“Homegrown Radicals” - Vice

So happy that Vice explored the alleged “radicalization” of Muslim youth in Canada, not with a divisive and “clash of civilizations” approach that the current government is using, but by looking into factors of mental health, social exclusion, and the short-comings in our own backyard.

Also, I LOVE how they are being exceptionally critical of Bill C 51, not as a bill that would limit civil liberties but calling it out as a bill that will further the stigmatization of Muslims in Canada.

Part 1: http://bit.ly/1ESMVya
Part 2: http://bit.ly/1OIw1ox
Part 3: http://bit.ly/1GrUP0r


VICE CEO and co-founder Shane Smith discusses the future of the TV and media industries and how the company has learned from its mistakes. Watch Deirdre Bolton on Risk And Reward.


“I’m Really Interested In Making Work That’s Political But Also Joyful.”

My senior thesis from SVA about Queer Folklore. 

Mike Bailey Gates: Yeah, these pictures, like I said before, it comes from scenes of queer history that I’ve been taught. Stories of prevention, and scenarios that probably would have really ended poorly for me if I hadn’t had people in my life warning me about things. If it wasn’t for like, my friends Bizzy or Jack Waters and Peter Cramer who told me stories about when they were younger…that’s really what the project was about was these angels but also people who aren’t perfect. A strong need to help other people [by sharing experience and information], done in a way that was really joyful. 

Read the full interview about the series on Visual Aids here and donate to a really amazing organization please xx


The Japanese Military Is Getting Offensively Cute | Vice News

Earlier this month, Japan’s Ministry of Defense rolled out a nearly 20-minute-long cartoon as part of a public relations offensive to explain the country’s military to the public. Although it might seem odd, it makes sense when you consider the fact that Japanese military is in a unique position in the world: the country isn’t actually allowed to even have a military.


i-D Casting Director Angus Munro captures the dynamic youth of Generation Z. “The issue is all about activism, social awareness and youth,” he says, “I wanted this cast to celebrate today’s NY youth and the vibrant culture that it embodies.”

Photography Daniel Jackson
Fashion Director Alastair McKimm

Hair Holli Smith at Total Management using Bumble and bumble.
Make-up Francelle Daly at Art and Commerce.
Nail technician Rica Romain at LMC.
Casting Director Angus Munro for AM Casting (Streeters NY).
Photography assistance Jake Merrill.
Lighting assistance Karen Goss.
Styling assistance Katelyn Gray, Lauren Davis, Xenia Settel.
Make-up assistance Mami Iizuka, Takashi Ashizawa, Ren Nobuko.
Production Nikki Stromberg at M.A.P.
Models Sheani Gist and Michael Lockley at Red. Aamito Stacie Lagum at DNA. Luka Sabbat at Request. Sionna Bismuth at Direct. Sherica Maynard at IMG. Yancarlos Jimenez. Ian Connor. Torey McDonald. William Daniels. Giannina Oteto. Khorey McDonald.