I’m trying to sell some mallets I’ve never used just because I haven’t had the need for them. The only ones that have been used maybe about twice is the medium pair. They’re all part of the new Robert Van Sice series from Vic firth.
-Robert Van Sice M126 (Hard) ($25 a pair, $45 for the set)
-Robert Van Sice M125 (Medium Hard) ($25 a pair, $45 for the set)
-Robert Van Sice M124 (Medium) ($25 a pair, $40 for the set)

I bought them for about $60 a set, so I’m giving a pretty good deal on these. If you want mallets that last awhile these are a good buy. They use a new synthetic yarn that’s promised to not fray like traditional yarn.

If you’re interested please message me on here or shoot me an email at Thanks!