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Imagine Mike and El in college sending handwritten letters and postcards back n forth and wearing cozy sweatshirts of each other’s university and surprising each other with a visit on their birthdays and reassuring each other on the phone when life gets difficult or classes are overwhelming and El sending Mike polaroid pictures of little things she finds beautiful and Mike writing her dorky love poetry and mailing little boxes of their favorite books and pressed flowers and kinds of tea to each other 

Achievement Hunter Baby AU

Daddy Jack and Papa Geoff decide to take the kids to the zoo

Mihcael: Let’s go see the bears next!

Ray: Do you think the pandas like their eucalyptus?

Ryan: Look, I know the last time you took me to the petting zoo was a disaster, but I swear I’m a changed boy! I promise I won’t try to put all the animals into holes again! Plus, I’m on a murder break! Pleaseee!

Geoff: *daydreams about whiskey*

I’m not gonna lie, this entire drawing was inspired by the thought of little Ryan making his petting zoo argument.