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When Trina had asked to close their relationship for a while, he’d thought he might miss the swinging, and he had, a little bit, that first week. Things had been… awkward. Not too awkward, but they’re usually so in sync, he and Trin, that any turbulence shakes harder than it should. 

But now… Now, they’re in perfect sync again, and he doesn’t miss the extra players. Not even a little bit. How could he when she’s like this? Fuzzy leopard print cuffs locked around her wrists, her feet planted to the mattress right where he’s ordered her to keep them (her toes curl in silk sheets, and he can hear the cheap chain of the cuffs rattle as her hands grow restless) while he holds a vibrator against her clit and watches her writhe.

She’s sweaty, sheened with it like she’s been oiled. It reminds him of the way she lays out somedays, slathered with suntan oil and nothing else, stretching coyly every time he walks by and pretending she’s not trying to give him a show. But today there’s no oil, just enough sex to have her hair damp and curling at her temples, her voice hoarse as she cries his name. 

“Tom! Tom!” He draws the vibrator down, away, sliding it through her wetness (and man, is she ever wet) right before she can come, chuckling at the way she cries out at the loss. It’s the fifth time he’s done it, maybe the sixth, and he teases her opening, listens to her moan deliriously again as he pushes the tip of the toy against it. It slips right in, an inch or so swallowed up before he can stop it, she’s so ready, so turned on, so close to coming, and his cock throbs at the thought of how good she’s going to feel wrapped around him. Her voice is desperate as she pleads, “Oh God, stop teasing, babe.”

“Now where would be the fun in that?” he asks, easing the vibe out and back in, just the tip, torturing her with what he’s not giving her. Her hips churn, her toes dig deeper into the sheets, and she gasps something about it being fun for her. Tom smirks and takes pity on her, teasing, “Say please.”

Please.” She wastes no time in begging, and Tom grins, leaning in and pressing a kiss to her knee, as she adds, “Please, babe, I need you. So much.”

She sounds like sex incarnate. He’s not sure how he’s managed to hold out this long – it’s been a hell of a show, there’s nothing else he can say for himself.

“Do you want me, or this?” he asks, easing the vibrating shaft another two inches inside her and listening to the way she moans at the invasion.

Her head lifts up then, a smile tugging her lips as she asks him, “Why not both?”

Chuckling, he draws the vibe out and tosses it onto the bed next to her, rubbing his hands up her thighs as he tells her, “That can be arranged.” He gives his cock a few tugs (unnecessary, he’s hard as a rock), admiring her well-fucked appearance and grinning back at her when she smiles and wiggles her hips a little closer. “You ready?”

Her brows lift. “Do I look ready, Tom?”

He sweeps his gaze over her again, and mutters, “Mm. You look ready enough to eat,” snickering at her Later as he lines up and sinks into her. His eyes damn near cross at her heat, at how wet she is, at how good she feels. “Christ, Trin.”

She gasps his name, but doesn’t say anything else, he doesn’t give her much of a chance to before he’s giving her a good hard fuck, hooking her under the knees the way she likes and holding her thighs open while he pounds into her. It doesn’t take long before she’s shouting - his name, and Oh GOD and  Harder! and OH, fuck me!

He drops one of her legs and grabs the vibrator then, holding it to her clit and grasping hard at her hip with his other hand as she shrieks and bucks, coming, hard, all that teasing and pent up passion coming out in shouts and moans loud enough the neighbors can probably hear as she fists the pillows and loses herself completely to the combined pleasure of his cock and the vibe.

Tom holds out as long as he can, manages to get another orgasm out of her before he comes too, groaning her name as he lets go inside her. 

If he could think, he’d be thinking there’s not another woman in the world who holds a candle to this one.

Ten Months of Drought

A/N: A commission for @sachiel21, who asked for bumblebee angst/smut, a reunion set after the finale of vol3. Thank you so much for commissioning me, and I hope you enjoy it!

Their reunion was blood and teeth. At least fifty Grimm in the lobby of an old bank. 

A modern lost world, filled with crumbling buildings next to miles left entirely intact, the glass coated in dust yet without a crack to mar the surface. Not even vines could grow there, choke the life from a stone. Every sign of wreckage was Grimm or human-made, remnants of one final, explosive conflict.

Yang’s hair curled and coiled, a mass of white-hot gold that steamed the humid air. Grimm corpses dissolved around her, piled shoulder-high. 

For a while they were quiet, waiting for the next wave. It had been so easy to fall into their old routine; the instant they saw each other the steps came back, like they had never been apart.

But now there was nothing between them but ten months of silence.

Wafts of heat rose from Yang’s body, the temperature so intense it made the air ripple, liquid, like a mirage. Her eyes were red and blank with rage, staring at the floor in front of her as her chest twitched with every staggered breath.

Blake was terrified.

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