vibrant light

it’s been a week so i guess it’s okay to post my piece for the @miracuclasszine

my idea was for them to paint a welcome banner to the school since i thought that it should be some sort of art project cos’ there’s nath. two of them aren’t really taking the art project seriously though…lol and scaring mylene nonetheless. please consider making a donation when downloading the zine!

also please don’t repost or anything!

She’s that feeling of having a
pink-n-fluffy cotton candy in
a carnival under
the midday skies with
puffy little clouds.
All jolly and vibrant
like the lights
from a carousel.

Gleeful, Shikha Singh

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Merry Christmas... To, You.

Reader x !Forgetful!Peter Parker

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Christmas had started in the NYC, and every street corner seemed to jingle with the bells of yule tide or glisten with the tent of vibrant neon lights. It was only a few weeks out of Thanksgiving, but that didn’t change the atmosphere. Especially at Midtown high. You on the other hand, were a blur among the noisy students, too busy scampering through bodies to find your best and longest friend; Peter Parker. 
Peter was found exactly where you expected him, humming a tune louder than what he probably intended- his headphones blocking the loud noises of school at his locker. Once in your reach, you jumped up to snatch the thinly corded buds from his ear- which received a slight yelp of surprise. 
“(Y/N) Peter huffed, his eyes wide. “Don’t do that. I thought you were Flash or something.”
You gave him your best smile while leaning against the locker next to his. 
“Sorry, I’m just stoked because tonight we get to go and see the Rockefeller tree and go Christmas shopping!”
It had become tradition years running now, that you and Peter would travel all the way to Manhattan to visit the famous tree and shop along the strip.
Peter’s face though, didn’t share your surprise as he blinked a few times. 
You also returned his dazed expression, a frown slowly grating your features. 
“The tree. You know, that thing we do every year. Hot cocoa, lame jokes, scooting through crowds of people. Come on Parker even I’m not that dazed out!”
Peter’s expression faltered completely, as he began to rub the back of his head. 
“Oh shoot (Y/N)… I completely forgot about it. I have some plans with Mr.Stark you see. Some kind of scholarship dinner party. You know, for that thing I did a couple months ago?”
Your eyes flickered downward. You remembered alright. Peter had disappeared for a few days, before showing up again with bruises and a broken arm. He hadn’t exactly told you what happened- always dodging the subject when he could. It hurt to know that your friend was hiding something from you. It hurt even more that he had forgotten your most cherished tradition. 
Despite this you turned to look u at your friend again, giving him a small and warm smile. 
“its fine. Things happen. Just make sure to text me how Mr.Rich-and-Busy parties up in his tower huh?”
Peter sighed with relief before laughing. He was dense like that, not catching your small emotions or disappointments sometimes. “I’m really glad you understand (Y/N). I promise I’ll make it up to you sometime. Really.”
He gave your shoulders a reassuring squeeze before closing his locker, leaving you behind the the crowded all. 
Lately, you felt like Peter was leaving you alone a lot. 

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