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Monday, the Vancouver School Board (VSB) finally voted for a new transgender policy that allows students to choose a name that best represents their gender identity. They have also enacted a policy for single-stall, genderless washrooms. On top of that, the VSB has introduced gender-neutral pronouns: xe (third person), xem (plural), and xyr (possessive) for students who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

I remember people saying to me at the beginning, “How do you expect people to believe you when you put out a song like “Happy Little Pill” while still making those fun, silly YouTube videos that you make?“ And the reason I expected people to believe it is because they’re both real sides of my personality. Sometimes people ask me now, "Are you giving up YouTube for singing? Are you a happy person or a sad person?” Because in my YouTube videos I seem happy, whereas in my songs maybe I seem sad. But I feel like the fans have never tried to figure that stuff out. They’ve always just gotten me, and I think that’s because I’m doing everything that I ever wanted to do and being really real about it. They get that I’m a real person with multiple interests and multiple sides to my personality. And I think that if I was to become more one-dimensional, and just do the one thing, maybe people would actually connect with me a bit less.
—  Troye Sivan (Vice Magazine)

Ryan McGinley’s Advice To Young Photographers: Don’t Compete

I didn’t go to Parsons’s graduation ceremony last month, but people tell me I missed a remarkable commencement speech delivered by photographer Ryan McGinley. Luckily, his studio already put it on YouTube. It is almost certainly a good idea to pay attention to whatever advice McGinley gives to emerging photographers for a number of reasons. For example, he had a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2003, when he was 25. He also was named Young Photographer of the Year by the International Center of Photography in 2007, and has since been called things like “the most important photographer in America” and “the pied piper of the downtown art world.” He also used to have my job as photo editor of VICE, where he gave buckets of deserving young artists their first chances at editorial work.