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(notes! Okay so I kinda cheated on this lol, it’s two members, but whoops a fucking daisy)

•soulmate au where on your own body and on your soulmates body, you have a matching tattoo
•when you meet, the area where the tattoo is burns
•people normally have one but having multiple isn’t unheard of
•they are people who have platonic tattoos instead of romantic

•as a child, you wanted to be a singer
•but then you realized that you sounded like a dying cat and that dream died
•you decided if you couldn’t sing
•you’d learn to play instruments instead
•so you often went to competitions, that’s where you meet a boy named lee jihoon!
•he plays the piano, and he’s amazing!
•but he’s your rival, yet older brother mentor??
•it’s complicated for two six year old but it’s fine
•so you get used to seeing him in every competition you’re in
•and from being at the same place so often, your parents have become friends
•so you now hang with jihoon pretty often
•and you’re just always talking about soulmates
•and jihoon fondly smile because ‘I can’t believe we’re the same age’
•so growing up, even though jihoon and you went to different schools you were close
•you slept over at his house and vice versa
•you guys were pretty inseparable
•the dreaded high school years
•it wasn’t anything bad
•you just drifted apart y'know?
•like you went your separate ways but if you see him you’ll wave and he’ll do the same
•but you just realized that you weren’t very compatible people
•if it wasn’t for you parents, you wouldn’t have been as close most likely

•so you’re a teen
•the cursed phase
•where you’re not sure who you are, what the dream is, or where you’re heading
•but that’s okay!!!
•you still play your instruments, but you have also spread out to other forms of art!
•whether it’s lyrics, poems, or stories you like having a pad of paper in your hand and a pencil tucked behind your ear
•it also comes in handy for drawing!!!
•other teen find you odd, you walk around like a reporter, a camera can be found around your neck some days as well
•but you couldn’t care less, it was what made you happy!
•so you were in quite a few clubs
•the poetry club, the music club, photography and yearbook!
•you were everywhere really
•so it’s the around the end of the year and you’re supposed to be taking pictures
•but of course you can’t listen to instructions and you’re helping out the newspaper club
•interviewing the basketball vice captain while taking pictures
•so basketball captain is lowkey douchey
•like he’s being super sexist and all you wanna do is finish this and get out of school
•but he just droning on and on over how good he is
•over how many baskets he’s made this season
•so you’re pretending to listen, until you can’t take it anymore and spit you’re way out
•jihoon is sitting with his group at one of the tables that’s pretty close
•looking for a foot time to cut him off, you plan you’re escape
•"oh sorry, my friends are over there and I completely forgot that I was supposed to meet them!“
•smiling at him, you quickly packed up your stuff and waved to him
•before rushing to the table jihoon was sitting at
•"Lee jihoon, you’ve saved me once again!”
•and ten heads turn toward you
•and the green haired boy looks at you and smirks, as if he knew something you didn’t
•waving at you, he patted for you to sit down next to him
•placing your camera on the table with your notepad you sit on the metal bench
•"what’s up hoonie?“
•"don’t call me that, shit head.”
•letting out a giggle, you introduced yourself too the other boys
•"hi I’m y/n! I’m not sure what I want to be but I’m working on it!“
•you said waving at them
•all ten boys are smirking, and it’s honestly v unsettling
•so you’re looking at jihoon like ‘please don’t skin me and wear my flesh as a coat’
•before you can question them
•three boy approach with their arms full of drinks
•and you look at the first boy and instantly know who he is
•yoon jeonghan, devil who looks like an angel. Not to be trusted
•but when you look at the other two, your right wrist and your hip starts burning
•so you scream
•starting eleven boys and people nearby
•but the other two understand immediately
•you’re their last soulmate
•the person they had been crushing on was their soulmate
•and now was screaming in front of them
•slowly the burn went away, you kept your eyes on the taller boy
•he had his eyes locked onto you
•but with a glance to the male who was next to him, so were his
•everyone’s eyes in the vicinity went away, leaving only thirteen pairs on you
•"what the literal fuck?”
•you questioned the tall males who were standing with the juice in their arms
•"you’re our soulmate!! The camera! You!!“
•the tall boy who resembled a puppy exclaimed excitedly
•whilst the other male smiled, somehow you knew he was just as excited
•and you stood up from the bench and looked at the two of them, then the eleven boys who were sitting (jeonghan moved, he’s not standing for anyone)
•"I’m gonna take them, bye hoonie!”
•take them you did, but not before taking your camera and notepad
•grasping their giant hands in your own, you dragged them to an empty classroom
•when you arrived, you sat on the teachers desk and pointed at the boys who were still staring
•"who’s the cloud, and who’s the pen?“
•causing mingyu to laugh, because that’s what you wanted to know??
•"im the cloud.
•the giggling puppy said, to both of your amusements
•looking at the boy who had dark eyes, and was wearing glasses
•you waited for someone to say something
•"I’m kim mingyu! That’s jeon wonwoo!”
•the youngest cut off your staring competition
•and somehow the world seemed a little brighter

•you got close to jihoon again, much to mingyu’s chagrin
•but wonwoo had reminded him often
•"at least it’s not minghao"
•and that shut up the younger
•you had found out that they were childhood friends and met when they were in elementary
•mingyu had sneezed and the kids had ran away
•but wonwoo had introduced himself to the boy
•they had never met since he was a year younger
•but when he did, wonwoo’s shoulder hurt
•and mingyu was crying because his ankle was burning
•but they stuck it out and stayed with each other

•when you go to your music competitions, it’s no longer just yours and jihoon’s parents cheering
•no, you have a hole row cheering for you
•but your boyfriends are cheering the loudest
•completely supporting even if you don’t know what you want to do
•wonwoo will sit next to you and wrote his own poetry while mingyu cooks dinner

•for your art final, you picked out of a hat for the topic
•it was love
•you had complained to the two of them on one of your cuddling sessions
•"how do I show love, how am I supposed to show the way woo’s eyes shine when he watch gyu’s food?“
•and they laughed, making you pout
•pulling you closer into their grasp
•they held you tight, making your fears worse because
•really how were you supposed to explain this warm feeling?

•the answer came two weeks later, in wonwoo’s house when all of you are in the kitchen studying
•slamming your hands on the table
•"idea! Idea! Good idea!“
•making mingyu laugh while shutting his science book because he knew he wasn’t gonna be studying
•and wonwoo gently hush you with fond look on his face, knowing that both of his soulmates were happy •
•you got an A
•and your picture was displayed in the art show

•hanging with bright lights over it, a painted canvas
•there are big fluffy white clouds hiding the sun, over three bodies who lay on a plaid blanket, limbs on each other, smiles and closed eyes on each face
•with crumbled up papers, and pens and pencils thrown on the blanket
•a camera lay on a notepad, on the grass, forgotten while the three bathe in the sun
•This was love for you three
•ove between a bookworm, a reporter and a dreamer
•and it was beautiful

Regrets at 11 pm

 fluff //  Stupidity at it’s finest is sending the student council vice president a ‘salacious’ picture at 11 pm.

Kyungsoo was having a dull day.

First of all, his console hadn’t come in the post but the games he had bought for said console did come so he was subjected to flicking through the handbooks like a decrepit hermit. Then his brother had washed his white Zelda shirt with his dark jeans, so his Zelda shirt was now a grey blotched mess. Disappointing

Then to make matters worse, Jongdae had decided not tell him that he wasn’t attending the LoL match, so he had to play with Baekhyun…not that there was anything wrong with him, but it’s fucking Baekhyun and there’s only so much forced aeygo Kyungsoo can take.

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Also a lot of ep5 was showing just how useful Constanze is with incorporating technology into her magic (and vice versa).

(Not pictured: her turbo-broom with a propeller and engine/exhaust)

I think at some point there’s going to be an episode where her tech/magic habits get her into a lot of trouble, and then she uses it to impress the professors and prove that tech/magic work well together.
Considering that Jasminka so far does nothing but eat food and Amanda does either nothing or causes trouble, it’s safe to say that Constanze is the one carrying all the weight of the team around (though her robot friend and inventions help her out a lot).

Also, let’s not forget the part where she pulls a fucking RPG out of nowhere.

It’s not even a magical RPG. It’s just a legit military-grade rocket-propelled grenade launcher. What the fuck Constanze.

Born to Kill (1947 US film noir, dir. Robert Wise | UK title: Lady of Deceit, Australian title: Deadlier Than the Male) | RKO Radio Pictures

At the time of release, this film was described by a New York Times critic as being ‘a smeary tabloid fable (…) an hour and a half of ostentatious vice (…) designed to pander to the lower levels of taste (…)’

That actually sounds like something I would really enjoy.


the calendar // panic! at the disco

The Proposal Part 7

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The Proposal Masterlist


Contains: Angst

(only 2 more parts- technically 1 if you don’t count the epilogue)



Anonymous: Holy heck! Spencer no!!!! Gosh we need part 7 of the proposal asap!


Awkward was one way to put your relationship with Spencer. Other words to fill that category was weird, lonely and depressing. You longed for him to just talked to you or…something.

Spencer was barely acknowledging your presence, and you were lucky that he was even sticking around. Why? You weren’t really sure. Maybe he was still guilty about your father.

It seemed his presence was hurting you more then helping you. Your heart ached every time he walked past you, heart still fluttering whenever he accidentally touched you. At least at work he was behind the doors and you could serve without worrying that you were going to bump into him.

Your lovesick disease only seemed to get worse when Spencer announced he was going to be spending nights with /her/ and sneaking in early in case your mother came back around. Apparently you repulsed him to the core so much that he couldn’t even sleep in the same area as you.

At the moment, you were staring out the window of the living room, hating yourself. More so for the fact that you looked like Bella Swan from the second twilight movie. Well, it was a close second.

“Why are you moping about? Haven’t you heard I’m back?” A familiar voice made you jump, wrapping your arms around your sister’s frame. “That’s more like it Y/n!” She laughed, her arms sliding around to meet your back.

“I totally forgot that you were coming back this week!  I’ve just had so much on my mind lately!” You tried explaining.

“I bet! Wedding aren’t easy to plan you know! Take it from me, I just had one… So, how are you and your fiancée?” She made her way through the house, seeming to inspect it for something.

“Uh, yeah, about that…” You started, trying to figure out how to tell her about everything without seeming like a jerk that was lying to your father and stealing your sisters spotlight.

“Let’s not talk about this in here, c'mon, let’s do something fun….like shopping, or drinking.” She waggled her brows, shooing you to grab your purse. You forgot how eccentric your sister was. You weren’t sure how much you missed that certain feature.

After what your sister like to call “Treat yourself- bride edition”, she made you wear one of the outfits out of the store and wear it out. You had no idea what game she was trying to play, but you knew she was up to something. Especially when she brought you to a bar. Sure, she enjoyed a glass of wine every now and then but had said multiple times that he was not an avid enthusiast for bars. More so now then ever because she was married and guys would be trying to hit on her all night.

“Alright, answer some of my questions. How is Spencer? How are you?” She asked when the both of you were situated with your drinks. You spun your stirrer straw slowly, stumbling around on trying to form a sentence.

“Do you remember Mattie Noel?” You asked, and she nodded, eyes squinting with suspicion. “She's…tried latching her hooks onto him.” You put it out there as best as you could, watching as she moved her hand in a dismissive way. “Spencer only has eyes for you, trust me. Don’t worry about that bitch.” You almost laughed at how ironic that sentence was, taking a large gulp of your drink. After some more minutes of conversation, someone’s phone started to ring loudly.

“Oh shoot, I think that’s me.” Your sister set her drink down, digging through her purse, stopping and wincing. “Y/n, I think I left my phone at your house when I came to pick you up!” Your sister slapped her face, zipping back up her purse. “What if it’s (h/h/n)? It’s it okay if we head back to the guest house?”

“Oh yeah, of course.” You placed done your drink, standing up and pretending to dust yourself off. You weren’t really feeling the scene anyways, bars never really being your thing.

The drive was filled with your sister filling you in on her honeymoon, literally, /everything// about her honeymoon, talking about future plans and trying to ask about you and Spencer. You tried avoiding most of the questions, and it seemed to work.

“Alright, let’s go.” You stated once you pulled up to the driveway in front of the guest house. You thought you saw a light turn off and you shook your head, thinking you must be finally losing it.

“Um. I’m not exactly sure where you left it but feel free to- AH!” You fell back into the wall as you opened the door and flipped the light switch only to be met with about 15 pairs of eyes. “What the- W-what the…” Your own orbs were wide and brows furrowed. Your sister laughed, patting your shoulder reassuringly.

“Surprise! It’s your bridal shower!” She bounced excitedly, leading you over to a chair. You started to recognize your friends from back home, your mother, your sister and a few friends from the restaurant.

“This really wasn’t necessary…” You mumbled, stumbling a bit. “Really. I don’t deserve your gifts.” You waved your friends off, cheeks pinking. If they only knew how much you really didn’t deserve this.

“Here, open mine first!” Your sister thrusted a bright pink box into your lap, and you almost rolled your eyes at the obnoxious color but opened it nonetheless. Through the hours, you opened all the gifts (some more appropriate then others), drank some wine, and failed to notice your mother’s quietness.

“There’s still one more gift! It’s from mom!” Your sister cried, bringing out the last wrapped box. Your mother’s face seemed to pale and she opened her mouth to say something when your sister interrupted her. “I saw it hidden in the closet and figured you must have forgot about where you put it. It was no problem really. Now, c'mon y/n, open it up.”

After taking off the bright paper and the Macy’s box that your mother used for every holiday box, you were met with a book, a picture of Spencer on one knee at your sister’s wedding, when you forced him to propose to you on the top. “What’s this?” You softly asked, fingers rubbing Spencer’s frame over the plastic covering.

“It’s not that big of a deal, I was just digging through the basement and some old pictures came up. Add those with the ones I’ve been taking of the two of you and….” Her sentence faded out as you started flipping through the pages.

Pictures of you and Spencer as toddlers, chubby limbs wrapped up in each other. As little kids, reading or “cooking”. Spencer trying to teach you how to play chess when you were 12, always losing because you believed the pawns were more important then any other piece. Rare visits to Caltech when you were both 14, both awkward and gangly. Pictures of you at Spencer’s graduation and vice-versa. The pictures didn’t pick back up until the wedding, a few candid shots, pictures of you both working at the restaurant and sitting on the couch when you were watching Star Wars. Lastly, the proposal once more, zoomed in on both your faces. Even though you had just shoved him on the ground exactly 2 seconds earlier, Spencer looked focused, and your fake smile looked genuine.

“I cant do this anymore.” You whispered, shocking yourself when a tear landed on the scrapbook page. “I’m so sorry. You guys…” You got up, rushing out of the room, the cold air kissing your face once you escaped through the front door.

“Hon! Honey! Come back!” Your mother called after you, following you outside. “Y/n, baby, I know.” You looked up at her, tears pricking the edge of your eyes.

“You know? You know that this whole thing was fake?” You asked, throwing up your arms in the air. If your mother could see it, then everyone else probably knew too. God, this whole thing was so stupid. Why did the idea even pop into her head?

“I saw him making out with another girl while I was trying to book a wedding venue.” Your mom explained, hand coming up to cup your cheek. Your own hand came to pinch the bridge of your nose.

“No mom, I have to be honest with you, this whole marriage was a sham. I forced Spencer to propose to me.” She stepped back, head cocking to the side and brows raising. “Dad said he wished he could have two daughters married….” You explained, and your mother seemed to understand.

“Darling, he didn’t mean it in this way..” She engulfed you in a hug, kissing the top of your head. “You’re still in love with him aren’t you? You have been since before you knew what love was.” She asked and you nodded, cries beginning, thankful that they were slightly muffled.

“It’s okay honey, let it all out.”


(3rd Person POV)

Overtime, your comments really started to bug Spencer. Your tone, your bitter words, kept repeating in his mind and for the millionth time he wished that he didn’t have an eidetic memory. He couldn’t believe you had spoken to him that way. You had never expressed that type of rage before.

He had known you for practically his entire life and you had never steered him wrong, always being the person to try and draw him out of his shell. Always his defender, his best friend until you two had started drifting apart after you graduated and he joined the FBI. Even then, you would try to call once every month, trying to keep updated with him, his life, job, mother, etc.

Spencer usually had a good intuition about people, and Mattie seemed lovely enough, so why would Y/n tell him all those awful things about the woman he had start to care for?

“You know, Y/n told me that you used to know each other in high school. What was that like? Were you guys friends?” He tried to subtly press the subject. Mattie laughed, taking a sip of her drink and leaning her head on her hand, eyes slightly glossing over in a nostalgic manner.

“Well, I used to pick on her.” She shrugged, taking a bite of her food like what she had just said was nothing. “I mean, she deserved right?” Spencer was in the middle of picking up his glass to take a sip when he stopped at her remark.

“What do you mean by that?” Mattie seemed confused that she was even asked a question like that but out of the corner of her mind, she remembered that someone like him didn’t attend their high school.

“She was like a blister, ugly to look at, you know. She always had to let everyone know how she was smarter then everyone else. She didn’t let me cheat or anything and… well, just annoying really. She hasn’t changed much since high school.” Spencer seemed to stare at her for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Mattie’s brows raised. “I mean, you’ve known her for a little while right? Isn’t she just…annoying? I mean, she asked you to marry her because she’s too pathetic to find herself an actual fiancé.” Spencer couldn’t believe the words he was hearing, and had to stop his jaw from dropping. It all made sense now, everything you said!

“Oh my- I actually defended you against her! I’m so stupid, I should have known Y/n would never lie to me! She never has before!” Spencer stood up, running his hands over his face angrily. “You…I can’t even come up with any words to describe a snake like you!” He stormed off, already trying to work on how to fix everything he did.

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?” She screeched, and Spencer ignored her, running outside to hail a cab. He quickly dialed your number and the call ended up going straight to voicemail. A second and third time, voicemail. Either something was wrong or you were still pissed off. Yo had every right to be. Oh god, why didn’t he listen to you?!

After yelling your address to the cab driver, he dialed Morgan, quickly explaining everything that had developed recently. Being Spencer’s friend, Morgan tried not to judge too harshly, but couldn’t help the exasperated sigh that escaped his mouth as he said, “Sounds like she’s in love with you, you idiot. You don’t even have to be a profiler to figure that one out buddy.”

“Well- I- I- Uh-” Spencer stumbled a bit, his brain fried. “Spencer,’ his friend scolded through the phone speaker. How do you feel about Y/n?” Morgan was met with silence and he sighed. “What I mean is…. can you be yourself around Y/n? Do you think about her when she isn’t in the room? How would you feel if she had asked someone else to be in your shoes hm?” Spencer stayed quiet for another moment.

If I’m honest, I’m more comfortable with her then anyone, even you guys. I think about her a lot, although recent thoughts weren’t exactly….romantic. If she had asked someone else,’ Spencer whistled lowly. “I wouldn’t have…I… I don’t like that question. She asked me, that’s that.” He answered, brows furrowing when he heard his friends laughter on the other end of the line.

“Then she’s the one. Simple as that. ”

“I…have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up when he saw your house approaching in the window of the cab, exiting the vehicle and throwing a random wad of cash at the driver, bolting for the guest house. He fumbled with the keys before finally opening the door.

“Y/n! Y/n!” He yelled throughout the guest house, realizing you were gone. He ran over to the main house, which was locked, and looked through all the windows like a mad man. He dialed your number 2 more times and grunted loudly when your automated voice message met his ears instead of your voice. His phone rang just before he was able to dial your number again, and he immediately answered it. “Y/n?”

“Her mother.” An unamused voice greeted his ears. “Listen, before you say another word, Y/n’s father is at the hospital, not that you seem to care. Hopefully I haven’t interrupted your making out sessions hm? Anyways, just figured I’d let you know since you seemed so eager to be a part of this family…” Your mother snapped, hanging up.

The hospital?

“Oh no..” He mumbled dialing for a cab, only thinking of you.

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bellabubblegum7  asked:

Recently my anxiety has been going crazy. The one thing that has helped me is writing poetry and then drawing an accompanying picture or vice versa. My stress levels have decreased and every time I feel worked up or have a new negative feeling towards something, I just write a long poem. I just want to advise people that a creative medium can help you. It doesn't have to be perfect, but sometimes letting words flow and resonate is helpful. Thanks.

@bellabubblegum7, a creative outlet is definitely great for people dealing with anxiety. I hope your anxiety calms down soon! :-)