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So without much spoilers, how shippery is s5? I'm a bit anxious))

Aside from one hospital scene right at the beginning + the “sex scandal” that grows out of distorted facts & wild assumptions/accusations, this season is not overtly shippy, but (to me at least) it’s shippy in every other way. It’s hard to explain w/o spoiling (what I consider to be) key scenes, but this season definitely feels like a bridge connecting what S4 was and what the upcoming season(s) will be (hopefully) in terms of these two characters’ relationship (bc now I strongly suspect TPTB will move Walt/Vic towards overt romance and they are oh so fucking slowly paving the way - I mean, bless and thanks but also this is officially the deepest slow-burn hell I’ve ever been to). So do not expect sweeping declarations, big moments, or grand gestures, anon, but keep your eyes peeled for many subtler/quieter moments which are more telling.

I think one of the major themes of S5 is facing up to the truth of things, and that is what Walt does (imo) at the end of 510. Ignoring stuff has always been one of his (infuriating) signature moves/defense mechanisms, and he’s been employing this passive tactic in his personal relationship w/ Vic as well. His entire “dating Donna” phase was put in service of this “evasion” but at the end - and also thanks to the situation created by the lawsuit brought against him - I think Walt faces at least one truth, i.e.he realizes that fighting/refusing to acknowledge his feelings for Vic is now absolutely pointless. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Vic has a more pressing issue pulling her focus, so the timing of this “illumination” and reaching out - as usual - kinda sucks and misses the intended target, but I think we are slowly but surely getting there. But we are not there yet.

Don’t be anxious, anon. I think S5 is a very good one (in general, not just ship-wise) and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.


Why I Vote with Vic Mensa

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