The final blow for /co/’s love of fusing waifus.

What started as me entertaining myself turned into a bloodbath of a thread, as anons battled over minor details, versions of the final fusion and their various horrifying sexual fetishes. The end result was prophesied to bring about the end times. The thread reached 666 replies before finally being eaten by page 10. (I’m not making that up: …I just wanted to draw.

The abomination that was born was named Friday, Red, then I decided to settle on Red Friday. Not because people came to that conclusion themselves. Not because of the two separate strawpolls suggesting the name. But because of the carnage the entire “summoning ritual” begat, on this horrible Friday night. I guess she still has no real name. But this will always be Red Friday to me.

As I said in the thread, “You see, /co/, the ritual was never what would bring the end. It was you all along.” In the end, the poor girl appeared to a dead thread. The ones that had sought her arrival had killed themselves before she even arrived.