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  • Vic: Erm... He'll catch you up.
  • Robert: Vic, I've got a ton of work to do.
  • Vic: He'll catch you up.
  • Adam: (chuckles) Someone's in trouble. (leaves)
  • Vic: You're sleeping here at nights, then?
  • Robert: What? No. Why would I do that?
  • Vic: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say it was because you can't make yourself sleep in the bed without Aaron. (Robert shaking his head) Robert, I saw you hiding the duvet. Now, I'm only mentioning it because I care.
  • Robert: Don't... be nice. I can't handle it.
  • Vic: You can handle anything. You and Aaron both can and you will.
  • Robert: That six o'clock phone call... it just seems so far away every morning. And then, when we do talk, it's over so quick. And now these little vandal scrotes...
  • Vic: It's all getting on top of you.
  • Robert: Yeah, just a bit.
  • Vic: So tell him.
  • Robert: I'm not telling Aaron my problems.
  • Vic: But they're his problems, too, because they're yours. Would you wanna know if it was the other way round?
Pennsylvania ACLU legal director Vic Walczak said the problem was that police didn’t bother to attempt to manage the protests. They simply suppressed them. In the process, they rounded up not only innocent protesters but innocent students who had nothing to do with the protests at all. In all, 190 people were arrested. One of the arrestees was a reporter from the left-leaning organization Indy-Media. When they apprehended her, the police took her camera. When they returned her camera, it was broken, and the police had deleted her photos and videos of the protests and police reaction. The police presence “seemed to focus almost exclusively on peaceful protesters,” Walczak said. “On Friday night they didn’t even have the excuse of property damage going on or any illegal activity. It’s really inexplicable.”
Inexcusable perhaps, but not inexplicable. Since Seattle, this had become the template. At the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, police conducted peremptory raids on the homes of protesters before the convention had even started. Police broke into the homes of people known to be activist rabble-rousers before they had evidence of any actual crime. Journalists who inquired about the legitimacy of the raids and arrests made during the convention were also arrested. In all, 672 people were put in handcuffs.
—  Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces by Radley Balko

Gerard Way has depression and was suicidal.

Mitch Lucker has severe social anxiety.

Alex Gaskarth has anxiety and panic attacks.

Austin Carlile lost his mother.

Andy Biersack was bullied as an adolescent.

Kellin Quinn came from a broken family.

Ronnie Radke was beaten and abandoned by his mother, and had drug problems.

Vic Fuentes had self-harm issues.

Oli Sykes was severely bullied.

Tom Fletcher has bipolar disorder and an eating disorder.

Dougie Poynter has depression and was suicidal.

If they can suffer through all of that and still be amazing, beautiful people, so can you.

  • Robert: I really don't need this, Vic.
  • Vic: Answer your messages, then! I was starting to worry.
  • Robert: Why?
  • Vic: Because this is massive, Robert. You're gonna be a dad, then you go all radio-silence on me.
  • Robert: Yeah, because there is nothing to talk about.
  • Vic: Of course there is.
  • Robert: Rebecca doesn't want me involved and I don't want to be involved. So what's the problem?
  • Vic: Aaron, please will you try and talk some sense into him.
  • Aaron: Phh!
  • Vic: Well, that's all you've got?
  • Robert: You happy now? If everyone's done telling me how I should be feeling, then...
  • Aaron: Well, that's not what I was doing.
  • Vic: And no actually, I am not happy. So can we please go for a coffee at least?
  • Robert: No, I'm not wasting any more of my life on this.
  • Aaron: Wow. Nice way to talk about your kid, innit?
  • Robert: What, you heard Rebecca yesterday.
  • Aaron: Yeah, after you had a go at her.
  • Robert: Why are you so bothered?
  • Aaron: Because neither of you know how you're going to feel when it's born.
  • Robert: I have a fair idea. And I can't see you being quite so fine. Not when it's actually here.
  • Aaron: And how would you know? You know what, just do what you want. For a change.
f(x) reaction to the media finding out about your relationship

ADMIN IS BACK! This was written on the plane, as notes, and now finished at home! I will get a few things out this weekend, but this one is enough for today, since I am heading out to my fathers empty house to spend the night with my sister & have some quality time, already missed her!

Victoria: “This might be problematic, but we’ll solve it, as we always do with problems.” Vic would joke around a bit too afterwards; “Hey, y/n, I know I’m not allowed to date, but they can’t kick me out either, i’m the mom.”

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Amber: “You really just said that?” you’d call her after you heard her say the words ‘my girlfriend and I usually…” on live radio. “Well it just came naturally!” She’d dig out the positive in the situation. “Now we can do whatever we want whenever and wherever!” she’d say laughing. 

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Luna: “Omo omo omo, it happened, oh god.” Luna would stress like a fool (or a lunatic okay bye) for some time with her little head busily thinking of ‘solutions’ or something else that had no more power over the thing. “But thank god we looked cute in those paparazzi pictures jagi!” she’d later giggle after calming down.”

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Krystal: “Well…” she’d mumble while reading the article that came out. “They would’ve found out sooner or later anyway, cause my love for you is unconditional” she’d say while smiling annoyingly cutely. Krystal would be chill about it, not taking any stress before something bad actually happened from the news.

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Can we talk about Aaron’s biphobia/bierasure tonight though? I’m glad they made it so blatant (and it really needed to be, otherwise most viewers won’t pick up on it) because it gives me hope they’ll actually talk about and work through this issue in the coming weeks. It’s (extremely) painful to hear but I’m also glad it happened!

  • “you’d do anything wouldn’t ya? try it on with a complete stranger”
  • “so come on now, how do you feel? laying out for a woman nice and normal”
  • “this is about you, still, being too scared to accept who you are!”
  • “you just mean you want to keep your options open”
  • “to be with her, or one of the other women you keep throwing yourself at”
  • “you mean you can’t make your mind up what you want”
  • [to Vic] “maybe he doesn’t know what he wants”
  • [in reponse to Vic’s “you know you could always accept him for who he is”] “I don’t know who he is Vic, that’s the problem!”
  • [to Kasim] “you know I’m sick of blokes like you who can’t accept who they are!”
  • [I interpret this line as Aaron projecting about Robert] “If you don’t want to come out to your old man that’s up to you, but what are you dragging Finn into it for, he’s gutted cause you won’t admit that you’re gay!”
  • [while punching Kasim] “Admit it!”
  • “it’s in my face and it’s all the time”
I Want To Eat - Tony Perry & PTV.

Can I request one where y/n is Vic and Mike’s sister and she and Tony dont get along well and theyre alone and he finds her weighing herself and shes majorly underweight and shes covered in scars and she just wants to be skinny because she wants Tony to like her and he comforts her and tells everyone and she gets help and just fluffy fluff

Hope you like it c: Scars/discussion of self harm/weight triggers. 3,660 words - Written by Emma.

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You know that kid that just left here. That extremely smart kid. Well, it seems nobody ever bothered to notice that he never quite learned how to read. I mean, it pisses me off.

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Didnt Vic know that Aaron has been self-harming again? Robert told her, didn't he? But tonight, she basically said 'So what if you live with me and Rebecca? You and him are over.' She said this with Aaron there. She's unbelievable. She said it wss "obvious" that he HAS TO live with them. If Robert Sugden thinks you're being intensive, then you have a problem.

Yes Vic knows he was cutting himself. But she seems to think that there are plenty of other people to look after him if he happens to spiral out of control again. No thought to trying not to have him spiral out of control. I mean, I agree to a degree that Robert should start making decisions for himself right now instead of still living for Aaron, that’s not exactly healthy but there are still lines you probably shouldn’t cross this soon when you know the other person is still in a fragile state. But you know…Plot