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calfreezy imagine - what a start to the year..

REQUESTED:  “I beg you do a really hot & smutty Freezy imagine where Y/N teases him throughout the whole night of the NYE party and he can’t take it anymore so they have rough 👉🏼👌🏼”

The room was loud, and crowded, and hot. The floor shook under the vibrations of the speakers, where Tobi stood arranging songs. Everybody else was on the dance floor. It was a mess of sweaty, drunken bodies - and this was only an hour in. New Years Eve was never a disappointment in the flat of the Cal’s and the Mr Wroetoshaw.

I took a minute out and headed to the kitchen. In the corner was a table, absolutely stacked with several different spirits and bottles of liqueor. I made small talk with the people around; Josh and Freya, Sarah, Gee and JJ. I then proceeded to pour the liquids into a red cup. As I did this, my phone vibrated.

I pulled the device out of my bra and checked it. 

‘Message from: Freezy’

‘You look hot as fuck.’

I smirked at the text as I looked up, trying to find his place in the room. It wasn’t long before I found him. He stood right by the door, clad in a mustard coloured pullover and jeans. He engaged in conversation with Manny and Simon, however his eyes were not on them.

They were on me.

I watched as his lips moved, his fingers wrapped around the plastic cup. His eyes did not leave mine until Sarah approached me.

“Y/N! Come on we have to dance!”

I broke the contact, looking up at her as she dragged me onto the dance floor. As I finished the rest of my drink - and Sarah’s - I began to feel happier, more confident, warmer. However, Cal’s eyes still did not leave mine. It didn’t matter where he was, or who he was talking to, he was watching me. 

And I loved it.

Cal and I had only known eachother for just over a year, and I had been attracted to him since the very first day we met. Our friendship rested completely on flirtatious comments and subtle touches at dinners. Nothing had ever happened between us, but I knew damn well I wanted something to. And by the look on his face, it looked like he did too.

“Ladies,” Lux approached us, passing both Sarah and I another red cup, discarding our current ones to the floor. I accepted, instantly swallowing as much of the beverage as I could. He leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“So you and Freezy hmm?”

I smirked, simply shrugging before continuing dancing. I made sure Cal was still watching as I decided to spice things up. My hips swaying dramatically, hair a sweaty mess around my head I closed my eyes, rotating my waist in time with the music. I took occasional glances at the boy. He was still talking, however this time, he was more than subtly unfocused. He bit his swelling lips as he watched me, a hand in his hair. I smirked once again before tipping my head back and finishing the rest of the cup. 

As I made my way back to the drinks table my phone vibrated once again. 

‘Stop that.’

I smiled, typing out a reply.

‘Stop what, Cal? Having fun?’

I watched him as he pulled his phone out of his pocket. He smiled slightly as his eyes skimmed over the text before focusing back on me.

‘I can show you fun if you like.’

I raised my eyebrows suggestively, placing my phone back in my bra and returning to where Sarah and Lux were on the dance floor. The dance moves continued for about an hour, and so did the drinks. I felt too warm, and was beginning to get tired as it edged closer and closer to midnight. 

“I’m just gonna go get some air!” I shouted at Sarah over the music before turning and heading to the balcony. The air was cold, however the alcohol in my system had control over my temperature.

“You,” a pair of arms rested on the railings either side of me. “Are evil.”

I turned around, coming face to face with Cal.

“How so?” I asked innocently, batting my eyelashes as I looked up at him. His eyes darkened.

“You know exactly what you’re doing,” he edged closer to me. his voice was deep and husky as he gripped the railings behind me, leaving me pushed against them. “Teasing. You’re teasing me.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” 

“Oh but you do Y/n. You know exactly what I mean.” He trailed a single finger up the exposed skin of my thigh. My breath hitched in my throat. “Exactly. I know you want me Y/n.”

My voice was merely a whisper as I uttered out the words “Do I?”

He leaned in, whispering in my ear. “Well do you?”

Hands still lingering over my thighs he attached his lips to my neck, sucking lightly. My eyes fluttered shut.


“Yes what?” He questioned in a demanding manor.

“Yes; I want you.”

“Say no more. Follow me.”

He gave me a smile before returning into the building. My legs shook, heat rising through my stomach as I followed him through the crowds of people. Eventually he found Tobi. He whispered something to him, to which Tobi shook his head.

“No way. Not happening.”

“Tobi, please.”

“…Fine,” He handed Cal a pair of keys. “But not in my bed!”

Cal shook Tobi’s hand before grabbing mine, hurrying us both out of the apartment. We got into the lift and he pressed the numbers to take us up to Tobi’s apartment. As soon as the lift doors closed he shoved me into the wall, pressing his lips to mine aggressively. His tongue entered my mouth and I moaned. He spanked me suddenly, my mouth falling open. 

As the lift doors opened we didn’t break contact, our mouths still moving in sync all the way to Tobi’s front door. He shoved in the keys and the door opened. We wasted no time rushing into Callum’s office, him pressing me up against the door. I tugged on his shirt and he removed it.

“This.” He pulled on my dress. “Off.”

I undid the straps and pulled the fabric over my head leaving me completely exposed in front of him. He pressed his lips to mine once again. I moaned as his hand found it’s way around my throat. 

“Off.” I muttered, pulling at his jeans. He unbuttoned them and let them fall to his feet. Instantly I moved my hand to his member, palming him over the fabric. A throaty groan left his throat as he rested his head on my shoulder, grabbing my waist. I pulled down his underwear and continued my actions.

“Oh my God Y/n.” He groaned.

I pushed him down onto his desk chair, placing myself steadily on top of him. We both moaned as he entered me and I sucked at the skin on his neck, leaving bites all over his throat. I rotated in circles on top of him, our moans filling the room, the windows steaming up. As his hands grasped my butt almost painfully I felt my stomach tighten.

“Cal-I’m close.”

“Me too babe.”

His thrusts became sloppier as we both let go, waves of pleasure escalating through my body. 

“Oh my god..” I panted, running my fingers over the already forming bruises on his throat. 

“I’ve been waiting a year to do that.” 

“Let’s make it a regular occurrence?” I asked, smirking.


I looked over at the clock on his desk - seven minutes past midnight.

“’s 2017.”

He smirked. “What a way to start the year.”

This is a photograph capturing a person in the middle of her doing what she loves, feeling happiness poured into her body, doing what she’s born to do, a person who I adore and a person who inspires me. It’s taken by me doing exactly the same; what I love and feeling happiness poured into my body. I witnessed the most stunning concert of my life in front row yesterday and it always amazes me how much clarity a concert can give you, how much alive you can feel like you have no issues in life. “Euphoria; elation, dreamland, a state of happiness and self-confidence”. To be able to feel nothing but on the same time feel everything, like it’s the beyonde compared supreme drug for the mind and soul, which when it’s over leaves you empy and breathless for a while, anxious for more. I’ve been to many concerts in my life, because that’s who I am. I love the sound of music, I wanna feel the vibrations of the speakers all the way through my bones, to be able to feel without being pained, to forget reality for a moment. This was special, she brought me more than I expected. It was more than a passionate beautiful artist who made me feel free. She was humane, she was real. She has the heart in the right place, she made sure that we knew that we matters to her and no matter how much we feel the need to glue our broken self together we are a masterpiece, thank you Halsey, sincerely me.

You could feel the vibrations of the speakers through your body as you stood on the side of the stage. Your smiling lighting up as you watched your boyfriend absolutely kill it on the bass. Spending the summer on the road with Calum had been one of the greatest decisions you made. After dating for three years you finally had enough vacation days from work to spend the summer with your boyfriend on tour. Each summer before he asked you to tag along, that being he couldn’t possibly spend that much time away from you, but you made it through and finally surprised him on the first day of the summer tour this year.
As the days and various cities went on, your love grew stronger. Calum taking you on spontaneous diner dates at 3am to get away from the fans, surprising you with candlelit rooftop make out sessions, and your all time favorite tour bunk cuddles.
You snapped back into reality when you heard familiar voice of the guitarist on stage.
“As you all may know, I am known to give speeches before this special song. At our shows we like to make them about love. There’s a lot of bad things going on around but there’s a whole lotta love to be spread and that’s what we’re gonna do. And before we start this next song my buddy Calum Hood wants to spread a little love of his own.”
You smiled to yourself as you watched your boyfriend take the mic.
Spontaneously placing his bass onto the stand before taking a deep breath.
“So as Michael said before what we like to do is spread love at these shows. Over my time in this band I have experienced a lot of things. For the past three years I have been able to experience love. I have been blessed to been able to meet someone so perfect and makes everywhere I go with them feel like home. So uh if you excuse me I have to do something real quick.”
You couldn’t believe your ears as you listened to the words coming out of Calum’s mouth. He has been so special to you and you couldn’t imagine your life without him. Your eyes lit up as your boyfriend came to the edge of the stage. Reaching for your hand as he pulled you onto his side of the stage. Pulling a black velvet box out of his pocket, you smiled so big as you heard the gasp of the audience. Getting down on one knee, Calum said “Y/n, you have made me feel like no one else before. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else except for you. So will you marry me?”
You said “Yes, a thousand times yes Calum.”
He slid the ring onto your finger, the crowd screaming, and Calum pulling you into a hug that turned into a sweet kiss.
The “awh’s” filled the mics of the other bandmates as they’re happy for their bassist for being the first to tie the knot. Calum giving you one last kiss before you going back to the side of the stage to admire your ring and have the band play the rest of the show.
Michael chiming in “And that’s how we spread love here at 5 Seconds of Summer folks, here’s our favorite love song Vapor dedicated to our new happy couple.”

T is for Trouble.

The club reeked of body odor and strong perfume which had Olivier holding his nose high in the air. Not like he didn’t have a unique smell to himself as well now. No amount of showers could wash away the scent of the celebratory champagne that rested in his hair.

They had been celebrating for God knows how long. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he ended up going a complete 48 hours without sleep but his body was so wired with adrenaline, the necessity of sleep hadn’t overcome him just yet. Plus he had the bass of the speakers vibrating from his toes through his upper torso to keep him alive for the moment.

The drink he had been cradling in his hand ever since Kieran handed it off to him hadn’t been touched. He had downed enough champagne throughout the day for two and he didn’t want his senses to grow too hazy. For now, he just held onto it.

All of the attention within the small square of space was on them. They may have shed their uniforms and that crest but no one was able to forget their victory just a few hours earlier in the FA Cup final. Hell, Olivier couldn’t forget either as his legs were screaming under him while he stood in the tight space.

While eyes were on him, he let his eyes go around to those that maybe weren’t suspecting his stares so much. There was one particular woman there dressed in a long t-shirt that fit more like a dress and high black boots that ended just in the middle of her thigh. She was carefree, wildly shaking about her long locks to the music as she followed the rhythm to perfection, screaming her way through the group of other attractive women congregated around her. He assumed they were her friends.

Every once in a while she would break the pep in her step to gaze over at him, her eyes seeming to sparkle in a way Olivier could understand even in the dark dim light of the establishment.

She gave off a gentle wave in his direction but he quickly diverted his eyes elsewhere like to the drink he had been babysitting in his hand. A firm grip on his shoulder made him turn around to see Aaron smiling at him from behind.

“You know she’s waving at you right?” He must have noticed his teammate’s reluctance to acknowledge the woman as well. Oli shrugged it off.

“She’s trouble.”

“What? Trouble? How?”

He leaned closer to Aaron as he tried to shout over the loud waves of music. “There’s at least ten guys in here looking at her. Five guys want to take her home tonight, three guys want to marry her and two probably already know her.”

Aaron chuckled, now looking at the people that surrounded the mystery woman to confirm that they weren’t the only ones watching her. They were, however, the only ones being watched back. He turned back to Olivier and narrowed his gaze accusingly. “And where do you stand? Because you’re looking at her too,” he pointed out.

“I’m on the ‘Don’t mess with her. You’ll regret it later’ side of the spectrum.” He didn’t give Aaron time to offer a rebuttal. He clapped his friend’s shoulder twice with the palm of his hand and then headed off to somewhere, anywhere, where he could escape the intensifying gaze of that woman and the badger of questions from his encouraging teammate. Now was the perfect time to take a sip of that drink he had been watching all night.

He had been in this situation before. He’d watch the most beautiful woman in the room and soon after he’d find himself in his bed, with her, regretting it once the lust settled around them. He was trying to change things around. 28 was that prime age. He was watching his friends get married or at least fall into love with a woman that spelled marriage soon in the future while he was instead entertaining women who couldn’t hold a candle to the prototype of his future wife. Beauty and sex wasn’t all that he wanted and maybe he shouldn’t have been thinking so deep on the heels of a championship and in an environment like this but he was. The music and his surroundings had quickly faded into the background as he thought of a life playing with his kids in a roomy backyard rather than having a backyard he didn’t even utilize much which was his status currently.

“I thought I’d never find you.”

The soft-spoken voice revealed from behind him made him whirl around quickly to spot the woman from earlier, now watching him as he had watched her. She held out her hand, her neon pink manicure glistening under the dark blue lights that illuminated where they sat. “I’m Daniella.”

His rebuttal was short, brunt and to the point. “I didn’t ask.”

Olivier expected it to deter her but it didn’t. Instead she sounded off a melodic laugh, revealing a perfect white set of teeth hidden behind her red lipstick. He didn’t know that wasn’t actually her name but she did. And no, this wasn’t some ploy to hide her identity behind a pseudonym that gave her power and confidence. It was more for the fact that she felt her real name wasn’t necessary in this situation. Not like he seemed all that interested in it anyway or at least he was pretending not to be. “For someone that just won a trophy you’re a bit of a grump,” she chimed.

He couldn’t fight away the amused curl of his pouty lips that occurred next. “Are you coming over here to tell me to stop staring at you? Because I’m willing to obey your wishes.”

“No. Please. Continue on your stares. Do you see something you like?” She twirled where she stood, revealing a toned leg from under that long top as she hoisted it out into the limelight to entrance him even further. Once again, that intoxicating laugh of hers rang out over the music. She seemed confident and not in some ‘I’m only confident when I’m drunk’ sort of ordeal. She showed no signs of drunkenness.

He teased her with a short laugh of his own. “I’m not sure if that’s a trick question or…”

“It’s a question that would make my night if you answered,” she spoke honestly, showing a brief sign of vulnerability as her fingers literally crossed behind her back in hopes he would provide her with one.

Who didn’t want someone of his caliber dishing out compliments like they were nothing? Olivier purposely continued teasing her as his eyes slowly danced around her figure, trying to find the one feature he should maybe mention. There were so many to choose from.

“Your nose.”

“My nose?!” Her surprise to his answer was obvious and made him laugh. It wasn’t what she was expecting.

“Yes. It’s like a cute little button nose.” He jokingly took his fingers to the bridge of her nose before she swatted it away with a fake laugh.

“Ha ha. I spent two hours getting ready and dressed for the first time in months and you compliment my nose? I’m appalled.”

“If I complimented anything else I’d be like every other man in here.”

Her eyebrow rose, forming her mouth to probe more into what he said before her expression twisted and her statement changed. “Dance with me.”


“Dance with me! Come on. Pleaseee.”

Olivier smiled and shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re trouble.”

“What?!” Her arms folded over her chest in mock defense. The last thing she was was trouble. Maybe the red lipstick and daring fit of thigh-high black boots had painted her as such but she was far from that. It was reassuring to know her look had worked for her intentions though. “Trouble how?”

He wanted to form a coherent answer but it was nearly impossible with the way her eyes were gazing into his. “You just are,” was all he could force out and instead of feigning defense this time, she mischievously smirked and lowered herself closer to his ear.

Her tone dropped an octave, her hand purposely landing on his knee. “Maybe I am. Now dance with me and deal.” She dropped the pseudo ‘vixen’ role and patted his leg to encourage him to get up from his seat and accompany her for a dance.

He did as she wished, taking her hand and leading her to a space on the floor. The music wasn’t painfully slow but it wasn’t as fast either. Not like it mattered to him anyway. He was lost in his own thoughts.

Like whether or not he was really about to take on the task of getting to know this woman more. He didn’t know how to perceive her. At first, he figured she was some stuck up beautiful woman that was full of herself but now he realized her personality was far from that. He thought whether it was even possible to be as intrigued with a woman as he was now.


“Huh?” He looked down to where she stood in front of him, jolting him out of his dreamlike state.

“Your hands…” she grabbed his hands which he now realized were gravitating towards her behind rather than holding onto her hips. “…belong here.” She dropped them onto her waist and giggled.

Olivier cracked a small smile. “Right. Sorry.”

He definitely wanted to get to know her more.

Snapshots, chapter 2:

Title: the disappearance of Chat Noir

Rating: K

Pairing:  Adrienette

Word Count: 2,753

Summary: "Snapshot: a quick view or a small amount of information that tells you a little about what someone or something is like"A series of one-shots following Marinette and Adrien at University, giving brief glimpses into their lives and relationship.

A/N: The continuation of my ML College au, Snapshots. Inspired by @katauslly‘s prompt “first college party”. Enjoy! :)

(TW: alcohol, alcohol consumption, drinking)

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Music Heals Me: mini spell


A way to listen to music

Music that makes you feel good.


Put on your music and focus on visualizing a healing energy coming from the source of music. (through the headphones, through the vibrations from the speaker, etc.) Your intention could be emotional healing, or physical healing. I prefer emotional (because that’s what I have the most trouble with) but it is entirely up you you. 

Sigils or crystals are optional, but choose them according to your needs. 


“The roar of two hundred thousand citizens capped the end of Garma Zabi’s funeral in Zeon’s Zum City.

Amuro, watching the ceremony on a Federation news broadcast thousands of miles away, heard his video a speakers vibrate, and was taken aback when the cameras zoomed in on the giant photographs of Garma Zabi displayed on the altar.

They showed the face of a decent, gentle man, utterly lacking in the qualities one would expect of an evil “enemy” it had never occurred to him when he had tried so hard to knock out the Gaw carrier, that it had been commanded by Garma Zabi.”

-Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening; by Yoshiyuki Tomino


Milk and juice vibrating on a speaker can put on a veritable fireworks display of fluid dynamics. Vibrating a fluid can cause small standing waves, called Faraday waves, on the surface of the fluid. Add more energy and the instabilities grow nonlinearly, quickly leading to tiny ligaments and jets of liquid shooting upward. With sufficiently high energy, the jets shoot beyond the point where surface tension can hold the liquid together, resulting in a spray of droplets. (Image credit: vurt runner, source video; h/t to @jchawner)


 “You look a little lonely to be surrounded by all of these people,” his smooth voice graced my ears. 

 I turned to face him not sure if it’s the alcohol or his sex appeal at this very moment that has me at a loss for words. 

 "Liquor got your tongue?“ He questioned with a smirk. 

 "I’m just trying to enjoy myself." 

 He held his hand out towards me motioning for me to grab it. 

 "Well, you can’t do that alone. Come dance with me." 

 Before I could even mutter up a reply he already had my body following his into the nearest corner. The corner was dimly lit and standing there it was no one but us. He gently turned me around so that my back was pressed dangerously close to his chest. Being so close I took in his smell and nearly rolled my eyes to the back of my head because of how good he smelled. The loud music coming through the nearby speakers vibrated my core as he placed his hands on each side of my hips. Instantly I stiffened once I felt him, all of him, behind me. He must have sensed my hesitance because it was then that he leaned down to my ear to speak.

"Relax a little baby girl.”

“I don’t dance. I mean I don’t really know how to dance,” I’m not sure if that came out as clear as I would hope, but I’m sure he got the concept.

“You know how to have sex, right?”

I snatched away from his grip and sent him a death glare. He raised his hands in a way to tell me to calm down. Feeling my shoulders ease a bit he grabbed me once again and placed me back into the position that I was in before.

“I’m saying, if you know how to catch the rhythm of sex then you can dance. They almost go hand and hand. Just follow my lead,” he coached as his grip became tighter.

I breathed deeply and allowed the tension to soak from my body and swayed my hips softly as I felt his begin to move.

“Like that,” he approved before picking up the pace a little as a new song blared throughout the packed club.

**Damn you making this so damn hard, ‘cause I know you want it like I do, damn girl you’re fine too,

The feeling of his hands gently caressing my sides had my dazed and at that very moment I shut the entire club out and basked in the feeling of it just being us two. He pulled me closer if possible and I allowed him to as his head dipped as low as it could and he remained hidden in the curve of my neck. My heels scrapped against the floor as I kept up with his rhythm.

**Strip you down to that lace, that sexy look on your face gets me every time, you need this good…

I knew this was wrong but the alcohol in my system made it hard to fight this feeling that was brewing. His body heat radiated off onto me and I couldn’t help, but smirk as stiffened behind me.

“Thought you said you couldn’t dance?”

“I can’t. Never said I wasn’t a fast learner.”

“If that’s the case baby I could teach you a lot more things.”


The blaring of my phone woke me up out of my deathly state. Mumbling curse words I quickly grabbed my phone and turned off my alarm. Groaning in annoyance I wipe the sleep from both of my eyes preparing myself to face the day. The throbbing of my head had me silently cursing myself for drinking as I did the night previously. Especially having to wake up this early and face my business partners. I cringed slightly at the thought of how I probably look like death came and personally knocked on my door last night. No doubt my hair was in shambles, my eyes were probably bloodshot red and my breath smelled like I chugged gallons of liquor. Not to mention my stomach is touching my back and I could not remember everything from last night, but the bits and pieces that I could made me smile at the fun that I had. I had to admit that I did enjoy myself.

Finally opening my eyes, I squinted slightly as my eyes adjusted to the light. Shifting my gaze around the room I quickly sat upright as I took in my surroundings. The walls around me were a dark red, the bed cover was silk material and black with red sheets and pillow cases to match the bed set. Overall the room had an eerie, dark yet romanticized vibe. I could not help the anxious feeling that began to blossom in the peak of my stomach as my mind tried to think of who this room belonged to. I closed my eyes tightly as I prayed that I did not do the unthinkable and have a one-night stand with a total stranger.

Before my thoughts got ahold of me I heard footsteps and humming heading in my direction. I glanced down and pulled the cover up over my body a little more as I realized that I was only in my black lace matching pantie and bra set.

“Morning sunshine,” his deep voice sang as he came into view with a tray of food and a bare chest.

His sweat pants hung dangerously low off of his frame and I couldn’t thank God more for crafting a man so gorgeous. Shaking my head of my thoughts my mind went back to how I got here in the first place. He sat the tray of food between the two of us as he took the other side of the bed where I am assuming he slept.

“Morning,” I spoke just above a whisper as I watched him pull out his phone and scroll through a few things.

“I hope that you’re hungry. I kinda went over board with breakfast.”

I glanced down at the plate and smiled at the fact that he did in fact go the whole nine. On the plates were scrambled eggs, French toast, hash browns, tiny bowls of freshly cut fruit and just on the side stood two tall glasses of orange juice. My stomach growled loudly in anticipation and I watched a large smile form on his face.

“I take that as a yes.”

“Thank you and no disrespect, but how the hell did I end up here?”

He finally looked up from his phone and made eye contact with me.

“Last night proved that you don’t get out much. You were drunk as shit,” he chuckled genuinely and my face frowned in embarrassment.

“I probably was "that” girl.“

"No, you were cool. It was nice seeing that side of you. The side that isn’t all work and actually knows how to have a good time. I just didn’t want you driving home drunk and your friends were pretty messed up themselves so I just drove them to where they needed to go,” he explained.

“I’m going to kill them.”

He laughed once more before picking up a plate of food that had slightly more on it then the other and started to dig in. My stomach was egging me to do the same, but there was one more question on my mind.

“Did we have sex?” I blurted out causing him to stop his movements.

“Does your legs hurt?”

“No, just a minor headache.”

“Believe me baby if we had sex you wouldn’t be able to move,” he cast his brown orbs on me and winked before digging back into his plate.

I decided to say nothing more as I picked up my plate and started to cure my hunger.We both ate in silence until we were completely done with our food and our hunger has been subsided. I placed my plate back onto the tray and stretched my limbs before groaning at the realization of having to deal with my colleagues at the office today. 

“I shouldn’t have drank so much last night. It’s way too early and I have no desire to go deal with other people’s bullshit,” I spat as I removed my legs from under the covers and allowed them to touch the plush carpet. 

I heard him chuckle loudly before downing the rest of his orange juice.

“Too early? Baby did you check the time?”

My eyes widened while his danced with humor. I quickly grabbed my phone and screamed in frustration as 12:26 lit up on my screen. I am officially late to work and missed my meeting with the Goetz team of artists. I threw my head back onto the pillow behind me and mentally beat myself to a pulp until I felt his gentle touch on my arm.

“Relax,” he attempted to soothe me.

“I had a big time meeting today and now–”

“The Goetz team? That’s handled.”

I immediately pushed myself off of the pillow and faced him.

“Handled?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, ya girl took care of that for you. She called you around 8 this morning and I told her to take care of it, tell them that you were a little under the weather and that they could meet you at the opening of my exhibit,” he explained.

Without thinking I threw my arms around his shoulders tightly, thanking him repeatedly. He chuckled deeply before telling me that it was no problem. He wiggled from my grip and stood to his feet, grabbing the trey of dirty dishes from the bed.

“You’re not going in today either.”

“Any why not?”

“We have business to take care of. I need you down at the exhibit with me today.”

“Okay, I guess I can do that. Can you take me back to my house to change?”

He nodded his head and made his way downstairs to clean our mess. I laid back against the headrest realizing that having the day off might not be too bad. Lately I have only been seeming to run myself to the ground going to work day in and day out. I love my job and the art industry, but sometimes it is just too much. Looking up just in time to catch him strolling in I took that moment to get a good look at him. He has a chiseled chest that seemed to be effortless, smooth golden skin and tattoos that covered most of his body which surprisingly added to his look and made me flushed at the sight of them when normally I would be disgusted by a guy with so many.

He coughed loud enough to bring me out of my train of thought. Glancing up I noticed the small smirk etched onto his face and his eyes dancing with arrogance.

“Did you hear anything I just said?”

I shook my head no.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

I mumbled an 'okay’ before watching him saunter into the connected bathroom. Within minutes I heard the shower cut on and decided to entertain myself with music on my phone. The soothing music flowed from my phone and throughout the room. I figured while he is showering I could gain a few more minutes of sleep. Drifting off to sleep I let my mind wander to the night before in attempt to put the pieces together of what happened.

“Think you can keep up?’

Scoffing I waved off his silly question as I raised the small shot glass to my lips waiting for him to do the same.

"Okay, we’re both taking three shots. No stopping until they’re all done.”

I nodded my head in agreement and chugged down the first shot. The burning in my chest made me cough slightly, but I quickly shook that off and went for the second. I glanced over slightly to see that he was already done and I rolled my eyes and continued until I was done with all three.

“Nice, a little slow though,” he joked as he took my hand into his.

I followed him back over to our section which was now empty because everyone was either at the bar or the dance floor. He sat down and swiftly sat me close to him. So close to him.

“'So tell me baby, what’s your story?”

I looked at him in confusion as I tried to think over what he had just asked.

“My story?”

“Yeah, everyone has a story, but it never comes out until the person is drunk, in love or feeling as if their past is knocking into the present.”

“I don’t know if I have a story. My life isn’t that exciting,” I replied looking into the other direction of the dance floor.

“That doesn’t sound like to much fun. Everyone needs some excitement in their lives.”

“I wish.”

I looked back at him to see his bottom lip deeply embedded into his top row of teeth and his eyes concentrating on every inch of me.

“Be careful of what you wish for.”


 I woke up to the feeling of being shaken lightly and his deep voice calling my name. I turned over to face him and my eyes damn near popped out of my sockets as he stared down at me in nothing, but a towel covering his lower half and waters dripping from every where.

“You’re a deep ass sleeper I was calling you for like five minutes.”

“I’m sorry. I guess I was really sleepy.”

I sat upright and stretched my arms high while watching him go into his closest. Slinging my legs off of the bed I stood up and began to search for my clothes. Finding them on a nearby chair I groaned at the sight of my club dress not wanting to put the dress or my heels back on.

“Check the bag on side of the chair,” his voice boomed from behind me.

I did as he said and surely enough my clothes were in there.

“How did–”

“Your best friend dropped them off earlier. Figured you wouldn’t want to wear your club clothes.”

“Thank God for her,” I mumbled before throwing the plain white V-neck over my head and wiggling into my distressed denim jeans.

I still had to throw my heels back on, but I did not mind. Once I was finished I looked back at him to see him dressed in almost an exact replica of my outfit, but instead his jeans were not ripped, he had a hat on his head that lowly hovered over his eyes and of course he did not have on heels.

“Are you trying to be like me?” I questioned with a wide smile.

He smiled back and grabbed his car keys off of his dresser.

“Let’s go.”

About fifteen minutes into the drive we arrived to my art studio. I told him to allow the valet to park his car and he agreed to it. After helping me out the car, with my hand still in his, he made his way to the front door of the studio. Today my studio was closed just like every Sunday so I had to unlock the door in order for us to get inside. Once inside he began to make his way upstairs where his exhibit will be held. I followed behind him quickly until we reached the door and he unlocked it. Flicking on the light switch, the room lit up in a subtle way that framed the room perfectly. Glancing around the room slowly I took in all that he has accomplish so far.

The room walls were painted to perfection as he had promised. The five paintings that were already hanging on the walls all told a story of their own and if I stared long enough I would be able to read them well. In corners of the spacious room lowlights were placed shining the spotlight in chosen areas.

“This is perfect Javier!”

“I’m glad you think so. Now it’s just missing one thing,” he spoke making his way over to me.


His eyes danced dangerously as his infamous smirk made an appearance on his face.



“Let me paint you. I mean it’s only right with you giving me this opportunity and all.”

“I don’t know Javier. Why me?”

“You’d be surprised how easily someone would be able to illustrate all of your fears, flaws, perfections, emotions all on one paper. With the stroke of one brush. It’d blow your mind,” he stated in pure excitement.

“What if I don’t want to be that vulnerable?’ I questioned quietly gazing into his eyes.

"Think of it as liberating. Vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. It can be beautiful.”

I hesitated a moment as I looked around the room once again taking in his artistic genius. No denying this man knew how to portray emotions very well.

“Stop thinking so much. Just do,” he coached taking my hand in his. “Here,” he spoke bringing a small chair to the center of an empty wall. “You’re going to be sitting here and I’m going to be standing right there.”

I nodded my head showing him that I understood. He let go of my hand and went to grab his art supplies and a new canvas. Placing everything in place he stood behind the display that held his fresh canvas and turned his hat to the back. He took a deep breath before glancing up to meet my eyes.

“Strip,” he demanded shaking me to my core.

“Strip?” I blurted out as my eyes grew wide.

“How else am I supposed to see you for you? Strip baby.”

“Javier I–”

“Stop thinking so much. Strip.”

I said no more and began to slowly strip out of my clothes. My anxiety building as he watched me closely. I have never been as nervous and ready to run into my skin as I am stripping down in front of this man here. Once down to my bra and pantie set I stood frozen in place.

“All of that has to go too.”

I scoffed loudly before removing my bra and panties placing my small hands over my body trying to cover as much as possible. He placed the brush that he had in his hands and walked over to me. Removing the hair tie that held my hair in a bun he watched in awe as my hair tumbled past my shoulders. He removed my hands from my body and guided me over to the chair. He pushed down onto it and walked behind me. Standing directly behind me he started to position my body gently. His fingers gracing warm skin every so often caused goose bumps to form in hidden areas. I inhaled deeply as his hands began to caress my lower back.

“I think you look pretty damn beautiful like this,” he whispered into my ear before making his way back over to his art stool.

I watched his every move as his removed something from his pocket.

“You don’t mind do you?”

I slowly shook my head 'no’ and watched as he placed the blunt to his lips and lit it up. Once again he removed something else from his pocket and made his way over to the backpack that he brought and pulled out a beats pill. Before I knew it the soothing voice of the weekend flowed throughout the room quickly putting my mind at ease yet heightened the sensual tension that was surely blossoming.

“Stay as still as possible.’

I did not reply as he picked up a utensil and got to work.

With your Louis V bag
Tatts on your arms
High-heel shoes make you six feet tall
Everybody wants you, you can have them all
But I got what you need
Girl I got your bag, I got it all
Hold your drink baby don’t you fall

I remained still not wanting to throw him off. His eyes concentrated on the canvas and then he would cast them back on me. The room was silent besides the music and I felt myself becoming fidgety even though it has only been a few minutes.

"How long does this normally take?”

“An hour and a half. Maybe two give or take.”

“I’m guessing you’ve done this with plenty of women,” I spoke the jealousy in my voice more obvious then I would like to admit. Picking up on my tone he lifted his head meeting my gaze.

“I haven’t painted a woman in two years,” he responded.

“Why not?”

Focusing back on his painting he spoke, “I believe that when you paint people, women especially it should mean something. I only paint women who I find interesting. Who lure me in. I paint who inspire me enough to be my muse.”

“I’m your muse?” I asked breathlessly.

“I’m painting you right?’

I said nothing more as I allowed him to finish in peace.

His muse.

Something about that phrase excited me. I inspired this beautiful man in some shape or form. The more I thought about it the more an erotic fire burned in the pit of my stomach and in my mind I knew that this wasn’t going away.

About two hours later he exclaimed that he was complete. He stated that the painting itself was not done and that he still had to add the finishing touches, but for the most part he was finished.

"I want to see.”

“You have to wait until it’s finished completely.’

"Javier that’s not fair,” I argued as he sauntered towards me.

“Yeah, well welcome to my world. Nothing’s fair.”

He stopped right in front of me as it felt like he was staring into my soul. Once again that vulnerable anxious feeling returned and I was just about to cover my body with my hands before he stopped me. Shaking his head no, he softly pulled my legs apart and situated himself in the middle causing my breath to hitch in the back of my throat. His hands caressed my thighs in small circles while his eyes never left mine.

“I mean it when I say that you look damn good vulnerable,” he spoke.

“I just think that you like seeing me naked.”

He chuckled before replying, “Yes, but this is a different kind of naked. You cover up with your clothes, job, lifestyle. I just wanted to get you to strip out of all of that for a moment.”

“So now that I am, what do you see?”

He was quiet for a moment which I assume he was taking a moment to think over what  had just asked.

“I see true vulnerability. You hide behind all of that because you’re afraid of losing. Afraid of losing yourself, what you’ve worked for, your heart, your mind, your sanity. You fail to realize that losing yourself is the best way to find out who you really are. It’s in picking up the pieces that you find yourself.”

“Have you found yourself?”

“I’m still picking up the pieces,” he spoke dangerously hovering over my lips.

My phone’s blaring ringing broke our intense stare down and instantly my body heat dropped to a normal level.

“I have to get that,” I mumbled and jumped down from the chair quickly making my way over to my phone.

I groaned lowly as 'Bff’ showed up on the screen indicating that Blair was calling. Answering the phone I glanced over to him noticing him watching my every move. I pointed towards my clothes silently asking him to bring them to me.

“What do you want?” I questioned placing the phone on speaker so that I could redress.

“You better fix that tone bitch. Where are you?”

“I’m at the studio.”

“Great! I’m nearby and I am starving. Come to lunch with me?”

I hesitated for a moment before replying.

“That sounds perfect.”

“Good because you didn’t really have a choice. I’m about to pull up so get ready and we can talk about all the shit from last night. Speaking of last night did you fuck Mr. Konfuzed himself? I wouldn’t judge, but I am just saying if you were going to dust the cobb webs off with him I would have rather you been sober so you could tell me the details,” she rambled on as my face turned as red as possible.

In the back I could hear him laughing slightly and I turned to shoot him a death glare.

“Bee I did not have sex last night!”

“Well you’re no fun. Come outside bitch I’m here,” and with that she hung up the phone.

Shaking my head I grabbed my things and stared to make my way out of the door as he followed closely behind. Hearing him lock up the room I continued to the door until I felt his hands grabbing for my bag. He removed the bag from my arm and threw it over his shoulder.

“Such a gentleman,” I cooed

“Only when I feel like it.”

He sent me a wink and walked out of the door and held it open for me. Locking the door back I turned back around and found Blair’s car waiting for me.

“She’s over there.” I pointed into her direction.


I followed him to her car and watched as he opened the door for me and greeted Blair. Placing my bag on the floor, he finally allowed me to step into the car and closed the door once I was in completely.

“You ladies be safe.”

We both told him 'bye’ and drove off to our destination.

“Now you know you have some explaining to do!” Blair exclaimed in my direction.

I did not reply as my mind went over our intense interaction. The way words rocked m to my core and somehow left me wide open. What Blair failed to realize is that even if I tried I could not explain this. I could not explain this sensation that had erupted deep within me. I don’t think that I want to. I don’t want to think that much to. I just hope that it doesn’t consume me.

Tessa settled in a seat away from the majority of the crowd to observe. She slipped one foot out of her heel and placed it on the floor, suddenly grinning as she felt the vibrations from the nearby speaker system. 

“Oh, Jesus.” Movement in her peripheral startled her and she quickly scrambled for her clutch to pull out the sticky notes and miniature pen she had stuck in it, not looking up until she had them ready. “Y’know, it’s not nice to sneak up on someone that can’t hear a thing…”

cupcakemolotov  asked:

KC + 'I was going to eat him, seriously Klaus, I can take care of myself and this is Russia, at a night club that screams 'no dinosaurs allowed' what are you doing here?'

Caroline might not have understood a single word in the music but that hardly stopped her body from moving to the beat. It was one of the things she loved about night clubs–it didn’t matter where she was in the world or if she couldn’t speak the language (usually she couldn’t, she was still learning) but as long as there was sound coming from the speakers and vibrating through the crowd she could dance. 

No thinking had to be involved. It was simply letting her body move to the beat, enjoying the press of the crowd, the energy that throbbed through the masses as they danced. 

She could hear the constant drumming of hundreds of different heartbeats, the urge to sink her fangs into one of those closest to her nearly overwhelming, but she kept to her finally tuned control, waiting for someone who deserved it. 

A hand deliberately touching her ass, sleezy smile directed her way as she turned to glare at the guy who was trying to back her into a corner, obviously thinking his height and strength would be enough to get him what he wanted. He’d do just fine for her little snack.

Or he would have. 

The snapped neck and furious looking hybrid suddenly standing behind where the boy fell to the floor kind of prevented the whole eating part. 

Seriously?!” Caroline looked down at the dead guy and then back up at Klaus who looked a cross between angry and insufferably smug. “I was going to eat that!” 

She rolled her eyes when he quirked a brow at her, obviously amused.

Caroline stepped around the guy and past Klaus, making her way back through the crowd of dancers who hadn’t noticed anything wrong yet. She could feel the heat of Klaus following right behind her, the ghost of his hands against her spine before they were finally off the dance floor. 

“He was a bit too handsy for my liking,” Klaus stated, damn dimples coming into play as she glanced back at him before heading out of the club. 

Screams started to drown out the music, someone finally having found the guy and realizing that he wasn’t simply fall down drunk. “Yes, which was why I’d planned on letting him get me into that dark little corner so I could sink my teeth into his neck and then compel him to rethink his life choices. But nooooo.” 

She turned around to face him in the alley, hands on her hips as she glared. “You just had to swoop on in and cost me my meal.” Caroline snapped her fingers when she realized his gaze was traveling her body instead of actually focusing on her eyes like he was supposed to be doing. She was going to ignore the stirrings of desire that caused within her, the little igniting of flames that liked to dart under her skin whenever he was around. “What are you even doing here?”

Because last she heard Klaus was still in New Orleans. Which was where she’d wanted him to stay so she could wrap her head around everything she’d started thinking during college. 

It wasn’t what she’d wanted, she’d figured that out quick enough. Sororities and more classes, college parties and the never ending drama of which Salvatore Elena would manage to be with for more than a few months had become monotonous. Maybe if she’d been human still it would have been thrilling, the freedom that college seemed to allow. 

But it’d kept her locked in one place still and hearing about the world during a lecture was not how she wanted to spend her life when she could actually go out and experience it for herself. Which had annoyingly brought her back to a birthday enticement about the world and beauty and stirred memories of words spoken to her during a dance. 

Except he’d left, headed off to New Orleans, and while his graduation promise rang in her head, she hadn’t spoken to him since then. So while she’d considered going to Louisiana or even just calling Klaus to see if he wanted to see the world with her, the insecurities of old had hit her hard and she didn’t want to face the possibility of a ‘no’. 

So she’d left to see the world on her own and when there was still no sign of him by the time she’d stepped foot in her fourth country Caroline had decided to put him out of her mind.

That didn’t work so well with him standing in front of her.

“I heard you’d finally left that tiny little town of yours,” Klaus replied with a smile, and maybe once upon a time before she’d seen the bad of the world she wouldn’t have seen the predator behind that look. But she knew monsters now. After all she only needed to look in the mirror to see one. “You’ve done the UK, dotted along the upper coast of Europe, and then back down to Poland, Germany. France should have been your next stop–”

“Are you having me followed?” Caroline narrowed her eyes at that. She’d looked, had made sure to spot anyone being in more than one place at the same time she was, but she hadn’t come across anyone like that.

The curl of his lips at that further annoyed her. “Technology is a marvelous thing. Send out a picture text to a few people I’ve had compelled to do as I wish in a variety of places that I knew you couldn’t possibly pass up and its amazing how easily they can recognize you.”

She scowled at that. “As I was saying though, love, you skipped France, and I couldn’t help but wonder why that is,” Klaus continued, his gaze locking with hers. 

Caroline tilted her chin up, refusing to look away, to show any kind of weakness in that moment. “Fashion week isn’t for a few more weeks. I figured I’d detour back there when it happens. So now that you know the answer to that burning little question you can move along. Though really, since technology is so marvelous you could have just texted me.” 

“And miss out on seeing your lovely face” Klaus balked at the idea.

She shrugged. “That’s what Skype is for.”

“Would you have answered?” 

“Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll never know unless you try.” It was a bit hypocritical considering she’d not been willing to try contacting him in the first place.

She didn’t expect him to laugh, for such a delighted reaction to her reply, but it was the look Klaus directed her way that had her stomach in knots. It was that ‘oh how I’ve missed this’ look and to make matters worse she was pretty sure she was giving the same kind of look back. 

Caroline would blame that look for what she said next. “But before you head back to try that out, I believe you owe me a meal since you ruined mine.” 

“It seems that I do. I’d love to know what changed for you to be be feeding on humans,” Klaus told her as he held out his arm for her to take. 

“It’s a long story.” It really wasn’t. Blood bags just weren’t all that easy to come by on the road so she had come up with her own little feeding system. It mostly involved feeding on the idiots of the world who actively tried to hurt others. “I’m not sure you’ll be around long enough to hear it all.”

“I’ve cleared my calendar,” Klaus replied and Caroline pursed her lips, silently assessing him.

“For how long?” 


“What about New Orleans?” Wasn’t whatever was happening there important?

It was Klaus’ turn to shrug and she finally placed her hand on his arm. “Elijah is more than capable of dealing with the city.” 

Caroline wrinkled her nose at that, wondering what was even going on back there as Klaus lead her down the alley and away from the people spilling chaotically out of the club. “Don’t worry, love, I’ll tell you all about it after you’re finished with your story.”