I bought my bridesmaid dress

for Adele’s wedding.

Adele, I swear if you change the color I will personally climb on the next plane out and cut your toes and bury them in the ground. I will also tie your vagina shut with a permanent chastity belt. 

Other than that, I love you! Money well spent :D

I thought wrong...

iwas listening to Tyga’s “Pottymouth” and looking @viapencils page at the same time. I was like im on Adele’s page listening to a mix song of Adele and Tyga. whoaaah! n thn i got off viapencils page to realize it wasnt a mix song. ;/

but it was a cool mix ima do it again.

coastalhana asked:

Wow, I've never even noticed that you look like Jake Gyllenhal, or however its spelled x] Celery is famous!

Lolol. Well only one person’s told me that, and I didn’t realize until it was pointed out either. xD

Yeah, I wish I was. In the meantime I’ll just have to resemble a famous person. ;p