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Pathfinder Inspired Spell: Blur (Glamour)

A Glamour spell to aid in concealment in situations the user would like to go unnoticed due to safety and protection purposes. This especially works well at night for when walking home.

You will Need:

  • Small vial or bottle charm with cork
  • black ink
  • water
  • dropper (makes it easier)
  • Gray ribbon, string or yarn


  • Add your water to the vial, though be sure to leave room to add in your ink.
  • Add 1-4 drops of black ink into vial
  • Cork it tightly
  • Swirl bottle clockwise focusing on the ink mixing with the water inside it. Envision black shadows swirling about the bottle, concealing it from your view, leaving it in a hazy black fog of swirling shadows.
    • “Blackness please become my veil,
      keep me hidden without fail.
      Let me pass by like a shadow of the night,
      Until I return home to the safety of light.”
  • Tie gray ribbon/string around bottle so it can be worn around the neck
  • Wear it when you are in need of concealment.
  • Cleanse in the moonlight and night air; recharge via swirling the contents of bottle and visulization
Tea at Three -2-

Rating: Teen and up for blood and bodily injury

Tags: auror!Harry, potionmaker!Draco, oblivious!Draco

This is Part 2 of a four five-part series. Links at the bottom of the page.

“I think you should ask him out,” Donna said.

Draco stifled a sigh and drawled, “Amazing, and here I was just thinking you ought to mind your own business.”

“I’m pretty certain he fancies you,” Donna went on.

Draco looked up from his inventory sheet, found Donna smirking and glared at her. “What’s the count on the calming draughts?”

Donna pouted briefly and then looked over the neat rows of pale pink potions, all in unbreakable beakers, capped in a pale white waxy substance. “Twenty-nine.”

Draco frowned at the untidy number but wrote it down. Some wizard brought in for questioning just had to have a breakdown and actually use one of his potions. If things were quiet he could arrange to brew just enough for one vial. It was fussy and unnecessary with his stock levels but he had a fondness for brewing reduced potions, if for no other reason than seeing if he could.

Dona finger moved as she carefully began counting the next and last potion on their inventory. “Fifty wound-cleanse,” she said.

“Perfect,” Draco said absently, finishing the form and duplicating it before sending one down to admin and beginning to write out a schedule for the next weeks brewing based on their current inventory.

“He goes out of his way to have tea with you every day an’ that’s not easy for those auror types,” Donna said, dropping down into the chair beside him.

Draco made a noise of acknowledgement, hoping she would drop it.

She did not.

“I know you fancy the tits off him,” Donna went on.

Draco felt himself flush and cursed internally. He said stiffly, “I most certainly do not. I appreciate his friendship.”

“And his arse,” Donna grinned.

Draco felt the flush go red hot, “That is highly inappropriate and I-”

The door slammed open, “Raid’s gone bad! You’re needed on the ground now!” An auror shouted, only pausing long enough to throw them a cloth sack containing an emergency portkey.

Draco rushed to the cabinets, pulling out two bandoleers covered in cloth loops that perfectly fit vials he was already charming into them, antidotes, calming draughts, wound cleanse, burn heal, bone repair, deep sleep, and a great deal of blood replenishing potion. He pulled his bandoleer on, pushing the other in Donna’s unresisting hands as he snatched up the portkey sack.

Donna’s was shaking as she fumbled the potions over her chest, “I don’t- I’ve never-!”

Draco acciod another calming draught, “Take a sip, follow my instructions. The worst of it will be over once we arrive.

Donna nodded, tapping the top of the vial with her wand, making the waxy substance disappear, and took rather more than a sip.

Draco gave her a disproving look and took the vial and a very small sip to calm his own nerves before opening the sack. He grabbed Donna’s hand, “Lace your fingers with mine,” he ordered. Once she had, he grabbed hold of the empty tin inside and they were pulled away and-

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BRUISES (Pt.2) - Read part one here

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

She stood with her back against a faded old tree, colors of green covering her body like a shield as she hid, breath heavy. She could just make out the edge of a white wooden home, looking cozy with its bushes and chimney’s producing smoke, the orange glow of a sunset settling over the family home. She stuck her head out once, making sure the coast was clear before she tiptoed towards the house, Kai’s freshly washed grey jacket in her trembling hands. She was almost at the front door when she was thrown to the side of the house, Kai’s strong grip pinning her to the side wall of the house, eyebrow arched as he raised a finger to her lips.

“What are you doing here?” he hissed under his breath. “How did you find me?”

She raised the crumpled jacket up and signalled at a white piece of fabric that stuck out the top. It had an “if lost call,” followed by his phone number, printed atop the tag in messy sharpie, making it almost too easy to track him down.

“Right, Papa Parker labelling my hand me downs like I’m a child.” Kai snatched his jacket from the girl’s hand, “Did you call my family?!”

“Yeah,” she shrugged, “I did what I had to.”

No no no,” he panicked silently, “what did you say?!”

“I told them the truth; that I wanted to return their son’s sweater.”

“Oh my god,” he sighed, rubbing at his temples with agitation. “My parents are going to know something’s up.”

“Why’s that?”

“Nobody ever calls for me,” he laughed bitterly, “I don’t have anyone who would care enough to think of me so much as think of me twice.”

“Well I did,” she snapped, forcing the jacket against Kai’s chest, her nostrils flaring.

He looked down at her, much more than a pretty face, that bravery and stubbornness a good look on her.

“You were just going to walk right up to the front door and announce yourself, weren’t you?” he shook his head with a chuckle.

She nodded, to which he gave a long pause, chewing at his lower lip before grabbing both of her hands in his. His soft fingers gently laced through her own, palms pressed gently together as he whispered a soft incantation, blinking through his long eyelashes when he was done.

“What just happened?” she asked quietly.

“We’re invisible,” he said as if it was no big deal. “And since you clearly won’t give up on leaving me alone, than I’m going to have to keep you safe.”

He could’ve kept her invisible without holding on to her longer, but he liked the feeling, and she didn’t know better, so he held on the whole way into the house and up the rickety wooden stairs, the feeling sending waves of comfort through his skin. On the way up, they passed two small children, who sang happily while dancing through the corridors, freezing in their tracks and ducking behind a wall with when they saw Kai approaching, which didn’t seem to phase him one bit. Finally, they reached his room, the smallest in the house, empty aside from a small bed in the middle, no family photos strung around like in the bustling corridors outside. Kai quietly locked his door, turning to press his back into it with relief while releasing the girl’s hands.

She stood there, staring him down, fingers twirling at a loose piece of fabric on her minty green dress. When she didn’t say anything, Kai asked, “why are you here?”

“I wanted to see you,” she admitted with no hesitation. “I wanted to know if you were okay.”

That stirred something within Kai’s cold chest, his heart fluttering at her words, “why?”

“You tried to push me away the other night, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I saw you, it couldn’t be,” she rambled, her cheeks blushing furiously. “I-I don’t know, something about you just seems to draw me back,” she stammered.

He raised a brow, shaking his head in disbelief, “I guess we’re both testing ourselves then. I didn’t think you’d find me, for your own sake, but a part of me…” he trailed off, heading to a small side table by his bed. Kai reached in and pulled out a shining silver ring, diamond-less and plain, but beautiful nonetheless.

“I made you this,” he said, lifting the ring up so it glinted under his bedroom lights. “It’s kind of like an apology, for melting off your other one.”

“Oh,” the girl smiled, outstretching a hand, “thanks, Malachai.”

Hearing his own name was still so weird to him, he thought as he slid the ring down her finger, a perfect fit. His hand on hers, he lifted his bright blue eyes to the girl’s, instantly pulling away to escape the tension.

“So,” the girl smiled, “does this mean you’ll let me be your friend now?”

“Friend?” he uttered, the word foreign to him, “y-yeah, sure.”

They were interrupted by the noise of chatter and clattering silverware from down below. 

“Do you need to go eat now?” she asked, sad to go so soon.

“Uh, heh, no,” he said, walking around her and sinking down onto his scratchy old sheets. “I’m kind of not invited,” he said. “I mean, sometimes I go, but then it’s just silent, awkward, you know.”

“Why?” she asked with a frown, plopping down beside Kai.

“Well, even though I wouldn’t siphon any of them, that doesn’t mean they don’t think I’ll try, or that I’m just some black thundercloud of death,” he joked seriously.

“So, do you eat?”she pressed on.

“I sneak down when I can, but I always get in trouble if I get caught.”

“A lot of trouble?” the girl whispered, eyes falling down to the fresh bruises on Kai’s skin.

This time he didn’t pull away, he simply froze as she brought her fingers up, eyes lifting to his for permission. Kai gave a nod, to which the girl began to gently trace her fingers over his sore skin, her touch like a drug, sending a relief like electricity through the heretic’s skin. His eyes fluttered closed as he drowned in her flowery scent and the feeling of her skin to his. She trailed her hand right up to the edge of his sleeve before drawing back, not daring to go further. When he blinked his eyes open again, she was sat still, looking at him as if he were as fragile as glass.

“Thanks,” he said, not really knowing what else to say.

She laughed softly, “why thank me?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “for being here.”

She smiled with embarrassment, “so, uh, can you tell me more about your ‘coven,’ or magic, or whatever?” she asked to divert the topic.

“It’s not just our coven,” he said, glad to talk about something that didn’t make his emotions fly all over the place. “There are other’s too. And there’s more than witches as well. I’m not sure in the whole werewolf thing, that seems a bit farfetched to be honest, but vampires-”

“Vampires?!” she gasped in shock.

“Yeah,” he smiled at her reaction, “and, don’t tell my dad, but I even have some of their blood.”

She sat in shock as Kai protruded a vial filled with red liquid from his pocket, lifting up the ruby red substance so she could see.

“How-what?!” the girl asked.

“My dad stashed some away, and I don’t know why but I also have no intentions of asking. But I do know our family has got into some sticky situations with the vampires, they’re not our friends, so I’m guessing it has something to do with that.”

“Why would he have a problem with them?” she inquired, intrigue written across her features. 

“Witches and vampires don’t get along,” he said, “but I did some research on them from some of our coven’s journal’s, and it’s been like than since forever.”

“Wow,” she gasped in awe, “that’s so…cool, strange, I don’t know?!”

“Here,” Kai said, handing the girl the vial, “good luck charm.”

Kai fumbled around for some loose black string, sliding it through the cork’s vial and bending forward to tie it around the girl’s neck. He tried to keep his eyes anywhere but those eyes as he fumbled around her exposed flesh, drawing back quickly when he was done.

“I don’t know, apparently if you drink that stuff and die with it in your system, you become a vampire. But again, don’t hold me to that.”

“That sounds amazing,” she smiled, fidgeting with the vial.

“But don’t,” he warned, serious now, “seriously.”

“I won’t,” she promised, locking her pinky around Kai’s, “good luck only.”

He smiled, genuinely, for the first time in a long time, certain for sure that he was the lucky one. 


Sea witch altar set and ocean key - available on etsy

This altar set is for those who feel a strong connection to water and the ocean. Using these items for meditation will help you draw power from the ocean even when you’re land-locked. As an offering set it will help you in water-based magick and worship of Sea Gods.

The wand’s shaft of the wand is made of pine driftwood (9cm) and finished with a tip made of a crab claw (7cm long!). Both were found on the beach and are naturally charged.

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Shoutout to @orriculum for actually following through on their Tumblr giveaway!!

I’ve been wanting to start properly dedicating to Aphrodite for so long, but didn’t really know where to begin. When I saw the giveaway I felt drawn to it, and somehow remembered to reblog it enough to actually possibly win.
I had barely been on Tumblr for months, so to see that post come up first when I logged in was so lucky.

So yeah, thank you so so much.

Photos can’t do it justice (names and addresses blurred for obvious reasons. 

In the pretty (and incredible smelling!) box was: 

- two pretty crystals
- a beeswax candle wrapped with ribbon
- a jar of pink seasalt
- a tiny bowl with legs
- a tealight with a starfish on top
- a doily/altar cloth
- a little tiny bottle of sand
- a wooden pentagram
- an assortment of shells and sand dollars
- a larger shell
- a dried rosebud in a vial
- a honeycomb charm
- an envelope of dried and pressed rose petals
- three metal statuettes (pitcher, chalice, and candelabra)
- a small rose scented bath bomb

I have no idea how this all got through Australian customs but I am not complaining. 

Unfortunately I can’t keep it assembled due to living arrangements but I reassemble it daily and light a candle. Thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3 


Charm Bags & Sachets

A charm bag is simply a magick spell inside a bag. They are spells in a bag and the most popular way of carrying power items with you.

To make a charm bag, simply fill with one or more magickally charged items. Magickally charged items may include herbs, stones, charms, drops of essential or magick oils, amulets, and crystals.

Charm bags may be as simple as a square of fabric tied together or they may be beautifully embroidered hand made works of art. They may be made of silk, leather, metal,or any fabric. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that the container is part of the spell.

Bag Colours

Gold: Wealth, protection, the God

Silver: Prosperity, the Moon, psychism, the Goddess

Yellow: Healing, finding employment

Orange: Communication, messages, travel

Green: Prosperity, abundance, friendship, growth, nature

Blue: Peace, calm, wisdom. benevolence,

Purple: Wisdom, mysteries, wealth, grandeur, justice

Red: Success, strength, romance, protection

Pink: Love, friendship, healing

Brown: Houses, home, justice, Earth, permanence

Black: Absorbs and dissolves baneful energy

Bags with drawstring closures are useful because you can open and close them, adding materials as they are found or needed. A closed bag is called a “hand”.

Here are a few examples of stones that you could place in your bag:

Aluminum: Travel, communication

Amethyst: Wisdom and psychic powers

Aventurine: Healing and prosperity.

Clear quartz: Good for any purpose

Copper: Love and healing

Gold: Prosperity and protection

Iron: Protection and strength

Moonstone: Emotions, peace and love

Rose quartz: Love and harmony

Silver: Protection, Lunar power, love, prosperity

Tiger’s eye : Wealth and protection

Tin: Wealth and honour

Here are a few examples of charms that you could place in your bag;

Acorn: Luck, prosperity,protection from lightning, and sexual potency.

Broom: Brushes away negative influences, sweeps in luck, protection, wealth and good into the home.

Clover: Life, luck and abundance.

Hammer: Luck and a means of driving out evil.

Horn: Repel the"evil eye,“ a symbol of nature and fertility, sexuality.

Horseshoe: Luck.

Key: Power, Luck, especially if it is found and the finder does not know which lock it opens. A symbol of access to hidden things

Lightning-struck wood: Protection against all harm.

Pine cone: Luck, favourable influences,protection from harm, and sexual power, repels baneful influences.

Religious symbol: Symbols of various religions are held to be protective.

Salt: Purification, repels evil, and attracts wealth.

Silver: Protection, wealth, and the blessing of all Goddesses.

Toadstone: Heal illnesses and to repel evil. Toadstone is a fossilized shark’s tooth.


A bag that has been sewn together is called a "sachet”. A sachet is usually made of muslin and may be cut into any shape (to suit the magick), such as a heart or a star before it’s sewn together. Sachets usually contain only botanical materials such as herbs and flowers.

Here are a few examples of herbs that you could use:

Cedar - Female energy, protection

Cinnamon- Protection and love

Mint- Protection, luck

Nutmeg- Luck and fidelity

Rose petals- Love

Sage- Cleansing, healing, protection

Bags and sachets may be decorated with symbols or pictures that are relevant to the magick such as;

Astrological Symbols



Pictures of Animals

Pictures of Mythic Animals

Pictures of Sacred Beings

Religious Symbols



Charm Vials

Instead of using bags or sachets to hold charms and power objects you may use tiny glass bottles. The items inside are visible and may be layered or suspended in oil or seeds. A cord or string may be attached so that the bottle can be worn or hung up.

How to Empower your Charm Bag, Sachet or Charm Vial

Choose a candle of the appropriate colour to compliment the magick intent of your bag. Carve the same symbol on the candle as is on your bag, or carve a symbol that is sympathetic to your purpose if there is no symbol in your bag. \you may also dress the candle with an oil that is sympathetic to your purpose. Light the candle. Light some incense that also compliments the purpose of the bag. Pass the charm bag over the candle flame and incense smoke to clear it of any lingering unwanted energies before you enchant it with power.

Hold the charm bag in your hands and imagine power flowing into you from above. Envision the energy coursing into your arms and will it into your charm bag. As you do this, visualize the desired outcome of the magick bag. See it as complete. This is very important. When you empower any object or spell, always envision the desired outcome, not the steps required or the magick working to make it so. With your will, see the power flowing into your charm bag.

Place the charm bag beside the lit candle, so that the candle’s magickal sphere of energy is absorbed into the charm bag. Once the candle burns out, your charm bag will be fully charged with your magickal intention.

Fund raiser

Sorry for the delay, sweeties.

Was expecting to get this done last night.

All items are $5.

For a single item, add $2 for shipping with in the US.
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I would prefer to go through pay pal instead of Etsy, because I will have immediate access to paypal in an emergency.

My business email is:

Under the Send Money option, please enter that email and specify that you are paying for goods and services.

If you do NOT have paypal, I an invoice you and you can pay with a debit or credit card.

Please specify the items you want by name.

Craft Feathers are available by the sandwich sized ziplock bag.

There are currently 2 bags.

Black Stim Ornaments:  10 available

In loving memory of a black Valencian Figurita named Antonio.

Plumed Stim Ornaments: 8 available

Multicolor Stim Ornaments: 1 available

Brown Stim Ornament: 2 available. In loving memory of Molasses.

Peace Of Mind Jar Charm: 21 available in a variety of chain colors.

Thin Peace Of Mind Jar Charm: 16 available in a variety of chain colors.

Tiny Peace Of Mind Jar Charm: 12 available in a variety of chain colors.

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Tiny Jar of Memories: 2 available

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Bottle of Memories: 1 available

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Jar of Memories: 1 available

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Small Jar of Memories: 1 available

First come, first served.

Please remember to specify the item and quantity.


After coming back from Iceland I have a few new items in my shop!

tiny sea witch altar - available on ETSY

This kit is both for those who are land-locked and who live by the sea. It was put together from materials I’ve gathered during my travels. When used for meditation it will help you connect with the sea and draw from its power.

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Wolf Pendant - Wolf Necklace - Wolf Jewelry - Wolf Totem - Wolf Spirit - Protection Charm - Apache Tear - Wolf Fur - Cruelty-free Fur
My Black Wolf Spirit Protection Pendants are made for those with a love of the forest, wildlife, the wolf, or just want to wear something different. This lovely pendant includes a glass bottle pendant filled with naturally shed black phase wolf fur and tiny, tumbled apache tear obsidian stones. A silver-tone pewter howling wolf charm and a black lava bead adorn the outside of the pendant. The faux leather cord Ive included with the pendant measures 14 inches and can be extended to 16 inches. I chose these colors and stones for a protection pendant because of their metaphysical tendencies to protect their wearer. The fur contained within the bottle pendant was donated by two beautiful female black phase wolves that reside at animal sanctuaries I support. Their fur was gathered during their natural spring shedding process. No animals were harmed in the making of this necklace.

Cruelty-free fur pendant; I brushed and saved fur from animals at sanctuaries I’ve worked over the years.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: The Charmings cast a spell on Regina to get info from her and now she cant lie and she accidentally confesses her love to Emma.

“You guys, seriously, I don’t think this is the answer,” Emma said, pleading with her parents to reconsider their decision. “We shouldn’t do this. I don’t think Regina is responsible for this.”

It had been around a week since Hook had gone missing, and of course, Regina had been everyone’s number-one suspect, despite the fact that Hook had much uglier history with Rumplestiltskin. It absolutely set Emma’s teeth on edge. She knew that Regina hadn’t done this, but her parents were impossible to convince without “proof.”

She rolled her eyes as Snow and David motioned for the Blue Fairy to join them. Man, Emma thought, for people who are so magic-is-evil, they sure do like to use that shit whenever it benefits them.

“I know you think you know her, Emma, but we know her better, honey,” Snow argued. “She is quite capable of this, and if we follow through with the plan and it is revealed that she is not responsible, then so be it, but I think you need to prepare yourself for the strong possibility that she is.”

Snow reached over and took a small vial of clear liquid from the fairy. She then held it out to Emma. “This is a truth serum. If Regina drinks it, she will be unable to tell a lie and then we can simply ask her if she had anything to do with Killian’s disappearance.”

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Everything from my Etsy shop MUST GO before June 10th! So I’m posting it on sale one last time! 

The vial has black salt (charcoal, salt, black pepper, and a nail). Great for protection. I made this exact vial in my How To Make Black Salt Video if that sweetens the deal (: $10.00 USD

The charm is for courage, strength, and mental clarity. There are TWO of these for sale!! $7.00 USD

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