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Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked for a tutorial on how to color since I don’t use PSDs, so here it is! This is only the second tutorial I’ve ever made so please bear with me, and feel free to ask me questions if something isn’t clear. 

This tutorial is for people who already have a basic knowledge of photoshop and how to make gifs. 

I’m going to be showing you how to turn this:

into this:

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anonymous asked:

hello mavra :c is it okay to ask you how you made the last malec gif so colorful? post/154808270004/anonymous-asked-shadowhunters-11-favourite on the ceiling and the side there is barely any colour so how did you color it so beautifully? i love it so much

hello anon! first of all omg thank you so much you’re ridiculously sweet

it’s actually a deceptively simple technique (and crazy useful when making colourful gifsets) 

the gif in question (from this post)

made from this scene: 

and i’ll put the rest under the cut

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since people keep asking about my coloring, I thought to make a tutorial to explain how to play around with selective color layers to emphasize or change some colors. (I warn you - you’re gonna use a ton of selective color layers)

I’ll explain how ho make something like this:

what you’ll need:

  • GIF MAKING SKILLS (you just need to know how to make gifs)
  • A BASE PSD (because i can’t color from scratch so this tutorial doesn’t cover that) - if it already contains vibrance, make sure it stays on top of everything else, otherwise add it yourself. (vibrance +100)

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scottmcbaes  asked:

Do you have a list of Soulmate AU's?? Thank you so much!!



+ soulmates tag!

Hello! By request, I present to you, Jessica’s Pixlr App Coloring Tutorial where I show you how I color My Way™ 

What you’re gonna need:
Pixlr (mobile photo editing app, free to download)**
Manga panel/any line art (with artists permission ofc)
Stylus (optional) (bc fingers work too)

Alrighty Lets Get Started, Actual tutorial is under the cut !

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different types of screencaps tutorial

quick tips:

i used ps5, i always make sure the size of my screencaps are 250px x 140px, you can either resize your caps to that size or do the drag & drop tutorial onto a blank canvas with those measurements. anyway i hope you enjoy this tutorial.

 now i will show you different methods of creating different types of screencaps:

pastel screencaps.

okay, i’m going to teach you to go from


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youngstilinski said: "ugh teach me how to gif/edit and all that bullshit pls"

I’m probably not even qualified to answer this question, but here goes.

Nick I don’t even remember if you were joking I just saw this in my inbox and now I was like “oh okay here goes”.

The most important thing in editing and gifs is the coloring, so that’s what I’m going to give a tutorial of.




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anonymous asked:

cristine! hi! can you show me how you got your black and white gifs so creamy! i mean that like in a good way lol, like my black and white makes my coloring look dull but ur gifs still look HD and light gray! can you tell me how you get that affect?

yooooo thanks! tbh all i wanna do is bw now, like i have no interest in color anymore omg but anyway. what you should also know is that, like everything i seem to color now, is done individually by the scene. i no longer use psds(havent for a while tbh) or have a base coloring(though i basically have a certain order of how I color things). so how I color something may not be the same as how you color a scene. moving on :)

this also may look ugly af on my blog bc it automatically stretches gifs+caps to 500px and these gifs are 245px. So you could always right click and open the gif/pic into a new tab so you could see how its suppose to look.

we gonna start w


and end w 


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