Imagine Requested:

Can you do one where ash or luke absolutely devour you, and he starts messing around and tries to put the viborator in while he already is, and you end up a shaking mess by the end.

_ _ _ _

Thursday night, or as you and Luke liked to call it: Date night. More often then not, it was a nice dinner or a movie. And some nights, it consisted of the two of us having a little too many drinks and getting frisky. Tonight was one of those nights.

Bursting through the door, our mouths attached to each other, we were quick to get inside and out of the cold. Drunken giggles and pleas of silence, remembering that we, in fact, had neighbors who most certainly did not want to hear our drunken shenanigans… Again.

Stumbling down the hall and to our room, Luke, in a friskier mood than normal, gently pushed me to the bed, looming over me as he attached his lips to my neck.

“Y/N… I wanna… try something different tonight…” he whispered between kisses trailing down my collarbone.

“Yea? And what would that be?” I felt the smirk grow on his lips at my response. Not saying a word, he jumped up, leaving me on the bed and heading toward the closet where I heard him rummaging through bags, clothes and all the other crap we both threw in there. When he finally stumbled back to the bed, there was a long black box in his hand.

“Eh?” Squinting my eyes at him, I averted my eyes back to the box to get a better look.

“Is that… A vibrator?”

“Yea, that’s not too weird right?” The genuine look of concern in his eyes was actually quite endearing.

“Babe… That’s so fucking hot.” Grabbing his face, I pulled him back down, smashing our lips together in a passionate kiss while he fumbled with the box, trying to get the new play thing out and ready. Before I knew what was happening, there was a sudden vibrating above my clit making me gasp and giving Luke the opportunity to slip his tongue further down my throat.

Groaning in desperate need for more contact, I started to roll my hips up in desperation. Then, before I could stop myself, I uttered a quiet, “Just fucking do it” which certainly got Luke’s attention.

“Yea, Y/N? Just fucking do it?” The tone in his voice and the passion in his glare was something I had never seen before. Hesitant, I nodded my head, eyes locked on his, “Alright then, but remember, you asked for it.” Then, suddenly and without warning, Luke slipped the vibrator, now turned up to the highest setting, swiftly into my entrance hitting my spot instantly.


“You asked for this Y/N” without stopping, Luke grabbed my wrists with his free hand, holding them above my head as he began pushing and pulling the vibrator, hitting my spot effortlessly every time. After continuing this process for the next couple minutes making my heart rate rise as well as my impending climax, Luke suddenly dropped his grip on my wrists, stopping the movements of the vibrator as well.

“Luke?… What are you—AAHHHH” without warning, Luke pushed his hard dick into me alongside the pulsing toy, the two moving in sync in and out of me. The stretch was almost too much for me, making me scream in absolute pleasure as the pressure continued to build within me.

“Fu—you feel so.. so fucking good Y/N. So good for me” Luke whispered praised into my ear, each thrust getting harder and sending more vibrations through me, just about paralyzing me with the pleasure enveloping my body. And with one last hard trust, the two of us came at once, the breath leaving my lungs for what seemed like hours. It wasn’t until Luke’s voice started to drift through my ears that I finally came back to the world.

“Babe… babe, are you with me?” His voice was shaking, he was obviously as severely affected by this as I was.

“Yea, that… that was—“


“Fuckin amazing,” I agreed instantly, lying there, breathing in trying desperately to regain my composer, “how are you feeling, babe?”

“Just… Wham bam thank you ma’am…”

“…. What the fuck?”

“Nothing, shhh, just go to sleep, angel.”

_ _ _ _

And that’s all she wrote. ENJOY!!!!

Jack Gilinsky Smut

Smut! Just saying. If you are uncomfortable. Don’t read it. And this is my first smut. So don’t judge. Daddy kink😏

Your P.O.V.

“YOU’RE FUCKING LIEING TO ME JACK!” I yelled. He is saying he didn’t go out with the guys. Even tho he did. We were going to go on a date. But he forgot. I guess.
He knew. Damn it. I had a wet dream about sammy.
“Jack. Once!”
“That doesn’t matter.”
“I’m leaving.” I said walking and grabbing my purse & car keys.
“Where are you going?” He asked with his normal talking voice.
“To see if Sammy is doing anything.” I smirked at him. Then turned around. I opened the door but it was closed again. I turned around with jack hovering over me.
“You’re not going anywhere.” He said with his eyes darker than before.

He smashed his lips into mine. I kissed back. He grabbed my purse and keys and put them in the counter. He lifted me up by my legs. I wrapped them around his torso. And he carried me upstairs.

He threw me on the bed. “Strip.” He said taking off his shirt. I took off my dress I had been wearing. I wasn’t wearing a bra. Jack smirked at me and he went to our closet. “No bra. Not believing me.” He said pulling out a box. “You have been a bad girl.” He pulled out handcuffs and 2 viborators.

He cuffed me to our head board. Then he kissed my neck, leaving marks. Then going down farther. He was by my slit. He licked up. Then licked fast on my clit. Making me moan. Then putting 2 fingers in me. I moaned louder.
“You like that baby? Who makes you feel this way?” I smirked “sammy.” I said. He looked at me. And he slammed one of the toys into me. Making me scream.
“Now again. Who makes you feel this way?”
“Y-you do daddy.”
“Good girl.”
He went faster. Making me reach my high. “F-fuck D-daddy!” I yelled and stopped. I looked at him “you’re coming with me inside you.” He said grabbing a condom. And then he slammed into me.
“FUCKKKK!!!” I screamed. “That’s right. Scream.” “Daddy!!!”
“You like that?” He asked pounding into me hitting my g-spot each time.
“Fuck daddy I’m gonna cum!!” I said. He leaned down in my ear getting sloppier. “Me too. On three.”




Jack moaned loud and I did the same. He pulled out and undid the cuffs. Threw away the condom and he going underneath the blanket. Pulling me into his chest.

“I love you.”
“Love you too daddy.”


Hoped you liked it!!

Sorry for any spelling errors.