vibrates with excitement

Klavier is vibrating with excitement despite the disappointment of the air conditioner guy not believing he was Klavier Gavin.

But he has pumpkin coffee. It’s pumpkin season. It’s pumpkin season.

It’s pumpkin season.

Cute Drabble Tank and Anchor

kamikrazywarboys rogue-warboy

“Yaaaay, IHOP!”

Tank wriggled in Anchor’s arms, practically vibrating with excitement.

“I can get fwench toast, Anchur?”

The caretaker smirked and nodded. He was a pushover with any of his little charges but especially Tank, the little toddler had easily won over Anchor’s heart with his bright smile and sweet disposition.

They were seated and Tank sung a little made up song about French toast as they waited for the waitress to take their order. When she finally came back she had a big smile on her face, obviously enamored with little Tank.

“Awww, what’s your name sweetie?”

“I’m Tank!”

“Oh my! Such a big, strong name! Well, what would the big man like to have to eat today?”

“Fwench toast!”

He threw his arms up in the air as he shouted in his sweet voice. Anchor gently shushed him and Tank pressed a finger to his lips, mimicking Anchor.

“And what toppings would you like on that French Toast?”

“Mmmm…” Tank kicked his legs back and forth as he thought. “Just fuck me up!”

He said loudly then smiled brightly, apparently proud he’d used the saying. The waitress looked horrified and Anchor wore a matching expression.

What, did his sweet little Tank just say?

“That is a bad word Tank, you don’t use it, ever!”

Anchor hissed at him and the boy immediately looked upset, big green eyes already watering.

“I-I’m sowwy.”

He sniffled and Anchor sighed, pulling him to his side. Tank nuzzled against him and when he’d calmed down and they’d left the restaurant, Anchor asked just where he’d heard that phrase. Surely Tank’s mother hadn’t been spouting off foul language while her son was around.

“I heard it fwom Voodoo.”


“Voodoo! I heard him say it when he was weading me stories one time.”

“What stories was he reading you?”

“I can’t wemembuh but it was about dead things.”



Tank nodded his head then perked up as if remembering.

“Oh! I wemembuh some of the book! Voodoo wed that def is only the beginning.”

Tank nodded sagely after the sentence and Anchor could feel his blood boiling. Everyone in the park turned as the tall, intimidating looking man yelled one word.


Miles away the artist looked up from  his sketch book.

“Did you hear that?”

Rogue raised a brow and shook his head.

“Hear what?”

“Oh shit, Anchor’s mad at me.”

What? What are you talking about? How do you even kno-where the hell are you going?”

Voodoo was already putting on a jacket and grabbing his keys.

“Mexico, maybe the middle of the Pacific, anywhere that he can’t track me.”

                                   ♪ Raindrops on roses
                                       and whiskers on kittens—- ♪

                  Her shop door opens with quite a bang, really, song dying on her lips as her eyes blink, twice. Funny. Fleur was sure she flipped her sign to closed—-


          She’s not sure how she can tell, but she can. Fleur’s palms itch. A cluster of forget-me-not’s bloom from all of the pots in her shop, and honestly, it’s quite a lot. She stares.

                        “You—-look different.” A smile. Bright. Slow.  Nervous. “Hello, Charlie.”