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I love how extra people go on demon hanzo

Like the skin itself is gray and somewhat muddy but people give him horns and bright purple skin and long flowing hair and a vibrant tattoo and fangs and makeup

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Really Not Threatening At All

This was requested by an anon. It is a Spencer x Reader where, she offers to help on a case the BAU is working on. However, she seems very “threatening” when you first see her. The rest of the team is skeptical about her and her motives for helping. They secretly look at her as a suspect. Spencer is the only one who trusts her fully. I hope you like it! Thanks for reading!!! :)

You had never been very accepted, after all, somebody with blue hair and covered in vibrant tattoos was definitely not like the average person. But you always tried your best to be yourself while still fitting in. You did not allow your physical differences to diverge you from others.

“Um, hello?"you asked hesitantly, knocking on the glass door that lead to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit’s makeshift office at the police station. The people in the room turned toward you. A dark, good looking man stood up and walked toward you along with a pretty, blond woman.

"How may we help you?” the man asked

“Well, you see, I worked with Victoria. She was one of the women that was killed, you know. I think that the equipment we work with could really help in your investigation. I want to help.” you looked at the two of them and you could tell that they were trying to figure out if they could trust you.

They turned around and consulted one another for a moment, coming to a decisive answer that they would share. They turned back to you, fake smiles plastered onto their faces.

“If we need you, we will call you. Thanks for the offer, m'am.” The woman said politely. It seemed obvious that you weren’t wanted, but they were just trying to be nice about it. You got that a lot. You thanked them anyway and left feeling slightly dejected.

Once you had turned around and left, the agents turned to the rest of their team.

“Why did you do that, guys? We probably could have used her expertise."The one Spencer Reid said

"I think that it’s possible she could be a suspect, Spence."JJ said

Spencer suddenly felt very defensive."Why? Because of the way she looked? Just because she does not necessarily dress like you or me does not mean that she is guilty of killing five people.”

“Well, there is that, I guess. But also because we profiled that the unsub would be someone who personally knew at least one of the victims. She knew Victoria. Plus, we profiled that the unsub would be very intelligent. If she worked with Victoria, then she would definitely have the intelligence to execute the murders.” JJ said

Spencer sighed. He did not know why he had such a sure feeling that you were innocent. He just really did not believe that you were guilty of killing all of those people. He believed that you should be allowed to help.

“You know what, guys. How about we have Garcia do a background check on her and if there is no obvious markers that indicate her as a danger, then she can help us with the case."Spencer said decisively.

The rest of the team reluctantly nodded in agreement. They gave Garcia her new assignment and everybody went off to work.

The next day, you were surprised to receive a call from the police station. After their reaction to your appearance the day before, you had not expected them to call back. Within the hour, you were at the police station, ready to work and help out the agents. You met with a Dr. Spencer Reid. He looked a lot nicer than the agents you had met the day before.

"Hello, Miss y/n."He greeted you politely,"We are happy to have you collaborating with us. Thank you. Do you need anything?”

“Um, I need someplace to set up my equipment and stuff."you said, gesturing to the large bag that you had lugged all the way from the office.

"Alright."Spencer said. You followed him to a large desk in a quiet, relatively seclude corner."I hope that this is alright.”

“It’s perfect. Thank you.” You rested your bag on desk and carefully began unpacking your computer and the rest of your gear. You sat down and got to work.

You were basically a volunteer technical analyst. While you worked, you learned that the BAU had their own technical analyst back in Washington, Penelope Garcia, but they could always use the extra hand. Your supplies were arguably better than what Garcia had. You and Victoria had designed it yourselves. You were both brilliant and incredibly gifted with computers. Anybody who knew a lick about computer equipment and technology would undoubtedly envy your advanced technology.

Still, despite your great help, the team all seemed to be reluctant to let you in. They did not seem to trust you at all and were all acting very cold toward you. Except for Spencer. Spencer would stop by while you worked and bring you a coffee that you would gratefully accept. The two of you started to bond, and you often shared information on the case.

“Goodbye, Spencer."you said one day as you left the police station, throwing a wave behind you at your new friend. He shouted a goodbye back and you left the building.

As soon as you left, the rest of the BAU immediately surrounded Spencer.

"What’s going on, guys?"he asked confused

"Listen, Spence, we think that y/n might be using you to get information on the case. We think she could still be a viable suspect.” JJ spoke up

“No, guys, we did the background check on her. It’s alright. We can trust her. She’s fine. She just wants to help.” Spencer said. He fully believed every word that he said. You were no threat. You were a kind, harmless girl that just wanted to help solve her friend’s murder.

“We just think that you should not be so open with her. It could potentially lead to danger if it turns out she is the unsub.” Morgan continued

“She IS NOT the unsub, guys. You don’t understand. I think that she is completely innocent. I trust her. Do we really have to go through this again?” Spencer was irritated with his team now,“Whatever. I’m going to the hotel to get some sleep. I’m tired. If you guys think that she is a suspect, then you can think that. But I know that she is innocent and I am not going to act like I believe otherwise to appease all of you. Goodbye.” And with that, Spencer left the police station and went straight to his bed in the hotel room, before drifting off to sleep.

The next day when he arrived at the police station, you were already there, hard at work on your computer with your bright blue hair tied high up in a comfortable pony tail.

“Hey, y/n!"he greeted you, placing a coffee on your desk for you. You stopped your work and smiled up at him, reaching for the coffee.

"Thanks for the coffee, Spencer!"you smiled happily.

You took a sip of the warm gift and returned to your work. Spencer made his way to the spot where the rest of the team worked.

Later that day, you were working on narrowing down some of the parameters for the unsub when something popped out at you and seemed odd. You decided that you should show the information to Spencer and find out what he thought about it. Was it nothing or was it the thing that could lead you to the killer?

You went on a search for him, but he was nowhere to be found. You decided to see if the rest of his team knew where he was.

"Hey, guys?"you asked hesitantly as you knocked on the door to their office,"Do you know where Spencer is?”

“Lunch."replied Rossi without even looking up from his file.

You nervously traced a radiant butterfly tattoo that circled your wrist. You cleared your throat."Um, I think I may have found something, but I’m not sure, so I was wondering if somebody could take a look at it?”

Morgan, JJ, and Rossi all rose their heads from their files and made eye contact. They had their own little language after working closely together for all those years. They wordlessly told Morgan to go check out whatever you thought you had discovered.

He stood up and reluctantly followed you to your desk.

“So, y/n, what d'ya got?” he leaned against the sturdy desk and looked at the computer. You explained how you had discovered the anomaly and what it meant. He slowly nodded his head, processing the information.“Alright, y/n. Thanks. You did a good job. We are going to go and check this out.” He managed a forced smile then walked away. You saw him, Rossi, JJ, and Hotch quickly exit the police station a few minutes later. You prayed that the evidence you had uncovered would pay off.

A few hours later, the four of them returned and this time Spencer was with them, too. In the front of the group was a shabby looking man in cuffs. The entire team passed right by you without even a thought, except for Spencer who stretched a small smile for you as he passed.

A little while later, Spencer approached you looking in slightly higher spirits. “Hey, y/n."he smiled

"Hey, Spence.”

“So, we caught the guy. Your information really payed off. Good job.” He nervously rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his shoes.

You had not really allowed the thought to process before, but you found Spencer very attractive with his floppy golden locks of hair and lanky limbs, not to mention his adorably awkward social skills and vast knowledge. You found yourself blushing at his compliment.

“Thanks."you said.

A silence filled the air between you. You both really wanted to say something, but neither of you knew how to properly get the words out.

Then you both started to speak, at the exact same moment.

"Sorry."you both said simultaneously,"You can speak. No, you can.” You both laughed. Even thought you were both blushing deeply, you felt some of the pressure lighten a little bit.

“Listen, I was wondering if you would maybe like to go out to coffee sometime?” you asked him hopefully

He smiled widely.“Of course I would, y/n! I would be delighted. Let me give you my number."He grabbed a pen off of your desk and an old piece of scrap paper and scribbled down his phone number, finally handing it to you with a smile.

"Thanks, Spencer. It was really nice meeting you. I will call you sometime. See you around."You put a hand on his shoulder and gently lifted yourself up to place a small peck of a kiss on his cheek.

Then, you left. You could not wait for the moment when you and Spencer set up your little coffee date. He had been the only person that had truly respected and trusted you through that hard time in your life. You were so grateful for him.

As you and Spencer later started dating, the rest of the BAU learned that you were really not threatening at all. You were one of the kindest, most harmless people any of them had ever met. They all apologized for treating you so coldly, but you were alright with all of it. They had made a mistake. They had judged you by your vibrant hair and colorful tattoos. But now they knew to not do that. Now they knew better. Plus, you were with Spencer and you were happy. How could you not accept their apologies?


On the great advice of Todd Nauck, I had my artjam worked on by Alex sinclair to color in the back three characters. Alex did an amazing job, adding texture to their clothes and keeping the Kris Anka Drax tattoos vibrant. While the piece itself is super cool, I think I’ll never do a full figure art jam ever again given how much trouble its been. I still need to get a proper scan of it as well, due to its size. Anyway it is almost done, all I need is a Hipster Groot. Whatever that looks like!

@toddnauck - Gamora 

@mikegoesgeek - Rocket

@bradshawnk @karibuillustrations - Angela

@kristaferanka - Drax

@joequinones - Captain Marvel

@kevinwada - Starlord

Alex Sinclair - Color for Arthur, Carol, Peter

Working class

Prompt:  ‘You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your drink are you trying to look mature or something’ AU

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Chapter 2: Scalding Hot and Bitter

Description: Hinata didn’t think she fit in there, Naruto was sure she didn’t need to.

AN: A collection of one-shot’s featuring NaruHina in the workforce; inspired by cup-of-hot-coffee’s Job AUs on Tumblr. In collaboration with Kae (she wrote the second half.) Also, look at this shitty logo I drew for the Uchiha’s coffee house:

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