• Robert: So Lachlan was telling the truth about this nurse woman... Just when you think he couldn't get any more warped.
  • Diane: God only knows what that lad's put her through. As if the last few months weren't traumatic enough!
  • Robert: What if he's damaged her, Diane? She's got a brain injury. Something like this could push her over the edge. You've seen how she is.
  • Diane: Yes. She's alive, Robert. Everything else, we just take an hour at a time.
  • Rebecca: (calling out from her room) You said Aaron was bringing Seb?
  • Robert: (walking back in the room with Diane) Yeah, he is. Soon, I promise.
  • Diane: So you just rest for now, and then maybe we can take him in the garden to play on the grass, if they say it's okay?
  • Rebecca: How did they find out... what he'd done?
  • Robert: It was Sam. He found Lachlan with something.
  • Rebecca: With what?
  • Robert: A body. That bloke that made out he was Gerry's uncle Terry. Lachlan thought the police were onto him, so he tried moving it.
  • Rebecca: Oh my God...
  • Vic: (knocks) Is it okay if I come in?
  • Diane: Aw, sweetheart!
  • Vic: Erm, the police are outside, so I said I'd ask if you were willing to talk to them.
  • Rebecca: Yeah. They'll only come back tomorrow if I say no, won't they?

here’s a big, lengthy tutorial on how i color my artwork! i’ve gotten some very kind compliments on how i color stuff, and i wanted to share my knowledge for anyone who’d like to try out my methods as well!

this isn’t exactly a professional-level course, but it’s a good look at how i work with color in my art! i hope it can help you all out!