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Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (Laura Dern), and DJ (Benicio Del Toro) photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Among Johnson’s inventions for The Last Jedi are three significant new figures: a “shady character” of unclear allegiances, played by Benicio Del Toro, who goes unnamed in the film but is called DJ by the filmmakers (“You’ll see—there’s a reason why we call him DJ,” Johnson said); a prominent officer in the Resistance named Vice Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern; and a maintenance worker for the Resistance named Rose Tico, who is played by a young actress named Kelly Marie Tran (and who is the sister of Paige, the character I witnessed in the scene with Poe Dameron). Tran’s is the largest new part, and her plotline involves a mission behind enemy lines with Boyega’s Finn, the stormtrooper turned Resistance warrior.

When insults had class

These glorious insults are from an era before the English language got boiled down to 4-letter words.

A member of Parliament to Disraeli:
“Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease”. “That depends, Sir,“ said Disraeli, "whether I embrace your policies or your mistress.”

“He had delusions of adequacy.” - Walter Kerr

“He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.”- Winston Churchill

“I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great
pleasure.” -Clarence Darrow

“He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.” - William Faulkner
(about Ernest Hemingway).

“Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I’ll waste no time reading it.” - Moses Hadas

“I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.” - Mark Twain

“He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends..” - Oscar

“I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a
friend…. if you have one.”
(George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill)
“Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second  …. if there is
one."  (Winston Churchill, in response.)

"I feel so miserable without you; it’s almost like having you here.” -
Stephen Bishop

“He is a self-made man and worships his creator.” - John Bright

“I’ve just learned about his illness. Let’s hope it’s nothing trivial.” -
Irvin S. Cobb

“He is not only dull himself; he is the cause of dullness in others.” -
Samuel Johnson

“He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.” - Paul Keating

“In order to avoid being called a flirt, she always yielded easily.” -
Charles, Count Talleyrand

“He loves nature in spite of what it did to him.” - Forrest Tucker

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?” -Mark Twain

“His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.” - Mae West

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” - Oscar Wilde

“He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts… for support rather than illumination.”
Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

“He has Van Gogh’s ear for music.” - Billy Wilder

“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.” Groucho Marx


Will Poe Use his Mother’s A-wing in Episode 8?

In the teaser trailer of The Last Jedi, we see Poe’s X-wing getting blown during a First Order attack. We also see an A-wing in a blink and miss moment passing the resistance bombers during a space battle.

In the meantime,an A-wing has been spotted both on the Pinewood set of episode 8, as well as at the recently Vanity Fair photo shoot.

The ship bears a strong resemblance to the one owned by Poe’s mother Shara Bey, on which she taught him to fly on Yavin IV. The ship appears in the Shattered Empire comics and the novel Before the Awakening.

I think Vice Admiral Holdo will demote Poe from his rank of Commander and also remove him from his position as leader of Black Squadron due to some disagreement. This would explain why he is listed as ‘Captain Poe Dameron’ on one of the leaked Lego sets for episode 8.

Poe will overcome this challenge by using his mother’s old A-wing get back into the fight, and help the resistance defend Crait from the First Order.


Vanity Fair’s full spread and story is up! You need to go check it out, but here’s a quick rundown what we’ve learned: Laura Dern is Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo of the Resistance, and Benicio Del Toro doesn’t get a name at all in the film – though they’re calling him DJ. (Seeeecretsss.) And yes, there are pictures of both. Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico has a sister, Paige, a Resistance gunner, played by Veronica Ngo. And the planet filmed in Dubrovnik is indeed named Canto Bright. “I was thinking, O.K., let’s go ultra-glamour. Let’s create a playground, basically, for rich assholes,” director Rian Johnson said.

The article also includes some touching tributes to (and photos of) Carrie Fisher, so keep the tissues handy.

The General and the Captain

Oscar Isaac says he and Fisher had a similar relationship to their characters, seen here in the midst of a First Order attack on their fleet. “We’ve always been very direct with each other, you know?” the actor says. “There was just such an honesty, and it’s a really beautiful little scene that happens here between the two of them.”

Vice-Admiral Stabby.

Ok so Stabby the Space Roomba. I have this head canon that when he first started out he was a private (seaman, space boy, etc. whatever the rank is) by as he “assisted” in the defense of more and more attacks he gained higher ranks. The last post I read had him as Quartermaster Stabby. In the latest raid however the commander of the enemy forces boarded the ship after a long and hard fought battle. And on the deck to force the last human ship to surrender he was stabbed by Stabby in a vital artery in the back of his head. This act automatically promoted Quartermaster Stabby to Vice-Admiral Stabby of the Autonomous Combatants and Defenders Core. And none of the aliens can figure out why a cleaning unit with standard programming is the Vice-Admiral of our automated army.



“Why does that cleaning unit have a knife strapped to it and is covered in high ranking officer symbols?”

“That is Vice-Admiral Stabby of the Autonomous Combatants And Defenders Core, and you will address him with the respect and formality fitting a superior officer and war hero.”

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

I really wanted to draw something lurid! Now, I don’t know what role she’ll have exactly in The Last Jedi, but her fashionista robes make me think she’ll be more of a rank-holding political figure than a real military one.

Or maybe it’s just cultural and her home planet sees pink as fear-inducing. I know I sometimes do.