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Flashes (Part 1)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, angst, sadness, borderline depression, sarcasm, did I mention language? might be hard to read for lonely hearts like me.

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story, so here we go. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty. Anyways, it’s only four parts, so only pre-existing permanent tags will be added to this story. Reminder: If you want to be removed from the permanent tag list you need to msg me! Sorry in advance. There’s four parts to this story.

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maybe could you do a reverse of betty playing with jugheads hair/suspenders and do one where he plays with something on betty (not dirty hehe) and getting all flustered and defensive when he gets caught.

Sure! Thankyou! This is kind of my take on him being in love with her blush, like she was in love with his hair. ***

She was just so damn pretty, it wasn’t fair honestly. How someone that tiny could hold all of that pretty, was beyond him.

She was talking animatedly at the lunch table, hands flailing and lashes fluttering. He could watch her all day, he was content to just stare at Betty Cooper until his eyes hurt and even longer after that.

She was so excited about the new river vixens routine she could hardly stop talking about it, Veronica was equally as excited.
“And then Betty gets to do this sexy as hell booty pop, right B?”

I’m sorry? Booty pop? In front of the whole football team? In that tiny skirt? Well that didn’t sit too well with him. his fingers went to her knee under the table squeezing gently, she looked up and smiled softly before turning back to their group of friends
“It’s not that sexy, it’s just kind of a…bendy thing? Either way, no ones gonna be staring at my butt when they see you walk out Veronica. Especially when you do that split Cheryl’s teaching you.”
She smiled at Veronica raising a brow, that launched the raven haired beauty into a whole other story about lessons at Cheryl’s.

“Bendy thing?” Jughead whispered into Betty’s ear, his fingers tracing the stiff fabric of her cheerleading skirt, sending shivers through her spine
“It’s really nothing juggie. Trust me. Nothing to see here.” She blushed slightly fiddling with his fingers in her lap.

God he loved that blush. he loved the way when she was really flustered it traveled all the way down her chest. He loved the way it was always a light rosy pink when she was being modest and a deep flaming red when he whispered dirty words into her ear late at night. He loved the way it looked on her cheeks when he introduced her to his father as “His girlfriend.”

Reaching his hand up to cup her cheek, he ran a thumb along her rosy flushed cheeks, stroking so softly her eyes closed. “Trust me bets, there’s definitely something to see there.”
Her eyes shot open, her pupils dilated, the breathy noise she exhaled going instantly to his pants.

She reached up and placed her hand over his own covering her cheek. “No one but you Jughead. Only you.” She whispered.
She said those words more often than not, slowly mending his insecurities every time.
He rested his forehead on hers gently.
“I love you.” He said softly
“I love you more.” She replied

“Oww you two are seriously going to give me a cavity with how sweet you are.” Cheryl spoke from across the table, breaking them both out of their bubble. They were all watching the couple, everyone, except Archie, smiling with goofy looks on their faces.

“Must you always eavesdrop on our conversations?” Jughead grumbled, grabbing Betty’s hand and pulling her tighter into him swinging his arm around her, and dropping his head to nuzzle into her neck with a groan.
Betty just giggled, tugging on his hat a little to straighten it out.

“Well it’s not like you try and hide it, we are all single young adults, indulge us. You know we live vicariously through your relationship.” Kevin said popping a grape into his mouth with a grin.

“What about Joaquin?” Jughead asked.
The two boys had gotten extremely close and Kevin often confided in Jughead with things he couldn’t tell the girls.

“Ah, tale as old as time. Distance has not made the heart grow fonder.” Kevin said glumly.

“I’ll talk to him today, he should be at the basketball court in the trailer Park.” Jughead said definitely, leaving no room for argument.

As much as Jughead tried to hide it, he was a genuinely good person, he cared about others so much, Betty reached for her boyfriends face and brought her lips to his, placing a gentle kiss to his mouth.

Jughead pulled away smiling lazily “what was that for?” Betty just shrugged and cuddled into his side.

“No reason, I just love you is all.” She smiled up at him.

He matched her smile and dropped a kiss to her forehead, rolling his eyes playfully

“And I love you, more than the stars and the moon.”

The time I was burned as an adulterous witch at a medieval banquet

A long and inarticulate story from my teen years. Content warning for like, pretend swords and pretend death and so much vicarious shame that your face involuntarily lemon-puckers. Also for my use of one hundred “like”s. 

One time, in high school, I attended this. Medieval banquet fair LARP thing? It was produced and hosted by a local… theater troupe? My hesitation is not because I’m unsure in my recollection, it’s that I’m not sure who these people actually were. I love them I just don’t understand them.

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Just a wee quicky for ECCC Con-Wummen of Earth

Not that kind of quicky 🙄

I’ve been lurking on your blogs all weekend and, like most People of Earth, even though I haven’t heard The One Big Story (@valkyrie1969 😁), by reading your posts and coveting your photos, I feel like I really was there in @supertam’s pocket, enjoying all things Cait-&-Sam-Con with you.

Please ken it means so much to so many of us to be able to enjoy your experiences vicariously through your generous storytelling. Truly. ❤️❤️❤️


I wanted to write just a couple key moments in bugheads life! Enjoy guys! It’s a long one, better grab some popcorn!

“I have no idea.” F.P said defeated, throwing his hands in the air and looking helplessly at his son, who was staring at himself in the mirror with the same confused look in his eyes.

“It’s impossible. This is not humanly possible.” Jughead Mumbled as his fingers toyed with his shirt collar and he tugged restlessly.

“It’s satans work is what it is.” F.P growled pulling the offending object from his neck and chucking it at the door, unfortunately Betty chose that moment to walk in and was hit square in the face by the dark blue silk tie.

“Oh!” She said surprised, holding the garment in her hand and smiling at the boys in front of her. “Thankyou?” She asked.

“Sorry Betty Blue Eyes, you got caught up in the middle of a fight between me and that jerk.” F.p grabbed the tie from her hands and squeezed her shoulder smiling warmly at his favorite little lady.

“No problem.” She laughed “having a little trouble?” She glanced behind F.P at Jughead and he smiled shyly, putting his hands up and shrugging as his tie lay limp around his neck

“This is not a simple tie Ms.Cooper, it is the tie to end all ties” he held it out to her and she rolled her eyes
“My apologies, here let me help”

Betty’s hands expertly twisted around F.Ps neck and within seconds his tie was perfectly done and she was moving to stand by Jughead as F.P stared at her in amazement
“You are a lifesaver little one” he plopped down on the couch and stared at the two teens before him.

Betty was standing before Jughead as Jughead leaned into the blondes hands and took up her space

“How are you feeling?” She whispered as she tugged on his shirt collar, her fingers gently passing his neck. Today was F.Ps final court appearance and the judge would decide if he had jail time or just community service

“Nervous. Nervous but ready.” He said, his hands moving to gently rest on her waist. Betty had been there through all of it, she had sat beside him at every court date, held his hand as he visited his father, and she had been in the passenger seat the day they had made bail, now she was here for the end and he didn’t think he could do it without her.

“I’ve got faith.” She smiled and gently tugged his tie straight. He looked down at her and prayed that she could read his mind, that she could tell just how much her being there meant to him, just how grateful he was for her. He dropped a kiss to her lips but quickly pulled back when he saw the bright flash go off beside him.


“What?” The older man held up the Polaroid proudly “its for the grandchildren. You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

Betty shook her head and giggled, grabbing the truck keys and smiling

“Alright boys, onward and upward and into the jaws of death.”

The two Jones boys shook their heads and smiled. Betty Cooper was something else.

“It doesn’t matter mom, it wasn’t meant to last, you knew it, I knew it, he knew it. We were just fooling ourselves. If Veronica stops by tell her I’ll be over tonight. I just… I need..” as Betty’s eyes filled with tears, she shook her head quickly and ran up the stairs, slamming her door as she collapsed into sobs on her bedroom floor.

Alice placed a hand to her heart, her daughter was in pain and it physically hurt her to see the normally bubbly blonde revert back to her old ways. She hadn’t seen Betty this upset since sophomore year. Taking a deep breathe she moved to start up the stairs when a pounding on her front door stopped her in her tracks

“Ms. Cooper! Please! Ms. Cooper, you have to let me in! Please let me explain! Please!” Jughead was pleading with her from the opposite side of the door, opening it slowly she was met face to face with her daughters absolutely frazzled boyfriend. Jughead beanie was missing and the flannel he wore was buttoned completely wrong, while his suspenders hung unclipped at his side, his dark waves were a mess.

“Oh thank god” he mumbled, rushing into the household “she doesn’t understand that she’s all i want, she doesn’t know how much she means to me, I don’t care about any of those fancy names or big places, all I want is her, I shouldn’t have said some of the things I said but she’s just so stubborn ya know? I mean I…” he was cut off by the quick and heavy footsteps sprinting down the stairs

“Stubborn?! I’m stubborn?! Have you looked in the mirror recently? I’m just trying to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life! I’m so sorry for trying to help you!” She shouted in his face, pushing past her mother and standing toe to toe. Alice Cooper stood frozen in her spot.

“Don’t you get it?! You are my life! You’re everything to me. I don’t care about any stupid acceptance letters or big name schools, I want to be wherever you are! My publicist doesn’t care where I’m located, I can write my books from anywhere!” He was begging her but she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving Riverdale Jughead, my family is here, pollys here, baby jayjay is here. They have a great elementary education program at Riverdale Community. I’m staying here. But you! There’s a whole world for you to see out there! I love you and I’ll miss you so much but I cannot be the reason you miss out on seeing the world!” Tears were falling freely down her cheeks now and he placed his palms on either side of her face

“You are my world! Everything I want is right here. I love you. I love Riverdale, if this is where you want to stay, this is where we’ll stay. My dads here, and Jellybean comes here every summer, this is my home too. My home is wherever you are! My first book is already doing so well I can afford to get us an apartment! Don’t you want to be with me?” He wiped at her tears as his own built in his eyes

“Of course I do! I love you. I just don’t… I don’t want you to hate me.. to resent me with time.” Her eyes dropped and he shook his head

“I love you. I could never hate you. I would follow you anywhere, you’re just saving me a trip.” He smiled when he heard her quietly giggle and he pressed his lips to hers
“Wherever you go I’m right beside you okay?” He asked as she nodded

Suddenly the couple was blinded by a bright light and looked up find Alice Cooper standing before them with a digital camera in her hands


“That was beautiful! I’m an old woman let me live vicariously through your love” she snapped a few more as Betty and Jughead rolled their eyes before both posing goofily for the camera.

She laughed as F.P swung her around the dance floor, sending her poofy white dress flying as he lifted her off her feet before placing her back on the ground and holding her by the waist.

“So how does it feel to officially be a jones?” He asked as they slow danced to the familiar father daughter track.

“Long overdue I’d say” she giggled as he puffed his chest out proudly. “Thank you for walking me down the aisle, I invited my dad to the reception but…” she trailed off looking around sadly.

F.p shook his head, Hal Cooper was an absolute idiot, that he was certain of.
“No Betty, Thankyou. You saved my life. You saved my sons life and I can’t repay you for that, you stuck by him through it all, and I know what a tough son of a bitch he can be.” Betty giggled

“Hey that’s my husband you’re talking about!” She smiled brightly.

“You’re decision not mine” the older man teased, spinning Betty around “anyway. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law, so thank you for saving both of us.” Betty wiped at her tears as F.P let his freely fall

“Are you making my wife cry on our wedding day?” The familiar timber of Jugheads voice caused them both to smile. F.p gently shoved Betty into his sons arms and took Alice by the hand

“We’re bonding.” He shrugged before moving to the center of the dance floor, Alice laughing the whole way.

“What was that all about Mrs.Jones?” Jughead asked slightly concerned at her tears.

Looking up at her husband, Betty smiled happily
“Nothing at all Mr. Jones.” He beamed as he dropped a kiss to her lips

“This way you two!”

Veronica called from beside them, she held her camera up and motioned for them to smile as she snapped the picture. Veronica took photos fro fashion magazines all over the world and as Betty’s bridesmaid she demanded she also be the Wedding photographer. Looking up at Jughead as he stared lovingly down at her, she ignored the bright flash of the camera and stared deep into her brand new husbands eyes.

“Oh no.” She stood in front of the mirror.

Jughead came running out of the bathroom
“Oh no what?!” He asked frantically, reaching for the bag by the bed.

“I look like a whale.” Betty said blandly, still staring at her reflection in the mirror “might as well call sea world, who needs a book launch, I’ll just start a new career as the first pregnant whale to speak English.” She pouted as she tugged on the skin tight black dress, pulling her nude heel over her foot.

Jughead bit his lip to keep from laughing, tonight was the launch of their very first book as co authors, it had gone over so well that they were already number five on the New York Times Best Seller List. Apparently the concept of a couple writing a book together did very well for sales and they were already sky rocketing, Us Weekly had actually written a two page spread on the “Small Town Star Crossed lovers.” Unfortunately Betty was six months Pregnant and all belly, she seemed to gain no weight anywhere else and as a first grade teacher she was used to flowy sundresses and flats. The stylist had picked out a tight dress and high heels, she looked absolutely amazing to Jughead but apparently the mirror said something else.

“You look beautiful. Too beautiful to even argue” he wrapped his hands around her waist and rubbed her baby belly.

“Really?” She wasn’t one to be vain but hey, pregnancy really does things to your self confidence.

“ absolutely.” He pressed a kiss to the shell of her ear and felt her shudder. Oh yes.

“Alright who’s ready for pictures!” Kevin came into the room and waved his tablet around. Oh did I mention? Kevin was the Jones family manager.

Jughead rolled his eyes and smiled goofily at Kevin as Betty stuck her tongue out

Kevin snapped the picture and in a dull, unamused voice exclaimed


Jughead smiled down at his wife and bent down to press a kiss to her tummy for good luck

“Ready mama?”

“You got it daddy.” She giggled.


“Ma! Come here!”

Betty came barreling down the stairs, her ten month old daughter , Lila, snuggled against her chest

“What’s the matter Cody?!” She looked him up and down for any damage

“Chill mom, I just wanted to know what this was.” The nine year old boy held up the dark blue album and handed it to her, gently taking Lila in his arms and pressing a kiss to her forehead. Betty smiled at the scene in front of her as she ruffled her sons dark waves.

“This is Mine and your dads, it’s our memories.” She opened the album and began flipping through the pages, pointing out pictures and telling the story that went along with each one, Cody was in hysterics and Lila had fallen back asleep.

“Dad really wore that beanie everyday?” He asked, wiping his eyes from laughter

“Yeah well you wear your burger boxers everyday to school.”

Both Betty and Cody turned around at the familiar voice, Jughead stood against the door frame, arms crossed and grinning.

“It’s different! Not everyone can see them! How did you even land mom! She was like… well.. no offense mom but you were a babe and dad… not so much!”

Jughead snorted
“Oh no offense mom? What about no offense dad?” He walked forward and started tickling his son who began laughing like crazy and grabbing at his dads hands, Lila woke up and stirred reaching her arms out for her older brother

“I’ll go feed her! Then I’m going to go play basketball with Jason Andrews, next door.” Cody gently grabbed his baby sister and led her to the kitchen.

Jughead plopped down beside his wife and draped an arm over her shoulders, staring down at the album

“How did I land you?” He asked, gently nuzzling her neck as she stretched.

“Right back at you Romeo.” She dropped her lips to his.

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Hi! First things first, your blog is giving me life because a good amount of the fandom NEEDED a queer and gay imagine blog 😩😍 So, may I request head canons for Gabe, 76 and Jesse developing a crush on a m! reader who's, like, a civilian or just a pretty chill guy?

AN: Everyone needs some queer dudes in their life. Cleanses your skin, erases your acne. 

Gabriel Reyes

  • You probably met through mutual friends, and even if you aren’t on the battlefield, you’re a reporter/protester/doctor/etc.
  • As the commander of a top secret black ops division, he’d find it refreshing to see you doing things because you thought they were right to do, rather then someone’s superior’s superior commanding you to tell someone to
  • Gives suggestions as to things you can do to help fight the good fight, lives a bit vicariously through your life
  • Once he realizes he’s developing a crush, he cuts off almost all face to  face communication 
  • He still can’t stop himself from flirting with you online though, and you now face time each other everyday
  • He uses work as an excuse when in reality he’s terrified of ruining such a wholeheartedly good, dedicated person 
  • Despite the fact that he’s the biggest tease, he would absolutely never ask you out on a date
  • Making the first move isn’t even something he’s let himself think about
  • He talks about you a lot at work and it’s embarrassing (sometimes you’ll be on a call with him and you’ll here Jesse shout “IS THAT YOUR BOYFRIEND”)

Jesse Mcree

  • You guys probably grew up in the same town, and while he grew up to be the troublemaker he is today, you’re still an average dude
  • Visiting you always feels like coming home for him
  • He likes talking to you when the world feels overwhelming and crazy complicated because your day was always “I did the dishes and then I went to the store” and never has terrorists in it
  • He’s fiercely protective of this part of his story, and won’t tell people about you in case they want to spoil your innocence or something
  • Fell in love with you when he had to tell you he was still in jail after first being recruited to Blackwatch
  • Gabe gave him the letters you’d sent to the jail for him almost every day that were long, nostalgia inducing stories about whatever it was you had done that day and a small note saying how much you missed him
  • He didn’t realize he was  in love until after the explosion during the fall of overwatch 
  • He showed up at your door hoping to crash on the couch for the night only to find you sobbing your eyes out because you’d been terrified he’d died 
  • He’d been worried about you too because people were going overwatch agent hunting now that the Petras act had passed
  • He makes the first move because he never wants to see you worry about him again, and he never wants to worry about you while hes away
  • (The jokes on you two, romance makes you worry MORE)

Solider 76

  • He saves you from a gang attack, picking you up bridal style and sprinting back to his team, and doesn’t even notice you writing down your number on his jacket
  • You blow him a kiss and hes confused until Ana helpfully points out the number to him (days later)
  • You’d thought by no he’d turned you down, but months later he calls and asks how your legs are healing
  • No “hello this solider 76″, no “how are you feeling today,” just straight up
  • You keep him up to date with your recovery and he feels grounded by this real, tangible proof that the work he does helps people
  • He doesn’t translate the fact that your voice is the only one that grounds him into love 
  • At least not until you ask him to a date over the phone and suddenly he finds himself hanging up before he even processes the thought
  • Most of your communication is over the phone, because he’s always on missions and therefore always traveling
  • But he loves your voice the most so its fine
  • He doesn’t worry about you until you get attacked once, and then he’s testing you 24/7 reminding you to stay on guard and not to take risks
  • He needs. Reminders that you’re a civilian, and not a baby.  

Dear Isak and Even, 

It is now 23:48 and I am wearing the same pyjamas I was wearing when I first discovered you. There are so many things I want to say to you. 

I’m sorry for making a million awkward memes out of your cute awkwardness, I am sorry for ditching my life to live vicariously through yours and I am sorry for that one time 50 times I screamed at you guys to kiss and love each other when you just weren’t ready to yet. 

I guess I just forgot that you were not real and that every single move you made was in a script written by our god, Julie.  

The truth is it doesn’t matter to me if you’re real or not. I am desperately attached to both of you and If I don’t see you soon I am going to emotionally combust. 

Love you, 

A Desperate Skam Zombie with no life. 

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As an ammo hoarder, I am experiencing a vicarious thrill through your RE7 playstyle. Such wanton usage; never stop.

So wasteful… so DECADENT.

*pours health drink all over body*

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Wtf dad, your life is bananas and i'm amazed but also a little down that my own life is so vanilla compared to yours, despite us being the same age. Please share more of your exciting life so i can vicariously experience it through your posts, kthxbye

literally my idea of a great time is falling asleep in the woods for a hundred years rip van winkle-style, i am the most boring person i know.  i’m excited you want to hear about my dumb shenanigans though, because i have always been good at learning my lessons the hard way. 

really, i’m a mess. i’ve been stung by a scorpion.  i lost my virginity technically in public, on camera.  one time when i was in college i woke up still drunk from the night before in the same clothes and halfway through my shift i found a pizza crust in my underwear.  my first curse word was “butt fucker” at age two and a half.  i have an arrest record and the police report literally says “upon being placed under arrest, he exclaimed ‘zoinks, scoob.’”  95% of my stories are shit like that.

Red Lips (Zsasz XReader)

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PROMPTS: One catches the other Masturbating +18 (dirty talk)+57 (humilation kink)Teasing/   Coming in one’s pants/   Coming without being touched.

 Victor fails a terribly important hit, but his anger turns into sexual frustration when he arrives home to the reader in lovely lingerie who then proceeds to give him the lap dance of his life to help him out, without ever letting him touch her or himself.  

Warnings: Mild smut?

Tag List: @mrapollo-vs-mrdionysos , @misfitgirl3390 , @amandajuly81  , @bgstarwarsgeek , @fuck-my-usermane , @taintedmarker

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I love it when you get really into something and start writing down your feelings, it makes me want to get into it too or gets me thinking about it more/in a different way. ur a treasure erica

You know what?  Thank you!  I wish I could just respond to anons privately because I don’t wanna keep drawing attention to the whole thing, but I do want to respond to you, because honestly… HONESTLY…?  That’s why I do it.  That is why I do it.  Sure, yeah, I’m also doing it because I genuinely like talking about the things I’m talking about, but I very rarely even make posts like that completely out of the blue.  I do it every month or so I think, usually talking about the Simpsons, but if I posted every intense feeling I had about a cartoon every time I had one, I’d never shut the fuck up.  Y’all are lucky I’m sparing you, honestly, haha.  

When I DO make a really rambly post about a cartoon, or some really lengthy tags on a reblog, a part of why I’m doing it is because your blog is a platform for you to talk about shit that you’re into.  And if people are following your blog, there’s a chance they give a shit what you have to say, or are at least vicariously interested in your interests.  Maybe you can spread a little bit of info, or a helpful review, or pique someone’s curiosity about something new.  I know I’ve definitely gotten into stuff because someone I follow online mentioned it before.

Like I guess tumblr kinda took the idea of a blog and condensed it into this rapid-fire way to just spread dumb content as quickly as possible and a community developed around it where no one feels right commenting on posts or giving feedback/input, but FUCK that!  A blog is literally an online journal, you can post about whatever the fuck you want, that’s THE POINT!  Ahhhhhgggh.  

And then the one time you decide to actually use it like that, people feel compelled to discourage you from it?  Like, I don’t honestly give a shit, my feelings are not hurt because some stupid kid who can’t spellcheck made a mean comment in my inbox, I’m just bothered that anyone has the audacity to go out of their way to be a jerk to a stranger on the internet when it’s 1000 times easier and takes 0 energy at all to just  f u c k  o f f  i n t o   t h e   s u n.

If someone saw my post and thought “oh cool, I like Erica, and she likes Bob’s Burgers, maybe I’ll check out Bob’s Burgers”, and then they end up with a new show to watch, FUCKING GREAT!  That’s frankly all I might’ve been trying to accomplish in the first place.  

ANNNNYWAY, thank you.  Thanks everyone who’s sent me nice comments in the wake of this or any other stupid meaningless post.  I’m not like, actually upset or affected by it, which is why I don’t usually respond, but I do appreciate your guys’ concern, and I appreciate knowing that y’all appreciate my dumb blog.  Thanks.  And keep posting about shit you like and sharing it with people  you like!!  That’s what it’s all about man.

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can I get a dating Jae bc I loved your Sungjin one 😭 you're so great keep being great

thanks/i’m so sorry

  • you’re always about 2 seconds away from throwing punches WHY IS HE SO EXTRA
  • hanging out on the ASC set and talking shit with Jimin
  • he never believes you when you tell him he’s not as cute as he thinks he is
  • ties your shoes for you before you even noticed they came loose. puts his sweatshirt on you before you realize you were getting cold
  • lying on his bed, sharing headphones and taking turns djing
  • he’s watched ‘the notebook’ too many times and really needs to chill with the grand romantic gestures
  • looks at you like you hung the stars in the sky, and doesn’t have eyes for anyone else
  • kissing jae just to shut him up
  • jae blathering on in hopes that you’ll kiss him
  • the rest of the band just sorta zones out when your name comes up bc he’s not gonna shut up for a good 4 or 5 minutes
  • he serenades you with so much taylor swift
  • s o   
  • m u c h
  • buys couples everything. snapbacks, sweatshirts, beanies, shoes; the boy has a problem
  • can never seem to focus, until you’re the one talking to him
  • hashtags vicariously through your instagram
  • has every selfie you’ve ever sent him saved on his phone
  • he swears everything you make him, from instant ramen to cupcakes, tastes like gordon ramsey made it
  • writes raps about you that should never see the light of day
  • you’ll have to learn how to do a lot of things with one hand now bc jae’s gonna be holding on to that other one, no matter how much you ask for it back
  • has zero qualms about making out on the couch in the middle of the common room. as a result, he’s had to shield you from quite a few shoes thrown at him by annoyed bandmates
  • always introduces you as his better half and genuinely means it

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Hey, John – as someone whose appetite is not at its usual robust level, let me live vicariously through your food memories. What is the best meal you've ever had? And spare no details, please?

Hey, Heather. May your appetite return quickly. I know you have an avid interest in food.

I do, too, but not to the same level as you or other foodies I know. So when I think of the “best meals” I’ve ever had, I’m more likely to recall their emotional impact than the specific details of the food. (This is also largely true of all my memories. I don’t remember the details of stories, but I remember how I felt.)

A few meals fit. There was the first time I ever cooked a meal for a girl I was trying to woo, back in college. It was humble, a pasta and seafood thing, but I remember that I was just about levitating from nervous energy while preparing and serving it. (Mission accomplished on the wooing, btw.) 

I remember a big fancy dinner in London with a bunch of executives who were way over my pay grade when I worked for an investment bank. Again the nervous energy was overwhelming. I managed not to fuck that up, either. (That meal had the distinction of being the only time I’ve ever seen a five-figure tab, and that was in sterling back when they were worth a lot more.) I think I had chicken, but I could tell you who was sitting where.

I remember my first time at Fogo de Chão. Oh, my god, so much meat, all of it perfect and salty and delicious. I felt guilty, and being uncomfortably full seemed like my penance.

I envy those of you who are that deeply into the food itself.

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Emma, I'm so late to the party, I know. But have just listened to Louis' bit on Bridge - his voice has become so rounded, and rich but retains that emotion and edge that makes him Louis. Even in just a few seconds. I am so pleased I follow you 'cos I get to celebrate vicariously through your blog just what a pleasure it is to be a fan of his. You keep on doing you, Emma. It warms the cockles of hearts like mine :-) (Last bit is Brit speak - hope it doesn't offend accidentally!)

Awww yes, I totally agree about Louis’ voice. Thank you, bub!