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rhett got so flustered after link repeated “friend love” omg.. tbh i was hesitant to watch the gm/mores as of lately because they all seem to focus on either food or the crew, but this one was just?? lovely??

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so theres this guy at my school, hes a minor, but gives of a major pedo vibe?hes 17 or 18, im 14 and like wants sexual favorsss???

That was my situation too!!! Avoid him!!! Report him to staff!!! Tell your parents!!! Make a fuss!!! People need to know!!! I’m sorry he’s being gross to you honey. <3


So I was reading Archive of Our Own (I mean, when am I not?) and I was inspired by a muke fanfic and I went to the ‘If I Stay’ premiere (about two weeks ago?) and I had to write this- I’ll try and find the fic but for now I’m so inspired to write and I WILL write a part two if you want it (part two will have smut, somehow) hey here’s part two

This is basically nothing but an angsty au where whatever marks you have, your soulmate will too until you meet. I’m so sorry. Trigger warning.

-Meg x

     Every soul mate shares each other’s scars.

     It’s not on purpose- it’s just something that has and will happen to everyone. Basicially, whatever wound you have, your soul mate will have a mirrored one in the exact same spot but the day you meet, the scars will disappear.

     That’s how Calum’s parents got together- his mother had a scratch on her hand after a quarrel with a stray cat and his father had a nasty bruise on his cheek from a few too many drinks in a troublesome bar- but they both had identical marks in identical places. One fateful morning they bumped into each other on the streets of Sydney and watched in overwhelming relief as the marks on their hands and faces faded almost instantaneously, replaced with such a vivacious love that led to producing Calum and his sister Mali-Koa a few years later.

     When Calum and Mali-koa were younger,  the story of how his parents met would be told like a bedtime story- the twinkle in his parent’s eyes as they tucked him into bed made him desperately crave foreign markings on his tanned skin, going to great lengths to examine his body before and after bed- yearning, desperately wishing for a sign of a person made for him.

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