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Yakov swears up and down that he will only train Victor as his skater and won’t get involved with Victor’s coaching of Yuuri but sometimes after training sessions where Victor is particularly difficult Yakov will walk over to Yuuri and give him “GOOD skating advice from a REAL coach” *grabs the rink’s microphone and locks eyes with Victor* “UNLIKE THAT HEART-MOUTH MOTHERFUCKER” 

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ily = i love yuuri

Headcanon that Victor isn’t very up-to-date with English texting lingo, and that at some point he asks someone what “ily” means and he mistakenly hears them say “I love Yuuri” instead of “I love you.” Internally, he’s like ‘ahhh that makes sense’ because, yes, everyone in Saint Petersburg loves Yuuri. It makes sense that Mila and Sara would text each other “I love Yuuri.”

So he starts texting Yuuri “ily” and Yuuri starts saying it back. Victor finds this slightly odd but also very endearing because!!! Yes!!! Yuuri loves Yuuri!!! One day they’re talking and Victor makes a note about this and Yuuri has to explain it to him and…. And Victor is shook……

i just purchased Teen Titans Earth One vol 2 (legally!) and holy fuck u guys

Raven and Starfire apparently share the famous Gal Pal™ relationship

which means its either 1) A giant ship tease and\or queer baiting or 2) leading to actual development in the next book

either way, it’s definitely there.

general review of that book, under the cut [beware, spoilers] 

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