vibe 18


I just got home from spending a night at my oldest friend’s house for her 20th birthday, with her family and her boyfriend, and I feel so soft and warm because her home is such a family environment. Everyone waits until everyone is seated to eat dinner, they slide plates of cake to the next person, they tell so many stories and they all know half of them but they’re doubled over laughing anyway. I feel this way every time I come home from hers. 

It’s just such a cozy feeling. And I want to wrap myself up in it as a promise that this is what I’ll have in my life. 




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PAC Modern | Vibe XVIII 2013

Wow! Let me just say how much of a blessing it was to be a partof the behind the scenes for this set. We put this together in less then a month and although it was stressful and physically demanding it was definitely worth every second. Our overall goal for this set was to take the audience on a journey by bringing the insanity of the main characters mind to life in a way that was not typical and still stayed true to what we do best, so with a fusion of hip hop, waacking, Vougeing, breaking, house, and twist of crazy we put together this amazing piece.This just shows that you don’t need to conform to the hype to produce something amazing, it just takes a little creativity and amazing people to back it up. I love my team so much and it still blows my mind that this is only the beginning for us so watch out dance community because after this we are all certified INSANE! <3