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Since Matt will be working with Vic & Bob again, I thought some House of Fools would be fun to see. Maybe I’ll do a viewing of that this summer!

News: Matt Lucas and Matt Berry Join Vic & Bob's Big Night Out

Matt Lucas and Matt Berry have joined the line-up of Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out.

Among the roles they will be taking on Lucas will be playing singer Rag n Bone Man. Bob Mortimer posted the picture featured here of a baseball-capped, fake-bearded Lucas and the others on Twitter, with the caption “Los 4 Amigos”. Vic Reeves posted the other picture featured here accompanied by the words “4 Chumps”.

Lucas tweeted: “Reunited with Vic and Bob today! Filming with them for the first time in 8 years. Was magical. Always is. Ps yes I’m Rag'nBone Man.”

The rebooted BBC2 version of the old 1990s Channel 4 cult show will go out as a one-off special later this year.


“I know you miss her, we all do, but Merlot-”

“Please Vic.”


“My life is nothing without her.”

“It’s time to move on. She’s gone.”

“I can’t! Don’t you understand that?!”

“All right fine, but don’t come crying to me when you don’t find her. Because you won’t and I won’t listen.”

“Thank you Vic! Berry bless you!”

“Yeah, yeah…”