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Az, Nuala, and Cerridwen find out Elain can access shadows, they show her all the funny things happening in the Inner-Circle. Rhys sewing dresses in his fashion lair, Cassian talking to himself in his giant mirror like pumping himself up for the day or talking to Nesta, making the shadows look like wings in Amren’s place so she thinks Az is spying on her but it’s the spy’s inside joke. 

s/o to @rugrat-mama for this lovely headcanon.

One moment Elain was sitting on her bed and the next moment she was almost swimming in an inky black. She moved her hand and the black swirled around her. It was almost warm but not in a temperature way, in a comforting way. The same way her favorite food was warm as it settled in her stomach and she was reminded of home. The same way she felt when the scent of her favorite blue dahlias enveloped her.  She looked around the black and realized that it was hazy, slightly transparent so that she could see that she was still in her room. She moved from the bed and found that she could walk around the room and still be encased in the black. And then she realized what was happening: she was in the shadows. Excitement spread throughout her body. Finally she could understand where Azriel went, how Nuala and Cerridwen got around the house unnoticed. As she approached the door, however, the black dissipated and daylight came streaming back into her consciousness. She swore at how sunny it was, was it always this bright?, and covered her eyes with her hand. But a small smile spread across her face when she realized that now she had something to have fun with.

She spent the next few days finding out how she even faded into the shadows. She learned she could summon them and she could have herself become one. They welcomed her each time, but she was still bound to her room for some reason. She could never seem to move past the doorframe, even with it open. And it was at one of these moments that Azriel peeked his head in looking for her, only to find her materialize, surrounded briefly by the inky black.

He blinked in surprise. And then a wry smile spread over his features.

“So, a fellow shadow-walker lives among us?” A sheepish look came over Elain’s features as she faced him. He strode over to her and took her hand, murmuring softly, “Finally, another to share the fun with.”

Elain gasped slightly when they faded into the shadows again, and she let him lead her past the doorway. Once they cleared the room, she stopped him and grabbed his arm.

“I haven’t been able to do that!” she whispered, giddily. He looked to her with amusement in his eyes. “Leave the room, I mean. Every time I tried, I would fade back into the room.”

“Maybe you just needed a guide,” he replied.

They walked through the House, hand in hand, in a seemingly aimless way. It wasn’t until Elain heard the voices that she realized where they were headed.

Nuala and Cerridwen were in Feyre and Rhysand’s room, arranging their freshly laundered clothes in the dresser, discussing an outfit for Feyre to wear to the Court of Nightmares. Elain realized she could see them quite clearly, it was just as if there was a dark veil in front of her eyes. Azriel curled a shadow out to catch their attention, and the twins slowly faded into better view before Elain and Azriel.

“Well, well, well,” Nuala smirked. “Look who joined the dark side.”

Cerridwen grinned. “Are you training a new spy, Az?” Elain looked to Azriel’s face to find him studying her.

“Not a spy, but I think it would be…fun to show her the secrets we know.” Cerridwen nodded and Nuala cackled.

“I suggest the Commander’s room if you’re beginning the tour,” Nuala whispered, conspiratorially. “I believe the Emissary is be there now.” Elain gasped and looked between the twins.

“So they’re really a…a thing?” she asked, looking between the twins, who both looked to Azriel, expectantly. She turned to him and poked his bicep. “Are they, Spymaster?” Azriel chuckled at her use of his official title and nodded. Joy swept through her. Finally. “Well, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go watch the drama unfold.” A slight push was all it took to get Azriel to begin leading her towards Cassian’s room.

Walking through the shadows was vaguely similar to winnowing in that there was a slight pressure surrounding her. But they were able to glide, almost as if they were swimming. Their feet were, of course, still touching the ground, but the steps they took seemed unaffected by gravity. It was glorious.

They came upon Cassian’s door and found it to be open. Azriel seemed to sigh in relief. Elain poked her head through the doorway…to find Nesta staring down the Commander. Cassian ran his finger down Nesta’s arm, slowly, until his hand found hers. Elain almost jumped for joy when her sister gripped Cass’s hand and pulled him closer to her. As Cassian whispered, “Nes,” Elain turned away, dragging Azriel with her.

“Let’s let them have that moment alone, yeah?” Azriel smirked and nodded in response. “So? What other secrets is this house hiding, Shadowsinger?”

He grinned down at her. “Have you ever wondered where Feyre gets her amazing clothes?”

Elain groaned. “Ugh, yes! Does she have a personal shopper?”

Azriel considered this and shrugged. “Sort of.”

They floated through the shadowed House and came upon a small room Elain had never even bothered to look in before. The door was open a crack and Azriel gestured for her to look. She peered into the small room to find it strewn with vibrant fabrics. There were a few mannequins in the room, each dressed in a different Night Court fashion. But the real surprise was Rhys tirelessly sewing jewels onto a large garment, a gown of some sort. Elain whipped her head around.

“No. Way.” Az nodded. “He makes all those himself?” Another nod. She turned back around a murmured under her breath, “Now that’s love.”

Azriel then lead her back to her own room.

“No other fun things happening? No one else to spy on?” Elain couldn’t help the pout that overcame her features.

“Darling, this is when the real fun begins.” Her cheeks flushed as she considered the statement. But the flush quickly turned into awe as she saw what Azriel had created with the shadows surrounding him.

He offered the dark bouquet to her and she accepted it with an enormous smile.

“How did you do that!?”

He spent the next few hours showing her, both within the darker realm and in the light, how to bend and manipulate the shadows into whatever she desired. She giggled as a small, inky cat brushed her fingertips with it’s head and gasped in awe at the recreation of Starfall Azriel had created above their heads. With ever smile she let spread across her face, Azriel created even more dark wonders. When he left to get ready for dinner, she repaid him by blowing a small, black heart from the palm of her hand to his chest, and grinned when a blush creeped over his tan cheeks.

They ate dinner with the rest of the Circle, both sharing conspiratorial looks whenever Nesta and Cassian touched or when Mor agonized over Feyre’s most recent spectacular outfit. Elain chose a seat next to Azriel, so no one really noticed when she curled her own shadows around her fingers. 

That night, she decided to test out her newfound abilities. She wandered through the House, creating small shadow-butterflies and sending them into the dark, sending a few flowers beneath Azriel’s door. But she was happiest the next morning when she awoke to find her favorite project had accomplished what she had wished. 

“Azriel, you inconsiderate Illyrian! How dare you spy on me in the middle of the night!” Elain could hear Amren shouting from her own room. She giggled silently at Azriel’s reply.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I was working with Rhys on something last night.”

Elain heard the smack.

“Don’t you lie to me! I saw the shadow of your fucking wings on my wall!”

Elain was smiling to herself when Azriel knocked on her door. 

“Good morning, Spymaster.”

“I didn’t realize a sweet girl like you liked to play pranks.” She spotted his small smile and the gleam in his eyes.

“Maybe I’m not as sweet as you think.” A laugh burst from his lips. “By the way,” she trailed her hand up to his, “what were you working on with Rhys?”

He stilled briefly. “Nothing.”

“Oh, so that wasn’t you asking him for sewing lessons?” 

It’s the tradition (NewtxReader)

This is a small shot for my lovely @fantasticnewtimagines. Remeber we all love you and we are so grateful for your talent and your ‘your-ness’ 

I got inspired and wrote this for you.

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His sweat was glistening agains the ligh as the ‘priest’ continued the ceremony. You come from a place where not only your native tongue contrasts with the soft Brittish accent, but everything from your traditions. In London the habitual thing is a bride in white, a groom in black, a church, bells ringing, reception, a feast and dance all night or all day. But this time, a dark green wool coat smothered you both, knelt in front of a fire as two girls spinkled you with petals and fragrant waters every time he finished a very nasal and catchy phrase that seemed it has been repeated fifiy times. You wore a colorful gown garnished in gold and silve threads, of a vibrant red and yellow fabric and a tall crown made of natural flowers and jewels; him, wore a robe of the same fabric as your gown, with lines of gold thread and a hat that woud be even too odd for the wizard community,
He loved you since the day he laid eyes on you, and it honestly didn’t matter the heat in front of him or the hundreds of stares over him. This day was special for you both and he was up to the challenge.

After an eternity the priest told you to stand up and gave you a goblet from you took at least ten sips each. The drink tasted like shit, but he managed the frown, or so he thought when he heard some people laughing.

“One last thing,” you translated as the priest spoke in your mother togue “we have to walk around the fire for three times, and back.”
Newt nodded and began walking when you pulled his arm and told him with your eyes to stay still until he gave the signal. The priest glared at him and right when he stopped talking, you signaled him. As you passed, people around the small arena of ceremonies began chanting something similar to “ghardet gihflorvi!”

“What are they saying?” He asked you gritting his teeth.
“Oh well…it’s a blessing my my native tongue. It’s like, 'be prosperous’, 'be lucky’, 'be eternally blessed’, but more powerful. This blessing is only chanted in weddings.”
Newt blushed. His innocent smile couldn’t be contained. As you walked aroud the fire you nodded to the guests, their kind words reached to your heart. Newt looked back and forth to you and the guests, he wished so bad to understand your mother tongue and hear what they were saying. You laughed.
“They say you are now a member of the community, that you seem strong enough to be the protector of our family.” you told him with eyes to the front, “that and that the color of your hair is pretty weird.” He contained a giggle.

“Oh I almost forgot.” you whispered, “tonight you are supposed to bat ourselves in calf blood, as a request to be fertile.”

Newt shot you a shocked look.

You chuckled. “It’s a joke, just a joke!”

Solangelo Pirate!AU

Here’s the fic requested by @idontwhisper! Hope you like it~

I had to spilt it into two parts because it turned out too long and I may or may not have added some unnecessary subplots which gave me ideas for a full story, so yeah…

Warnings: mentions of murder and some swearing


Summary: Nico, a servant working in close quarters with the Royal family, just happened to be kidnapped by pirates for information. He just didn’t expect the captain to be that nice merchant he met the other day.


Pirate!AU, Solangelo!

Despite his stagnant position in life, Nico felt like his luck was finally starting to turn around.

It wasn’t exactly fun being a Royal Servant. Of course, being a servant who came to the royal family’s quarters on a daily basis, ran personal errands for them, and passed messages throughout the palace halls was a job that seemed high-ranking enough for one—and it was. Only, Nico wasn’t exactly contented with the whole ordeal.

He had money in his pockets and a place to stay; a simple goal for an average person in his time. Yet Nico had the constant feeling that he wasn’t living life to its potential, that he could have been doing so much in his time but he simply wasn’t.

Well, there never really seemed much to do.

His world was small, really. The kingdom may have been considered large, but with all the constant errands he ran he’d mapped every street and alleyway in his mind. Of course he could opt to leave the kingdom, travel to another town, but he knew from experience that other cities held nothing.

He’d been from another city after all. He’d hopped from town to town before finally arriving and settling down here. Same old, same old, everywhere he went.

So maybe that was the reason he’d go into town whenever he could. He’d walk through the streets, the plaza, the markets…

He liked the markets.

Well, he never really bought anything, but it was amusing to watch the little wooden toys and contraptions, sly merchants conning their way to their customers’ pockets, and the occasional festival and fights breaking out.

Nico himself stood out of the way. He didn’t particularly enjoy interacting with people, and making new friends seemed too much of a hassle as it was unnecessary. Constantly Nico’s thoughts as he walked through the marketplace, despite all the unwanted advertising-attention he got from all the merchants. After all, he wasn’t the only one getting unwanted attention. Catcalling was common in this particular district.

“Hey there, sweetheart! A beauty like you should get one of these fancy hats!”

Oh, now that was just rude.

Nico turned to the voice to see what poor young lady had caught whatever salesman’s eye, when he found an unruly, sunburnt man with choppy brown hair staring directly at him, crooked-tooth mouth parted in an appreciative smile.

The man’s stall was filled with a variant of cheap-looking hats and dresses—a huge mass of worn and vibrant fabric all mixed together in one whirlwind of clothing hanging from the stall’s hooks and lying in piles.

No, this was simply not going to do.

“Sorry, I don’t wear clothes pulled from a dead corpse,” Nico hissed and stalked away, only to be stopped by a hand around his wrist.

“Hey now, no need to be rude,” The man grinned, his face dangerously coming closer.

Now, Nico knew exactly how to defend himself—he wasn’t some weak sapling. In fact, his right fist was already wound up for a hit. So you can see why he took being ‘saved’ as an offense.

A hand slammed into the side of the unruly man’s face, who was now being pushed against his own stall’s counter screaming apologies. Said hand belonged to another young man, Nico guessed he was a year or two older than him. He had perfectly sun-kissed skin, bright blue eyes, a fluff of golden hair and a spray of freckles over his cheeks and nose. He was grinning ear-to-ear down at Nico, standing back straight and chest puffed out.

The latter, however, gave a disappointed, unimpressed stare.

“I suppose you expect a ‘thank you’?” Nico crossed his arms. The golden-haired man’s grin immediately wavered.

“Um, I-I’m sorry…?”

“Well, thank you, but you only succeeded in saving that imbecile,” he gestured to the crooked-tooth man, still pinned underneath the other’s hand. “I would have had his limbs broken by now, but it seems I’ve lost my bloodlust.” He immediately turned and waved his hand dismissively.

As expected, he had his wrist grabbed once more from behind, followed by the shuffling breaths of the crooked-tooth man being released.

What was not expected, however, was the other saying, “I apologize for the inconvenience. I would like to make it up to you, if you let me?”

Well then…

Nico looked back to the other, who slowly slipped his grip from Nico’s wrist. He was still grinning dumbly, but with a newfound glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“Let me buy you something for lunch, please, just to make this up to you.”

That was a reply Nico had never once heard or expected in his life. He knew he should be cautious but… well, free lunch. Besides, what would a sunny blond in broad daylight possibly do to him? Nico could easily knee him in the groin and escape if he was ever lead into a dark alley…

Oh, why not. Besides, he did seem sincere, and not to mention a little charming—but Nico would rather not think of that for now.

“What’s your name?”

“Will Solace!” The blond announced, loud and proud.

“Heh, alright. I’ll humour you for now.”

“Great! Wait, what’s your na-“

“Nico DiAngelo. Now quick, I’m hungry.”


Two days.

Two days of being friends with the man and Nico was starting to doubt his entire life.

He was very well aware that he was smiling more often, sharing more things about himself- such as his strange fascination with darkness, whereas most people preferred light- and he had the constant thought of blond hair, blue eyes and sun-kissed skin on his mind.

He never gave away anything sensitive though, like his past with his family or his position as palace staff. Will, however, babbled on endlessly about strange people he’d met, his favorite things to do, and what he’d do if he were king.

Will Solace could only be described as a bundle of sunshine—and a very concerned and caring one at that.

Nico had been walking along the pier with him after they’d had their first lunch together and accidentally tripped on the loose plank. A loose nail on the wooden board had gotten him a fresh wound on the knee. Will was quick to react, his expression and words panicked, but his actions calm and collected. In no time Nico’s knee was patched up stopped bleeding.

Their second lunch, Nico had decided to share the payment—simply as a friendly gesture, nothing more.

Will had decided to take him to the plaza, where he promptly stole a guitar from a street performer and serenaded him, attracting other onlookers and earning a few tips as well as a bump on the head from a very offended street performer.

Nico had to laugh at the experience—a good time he’d definitely remember.

Now… when he came to think of it, the only ‘good times’ he’d ever gotten that weren’t tainted with a sort of sadness was watching festivals from afar. Those were never really ‘good times’ in themselves. People were constantly pushing around him and often he would get washed away in the massive crowd—which led to him attending less and less festivals the more time went on.

Will was practically a ‘good time’ in himself—not so say that in a dirty sort of way. Well… he was charming, captivating. He seemed to have an air of cool collectedness around him, yet could still act as immature and bubbly as a puppy, and very presence brought Nico a very calming sense of freedom.

And now, laying in his bed in the dark in the servant’s barracks, he longed for the sense of freedom. Maybe going places to see the sights wasn’t entirely what he longed for; maybe what he longed for was simply the freedom of doing it, of not being trapped in one spot, of being able to experience new and amazing things… and maybe even share them with someone.

And maybe he could—

Slam! The wooden doors had been forced open. Some fifty servants in the room, along with Nico, jolted awake from their half-asleep states, only registering the fear of seeing glinting blades in the dim moonlight from the doorway.

“Round ‘em up, boys!” A gruff voice called out, followed by a chorus of maniacal laughter as well as horrified screaming from the servants, who were immediately being bound and rounded up like chickens on the death row.  

“Boss said to do this quick, so gag the whole lot of ‘em. We take half o’ these gammy-legs back, the other half stays in ‘ere!” The gruff voice declared.

Nico had barely registered anything said, struggling to find his way through the mass panic, before a horrid-smelling piece of cloth was secured around his mouth. Then rough pairs of hands bound his arms and legs together in heavy rope. He struggled, but was soon pushed to the floor as he squirmed in protest.

The sight of a glinting blade being waved in his face and several men in clothes of a similar fashion was the last thing Nico saw before he blacked out, with only one last thought—pirates.  


Hope you like it! Tell me what you thought~

Part Two>>

Thank you very much. Good day everybody. I would also like to start by sending my thoughts to those affected by Saturday’s attack in London Bridge. Australians form an important and vibrant part of the fabric of life in London and we are reminded of that in good times and bad. And our hearts go out to the victims, their friends and families.

It is just over 100 days to the beginning of the next Invictus Games in Toronto. I am delighted to be here with you and your families as you prepare for the final team trials and a chance to represent Australia again. I am also glad that I have this opportunity to explain to the people of Australia why the Invictus Games are so important to me, and why I think it will be important for all of them too.

In February 2008, I was forced to leave Afghanistan. I had been serving as an army officer in the British army until my presence on the front line leaked out into the press. I could no longer stay with my soldiers as it would have put them at greater risk. It was a decision over which I had no control but the guilt at having to leave my guys behind was hard to swallow, as anyone who has served would understand.

It was that flight home from Afghanistan that put me on the path to the games. While we waited to board, a coffin of a young Danish soldier was put on the plane, and three soldiers in induced comas, all three wrapped in plastic, some with missing limbs and tubes coming out everywhere. The sacrifices we ask our men and women to make came home so powerfully to me in those moments. Four years later, after another tour in Afghanistan, I began to look for ways in which to support the veterans who returned with injuries who in previous years simply would have been unsurvivable. When I visited the Warrior Games in Colorado, I knew what to do. Sport would make the difference and help them fix their lives and reconnect with those around them. The spectacle of sport combined with recovery against the odds would inspire everyone who saw it.

I left Colorado with a determination to take it to an international audience so more people could see what I saw. Lives were changed in front of my eyes, amazing men and women proving the impossible is possible. That is exactly what we did when we held the first Invictus Games in 2014. We put on a show that attracted an audience of tens of thousands in the stands and many millions on television. Last year, we achieved it again in the US, providing an even bigger platform for these inspiring men and women to tell their stories to the world. And in September, we will do it again in Toronto, with more competitors, more sports and more spectators than ever before.

When I say ‘we’, I mean all of us. I was lucky to have spent time with several units in the Australian Defence Force when I was here in 2015. I am also lucky enough to call a number of diggers my mates. Having walked to the South Pole, sweated while on exercise on Kangaroo Flats outside Darwin and joined them for the centenary commemorations at Gallipoli. I understand what makes them tick. With my association with the ADF, I have an appreciation of what it means to be a digger and the admiration people have for you, not just here but across the world.

We are here today because in 500 days the Invictus Games will be held in one of the most sport-mad countries, and iconic cities, in the world. As founding patron of the Invictus Games Foundation I am so pleased that Australia and New South Wales will be taking on the Invictus Games baton from Canada and Toronto. Sport has an unparalleled ability to bring people together. For those recovering from injury, it has the ability to refocus the mind, to bring a sense of purpose and boost self-confidence. The benefits which come from sport goes beyond the individual, it positively impacts their family too. I know all of you here today would agree that sport can change, and in some cases, save lives.

Invictus reminds us of the amazing contribution that servicemen and women and veterans make. You need look no further than the remarkable sportsmanship showed by Mark Urquhart last year. He sacrificed his gold won on the track to push his competitor from the US into first place, simply because he felt Stephen deserved it more.

Sydney will soon be the custodian of the Invictus spirit and the focus for hundreds of men and women using the Invictus Games to motivate their recovery from physical and mental injuries. I know people from across the country, from Perth to Sydney, from Darwin to Adelaide, will embrace the Invictus Games and show support for the competitors from towns right across the country. I know they will make the games their own and when they do, they will witness the best of human spirit, courage, inspiration and defiance on the track, on the court and in the pool. Competitors who give their all to cross the line first, but will then use what breath they have to encourage others to achieve their own goals.

In these challenging times we can all benefit from positive and inspiring stories from which to draw strength. The Invictus Games show us it is possible to overcome adversity and that the impossible is possible if you have the will. This spirit championed by the games extends far beyond the competition. When a bomb left a number of people with life-changing injuries in Manchester last month, wounded veterans, including Invictus team members, immediately offered themselves to offered advice and support to the victims through the recovery process. The commitment to serve is ingrained in every member of the armed forces and is the embodiment of the Invictus spirit.

I know you all agree with me that the men and women of the armed forces and veteran community do not need our sympathy. In fact, that is the last thing they want. But they do deserve the utmost respect and an opportunity to play a valued role in our communities. Duty and service is in their blood. The Invictus Games provides the launch pad from which they can fulfil these aspirations. I know those of you here today and many people who see the coverage of this launch will join me in creating a life-changing atmosphere for these competitors, family members and spectators alike.

The Invictus Games are coming to Australia. Game on, Down Under.

—  Prince Harry Launches Sydney Invictus Games With Truly Inspiring Speech | June 7, 2017

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Seduction|Negan X Reader

Negan wants to have a bit of fun with you before he has to go to work

“Spread your legs and let daddy see how much you’ve missed him.” I slowly spread my legs showcasing the vibrant lace red fabric covering my now throbbing mound. His palm slowly caresses my lips through my panties automatically releasing wetness through the lace. “Ohh you are soaked” he smirks in a deep, seductive tone. “Mmm daddy’s got to get a better look at his naughty little girl” he says as his finger tips graze my hips as he rolls my panties and slowly pulls them from me. “That’s more like it! Daddy’s on a mission to please.” He smiles with a devilish grin as his hands run up my thighs, and back down slowly pawing at my pubic bone.
“I think things would be more fair if you too were bottomless” I say as I look over his dark wash blue jeans. “Oh no” he purrs with a sway of his head “I’m in control, I call the shots.” as he removes his white fitted tee allowing my eyes to take in the sexyness that he is. His broad shoulders flexing as his adjusts himself, pulling my pelvis closer to him as he sits on the bed. His chest cloaked in bushels of hairs that rise and fall with his breath. I remove my black blouse, and bra. I feel his hands run over my breast causing my nipples to harden even more. “There’s my girls” he snickers. He looks back at my aching throbbing pussy and I see him bite his lip. My eyes roll as I begin to slowly twirl my hips hoping to entice his touch. “I see you wanna feel daddy pretty bad don’t you baby girl?” I moan a faint yes just as I feel his long, slender fingers ghost over the outskirts of my lips. I’m seeping with wetness so much that as he glides over my slit I feel a creamy sensation trailing behind his touch. “Spread your legs a little more. I wanna see inside those pretty lips that I crave so much” he purrs deeply. I do as he says making my lips part so that my pearl is visible. He begins running his finger up and down between the slit of my lips while making a circular motion with his finger when he steadies over my entrance. My body lightly shakes and I fondle my breast touching them, bringing them to my mouth to kiss and bite. I throw my head back in pure excitement as I feel his fingertip beginning to dive inside. He finally sinks his middle finger inside of me pushing it all the way to the back of my core. I look into his eyes and he meets mine and smiles with seduction. His eyes deep with lust as he enters another long, slender finger inside of me. I feel him begin to curve his fingers as he slides them in and out of me. The sounds of wetness echoing in the room accompanied by my faint moans.
“Daddy wants to taste you. Get over there” He orders me. I scutch back giving him more room, and he follows laying between my legs. Without wasting any time I feel his warm tongue against my lips. He slowly dips the tip of his tongue down starting from my entrance and bringing it up to my clit. He sucks my pearl as he reaches it, cupping his lips around it creating an intense pleasurable suction. His tongue darts back down licking up my cream that continues flowing from my core. “I want you so bad Negan!” I pine with a whimper. He smiles while still licking me in between his words he says “What was that? Say it again but the right way this time” I moan out and push my pussy into his face causing him to wrap his mouth around my lips and nip at them. He hums into me causing me to shiver. “Mm daddy! I want you so bad daddy please!” I beg.. He rises on his hands and knees and hovers over my body to lick and suck on my nipples before kissing me and leaving my body. He sits up on the bed, leaning against the headboard and he summons me. “Come to daddy. Daddy wants you to rub your sweetness all over him” Without much wait I rise crawling over to him. I go to pull his zipper down and he grabs my wrist. “Tsk tsk. I want you to rub your juices all over me. I want you to feel my hardon through these jeans. Just Imagine my throbbing tip enter your tight little hole as I sink into your juicy wetness, slowly spreading your lips with my shaft as I sink into you” he whispers so deep and seductive I felt a ting of lightning shoot from my stomach to the chambers of my core. I bite my lip with arousal and I mount him. My naked heat hovering him through his jeans. My bare breast in his face yearning his touch. My hands wrap around the back of his head, fondling his dark short hair with my fingers and I push my breast into his lips feeling his mouth and breath elope them as I lower myself onto him. The tough fabric of his jeans grazing against my wetness. I feel his large cock and I begin grinding. I throw my head back moaning, and panting. His hands cup my breast as he pulls them into his mouth. I pull back up on him and my breast crash into his chest. His hairs scrubbing against my sensitive skin as my hips grind and slide on him. His hands grab my ass and I feel a hard slap follow causing a sting sensation and I yelp out. “Give me all your juice baby, come on daddy” he purrs into my neck while flicking his tongue across it and biting at it. He’s so hard and big I manage to get what feels like the tip of him right at my entrance. As I ride him through his jeans my clit rubs against the fabric making me jolt with pleasure. Heat begins to build as I grind closer and closer to release. He grips my hips pulling me down onto him while he grinds up into me. “Please daddy touch me. I wanna feel you” I beg him and I feel his hand reach around from behind me. I poke my rear out so that my clit lay against him but my entrance lay out in wait. I finally feel his finger graze my entrance and enter inside of me. I moan out “yes oh my god yes” he plunges his finger inside of me and I rub my clit against his hairy stomach, making him wet with my juices. A rush of heat and shivers come over my body and I feel my core release orgasmic waves. He vigorously fingers me and I rub against him as the waves of pleasure wash over me. My core tightens around him and pulsates as ecstasy continues to unleash. I engulf his mouth with mine and our tongue collide and dance. I hear a deep breathy moan escape his lips. He takes his finger from inside of me and sucks my cream from it. We both smile and he says in a guttural voice “I love to feel you around me” “You could’ve really felt me around you had you let me take him out” I giggle.. He grips my hips and pulls me to him, and bites my lip. “I’m saving that for later. I wanna savor it. I gotta get ready for work” he says with a smile and I dismount.

SO. @mantiheaer created this beautiful piece of artwork for me based on a story idea I’ve had kicking around in my head for the last er… two years. (I’m not a fast writer, okay?) And… well just look at it, guys. I don’t know what I could possibly say about this stunning painting other than that it captures my mental picture perfectly. It’s the perfect combination of sweetness and melancholy and I’ve been staring at it all day and will probably do the same thing tomorrow.

Oh. And it encouraged me to write that story.

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thevikingwoman  asked:

OC distractions! Iwyn Lavellan is used to pretty spartan living in her clan. She doesn't feel she needs anything more (materially, she is a little fed up with clan life in other ways), but once the Inquisition settles she has a few things she really enjoys! In particular she is surprised and delighted by really soft and luxurious sheets and bedding. She doesn't ever want to give that up again! Does Sarya discover something she really likes?

Omg I love this!! Tell me more random facts about Iwyn please! Like what’s her fave food in the Clan and does it change when she joins the Inquisition?

Sarya actually really enjoys scarves of soft fabric and vibrant colors! (She never had that in the Clan…you didn’t do things to stick out). As Inquisitor she still tried to stay pretty unnoticeable but she did love her scarves.

Vibrant, wax-printed cotton fabrics like the one pictured above have been displayed and sold in the markets of West and Central Africa for generations. Highly sought-after as luxury goods, the textiles may seem quintessentially African to Western eyes, but in fact these dizzyingly intricate double-sided patterns reflect a complex history of cultural, colonial, and commercial interactions.

The market for these spectacular fabrics got its start in the 19th century, when beautifully patterned Javanese batik textiles made their way to Africa, brought first through Christian missionaries and later by West African soldiers who carried batik home as gifts from the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia.

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On Wednesday we had the unique privilege of welcoming Randy Garutti, CEO of shakeshack, to the Tumblr offices in New York. Yes, he brought lunch. Yes, it was delicious. And yes, we got to ask him some questions. 

How would you describe the Shake Shack brand? And how do you instill that brand into your stores, suppliers, and marketing efforts?

With everything we do, we stay true to our focus: Shake Shack is a modern day “roadside” burger stand and community gathering place. We incorporate this into the Shack in so many ways: molding each restaurant to uniquely fit that community, creating a warm environment, encouraging guests to kick back and stay awhile, inviting the community in by hosting our monthly running club Shack Track & Field and table tennis tournaments. 

Shake Shack started with a small stand in Madison Square Park (just around the corner from Tumblr Global HQ) and now has stores in Dubai and Moscow. How was opening your 50th store different from opening your second?

Our next Shack isn’t just another Shack to us: it’s its own special, unique restaurant in a new neighborhood. In every neighborhood we’ve opened in, from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Miami Beach to Harvard Square in Boston, we develop deep ties to the community, become a part of the dialogue, and work with charity organizations, community centers, and local neighborhood partners. 

Community is at the core of Shake Shack, and in each new locale our team is incredibly dedicated and involved in ensuring Shake Shack plays an active role and proves a vibrant addition to the fabric and culture. We just opened our first Shack in Chicago, and it was one of our biggest openings yet!

Obviously word of mouth helped drive Shake Shack’s rapid expansion, but as you open more and more stores do you find you have to work harder to get your message out there?

We’re grateful to have a passionate fan base that’s excited to share what we do every day with their friends on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media. The fun part for us has been to have an ongoing conversation with guests online, in addition to in our Shacks, and especially to see the content they’re creating and sharing with the world.

So much of the Shake Shack brand is connected to the quality of the food. How do you manage to stay at that level when sourcing ingredients for international locations?

We have a dedicated supply chain team for our international Shacks who works hard to make sure you’re getting that same Shack taste around the world. Our Culinary Director Mark Rosati has racked up lots of frequent flyer miles by visiting all the Shacks across the globe. He’s happy though, he’s gotten to eat his way through a lot of cities. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it. 

By the way, does the menu change at all from country to country? If so, what would you recommend to someone visiting an international Shack?

We’ve kept all the Shack classics, but each country has a local twist. In London’s Covent Garden Shake Shack we’ve teamed up with Fergus Henderson’s St. JOHN Bakery on a few concretes, and we’ve got an awesome concrete in Istanbul called Pistachio in the Park with crumbled fresh pistachios. 

Thanks for taking time today. Before you go, would you like to announce any upcoming menu additions right here on Tumblr?

No news to share at the moment, but we’re always cooking up something new, whether it’s a permanent menu item or a cool collab like the recent “Layer Shake” with our ice cream pals over at Big Gay Ice Cream. Stay tuned…