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When you find cherries at the markets for $5/kg😍😍 these vibrant fruit bowls have been my daily go-to for a post-beach afternoon energy boost👅 Here we have vibrant Mango Pomegranate Sorbet (made with @nature.restore pomegranate powder), topped with crunchy homemade granola + fresh sweet cherries👌🏼🍒
Hope you all make a great start to the week!🌟

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Nutrition (Yoongi x Reader Fluff/Crack)

Genre: Fluff/Crack

Word: 1,634

Summary: Are you a fruit? ‘Cause honeydew you know how fine you look right now?

Note: This is set in Stupid!universe where Y/N and Yoongi are best friends that annoy the fuck out of each other. It was mentioned in the fic how Yoongi had to drag her to the grocery store at some point, and I got INSPIRED. Also, I’m not that witty, these pick up lines and jokes are from the internet, with a bit of iteration to fit the story line. Other than that, I really like this one. Maybe it’s bc I’m equally of a lazyass as Y/N? The banter is really my style… SO GET READY FOR SOME HELLA CRINGE LMAO.


“Can I ride the cart at least?”

“Jesus fuck. For the third time, Y/N.—


Y/N grumbled loudly, kicking at the tiny rocks under her her shoes. Yoongi pulled a large cart out of the store’s several rows, figuring that this grocery run would turn out to be quite a big one. 

After countless attempts of convincing Y/N that PostMates and UberEats of grease-drenched Chinese food were not exactly the healthiest option, he had finally dragged her to the local supermarket. That was, after telling her that they were going for frozen yogurt and had ‘accidentally’ made a wrong turn to the store, “so we might as well, right?”

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Things I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses:

Gryffindor: the colours red, gold, orange and brown, bandaged hands, coffee, bruised Knuckles, red lipstick, leather boots, volcanoes, fist fights, being sent to the principal, golden chandeliers, fall, mahogany wood, demonstrations and protests, retro vintage, travel, ‘Oh shit’, loud laughter, drinking games, stopping a bully, forests, eyes glowing from excitement, yellowed paper, bonfires, ginger hair, golden jewelry, cozy sweaters, heated arguments, road trips, bold changes, bluntness, detentions, adventures, whiskey, spontaneous actions, beer pong, frat parties, lions, bears, wolves, dragons, swearing, angry tears, fireplaces, dares, christmas, partners in crime, pranks, wide grins, ‘I have an idea’, fast food, chimney smoke, martyrs, roller coasters, fireworks, young delinquents, soldiers, chaos, flares, speaking up, war, rebels, taking risks, adrenaline, stubbornness, breaking rules, band-aids, drunk laughter, truth or dare, alarms, hangovers, energy, leadership, fighting sports, running, snowball fights, neon lights, cinnamon, riots, razzias, messy hair, swords, explosions, bluelight, anonymous masks, arm wrestling

Slytherin: emeralds, the colours green, black and grey, poison, foxes, snakes, silver, platinum blonde hair, hissed threats, vodka, blood drops, amulets, black leather jackets, money games, casinos, hired assassins, curses, motel rooms, grey skies, abandoned places, cheating on something, blue veins, frowns, vengeance, fake smiles, oppressiveness, strict parents, subways, quiet tears, dark lipstick, matches, tattoos, highways, smoke, tired eyes, ravens, short haircuts, snarls, coats, empty hallways, dyed hair, poker, roses, thunderstorms, ocean’s, black nail polish, soot, B/W, fancy cars, matt black, bones, smirks, wine, medusas, old mansions, haunted houses, perfectionism, winks, sexual tension, sweet torture, cemeteries, the moon, sleepless nights, the sound of a knife snapping open, latin, black eyeliner, secrets, traps, fog, pestilence, viruses, sass, extravagance, ‘devil’s advocate’, having status, ambition, persistence, character development, elegance, headphones, lockers, mints, cigarettes, hardwood floors, busses, chameleons, wild flowers, sins, cracked glass, broken mirrors, quiet nights, railroads, black tea, secrecy, dark humor, mystery, predators, hidden emotions, held grudges, dust, horror movies, ripped jeans, velvet, lipstick stain, magic sigils, icy anger, cold mornings, empty hallways, ear piercings, champagne, incense, skeletons in the closet, chills running down your spine, collarbones, solitude, baths, nettles, silver eyeshadow,  expensive evening dresses, ice, lightning, blurred pictures

Hufflepuff: vibrant colours, sunflowers, marketplaces, fruit, colorful candy, pastel, strawberry blonde hair, ponytails, blue skies, summer, kids laughter, ladybugs, random acts of kindness, voluntary work, freckles, hippies, hummed songs, meditations, flower patterns, brightly lit rooms, smiling at strangers, orange lipstick, laughter lines, hugs, pancakes, summer drinks, spring break, open air festivals, sprinkles, slush ice, walking barefoot through grass, frozen yoghurt, the 70′s, dresses, easter, cotton candy, world peace, glitter, candy wrappers, giggles, holding out a helping hand, happy dreams, daydreaming, umbrellas, floral wreaths, sharing a meal, dances, butterflies, second chances, bees, wide open fields, happy tears, gifts, beach cruisers, soft kisses, blushing, milkshakes, confectioneries, cupcakes, beaches, attack hugs, parades, dandelions, donations, clumsiness, rainbows, animated films, relaxation, comfort food, first love, imagination, playfulness, nostalgia, positive mantras, harmony, romance, picnics, one of a kind, holding hands, childhood memories, newborn babies, warm blankets, freshly baked cookies, braided hair, fairy tales, bubble baths, watercolour paints, fuzzy socks, homemade pie, fluffy things, crystals, light shining through trees, bells, big beds with lots of blankets and pillows, lace, popsicles, tooth gaps

Ravenclaw: asymmetry, the colours: blue, white, silver and beige, glass marbles, tidiness, neat handwriting, ballett, ‘best in class’, certificates, museums, photography, art, hair buns, glasses, bookstacks, journals, libraries and bookstores, perfectly done nails, clean mirrors, desks, foreign languages, cafés, poetry, white bedsheets, macbooks, water bottles, sketches, polaroid, coffee shops, hastiness, deadlines, white clouds, astronomy, snow covered trees, feminism, 50′s, patent leather shoes, typewriters, tidy rooms, science, history, ikea furniture, raised eyebrows, sarcasm, lists, modern offices, mac cosmetics, the smell of new books, ties, rolling eyes, sitting at your homework until past midnight, jeans, vogue magazines, feng shui, yoga, classical novels, calligraphy, greek, owls, newspapers, research, documentaries, winning a debate, competitions, solving problems, riddles, curiousity, multi-tasking, historical figures, hackers, classical music, the new york times, fancy pens, caffeine, salads, cold waves, smartasses, ink stained hands, live theatre, hot espresso, impatience, responsibility, dry humor, knowledge, early mornings, changing schools, dark chocolate, alone-time, numbers, fresh scents, deep thinking, concepts, quills, technology, finals, formulas, sealing wax, falling asleep on your desk, sculptures


The cure for almost anything✨😌🌻 a big bowl filled the creamiest mango nicecream, topped with raw granola, frozen raspberries, pomegranate + fresh passion fruit👌🏼💦 Nutrient-filled, hydrating, vibrant fresh fruit is another thing that never fails to lift my mood + energy. Studying the science behind how our bodies work, I now know that is because all our cells run off glucose as their primary fuel source, together with the micronutrients needed for our energy pathways + neurotransmitter synthesis, the water which every process in our bodies takes place in, and the photochemicals which protect us from disease🌟
Or maybe it’s just because it tastes delicious…🙊
Either way, that’s what I call PLANT POWER🙏🏼⚡️⚡️

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Do I even really know you anymore?
I told you once that my favorite color was yellow.
Yellow like the dandelions under our bare feet.
Yellow like the sunflowers that towered at my sides.
And you told me your favorite color was orange.
Orange like the sunsets,
and the vibrant edges of ripened fruits.
Orange and yellow seem happy enough,
warm and inviting.
But the red,
perched between us like an ominous bird,
stained everything it touched,
our fingers,
our eyes,
our mouths.
Your fingers, your eyes, your mouth.
Suddenly, you were red, but I was still yellow,
still sunflowers reaching for the light.
But now,
you were the roots as they reached through the soil,
invisible to my eyes.
I told you once that my favorite color was yellow.
I don’t think you remember that person anymore.

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❤️ (i was also wondering if you could tell us about your adventures in paris sometime?) / bambi

Paris was and always will be the summer I felt happiest, the summer I got to hold my own hand, the summer that the world felt infinite and my bones grew stronger from all the romance and nostalgia and magic

Paris was a balcony apartment in a beautiful garden walk-up and the three girls I shared it with, the stories we wrote across pavement, getting so drunk in the afternoons and playing music and dancing barefoot, all culminating in smoking cigarettes and eating sandwiches over the city in the 14th arrondisement as the sun turned the sky pink with modesty at our ramblings before the stars perked up and came to listen.

Paris was a film class in the muggy dark, our teacher the epitome of a French woman - sleek bob, shoulders bare, the topic of sex always fresh on her tongue - it was Amelie, La Haine, good conversation over better whiskey or wine, the haze of abstract cinematography, and blurry-eyed staring over concrete and grass.

Paris was soft, but it was also electric. We were lightening bolts across the Champs and in that secret club under the Ponte Alexander. We were sparklers with the rich kids, trying $800 champagne and yelling at the tops of our lungs in formal wear and red lipstick.

Paris was not Paris at all - but a venture back in time to Versailles, sundresses and strawberries on a long train ride, heads on each other’s shoulders as the buildings crumpled into sprawling fields. It was marble and gilded gold and royalty’s pale ghosts, sorbet by crystal lakes and wearing the handprints of lost queens on our shoulders. And after, hitching a bus to nowhere, stumbling across vibrant fruit and flower fields on the countryside and spending hours eating veggies and building bouquets from the ground, only to realize that the last ride back home had come and gone - and we had to hitchhike till dark, doubled over with laughter and the thrill of danger.

Paris was an affair. It was an effing affair with my high school crush who I encountered in Europe and spent a blissful week with four years after I swore I was going to marry that exchange student someday then thought I’d never see him again. It was parted lips, brushes of skin, legs dangling over the Seine, hips swaying, eyes meeting in the dark, staring breathlessly at the ceiling with my favorite, favorite stranger.

Paris was an adventure. It was buying the perfect dress and smoking too much and always eating outside and making mistakes and crying with my friends for all that I had lost and was about to gain, sight-seeing and bright lights along the Seine bringing tears to my eyes, making me want the world for myself, all while folding over museums and boutiques, roses, fresh tattoos, and heartbreak. 

It was everything it had promised me it would be when I was eight years old and hanging up a picture of the Eiffel Tower in my dingy little room, paper cut fingers and thumbtacks. I’m going to make it there someday.

Zodiac Signs: Which Lana Del Rey Song Are You?

Aries: “God’s & Monsters”

Aries are known to be adventurous, exciting and enjoy living on the edge. This song perfectly describes their magnetic and impulsive personality. Lana is attracted to adventure and needs constant stimulation in her life. Aries hate being bored, and like Lana, seek any sort of thrill… No matter what the cost. Lana describes how no one will take her soul away, and similarly to the spirited Aries, they don’t let anyone stand in their way. 

Taurus: “I Fucked My Way Up To The Top”

This song is about power and sex… Two things Taurus love. Taurus, like Lana in this song, are both determined to “reach the top”. This song was written about Lana’s affair with a music producer, who she slept with in an attempt to become famous. Unfortunately, sleeping with the producer did nothing for her career. This song talks about how people perceived her as an artist who slept her way into the music industry. Contrary to this belief, she used her determination to reach the top herself.  Taurus is a sign of power, and Lana’s will to reach the top is similar to the willpower of Taurus. Lana’s determination and sensuality mirrors Taurus perfectly.

Gemini: “Video Games”

Boredom is one thing Gemini’s hate the most. They are eager to explore and constantly need stimulation. For example, “Tell me all the things you want to do”. Gemini’s are well known for responsiveness and engagement with stimulating activities. They are ready to have fun and to learn new things. Lana is generous with her time and wants to do anything the man she writes about does. Gemini’s are also generous with their time, and believe their life is one big adventurous game. Fun and exciting experiences are necessary for Gemini’s to feel they have a meaningful life. Lana along with most Gemini’s, need constant stimulation and spontaneous adventure in order to feel alive.

Cancer: “Summertime Sadness”

Cancer is an emotional zodiac sign. Unfortunately, Cancer’s feel they need to be loved. In Summertime Sadness, Lana expresses her inner longing for a previous summer love that has left her seeing the world as hard, similar to Cancer’s. Once a Cancer cares for someone, nothing you will say or do about that person will change their opinion. Even though the man is out of her life, she still expresses her deep empathy that she believes will forever continue. Lana Del Rey is also a Cancer, and they are most well known for loyalty. In the song, Lana describes how she will miss him forever and how he is the ‘best’. Lana Del Rey’s complex and fragile world perfectly describes the inner secrecy and enigma of every Cancer.

Leo: “Off To The Races”

The larger than life Leo represents the extravagant lifestyle Lana is drawn towards. For example, in this song she describes the swimming pools, Bacardi, cognac, and lilac that capture her materialistic and elegant desires. The world would be a lot less fun without Leo’s, and their lively passions that stands out from other Zodiac signs. Lana radiates with her enthusiasm for excitement, similar to the larger than life Leo’s. Off To The Races perfectly describes the exciting flames that ignite Leo’s regal appreciation of life’s excitement.

Virgo: “Cruel World”

The calm persona of Virgo is a mask for their restless energy. Lana describes herself as truly crazy, and just like Virgo’s, they don’t understand that their restless, obsessive energy does not mean they are crazy. Actually, this can mental anxiety can be channeled into their love for organization and order. In this song, Lana believes the world is cruel. Virgo’s have a cold approach to life, and similar to Lana are misunderstood. This cold approach comes from their analytical nature. Virgo’s don’t tend to open up at all, and unfortunately have a difficult time trusting people. Virgo’s are extremely self-critical of their complex personality. Virgo’s do not understand that being an enigma is a beautiful trait. Lana also explains how she gave a lot to the guy she loved, and Virgo’s are also willing to help anyone in need. 

Libra: “Black Beauty”

The appreciation for the arts and the charm of life’s serendipity is something that deeply interests Libra’s. Lana describes that life really is beautiful. Libra secretly love admiration, and in the song Lana talks about attempting to change her own outer beauty for his attention. Libra’s want to be admired, they are keen observers into the details and lovely aspects of life. Libra’s feel a deep sense of connection with beauty, and it would only make sense this song represents their message about appreciating the beautiful things in life.

Scorpio: “Lolita”

Lolita is about a sexual young girl. Scorpio’s are known for their sexual passion, and also their possessiveness. Lolita is independent similar to Scorpio’s. She is sexually independent and manipulative. For example, attempting to attract the sexual eye and hearts of older men. Scorpio is the sign of extremes, and Lolita has a very intense personality similar to Scorpio’s. Aside from Lolita’s sexual intentions, she also illustrates vibrant imagery such as fruit punch lips and the heat at sun down. Scorpio has a passion for the vibrant pleasures life has to offer. This includes sexual passions and the passionate drive to get what they want. Lolita is determined to get what she wants, and it seems passion both drives this Lolita and this sign. Lolita is a very imaginative girl, and Scorpio’s are most known for their gift of imagination!

Sagittarius: “Florida Kilos”

The world is a playground for the explorative mind that drives Sagittarius. Freedom and the opportunity to travel is what Sagittarius live for. This song is about traveling to Florida and it’s exciting promises for adventure. Lana’s loves to discover lively experiences, and this similar thirst for life is essential for Sagittarius. Even at the end of the darkest tunnel, Sagittarius can still see the light. Lana writes “Prison isn’t nothin’ for me”, and her similar love for freedom keeps her positive even in unpleasant situations. The most valuable trait to Sagittarius’s is freedom, and they don’t feel whole without it!

Capricorn: “Is This Happiness?”

Those born under this sign have a unique drive for their purposeful destiny. Capricorn’s are always thinking about the future and are extremely cautious in not only love, but about their life choices. Capricorns are known as the best lover in the zodiac, marked by their biggest quality loyalty. Lana seeks the security that this is her true love and that it is destiny. Similarly to the Capricorn, Lana always seeks security.

Aquarius: “Carmen”

Exciting personalities attract the inquisitive Aquarius, and in this song Lana describes her charm towards a magnetic, mysterious woman named Carmen. On the one hand, Carmen is an outcast, similar to Aquarius in the Zodiac. Carmen is different, just like Aquarius. This unique sign catches the eye of many. Aquarius wants to know why people tick, and Lana’s curiosity towards Carmen’s predicament portrays Aquarius’s inquisitive nature towards the unique and misunderstood. 

Pisces: “Pretty When You Cry”

One of the emotional signs of the zodiac, Pisces are known as the sign of sorrow. Pisces are romantic and have a sacred appreciation for love. Their sensitivity to deep emotions makes them susceptible to people who plea for help. Lana describes a man she loved who was troubled and she expresses her desire to help him. Pisces can suffer great sadness, and they forget that their most well known trait is compassion. Pisces hold a lot of deep emotion, and it is important to be compassionate towards themselves as well.