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richie x eddie

really quickly, as someone who suffers from panic attacks somewhat regularly, i just wanted to say that if at any time YOU feel anxious or are in need of someone to talk to, my messages are always open. i’ll be there as quickly as i can if you need to chat ❤️❤️

if you find reading about panic attacks triggering, please refrain from reading this one. i’ll post another reddie fic soon for you to read x

Richie’s shoes scuffed noisily against the cracked pavement beneath him, the glasses sitting on his nose occasionally slipping down as sweat built up below his forehead. It was a sunny day, with absolutely no wind to race across your skin and cool you down. There wasn’t a child in sight, their bikes and soccer balls left on the front porch as they instead lay in the shade. It was far too hot for any games today. Richie felt his eyes squinting against the sun, similar to what they’d done before he got his first pair of glasses.

Eddie strolled beside him, his hair pushed far back from his face and his pale cheeks bright red from the heat. Or sunburn, Richie couldn’t tell. His shirt hung loose around his stomach, and Richie was suddenly envious that he hadn’t thought to wear a looser shirt. It would have been a hell of a lot cooler than this Hawaiian shirt, he thought to himself. But he felt too embarrassed to take the over shirt off, so on his shoulders it stayed.

As the two bounced down Main Street many thoughts raced through Richie’s head. The loudest would be curling his fingers through Eddie’s own, and walking hand and hand down the concrete sidewalk. He’d almost done it too, but he had the sudden realization that Eddie might not want to. Sure, they’d shared a few moments together, and Richie was almost certain that Eddie liked him back. But the thought of Eddie drawing his hand away at Richie’s touch scared him too much to actually attempt the action. Plus, my palms are probably too sweaty, Richie added into his thought train.

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