vicarious satisfaction

1. Think about what you love and do your best to incorporate those things into your daily life.

2. Think about who you love and who loves you and bask in the presence of each other as often as possible. This life is much too short to give energy to toxic environments and negative people.

3. Communication is key. Do your best to express your concerns or feelings whenever possible and appropriate. Listening is just as important, for it may help you process your own emotions/needs as well as understanding theirs.

4. Pour your heart into your craft, whatever it may be. And find the time to indulge in it as much as possible. You know, do what makes you happy. Often times this can be a means of helping others, in which we gain satisfaction vicariously.

5. Take care of your body, physical health is just as important. Eat all the food you love in moderation. Take walks, swim, ride bike. There are many forms of exercise you may find enjoyable.

6. Remember that tomorrow is another day, a fresh start. You can always try, again.

7. Remember that you are just as intelligent, just as beautiful, and just as deserving.

8. Allow yourself the time to heal, allow yourself whatever amount of time that may be.

9. Discover new artists, new music, individual’s with concepts you can relate to. Drown in what moves you.

10. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting, for new experiences may lead to a new found happiness in the most unexpected places, for the most unexpected things.

—  N.M. Sanchez writing prompt #64: 10 tidbits that may help to better your mental health.
Cabin Pressure - BBC Radio 4
Sitcom about an airline for whom no job is too small but many, many jobs are too difficult

Here is your friendly holiday reminder that there are currently FOUR episodes of Cabin Pressure available on the Radio iPlayer:

Timbuktu: A topsy-turvy Birling Day teaches us some interesting facts about Africa, and Africa Africa.

Uskerty: Captain Winnie-the-Pooh learns how to make friends, and we push the boundaries of the consumption of pineapple juice.

Vaduz: A Princess and a Dragon on a collision course, with a generous side helping of The Feels

Wokingham: The universal constant of mums … and if you’re struggling with family dynamics over the holidays, this may give you some vicarious satisfaction.

December 2015 Singles issue - Baekhyun’s interview

Congratulations. To Baekhyun, who has 1 million fans, for achieving your childhood dream!
It still feels like a dream that I’ve achieved this dream. Even when I started as a trainee, even when I debuted, it all felt unreal. It feels that way even now too. I think it is because I still have a long way to go. The new dream that I am dreaming of now is this: I want to do activities [to work] with the EXO members for a longer time, I want to go up to the next level. Though I actually don’t really know what the next level is (laughs).

What happens if you don’t really what the next next level is.
I’ll just do my best in whatever I do, of course. And I want to do well in everything. I’m being so vague, huh(laughs).

What are you most confident in.
It is definitely [singing] songs. It is also because of songs that I was able to become an EXO member. I am even confident of singing ballads from the early phases of the 2000 generation right now. However, I’m still inadequate. I can’t break down R&B songs as smoothly as how Kyungsoo hyung(D.O.) does.

Other than that, aren’t you envious of another talent of the EXO members?
(Says resolutely after a long time of contemplation) No. That’s because we have personalities that are different in our ways. Ah! It would be great if I was a bit taller though(laughs).

Aren’t you jealous of Kai’s teleportation?
Haha, that is the superpower that every EXO member wishes to have. Because if I have the superpower to teleport, I would be able to arrive straight at a destination that would normally have taken 1~2 hours. In the time that was saved, I would be able to sleep more, and how nice would that be.

Isn’t time difference a pain when you go overseas for performances? You can’t sleep well either.
I don’t suffer any setbacks because of the time difference. I wake up and go about when the sun rises, and I know when the sun sets so I sleep well. The state of getting enough sleep is great. Getting sleep during our promotional activities is the most difficult. We didn’t sleep for about 2~3 days consecutively when we were shooting the music video for ‘Growl’. These days, if I have a shooting/filming early in the morning, I can’t sleep well either. My face actually swells a lot. If I don’t get good sleep, my face becomes very swollen. 

You also played in a musical <Singing In The Rain> last year even though you were so busy.
I’m shy. It would be great to have an opportunity to be able to do another performance in <Singing In The Rain> again. It was tiring, but at the same time, it was extremely fun. Thanks to it, I felt the joy of acting. They say there is charm in living another person’s live. Because then, I will be able to feel the vicarious satisfaction of experiencing whatever that I can’t experience and whatever that I can’t do in the future, on stage too.

What gives you strength when times get tough?
This is kind of obvious, but I gain strength when I hear the sound of fans shouting. It is so much better than energy drinks. There aren’t even any side effects. Whenever I go up on stage, I immediately forget everything that had made me tired. But when I get off stage, I become tired again.

Do you not have anyone you rely on?
That would be Suho hyung and Minseok hyung(Xiumin). Especially EXO’s leader, Suho hyung, who listens my troubles. He listens with all sincerity, and talks to me with all sincerity. With Minseok hyung, I look for him when I’m having troubles in situations like “This, or that?”. Though the final choice is up to me anyway, I still sometimes need Minseok hyung’s opinions.

How do you relieve stress?
I exercise until I can’t worry anymore. Otherwise, I would go into the car and shout. And I would also focus on a game that doesn’t require any thinking. If I’m in the dorm, I mainly enjoy playing computer games. I’m similar to the guys my age.

We heard that though you have a ‘cool guy’ character, you surprisingly have a lot of aegyo.
People say that but I don’t really know myself. Because I don’t do aegyo on purpose. Since I was young, I grew up watching my mother do aegyo to my father. I received a lot of love too, it must be because of these things that aegyo naturally comes out from me(laughs).

You seem to get along very well with Xiumin and the other members.
When I first became a trainee, the hyungs said that I was pretty funny when they saw me. A trainee who had just entered the company would normally not do anything and stay quiet, but I really didn’t rest to stop talking. So then the hyungs and friends around me were curious of me. And so I think that was how we became close quickly. Truthfully, I’m not the kind to be discouraged anywhere I go.

Have you experienced a slump?
There was a year of nothingness after ‘MAMA’ activities’, until the comeback of ‘Wolf’. It was during that time that I reached a slump. It was fortunate that it wasn’t the peak of our promotional activities. Because I debuted right after a relatively short trainee period, I crashed too fast. So, for a year, I strove hard to do songs and dances as though I was trainee. Even now, when I have free time, I would practice. Because we don’t have time to go to the practice room, I would sing songs in the car as we get to places. I sing to the extent of people around me telling me I am noisy. Since we are too busy preparing for our award ceremony performance right now,  I’m thinking of practicing dancing even harder, starting next year. Shim Jaewon hyung, who directs the performances, says that since I’m great at my expressiveness, he recommends to guide me step by step on how to learn the very basics of dancing.

It seems like you don’t rest at all.
I can’t stay still when I hear the fans singing along to our songs in the concert venue. In order to let EXO-Ls feel the ‘EXO pride’, I can’t stop. Aren’t they the people who waited for so long to listen to our songs and come to watch our performances? It is the only way I can repay my thanks to them.

Isn’t that a very nice and perfect answer?
I am very greedy. I start becoming excited the moment our comeback concept is set. I think about how I can express this message coolly, and I am extremely looking forward to how the fans will react to it. To meet my own expectations, I can only do my best. This is the best I am doing. No, the only way.