Symphony with a Bow and a String.

Although the mere harmonical tones of the violin is soothing enough, knowing how this marvelous instrument works is something of the highest pride too. 

Here’s how a violin works in layman terms. 

  1. The rosin ( rosin is the solid form of secretion from pines and conifers ) coats the cuticle layer of the horse tail strand completely.
  2. When you pull the bow across a string, the friction causes the part that touches the string to melt
  3. The melted rosin “plucks” the string (like a million guitar picks)
  4. The vibration goes up and hits the bridge causing it to vibrate
  5. The vibration goes down through the feet of the bridge through the top of the violin down the sound post and hits the back of the violin.
  6. The hard maple back and sides causes the sound to bounce around inside the violin before it comes out of the F holes through the top

There is lots more to the violin though. We will dig deeper into the violin in the subsequent posts. 


[Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (extract) at QAGOMA] Performance commissioned for ‘David Lynch: Between Two Worlds’ at the Gallery of Modern Art / Recorded Saturday 18 April 2015 at the Gallery’s Australian Cinémathèque. This video includes performances of ‘The Pink Rom/Blue Frank’, 'Sycamore Trees’ and 'Packard’s Vibration’. All written by David Lynch (lyrics) and Angelo Badalamenti (music).

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   being a closeted trans is difficult enough, but i stumbled across a secular
   lgbt group here in the philippines who is just starting. they needed more 
   writers so i volunteered. i babbled about the same-sex marriage approved
   in america and ireland. and then i submitted it to the president anD THEY 

see i think phones should have like an option for a “resting” text tone and a “in use” text tone
coz I always fluctuate between loud longer text tones (so I can hear it if I’m not near my phone) and shorter more subtle ones (so I don’t need to hear the same 3 second tune 50 times in a row while I’m holding the damn thing) but like… If I could have it so when my phone isn’t being used it plays the long loud one and if it’s like next to me or in my hand it just gently prods my ears that’d be v cool
I’m so fuckin tired tbh

Planets and Chakras

Chakras are the energy centers in our body. The word “chakra” means “wheel”. We have seven main chakras and each chakra is located on a plexus (center of a network of nerves). These energy centers are responsible for keeping our spiritual, physical and mental aspects in balance. This subtle system is the same in every  human. What is different is how we use it and with what quality.

Each chakra is ruled by a planet. Chakras display the nature and characteristics of their ruling planets. Birth charts, which are formulated according to our date and time of birth, show the aspects the planets were in when we were born and how they relate with each other. While our birth chart describes our spiritual, physical and mental aspects, it also helps us see how the planets shape us and affect our chakras and energy body. The first breath that we took on this earth has made its mark on every cell of our being and has become an unseperable part of us. Entire humanity shared that moment with us and life started flowing with the next moment. However, that moment of our birth spreads over our entire life and gives us the responsibility to use “that moment” to the benefit of all humans. Only we hold the chance to make that moment perfect. We can feel that our life is part of the universe as we get to know ourselves and balance our being.

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The inner knowing in us becomes an antenna more receptive to the frequencies of the universe it becomes the ear to it’s voice that only our hearts can listen to, and translates them as messages/information, all through a guiding intuitive process. Of course it’s our free will to have it or understand it so if we open our “Eye”.
Our “I’s” can be used to label us in good but most often are misplaced with greed, power, hate, seperation, ego. –>(I hate.., I dont like.., I’m tired of.., I dislike.. I can’t.. etc) When you close your “I’s” your heart opens, why? Remember the mind is alive in constant electrical thrive and has no choice but to focus on something.
You are always aware even if you don’t have conscious thought that you are aware of being aware, that is your vortex third eye open, Well.. to the limited point you allow it to as I mentioned before. Your heart then opens in a point of view of compassion where higher understanding settles in you, not through only thinking (mind) but through emotion (heart). Your eye is then aware of something you forgot about or at times is new to the soul and brings you back to the healing energy you and I know as compassion, forgiveness, peace, bliss, LOVE back in the heart.

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Like a leaf from a tree, she quietly let go. She knew it was time to.
—  Lalah Delia

Unconditional Love

We all need it, but it can be so difficult to give. This grid is programmed to send the energy vibration of Unconditional Love out into the world to counter hatred, prejudice, violence and other negative energy. You can receive its energy by enlarging the picture on your screen and meditating on letting Unconditional Love fill your heart for several minutes. You can add your energy to the grid and its work by enlarging the picture and meditating on or praying for Unconditional Love/Divine Love to replace the negative energy on our planet. As the crystals work by amplifying our thoughts and prayers, there is no need to be concerned about whether or not this interferes with religion or lack of religion, the crystals support what you believe. You can also set up your own grid at home. The second center stone is Spirit Quartz/Amethyst from my personal collection. Kits for the grid are found at the links below. Blessings, Debbie Elaine

Link to Love Grid
Link to other grid kits

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