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i love voltron but all this discourse about shiro's age and shal///din stuff makes me feel that CANON shiro is a bad guy even though i know he's just a tired space dude. it's harder to like shiro because of it even though i know that shiro is actually a really sweet man idk

I feel the same way!!! Like I was rewatching Voltron the other day and I was like woah… Shiro’s actually a pretty cool character.

Dune Dweller~

It’s been so grossly hot in Sydney this week, it feels like the Wasteland☀️☀️ should Australia melt I’ll become a sand person, living under a dune and sneaking out to scavenge for two headed lizards and guzzolene 👍

Hooded top - Creancient (bought from Glebe markets)
Furiosa’s googles were a gift, everything else is second hand or handmade.