I had a very spiritual experience today.
I went to the crystal shop and I was just casually chatting to the two women behind the counter as I sift through their malachite and then a lady is at my side, reaching through the bracelets and she’s also saying hello to the ladies behind the till… we’re both regular customers, obviously.
Then we all end up chatting, all four of us, the other shopper is a reiki master and then we’re looking at this piece of malachite I found, then we’re talking about its properties and that of the lapis lazuli on the counter.
At some point we begin talking about cancer, and if any of you have my facebook you’ll have seen my recent feelings, obviously those ladies are on my wavelength about ‘alternative’ medicine and cannabis oil. Then one of the ladies comes out from behind the counter and says she likes being near certain stones when the discussions get heavy, and I’m like, “I just want to sit on the floor and listen to you all. All I ever want to do is sit on the floor in here hahaha” and they all go, yeah okay, and suddenly we’re all on the floor and the other customer says she’s clair-cognant and how did my cat die? Which is such a whack to my consciousness and then we talk about my cat and her cat and the similarities about the way we felt that day. She keeps telling me about how she doesn’t believe in coincidences and then they’re all explaining the circumstances of how we came to be there that day and how she couldn’t get parked yesterday so came back today, and how one of the ladies is covering for another and the other only works this one day a week now and it’s my only day without the children. And it’s just a LOT.
So I’m up and walking around because I have to kind of break this bubble and I swear you guys I go to this shop OFTEN and I know it, you know, it’s a big open space but there’s a bit at the back and I walk down there and I mention there’s a new cabinet, they’re all a little confused because apparently it’s always been there, I’m struggling to express how confused I was, because I would swear blind that I’d never seen that cabinet full of stones but the other women are immediately by my side and saying it’s so strange I’m suddenly open to it now. This is a really nice space and they’re super cool about you handling stuff even if you don’t buy it, so one of the ladies that work there happily opened the door and tells me to pick up what I’m drawn to and as I’m drawn to what looks like a literal stone the reiki lady stops me and tells me to close my eyes and she’ll pass me it.
I feel like at this point I need to remind you guys I don’t like being touched by new people I’m not someone you can grab like that, I’m a hugger, don’t get me wrong, but strangers, nah, though this woman just doesn’t feel like one and I’m completely comfortable enough to close my eyes and have her hand me a rock that is like £70 and I absolutely could NOT pay for if it’s dropped.
So with my eyes closed I’m handed a very very large and very very heavy stone. It feels too big for my hand and I bring my other one underneath to make sure I don’t drop this huge stone she’s given me and I’m saying this out loud, how heavy it is and how unexpected it was and I open my eyes and you guys, it’s one of the smaller pieces that’s directly in the palm of my hand and it couldn’t possibly weigh what it feels like it does and all I want to do is put it down because that is freaking me out. I’m told its Preseli.. what stonehenge is made from, and that I’ve had a super powerful connection to it and do I want to do a tarot reading because there’s obviously a lot of energy going on right now. I’m listening to this and I’m still holding the stone and all I’m thinking is I have to put this down because my hands are shaking and I feel like my whole body is vibrating. I end up sat on the floor try to shuffle one of the staffs brand new deck of cards while she waves a healing wand over my head and the other staff member makes me a cup of tea and the other lady is opening a packet of shortbread she’d bought next door before she came in and it’s all A LOT again.
I got an Ivy card which is the most me a plant could be and we’re all talking about my bipolar and how they can help with this 'rocky path’ (as stated on the card) when the reiki lady says “we’re being listened to” and I say “yeah there’s something out the corner of my eye in the corner” and I swear you guys I shocked myself with how flippant I’d been about that, like I’d been so swallowed by the energy between us all, I hadn’t consciously registered the fact that I felt watched by something over in the corner. There was no negativity, it’s just that I knew, and she knew and to them it laid absolute confirmation on how we all needed this chat.