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Batfam headcanon #1

(I like the idea that everyone thinks that Bruce Wayne is this womanising playboy billionaire jackass, when in actuality, he is just a really tired man with too many children)

Gemma walks towards Mr. Wayne’s office, the new portfolios in hand. She’s worked very long and very hard on them; there’s a reason she’s the executive head of marketing and not that assclown Miller.

As she nears the office, she hears this strange scuffling, and what sounds like Mr. Wayne’s office desk being moved around. Furrowing her brow in confusion, she opens the door slowly.

“Mr. Wayne? Are you okay in there?”

Mr. Wayne looks up at her, from behind his desk, which is… vibrating slightly. The man himself looks impeccably composed, tie and cufflinks and hair perfectly in place, signing some papers. No sign of any unprofessional behaviour. The desk moves again.

Gemma swallows nervously. She thinks she knows what’s going on.

“Maybe I should come by another time. You seem… busy.” She hopes to God whatever supermodel or socialite giving him a blowjob under his desk won’t peek out to see what’s going on. Talk about awkward.

Mr. Wayne fixes her with a look. The Dad Look. It’s like she’s back in home in Tennessee again, and her own father is yelling at her for not doing her homework.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Gemma.” He says, crisply, signing off on the end of a page, “Damian is playing under the desk.”

Gemma blinks. Oh.

A small hand shoots out from under the desk, and tugs sharply at Mr. Wayne’s tie. “Father,” comes a petulant voice, “you promised you’d help to defend the eastern front with me. We’re almost out of artillery.”

Mr. Wayne looks at her apologetically. “Please leave the reports here. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” He gets up from his chair, and gets under the desk.
“So,” comes his muffled voice through the hardwood, “how many tanks do we have left? We could divide them into two groups, offensive and…”

Gemma leaves the portfolios there, and slowly backs out.

Instructions for a walk in the desert

  • Never forget to bring water with you because if you do you may encounter a man with a hunched back that will sell you a bottle of water for a price but he never wants money. 
  • Don’t walk on the crest of a ridge or a dune because it silhouettes you against the sky and makes it much easier for Sand Snipers to pop you. 
  • If you hear foot steps behind you do not turn and look, keep walking and they’ll eventually go on their way. If you turn around and look then they will appear behind you and you’ll never see them. 
  • Fear no man, but be weary of the beast that shoots blood from it’s eyes
  • If there is no more path to walk then make your own however look out and be warned that stepping in sand may create vibrations that will attract the Sand Worm. 
  • Are you prepared to cross that dry creek bed? There’s a reason it’s dry. Something drank the water and lays in wait. 
  • A Scorpion is a tasty snack but a nest of them are a hazard that is best used to your advantage against an enemy.
  • Firearms do nothing against Skinwalkers but silver does. 
  • If you are lost look up to the sky and shout “THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED!” The direction you hear your echo return to you from is the direction that Shai Hulud dictates you must go. 
Dating Barry Allen would include:
  • Him being in love with you for a long time
  • Being really good friends at first
  • Always telling each other how perfect you are
  • Knowing about his secret because you wanted to surprise him and he wore his suit without the helmet
  • Him always taking things from you in superspeed and hiding them
  • “Bartholomew Henry Allen! Give me back my laptop. NOW!” “But…you’re working too hard…” “NOW!!!”
  • Singing Karaoke together
  • Sweet soft kisses which turn heated really quickly
  • Not a lot of jealousy, but god forbid if a guy gets too touchy with you!
  • Him bringing you your favourite coffee every morning
  • Who needs a vibrator if you have the fastest (vibrating) man alive in your bed?
  • Forehead kisses
  • Romantic dinner dates
  • Being best friends with Iris
  • Joe loving you
  • Him constantly calling or texting you so he’d know that you’re okay
  • Telling Barry that your dates are half an hour earlier than they actually are, so he’s on time
  • Lying in bed and reading classics to him until you both fall asleep
  • Food…..a lot of food
  • Netflix and chill
  • Loving when he rambles about his forensic work, because he’s so passionate about it, which is also a mayor turn on
  • Knowing each other bodies like the back of your hands
  • Cisco calling you his OTP
  • Him proposing to you in you shared apartment after he made you dinner
  • Getting married while all of your family and friends are with you
  • Having a little non-metahuman baby boy

Customs forms for BJDs or parts always says something like “contents: Toy parts(USED doll)” and I always think. gee I hope no one thinks this is like, a sex toy or something. But tbh in the long run I think it’d be easier to explain an actual phallic device than a hollow, bald, eyeless, floating head if it were ever questioned.

What applies to the microcosm and its inhabitant also applies to the macrocosm and the cosmos. The entire atmosphere of life consists of ethers and astral vibrations that form one great constellation of radiations with diverse characteristics and varying charges. Astral forces are vibrations of light that interact with the human being. These light forces have a magnetic effect of attraction or repulsion, and we interact with them. Therefore we are constantly influenced by our surroundings. It is possible for us to absorb light forces not only from our immediate surroundings but also from the cosmos and the macrocosm.

We can retain only that for which we have an affinity. Cosmic and macrocosmic radiations with which we have no affinity pass us by. Our microcosmic field and personality are bound by our life orientation―desires, karma, thoughts, and illusions―our state of consciousness. This state determines what we do or do not attract.

Working 101 hours this week and a half, so close to having all the money I need for my surgery, I’ve been working my ass off the last couple of months to get everything I need together. A year a go I didn’t think this was possible, I didn’t think this would become a reality, I put my mind to something and I don’t stop until I achieve it, keep your head up and keep pushing through even when it seems impossible and you will get where you need to be when the time is right 👍✌️

You have it

Yes you do,
You already have it all.
Everything that your heart desires has already been created.
The reason it is a desire is because your inner being can see it even when your eyes cannot.

Forget what you have learned about “seeing is believing”, how about a new phrase “believing is allowing”.

Desire, think, speak, see.

Allow your inner wisdom to guide you.
Listen to the small voice, not the ego.

Live in happiness and expectancy. That bounce in your step and sparkle in your eye when you are going somewhere exciting ….. well yes you are, so be there in that feeling.