vibrant fruits

When you find cherries at the markets for $5/kg😍😍 these vibrant fruit bowls have been my daily go-to for a post-beach afternoon energy boost👅 Here we have vibrant Mango Pomegranate Sorbet (made with @nature.restore pomegranate powder), topped with crunchy homemade granola + fresh sweet cherries👌🏼🍒
Hope you all make a great start to the week!🌟

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I am slicing apples and thinking about open sky and land and how I might someday merge the city-dwelling and rural-craving parts of me. I am remembering the sweet smell of hay in every direction and skies wide open like palms overhead. I am hearing the baby cows just born crying their first sounds and the bleating of the sheep as their hooves pound down the pavement at the foot of the mountains, hundreds watching on in awe. I am feeling the piercing cool of the wine cellar, and outside, the breeze lifting the grape vines and my hair and the water rushing over the harvested grapes. Idaho. This was Idaho.

And now I am home. Making a salad full of the things I remember most sweetly.

Three weeks ago, I visited Southern Idaho as part of the #TasteIdaho15 tour of the region’s most vibrant and productive fruit, dairy, and meat farms. We saw vineyards, apple orchards, and peach groves in the disarray of their season’s end. We ate at some of Boise’s best restaurants and meandered our way through back alleys full of extraordinary street art. And we got to meet the incredible families who’ve made this land their home, cultivating its rich, volcanic soil not just for their own benefit, but for the sustenance of their communities, and the surrounding states.

Read more, see dozens of shots from Idaho, and get the recipe here!

I’ve eaten so much vibrant fruit today and my body is happy, my mind calm. I love the high carb, high raw lifestyle so much and I’m thankful I found what works best for me and my body, while also saving the lives of animals and lessening my negative impact on the environment.

“One of my dreams is to own a home in a central area of Boulder. I would paint it in vibrant colors, and plant fruit trees and a garden instead of a grass lawn. Then I would put up a sign: Take as much as you want.” 

Boulder, CO