vic fontaine

A cosmic WiFi accident makes the EMH switch places with Vic Fontaine. The Doctor is thrilled to have a fresh audience for his newest lecture, while Vic is troubled with the new freedoms afforded to him by the mobile emitter. The cosmic router is eventually reset after Julian Bashir is required to treat an entire Las Vegas club full of near-death patients thanks to the Doctor’s seven hours of elaboration about the unique structures of trinary gametes involved in the mating habits of Ketraalinian hairy whales while Vic Fontaine discovers that no, the Borg do not consider velvet-smooth jazz crooning to be a valuable skill to assimilate, nor is it a particularly effective combat technique.

Julian Bashir discovers Rick Roll. He sends it to Garak one day and it actually takes Garak awhile to get the annoying blasted thing off his PADD. He’s really agitated over this, but doesn’t show it to Julian. When they have dinner Julian tries to bring it up so he can gloat but Garak passes it off as something that didn’t bother him at all. In fact, he says with that placid smile, I rather enjoyed it. Julian doesn’t buy it but he doesn’t press. It seems that he’s lost their little game. Still, he finds amusement imagining the look on Garak’s face when the Rick Roll attacked his PADD.

A couple of months pass.

Julian’s going to spend an evening in his Vic Fontaine program. He walks in expecting to be greeted by a dapper suit and a ‘hey pally’. Instead Vic walks up to him wearing a monstrosity from the late ‘80′s and a familiar drum beat cues a song…

We’re no strangers to lo-oo-ove

Vic, no!

You know the rules and so do I…

Ugh, Miles! Is this your idea of a joke?

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

*Julian is frantically trying to end the program. It won’t shut down.*

You wouldn’t get this from any other guy I~~~~ just wanna tell you how I’m feelin’

Oh, I’ll tell you how *I’M* feeling!

Try to make you understand~~~

And then Julian’s PADD buzzes.

-Incoming message from E. Garak-

You’ve been Vic Rolled, my dear.