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Purpose Tour Baby

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Hi ! Love your blog ! Your imagines are awesome .Though can I pretty please get an imagine where Y/N is pregnant with Justin’s baby and while he’s performing for Purpose tour , Scooter runs on stage to tell him he’s just received a call informing him Y/N is giving birth so he has to postpone his show and fly out to her and he just maked it in time for the birth . Thank you so much!


I was currently 9 months into my pregnancy, the last trimester. Our baby was due next week but, at the rate how he/she was going, they were going to drop at any second. Justin and I wanted to keep the sex of our baby a secret up until they were born. Let me also add that they have been kicking for the past hour. Why couldn’t they just be born already? 

I sat down on the couch, rubbing my hand over my stomach. It was just me, {Y/BF/N}, and the dogs chilling in the house. Justin was currently in Vegas for one of his shows. He was about an hour away but, that was still so much time and distance between us. I pushed myself up from the couch because I had to use the restroom. “I’m going to go pee. I’ll be right back,” I waddled to the bathroom. I reached for the light switch on the wall when I felt a liquid trickling down my legs. Oh no, it couldn’t be. I felt around for the light switch on the wall until it was in my reach. 

I turned it on and saw the puddle of water below my feet. “{Y/BF/N}!” I screamed into the house. She came running to me in less than a second. “We need to go to the hospital right now!" 

Justin’s POV 

 "How you feelin’ tonight Vegas?” I questioned, looking around in the audience. They finally turned the house lights on so I was able to see who was in front of me. The crowd shrieked in response and I just took that that they were having a good time. “I just got one more question for you guys. Who wants to be my baby?” The music cued in and the crowd went crazy again. I began singing the first couple of notes and let the crowd join in. It was more like they were performing for me than vice versa. I jammed out on the stage for the time being, enjoying the entertainment I was receiving. 

“Are we an item?  Girl quit playing. We’re just friends, what are you saying? Said “there’s another” and looked right in my eyes, my first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like..” I was in the middle of singing the next verse when Scooter came running on the stage, causing the music to stop. “Justin,” he said out of breath. “I just received word that {Y/N} is in the hospital. It’s time.” My stomach sank as he finished his sentence. I was literally an hour away from her. How was I supposed to get there in time? “Sorry for the inconvenience guys, but I gotta go,” I ran off the stage with Scooter backstage. I grabbed my bag of things and headed outside to the sprinter van.

We got back to Los Angeles after about an hour. I was a nervous wreck getting off the plane that I almost tripped over my own feet. I’ve never had the birth of a child, let alone my own before. I was happy to be a father but, {Y/N} was like a whole week early, wasn’t that bad? I know nothing about pregnancy, so I just assumed a lot of things were bad. We were currently in a van, on the way to the hospital. With all this traffic, we would never make it in time and I would miss my baby being born.

“Isn’t there a shorter way to the hospital?” I questioned the driver, annoyed with the traffic. I was no stranger to it but, it was even worse tonight.

“Well, I could get off at exit-”

“Drive!” Scooter and I said in unison. The driver did as told and got off at the closest exit. We sped through the mostly empty main streets, thank goodness, and got to the hospital in less than twenty. I jumped out of the van before it could come to a complete stop and almost hit a parked car in the process. I ran into the hospital doors and, I actually tripped over my feet this time.

“Oh, are okay, sir?” one of the nurses asked, helping me up.

“Fine. Can you please just tell me where my girlfriend is?” I asked out of breath, dusting off my clothes. 

“Oh Mr. Bieber, just the person i was looking for. Come with me,” I followed behind the doctor and got into the elevator with him. “Don’t worry, {Y/N} is doing just fine. It’s a good thing you got here, I was just about to call you.”

“Sorry doc, LA traffic kills,” i replied. “Has she given birth yet?”

“Actually, no. But, I know she will be giving birth soon. Her contractions aren’t too far apart. You’re going to be a father Mr. Bieber.”

All this pregnancy talk was enough to give me headache. The hell were contractions? The doctor led me into the room {Y/N} and her friend were in. I was greeted by her friend first and then, {Y/N}. “Hey, I’m sorry. Hope I’m not late.”

“We’ll discuss this later Justin.”

After almost 8 hours of sitting and waiting, the baby was born. To answer both of our suspicions, it was a girl! We decided to name her {Y/D/N}. I held her in my arms, rocking her back and forth, admiring the creation {Y/N} and I made. I was a happy guy.

Let’s go ahead and celebrate Sanaa Lathan right quick. I’m sure you know a lot of the things about Sanaa that make her great: Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, a Tony nominee for Raisin In the Sun, and she’s super fine and looks to stay that way forever and ever amen. But did you know she went to both Yale and Cal Berkely? Did you know that her dad is Stan Lathan? What’s that you say? You don’t know Stan Lathan? You surely will know his work: he directed the pilots of Martin, Moesha, The Parkers, The Steve Harvey Show, Amen, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, Eve, and All of Us–each of which was successful in syndication. (Seriously, off the strength of Amen, Moesha, and Martin alone he deserves props.) Basically, if you watched and loved Black TV in the 90s and early 2000s, you owe a chunk of your nostalgia to Stan Lathan. He’s also directed episodes of Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, Cagney & Lacey, Eight Is Enough, The Waltons, Falcon Crest, Remington Steele, Frank’s Place, Fame, Sanford and Son, and Roc. Stan and Russell Simmons partnered to create Def Comedy Jam. And he worked behind the scenes at PBS, something that’s near and dear to me.

So back to Sanaa, who “art” in Swahili and “brilliance” in Arabic. This is someone who would’ve been okay in life even if she didn’t become a famous actress. You begin to see the pattern: that success is no accident. Sanaa’s parents (I haven’t even gotten to her mom, Eleanor McCoy, who was an actress and dancer that performed with Eartha Kitt) set her up for greatness. Family matters…remember that, as you start thinking about what you’re setting your kids up for.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the release of Watch the Throne’s second single ‘Otis.’  The track was premiered by Funkmaster Flex on his Hot 97 radio show, and was released onto the Internet the day afterward to critical and public acclaim. The cover art for ‘Otis’ was designed by Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci, who had previously produced the artwork for ‘H*A*M’ and would also design the Watch the Throne album cover. ‘Otis’ debuted at #47 on the Billboard Hot 100 after a partial week of sales and airplay. It would reach #12 on the chart and has been certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA for over two million sales.  At the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012, ‘Otis’ was nominated for a Grammy Award for ‘Best Rap Song’ and won the Grammy for ‘Best Rap Performance.’

I’m sure y’all remember the moment you first heard the epic track. ‘Otis’ opened with a slowed-down refrain from Redding’s famous ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ single, no doubt bringing back beautiful memories from our childhood. “Sounds so soulful, wouldn’t you agree?!” Hov exclaims as Kanye chops and reworks the piano sample, ushering in the heavy bass line and drums. The two musical legends proceed to spit eight quick, decadent bars each, before handing the mic over to the other. Redding’s daughter, Karla Redding-Andrews, was asked to clear the sample and said she was very happy to have “two current, legendary artists” use the “legendary music” of her father. Karla also revealed there was some initial back and forth about the title of the song, over whether it was to be titled ‘Otis Redding’ or simply 'Otis.’

Bu Thiam, Def Jam Vice-President of A&R at the time, was with Hov and Yeezy throughout the album’s recording process and saw how the duo came up with several of the Watch the Throne tracks. Here he recalls the story of the origin of the now-classic ‘Otis,’ recorded circa-June 2011 at the Mercer Hotel in New York City:
“[Kanye] was late for his flight, we were in the studio working all day and so he was late for his flight. As we were leaving he was like, 'Yo hold on for a second.’ So he drops his bags and goes to the MPC … and he’s just fucking with [the beat]. What’s so crazy is the whole time he’s doing that Jay is writing his verses in his head. But Jay is watching the NBA playoffs, I think it was the championship; Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. So Jay is watching the playoffs. I’m not even thinking Jay is paying attention to what 'Ye is doing and by the time he is finished Jay is like 'I invented swag…’ And I’m like, 'What the fuck just happened?!'“