vice not my oc

it’s been awhile since i added any dragons to my dragon fam but this is viran!! altho he really only goes by angel, and he’s a mage bc yknow screw being a dragon 

sleepyhead doodle from a stream a couple days ago which i finished up and fancied up a lil
she sees u tryna pick shit she ain’t havin none of that

i ain’t been doin much different lately cause all i got is doodles i’ve been doing to ease the pain of university but i got this week off so hopefully if nothin else i can alleviate the pressure and loosen the vice grip uni’s got on my balls

anonymous asked:

What is Sri's ultimate?

it’s called the “Call of Garuda” where she summons a mythological creature named Garuda. The Garuda inflicts damage to enemies within wingspan. it also boosts Sri’s speed and health until the ult finishes.