vibrates with excitement


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE

Not the first time...

*viktor, talking to phichit*

Viktor:- I swear to god, he has fucking THUNDER THIGHS. Every time I see him in tight clothing I almost have a stroke! He has the body of a fucking Goddess.

Phichit: IKRRRR??!??! The first time we met in college, he was drunk and trying to climb the school’s flag pole at 3am in the morning! He got to the top and just hung there by. his. thighs. It was so iconic!!! There are still pictures on my phone, wanna see?

Viktor: *is fucking vibrating with excitement* O mg , y E s !!

Yuuri: *is listening into the conversation because Viktor accidentally butt-dialed him*
*muffled screeching and the crash of objects*


I AM VIBRATING IN EXCITEMENT!!! Olivia sent over pics of the zines in progress. I’m away this weekend, so can only experience them through photos, but hey they’re turning out nice??

I’ll give more info when they’re all printed & in front of me

gaming antics [m]

summary: taeyong has been too distracted by his games lately so you decide to snap him out of it.

pairing: gamer!taeyong & reader insert

includes: smut (fingering, penetration, facial, oral)

wc: 6k

note: Im back! :’) With a new fic about my babe, Taeyong. Haha. I hope you guys like it!

Taeyong had always been an avid gamer.

He would spend hours on end smashing his thumbs all over the game controller while spitting curses to his frustrated friends through a small headset. Those hours sometimes ran into an entire day, and maybe he skipped out on catching a few winks of sleep—to put it short, he was in love with gaming. Since your friendship began with Taeyong you had known how much of a hardcore gamer he was—gaming was how the two of you bonded, so his love for the hobby never really bothered you to begin with.

Not until you started to date him a couple of months ago. He attempted to change his habits and shape himself into a decent boyfriend who could go on multiple dates with you whether they are small breakfast meetups or quick coffee runs. Those lasted for a good while, but he reverted to his original self soon afterwards, almost like the lively dates with you are not as fun as the silly shooter games he spends his life on. He reverted back to the game invested Taeyong—the one that spends more time staring at a flashing screen, furiously pressing on the loose buttons of his controler, than looking at his girlfriend.

You always attempted to talk to him while he took those short breaks. Usually he spent a good five to ten minutes getting water or catching a breath of fresh air outside, but he typically shrugged you off. This time you were going to take a different approach—a very distracting approach.

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Makin’ Magic Happen

Porn Star!Sam x Porn Star!Reader AU—So entirely NSFW

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Summary: You get to work with Sammy Winchester for the first time, Mr. Big Cock Super Star
Pairing: Sam/Reader
Word Count: 5.9k
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (both female and male receiving), kinda choking, hair pulling, spanking (like, only one little spank, but it’s a good one), come play. It’s filthy porn, y’all.
A/N: This is the prelude to a series I’m currently working on. So, get used to reading Sam as a porn star. And maybe—just maybe—some other spn characters as well. Guess you’ll have to wait ;)
update: some users have had trouble opening the fic on Tumblr, so here is the AO3 link if you find yourself unable to open it as well. Sorry for the inconvience!

You walk on set in your typical fashion—hair tied up in a messy bun, prescription glasses resting on the bridge of your nose, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with a grande latte with double espresso in your freshly manicured hand. Part of you dreads how long the day is going to be with shooting and scene preparation, while the other part buzzes with excitement.

“You ready for your scene today?” Penny, your agent, asks, face glowing with just as much excitement. You give her an enthusiastic smile and a quick nod. “Good,” she smiles back, hands coming up to grab at your shoulders, her deep green eyes catching yours. “Sammy’s the best in the business. I hear his cock’s insured for a million dollars.”

“That seems a bit drastic,” you murmur before finishing off your latte.

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Choice! ―チョイス!― 

Milky Chain has announced their newest series! From the looks of it, this series will play around with the concept of “what if?” scenarios, and alternate routes. The first volume will feature a scenario involving your boyfriend’s first time… 

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

As mentioned, the first volume will feature your boyfriend, 仁科恵 (Nishina Kei), a 21-year-old university student currently living alone. While he’s straightforward and lively, he also has a bit of a short temper. 

Kei, who always wants to maintain a “manly” front, often gets embarrassed—in addition to being bad at expressing feelings of love. Due to these tendencies of his, even though it’s been half a year since you two have started dating, you and Kei haven’t done anything more than just kiss. 

Kei is also hiding the fact that he’s still a virgin…

Route options:

A Route: Kei musters his own courage to finish the deed…

B Route: You take matters into your own hands and lead him instead…*


CV: 夜乃かずお (Hama Kento)

Release Date: April 12th, 2017.

Kiss My Ass - Stiles Stilinski/Mitch Rapp AU [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Mitch Rapp/Reader, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar and some guy called Remington.

Word Count: 22, 488 and I’m not even sorry about it.

Notes: Well, here it is! The highly anticipated ‘Kiss My Ass’ fic to honour reaching 2000 followers alongside the competition, so I really hope you guys enjoy this because I worked on it for MONTHS. I need to thank some girls, because this would not have been done without them. Thank you to my wonderful babes @dumbass-stilinski and @rememberstilinski and @sincerelystiles and the @thelittlestkitsune and @stilinski–jpeg because without them this would not be complete, I owe them big time. Especially Steff, who proofread this entire fucking thing. Shout-out to her for not flying to England and stabbing my enough times to match the word count. So warnings, hmmm.. we have cheating, bleeding, injury, kidnapping, hostages, and major character death. on the side I know you’re all here for we’ve got oral (both receiving), many different positions, over-stimulation, squirting, first-times, masturbation, public sex, and teasing.

Originally posted by teenwxlves

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Alrighty here’s the post I promised!

So, I had no intention of getting his autograph today, mainly because I wasn’t sure if he would even be at his table. The site said he’d give autographs on Saturday and Sunday, but the schedule only had him down for Sunday.

To fill the time between panels I decided to hunt for the vendors room. I was wandering around in there, looking at everything, and I noticed that if I didn’t move to the side I was going to run into this taller man.

So as I’m sliding over I look up, and there’s Karl Urban in his shirt with flowers all over it. I just about had a heart attack, but since I absolutely cannot embarrass myself, I just smiled at him and kept going (I hate to admit it, but I nearly died from the fact that he even LOOKED at me).

After buying the autograph ticket, because that’s where he was headed, I waited in line with my drawing in hand. My mom stood with me, and I’m kind of glad because I could not contain my excitement, and I’m always hesitant to talk to strangers.

We finally get up to him, and I asked if he was willing to sign a drawing I did of him, because some actors won’t do that, but he said he would.

And the look on his face when he saw it just… Ugh. He absolutely loved the drawing, and he asked me where I found the pic. Of course, since I can’t speak like a normal person or keep a conversation, all I said was, “Oh, uh, I just went online.”

And then my mom says, “She does that with you a lot,” and I really hope he didn’t hear that because he didn’t respond.

But Karl kept looking at the picture, even after he signed it, and said how good it looked.

Also, I’m pretty sure he talked to me for longer than most other people, because the five people in front of me either didn’t talk to him or they didn’t talk long. But I was there for maybe five minutes?

I’m gonna be riding this high for a year, at least.

…I’m actually going to die after my photo op with him tomorrow.

For some reason I am really attached to the idea of Adrien making bad first impressions on people because of the association with Chloe? And then blowing them out of the water just by being his cinnamon roll self. So this idea jumped out at me as inspired by the scene in Origins where Adrien literally flings himself off his climbing wall like an idiot who has definitely done that before and will do it again.

Like imagine early on, maybe the second day of school before everyone has figured out what a sweetheart he is, they have gym class, and no one knew they had to explain to Adrien about wearing gym clothes so he’s wearing jeans and impractical footwear. And of course, he appologizes profusely to the teacher, saying he didn’t know there was gym today and didn’t bring anything to change into, completely unaware that Chloe uses this excuse all the time. So the class is collectively rolling their eyes, and the gym teacher is aggravated, because the last thing he needs is another rich brat thinking the rules don’t apply to them, so he decides to make an example.

He says today’s lesson is very important and so he’ll have to make due barefoot, and that he can even come up first and help show the rest of the class what they’re doing today. And Nino and Marinette, plus some of the more kindhearted students are all wincing on his behalf, while everyone else feels pretty vindictive about getting to watch Chloe’s friend embarrass himself.

Of course Adrien is an oblivious sweetheart and is just completely thrilled that not only does he not have to sit out his first ever gym class for being unprepared, he gets to go first! And so of course he beams and agrees enthusiastically, to which most people present become suspicious over what he has planned, while Nino and Marinette bemoan that their new friend is too good for this world.

As luck, and Narrative convenience, would have it, the first activity for that day is the Climbing Wall. (Their school is fucking fancy they would definitely have one) Everyone fears and loathes the Climbing Wall, because it’s difficult and terrifying, and there are no harnesses, just thick mats to break your fall. No one’s ever actually been injured on it, but there are plenty enough urban legends going around the school to convince the general student body that it’s a deathtrap.

There are collective looks of sympathy, because not even one of Chloe’s lackeys deserves the Climbing Wall (so dreaded that its name is always capitalized) on their first day in gym.

Adrien is understandably completely thrilled because he has one just like it at home and he is gonna rock this. Pun definitely intended.

The gym teacher explains the rules (start behind the red line, run when the whistle blows, go as fast as you can, timer stops after you’ve hit the roof and made it back down to the ground) Adrien is practically vibrating with excitement, Marinette thinks she’s about to die of second hand embarrassment, Nino is biting his nails, Chloe is trying to hide a smirk and no one knows why (she’s been to Adrien’s house, after all), and everyone else is sitting back, ready to watch Adrien fall all over himself.

The gym teacher blows his whistle and Adrien is off like a fucking shot, sprinting to the wall and then making his way up it just as quickly. His class is half certain that he is somehow part monkey, and Marinette and Nino have just enough time to share a relieved look before he taps the ceiling and then launches himself into open air.

Several people shriek in horror, but Adrien rolls expertly when he hits the mats, and comes up grinning, only a little out of breath, and asks what his time was.

There is a moment of silence before the gym teacher let’s out a terrified and furious screech of “AGRESTE!”

Adrien turns red with shame and guilt, and because he is a cinnamon roll to his core, completely misinterprets what he did wrong.

“Sorry! Is that not allowed? I should have thought- sorry.” He rubs the back of his head sheepishly “I can go back up and climb down again properly, if you want sorry.”

At this point he is under the inspection of the baffled stares of everyone in the room and the gym teacher is put in the position to explain that no, the problem wasn’t that that was cheating, it’s that you flung yourself into the air with no regard for life and limb and gave everyone a collective heart attack, and you are never going up on that thing again for all our sakes.

Which prompts Adrien to be like “Oh! But there were mats, I thought that’s what they were there for, plus they’re a much better target than my couch back home and I’ve only missed that twice.”

“You’ve done this before? With a couch? WHY?”

“Because the floor was lava. Uh, Sir.”

And that is how the entire class found out that Adrien Agreste is a precious sunbeam with no regard for his own safety who must be protected at all costs.

anonymous asked:

please tell me your thoughts on all of the new voltron trailers/ information we've gotten i really want to know what you think

I!!! am super pumped for Lotor’s general squad, they all look interesting (and hot) and I’m honestly just really excited for a new enemy. For all that Zarkon was the Big Bad these past two seasons, he was a pretty stationary and straightforward guy. Lotor looks like he’s manipulative and takes initiative which’ll keep the team on its toes and force them to react to and anticipate situations in a way they hadn’t before. 

On that note, I think that Lance’s “we gotta stop shooting where the creature is and start shooting where the creature’s gonna be” strategy is going to become relevant soon.

And speaking of my son, holy shit, so excited to see what comes next with him and Keith. The bits I heard from the pre-released episode sound so promising when it comes to their dynamic. And the fact that Lance did The Shiro Thing and gave a speech to calm Keith down just….. I’m so proud of him……….

Look’s like we’re gonna see Allura in Blue!! And leading the Voltron alliance!!! I’m gonna cry kids!!!!!!!

And Resistance!Shiro!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!

I’m also really interested in seeing how Keith handles the Black Lion. It seems like his angry little “you wanted me to lead? well this is how i lead” line was directed at Black, and I’d love to see that relationship explored, especially considering Keith’s close, almost sibling-like relationship to Shiro. I hope they explore his past in regards to him having to deal with losing people (let this poor boy cry :(). I also have some thoughts about leadership within the team and whether or not he’ll actually be the leader (between his close bond with Red, his feelings about losing Shiro, and Lance taking charge in s3e1….. hm………) (co-leaders?) but they’re not really organized yet. That’s a meta for another day lmao.

I’m just really excited all around!