25% in the first quarter of this year, according to Baker Hughes, though it’s still well below its 2014 peak.

That’s just one sign of bullishness in the market, though it’s coming at a cost. For one, it’s keeping a lid on oil prices even though several members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries have pledged to pare back their contribution to the supply glut.

Also, more production is expensive. Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil-field-services producer, on Friday said the cost of reactivating equipment that had been idle weighed on its margins.

“In the first quarter, the North America land market continued to strengthen in terms of both activity and pricing, leading us to begin accelerating deployment of idle capacity for multiple product lines,” Schlumberger CEO Paal Kibsgaard said in the earnings statement.

But if oil continues to wallow in the range that it’s in now, US oil drillers can continue to raise their output for some time yet.

NOW WATCH: The disturbing reason some people turn red when they drink alcohol

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On March 8, 2008, 55-year-old Gary Redner was found dead in the driveway of his Pennsylvania home. Redner was the executive Vice President of Redner’s Markets, which is a chain of supermarkets founded by his father, with locations the northeastern U.S. A coroner reported that Redner was beaten to death and the case was quickly ruled a homicide. Redner was apparently a womanizer, and not well-liked, leading many to believe that the motive for his murder was personal, rather than theft or random violence. To this day, Redner’s case has not been solved and there is a $120,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his killer.

You Know I Got The Top Floor (With the City View)

She’s never been more turned on or more nervous in her life. The two feelings blur together, serving to heighten her sensations to a nearly unbearable level. She closes her eyes as she bends over, responding to the subtle pressure of Lauren’s hands skillfully directing her body. A thigh presses between her legs, making her shudder and choke back a whimper, but it’s just Lexa moving to kick her feet further apart, widening her stance and opening her up. “You need to be quiet,” Lauren murmurs against her ear, close enough that Camila can feel the hot puffs of air when she speaks. They’re coming a little bit quicker than usual, telling her that Lauren’s in much the same state as she is—nervous, excited, and incredibly turned on.

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College student launches new line of dolls for boys of color

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts (AP) – When Jennifer Pierre visits the toy store, she sees shelves of dolls that are mostly girls and mostly white. She wants to change that.

Pierre, who’s finishing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship at Babson College, is launching a new line of dolls designed for boys of color. One is meant to look like an African American boy, with curly natural hair. One is Indian American. Another is biracial.

The goal is to give boys of all races a doll that looks like them, and that they can be proud of. Her new company is called Melanites, a reference to melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color.

“We’re a toy company, but we’re trying to become a whole brand that celebrates brown boyhood,” said Pierre, 23, of Pompano Beach, Florida. “I want it to be normal for a kid to go into the aisle and see themselves on the shelf.”

For now, Pierre is taking orders while she tries to raise $35,000 to manufacture the first dolls. She hopes to have the first batch delivered by Christmas and sell them online and in specialty stores afterward.

The first prototype is an 18-inch doll named Jaylen, designed to look like a young black boy. It’s made of plastic, with limbs that can bend and twist like a big action figure. To boost appeal for boys, Pierre plans to advertise them as “action pals,” not dolls.

But part of her goal is to erode the idea that dolls are for girls. She wants to blur gender lines in the toy industry, and to move away from action figures that depict men with guns and big muscles.

“Parents are tired of the pink aisle and the blue aisle,” Pierre said. “They want something they can give to their sons to teach them empathy, or to inspire them.”

Each doll is meant to have its own personality. Jaylen is an inventor. Aiden, who’s biracial, likes to tinker. Marquis, of Caribbean American heritage, is a performer. Pierre plans to sell story books that take the characters on missions as astronauts, for example, or archaeologists.

The idea struck Pierre while she was working at a community center in Florida before moving to Massachusetts. Time after time, she heard boys say they wanted to become rappers or basketball stars, not doctors, lawyers or engineers.

“It’s not because that doesn’t happen, but because they don’t see it in their community,” she said. “I wanted to change that and give them different options, because you can’t be what you can’t see.”

Her idea reflects broader shifts in the toy industry, experts say. More companies are blending science lessons into their toys, and adding diversity of all types. Hasbro now makes toy guns for girls. Another brand, Guy Gear, sells crafting kits for boys.

“This is where our world is going and we want to make sure we’re addressing those needs,” said Ken Seiter, vice president of marketing communications for the Toy Industry Association in New York.

In a focus group, 4-year-old Zion Dawson tested the Jaylen prototype while his mom, Bernette, watched. He was fascinated by the idea of a toy that looked like him, his mother said.

“It’s a positive influence,” said Dawson, of Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood. “There’s a lot of girl empowerment with different girl dolls; why can’t my son have that same experience?”

Despite old stereotypes, some research suggests that it’s normal for boys to play with dolls. A 2013 study at Australia’s Western Sydney University found that baby boys preferred playing with dolls over toy cars or other machines.

Soon after Zion tested the Jaylen doll, his mom submitted an early order to buy one. But Dawson admits that even she used to think dolls were strictly for girls.

“At one point in my life, I was against young boys playing with dolls,” Dawson said. “But I think as society has evolved and I have evolved as a parent, I’m more open to it.”

I’ve always had a hunger and a determination, ever since I was a little girl. A lot of that, I think, comes from my mum. She is vice-president of marketing for a global management consultancy and has always worked very, very hard. I got my work ethic from her, for sure. She was taking a marketing meeting a few hours after she’d given birth to my baby brother.

Rolling Stone: How 5 Seconds of Summer Enlisted Pop-Punk Heroes to Create Heartfelt New LP

Australian heartthrobs are back with a Top 40 vengeance — and a slew of big-name collaborators — on ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’

Luke Hemmings, frontman of Aussie emo-gone-pop sensations 5 Seconds of Summer, is embarrassed by all of the songs he produced when he first started writing music. However, he has a happier recollection of one of his initial collaborations with 5SOS bassist Calum Hood. “We were really good friends at school,” he recalls. “Michael [Clifford, 5SOS guitarist] never went to school that much, and I didn’t have that many friends, so I’d be waiting for Calum to get to school and get off his bus.”

One day, Hood didn’t show up. “I went to my first class, and I was like, 'Alright, fuck this — I’m gonna go to Calum’s house.’ When I got there, he had our song 'Out of My Limits’ half written, and I remember finishing the second verse with him. That was a cool moment.”

Four years after Hemmings, Hood and Clifford began posting acoustic covers of songs by Mike Posner, Chris Brown and Blink-182 on YouTube and added drummer Ashton Irwin to their line-up, they no longer have to skip school to write songs together. Instead, the Australian quartet posted up in a Los Angeles home for a few months, hunkering down to write a follow-up to their self-titled 2014 debut, which hit Number One in the U.S., Australia and 11 other countries worldwide. “I think it was an awakening of a higher sense of making music,” Irwin says. “We hadn’t done it that way before as a band. It was kind of old school. You don’t get a chance to do that much anymore.”

Hood describes the upcoming album — Sounds Good Feel Good, due on October 23rd — as a more “mature” statement. The band was signed before any of the members turned 18, and growing pains and budding fame have inspired a natural progression in 5SOS’s songwriting. “The first thing we realized as a band when we started writing songs at 15, 16,” recalls Irwin, “is that you can write a song, but to write a real song that’s from your heart, and that really connects with you emotionally and spiritually, that takes time.”

“I remember writing the stupidest song I’ve written. It had, like, three chords, and it was about the moon and a girl.” —Michael Clifford

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The CW’s marketing and social team doesn’t push their own hashtags on viewers, instead letting audiences decide which ones will dominate the social media conversation.

Usually, the most popular fan-generated hashtags revolve around two characters that have been  "shipped" into a romantic relationship. “They come up with names of the perfect relationship and those we use all the time,” said Haskins.

For example, Arrow’s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) begat #Olicity. “So that what we’ll do is we throw it back to them: You made this up, what do you guys think about it? But the relationship ones tend to be the most fun, and the ones that gain the biggest ground because people can add onto it or change it or disagree with it,” said Haskins.


Rick Haskin, THE CW EVP of Marketing and Digital Programs in AdWeek, “10 Tips to Creating the Perfect TV Show Hashtag: Listen to your fans and don’t get too clever, network execs say” by Jason Lynch [x]

When the Executive Vice President of The CW’s Marketing & Digital Programs – the guy whose job it is is to literally market the CW shows – has zero problem with viewers using the #Olicity hashtag and gives the official thumbs up (and AdWeek cites it in an article on tips for successful hashtag creation), I think that’s all anybody needs to know about the hashtag. 

Use #Olicity without apology. 

Use #Olicity often.

And remember what Haskins said:

“…the most popular fan-generated hashtags revolve around two characters that have been  "shipped"” 

Every program.  Every channel.  Shipper tags.  The. most. popular. hashtags for television.


So use it as the powerful tool it is and use it with confidence, knowing #Olicity means Arrow promotion, and ignore anybody who tries to tell you differently.

Do what you do, Olicity fans, because you’re doing it extremely well.

Coca-Cola’s New Marketing Strategy
Is Coca-Cola Going Flat?

In a statement the company said: “We have invited a selection of our key agencies from

around the world to bring their best thinking to Coca-Cola in order to create the strongest work for our flagship brand. We are always pushing ourselves and our agencies to deliver world class creative with global appeal that engages and entertains our consumers and drives business growth. This process will help us harness thinking from some of the best agency minds from around the world to deliver the best possible work.”

The reason I’m posting this is that in a search to see if Coca-Cola and 1D did announce a promotional partnership (I couldn’t find anything confirming that), I found this article talking about how the soft drink industry in general was losing it’s position due to the shift towards healthier drinks, so Coca-Cola is consolidating their marketing and becoming even more single brand focused globally.

This is a global initiative and Coca-Cola - whether they have an agreement with 1DHQ or whether they just licensed “Clouds” in their South American market as a one-off - has specifically chosen the “Larry” commercial as something they feel will positively affect their brand.

My uneducated guess?  They decided to use a One Direction song to reach out to young consumers (all marketing people are aware of how viral any 1D related media can become) and someone at their South American advertising agency is Larry AF.  That person (or group) pitched the commercial specifically with the Harry clone and told the Coke marketing team responsible for approving the pitch what the probable possible implications of that commercial were with an imminent coming out this year.

This was near the end of the article:

Coke also needs to look beyond advertising alone to usher in its turnaround. Jamal Benmiloud, a former vice president of marketing at Monster Energy (and former UK head of marketing at Red Bull,) who is now the chief creative officer and founder of marketing agency EARN, thinks Coke has the power to change opinion not just by the way it communicates, but a different business approach.
“I think they have the opportunity to be true to their values and do more in terms of giving back. It may create a negative reaction, but so what, it’s about doing the right thing. Coca-Cola should be the most entertaining, anticipated brand in the world, and they should also be loved in the same way someone like Princess Diana was loved by committing to causes and making the difference. They have the power to do amazing things on planet earth,” Benmiloud said.


Make some room in your closets, because Her Universe is launching a whole new line of clothing inspired by the heroines of the Marvel Universe. The new Marvel By Her Universe fashion collection features dresses and jackets inspired by some of Marvel’s female heroes — like Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Agent Carter and Spider-Gwen. The items range in size from XS to 3X.

The line will debut at New York Comic Con at the Her Universe/Hot Topic pop-up shop located at the official ReedPOP store in the Javits Center. NYCC lasts from October 6 to 9, and those that can’t attend the con will be able to purchase the items at select Hot Topic stores and online.

“We have had many, many requests from customers for a fashion collection based on powerful female Super Heroes, so we are thrilled to partner with Marvel and Her Universe on this outstanding offering of dresses and outerwear,” said Cindy Levitt, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing at Hot Topic, adding “I can’t wait to get the 1940’s inspired Agent Carter dress myself!”

The $500 Million Battle Over Disney’s Princesses: How Hasbro grabbed the lucrative Disney doll business from Mattel.

***(This isn’t the whole article- I’m copying and pasting what I thought were the most interesting parts! The whole thing is definitely worth reading though, it’s fascinating)***

Mattel has worked with Disney since 1955, when it became the first sponsor for the Mickey Mouse Club, and it’s been the company’s go-to dollmaker since 1996.

But not for long: The princess business disappears on Jan. 1, when Disney packs up its glass slippers and takes them to Mattel’s biggest rival, Hasbro.

Disney is taking a risk turning to Hasbro. Mattel owns the doll market, and despite her recent stumble, Barbie is still the best-selling doll of all time. Hasbro, meanwhile, has traditionally kept to the boys’ side of the toy aisle, with brands such as Nerf and Transformers. But it has big plans for the princesses. Hasbro and Disney are redesigning and rereleasing every Princess doll, even Pocahontas, which few stores carry.

Hasbro researchers found that girls—young girls, particularly—weren’t nearly as into clothes and boys and happily-ever-after as they thought. “What we found was that girls loved the idea of a brand that embraced friendship and kindness,” Goldner says. Impressed with Hasbro’s analysis, Disney gave it a small license for Descendants, a made-for-TV movie it was developing about the teenage kids of its princesses.

Meanwhile, Mattel made what, in hindsight, seems like a pretty dense move: In 2013 it released its own line of princess-themed dolls, Ever After High. Unless you’re a girl under 10—or the parent of one—you’ve probably never heard of them. Designed to be the teen children of Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and other characters, they wear platform shoes, bodices, and short, sometimes see-through skirts: tarted-up versions of Disney’s Princesses. Stephen Sumner, a former Barbie designer now at Hasbro, did early sketches of the line. He says Mattel envisioned a line of witch dolls, then realized another company already had one. “So they had to turn it into princesses, even though there was kind of an overlap,” he says. Because the dolls were based on traditional fairy tales, Mattel didn’t have to pay Disney licensing fees. Disney didn’t like the competition.

Several former Mattel employees point to the 2013 release of Ever After High as the last straw for Disney. Chris Sinclair, a Mattel board member who took over as CEO in January, agrees. “We got too competitive with them on Ever After High,” he says. According to Mattel’s annual report, Ever After High accounted for just $53 million in added sales last year.

Disney decided to try to portray the princesses more as heroines than damsels. The company worked with Jess Weiner, a branding consultant who helps companies rethink the way they market to women. “Disney wanted to reach girls and women in more authentic ways,” says Weiner. “We looked at the Princess products. On backpacks and things, these princesses had always been fairly homogenous-looking and in passive poses. Anyone who’s spent time with a 5-year-old knows they’re not into passively posing.” 

Hasbro’s researchers talked to thousands of girls at the company’s Pawtucket headquarters, as well as in Hong Kong, London, and Los Angeles, and found that girls thought about princesses in much the same way that boys viewed superheroes. Sometimes they liked a character because of her dress; other times they focused on her abilities, such as archery and sword fighting (Merida, from Brave) or the ability to conjure ice and snow (Elsa). “Sometimes they want a prince, sometimes there is no need for a prince,” says Frascotti. Disney didn’t have to reimagine the princesses, it turned out. Girls had already done it themselves. The dolls had just never been marketed like that.

“Every girl knows Cinderella, but there are 11 princesses,” says Andrea Hopelain, a former Disney marketing director who’s vice president for global brand strategy at Hasbro. In toy stores today, at the end of Mattel’s reign, the available Disney Princess dolls almost always come from one of four movies: Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen. Toys “R” Us’s flagship store in Times Square is 110,000 square feet and sells toys to millions of children every year, but right before Christmas this year, it had only one Tiana toy (Disney’s only African American princess, from The Princess and the Frog). That will change with Hasbro. “We can reintroduce Mulan,” says Hopelain. “We can play up that Tiana is a great cook.”

When Hasbro’s Disney Princess dolls go on sale on Jan. 1, all 11 will be available in toy stores for the first time. The dolls will have different heights and waist sizes (though not by much). Their flawless skin will come in various shades of—well, mostly white—and their facial features have been directly modeled after the characters in the films, not painted on a preexisting mold. Their arms are stiff, and their hair isn’t as easily brushable as Barbie’s, but they’re simpler, cleaner, and easy to tell apart. They look like Disney’s animated characters come to life.

These distinctions are subtle, but, Hasbro and Disney hope, they’ll make each princess feel like a fully realized person, not just one of 11 lookalikes separated only by the color of her dress. Hasbro CEO Goldner admits that the first few months of sales will probably be slow as stores discount Mattel’s old dolls to get rid of inventory. “After that, it’s our brand to manage,” he says.

Both Hasbro and Disney say they plan to highlight the princesses’ bravery and skills in future advertising, and to give the nonwhite princesses more shelf space. “A 4-year-old girl doesn’t realize how the world she lives in is different from 10 or 15 years ago, but her parents do,” says Frascotti. And parents, he points out, are the ones who buy the toys.

smhzerriestillfake  asked:

There's Like three extra copies of the same document on that table yall

focuspositive said:

What do you think about all the extra papers on the table in the Zayn signing pictures? Cause if you look at them they’re all identical and paperclipped, so they’re separate. But the cover page is the same… Idk I find that super shady and weird.


That’s not really unusual. From working with my dad I know contracts have to be signed in triplicate or quadruplicate (whatever’s needed) because copies can’t be notarized for legal reasons. So you gotta have original signatures on everything.

But for comparison’s sake, here’s Kid Ink signing his RCA contract:

Also multiple copies. But you can see how his is flagged all the way down to where he needs to sign. In general, I get the impression that actual business is being handled with Kid Ink, while Zayn’s looks a bit more like just a photo op.   

It also came with an official statement from RCA:

In a press release, Ink mentions how much he and his team have accomplished, and how signing on with a major label can help him continue to grow, “We achieved so much last year independently but we just felt it was time to team up with a major in 2013 to take it to the next level and RCA is as excited as we are about the vision and possibilities.“

Mentioning the possibility of his international success, J Grand, Sr. Vice President of A&R and Marketing for RCA said, “I’m ecstatic to have someone as multi-talented as Kid Ink, along with the backing of Tha Alumni team with us at RCA Records.  We see him not just as an emerging domestic star but as someone whose music and entrepreneurship is already developing a global presence.”

Speaking on the teaming up of Tha Alumni Group with RCA, DJ Ill Will feels the union is perfect to expand not only Kid Ink, but Tha Alumni’s reach while also continuing to make music as before, “RCA gave us a unique opportunity to join forces with them while still staying true to our fans and what got us here in the first place.” 


Season 6 of MLP confirmed, Episode 100 News

Moderator Boardgamebrony here!

We are INUNDATED with news about My Little Pony recently! Season 6 news happened last week just before the premiere of Season 5, but I felt we needed to focus on this season first.

Now we can CELEBRATE!



(Info from EquestriaDaily on March 31, 2015)…

A press release from Discovery Family talks about another season of My Little Pony that starts late 2015 and ends sometime in 2016, which is well past the expected season 5 finale date.

Sethisto over at EQD confirmed it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. There’s even a confirmed writer for Season 6!

Mike Vogel, 2017 MLP Movie Co-Executive Producer, Confirmed as Writer for Season 6!

(Info from Equestriadaily on April 2, 2015)…

Mike Vogel was previously the Vice President of Marketing for Hasbro Studios, but became Co-Executive Producer of the upcoming 2017 MLP movie (which has only ponies and no Equestria Girls, as far as has been described). Now, he’s been announced as the first official writer for Season 6 of MLP, further confirming the next season!

If you’d like to read about Mike Vogel’s involvement in the MLP movie, check out the EQD article here:…

April 13th is Release Date for Season 4 Soundtrack. Info for Season 5,6 and MLP Movie

(Info from EquestriaDaily on April 5, 2015)…

Looks like you guys might want to save up for a new MLP soundtrack releasing next week! It’ll include music up to Season 4 (and I don’t remember a Season 3 soundtrack releasing, so when it comes out I’ll check to see if it includes anything from Season 3).  Not only that, but MLP brony musician BlackGryphon is a vocalist on a mashup included in the soundtrack.

Also, for the 2017 MLP Movie, there’s a chance the music team will get to work with a live orchestra! Can you imagine how amazing that could sound, with sweeping work on a level far beyond anything we’ve heard before? I hope they work it out, because orchestra-level sound changes the entire mode of a movie, propelling it into a whole new class of cinematic experience.




(Info from EquestriaDaily on April 7, 2015)…

Season 5, Episode 100 Information

Check. This. Out.

On facebook, Tina Guo, musician who’s working on MLP music, dropped this:

The 100th Episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs on June 13, and Octavia has a huge Electric Cello Dubstep situation in the episode! Cello Guo had an awesome time working with composer William Anderson on the score, it will be airing on the Discovery Family Channel.











In Hiding

This one is a birthday gift for the lovely, the talented, the now 100% of age @sojustifiable.

She wanted SoMa hiding under the counter AU so that’s what she gets.

Happy birthday!

Thanks to @bendandcurl for looking this over.

Soul felt something brush against his leg and nearly yelped, doing a two legged skip hop backwards to slam against the rear counter, eyes scanning for whatever had so flagrantly violated his personal bubble.

Turned out whatever was whoever, and whoever was looking up at him from where she was sitting pressed tightly in the space under the lip of the counter with wide, green, pleading eyes, mouthing words he couldn’t hear through his oversized (and admittedly overpriced) headphones. He sighed as he pushed them down to his neck and the soothing voice of Etta James was replaced by the frantic whisper of this girl as she continued speaking–

“–hide here for a minute, and I’ll–um–I don’t know, something, pay you or–something–if you just–”

The bell to the shop dinged just then and a tall man of indeterminate age with flaming red hair hurried over. He was dressed conservatively enough, wearing jeans and a green button down, but looked nearly panicked as he sucked in a quick breath and darted his eyes around the store.

The girl had a finger to her lips. She looked even more desperate than the redhead, who had calmed considerably as he approached the checkout counter.

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