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The Iceman Cometh to Hollywood: Kevin Spacey and Samuel L Jackson at the premiere of The Negotiator at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood. July 22, 1998. It took a Herculean effort for Kevin to be there, as reported by The Scottish Sun:

Spacey Shuttle

Kevin flies 10,000 miles for 5 minutes at premiere

Kevin Spacey spent a day and a half flying 10,000 to Los Angeles and back so he could attend the premiere of his latest movie–for just five minutes

The Hollywood star was desperate to show up for the launch of The Negotiator. But he had to be back in London the next night to appear on stage in The Iceman Cometh.

He did it with just minutes to spare – and at a cost of L40,000, including L7000 on Concorde and around L30,000 on a Lear jet at L3000 an hour.

Kevin – star of L.A. Confidential and The Usual Suspects – began his epic journey at 10:30 am when he jetted out of London on Concorde for the 2989 mile flight to New York. Four hours later, he jumped on a Lear jet for the five-hour 2,144 mile trip to Los Angeles.

Film Company Warner then rushed Kevin off in a stretch limousine for a quick wash and brush-up at his hotel. At 7 pm local time, the limo took him to the premiere of The Negotiator, a police drama also starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Fans cheered as the 38-year-old actor walked down the red carpet and posed for pictures. After signing autographs, he slipped out the back door and sped back to L.A. airport in the waiting car. Kevin then repeated his mammoth journey, arriving at Heathrow just 90 minutes before he was due on stage at the Old Vic in South East London.

An insider says: “It was a lot of money and a long way to go for a premiere but Kevin really wanted to be there. It’s a film he is very proud of and he wanted to give his support to all the cast and the crew. It was a very tiring trip but well worth it. Kevin is a seasoned traveler but this time it was a little more than he is used to.”

Scottish Sun, July 28, 1998