VibesquaD- Joyful Noise

VibesquaD is fuckin weird. Very electronic but not quite dubstep, though it has dubstep characteristics…..such as the heavy bassline but not so much wobble. Its got a little glitch, but not Sonny Moore(SkrilleX) style glitch. Its really trance music, makes you feel like your on acid when you’re god damn sober. Craaaaaaazy shit. Joyful Noise is the newest album of Vibesquad, but Bass Love and Dawn Patrol are both good albums. As always…..check them out! 


THIS SATURDAY JAN 28th!!!! Live @ Sonar Baltimore ◆◆VibeSquaD◆◆


A majestic castle merges from the mists; the massive crowd amassed cannot be missed.

The line twissts and turns, wines, like a ragged human snake crying out in the cold.

Two butts become seven more on the cigarette orgy on the floor; we edge closer and closer to the door.

And then we become submerged.

Waves of heat bond altogether with ties of sweat and the sounds that sorround send us into a frenzy.

Jump, dance, twist & shout; the Bassnecetar flows from speaker to mouth. 


griz doing impressions of some other famous dj’s….pretty lights, bassnectar, michal menert, freddy todd, vibesquad, big gigantic, and even himself…pretty funny stuff. here’s the halloween moment he was referencing – it was beats antique he was thinking of.


Vibesquad. Dawn Patrol.