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Well I think "Rimmy: The Civil Tim" should be RT's next movie after Lazer Team 2

Jeremy “Rimmy Tim” Dooley is an ordinary man living an ordinary life, but one day out of the blue he is met by a strange orange-and-purple clad hero that goes surprisingly by the same moniker Jeremy does - Rimmy Tim. This mysterious wrestler informs Jeremy that he is the Chosen Tim, the one who will lead the Team of Rimmy Tims in battle against the forces of Darkness. 

Jeremy is then taken under the wing of this mysterious spandex-wearing stranger to train him in the arts of Rimmy Tim. He is joined soon later by other Rimmy Tims from across the multiverse, each with their own individual knowledge to impart on the Chosen One. But alas, how can a simple man like Jeremy live up to the great expectations of the Rimmy Tims?

But wait! The power he was seeking was within him all along, for during a fight against the forces of evil and darkness he realizes that he indeed is the Rimmiest of Tims, and he can do great things! Using all he has learned and the friends he has made along the way, Jeremy Rimmy Tim Dooley vanquishes the forces of darkness so that light and good may shine another day and he drives off into the sunset in a monster truck. 

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Okay but think about this AH multiverse/Highlander AU where all of the Rimmy Tims meet(GTA Tim, WWE Tim etc). They all have to compete to see who is truly the Rimmiest of Tims.

I can imagine it. 

In the middle of a desert, the Tims meet. Each is slightly different than the other; some are a little bit more purple-orange, some in street clothes boasting great brimmed hats, one even looking like he stepped out of WWE Smackdown arena, ready to deal out more damage. 

They all eye one another hesitantly, waiting for something, anything to happen. Trigger fingers twitch. Knuckles are cracked. Sweat lines brows as deep brown eyes gaze into the intense glare of the setting sunlight. 

Suddenly, there is a noise like a roar. 

Without warning, all of the Tims are run over by the truest of Tims, the Ultimate Tim, the Tim we Need but Do Not Deserve. 

A Monster Truck

Okay, but picture this: The performance is over, their bodies have cooled down and they are are chilling. They are like "Wow, that was awesome! I am so glad we did this and in such a short amount of time too!!!!!! GLORIOUS, AMAZING" but then comes the realization.
  • Otabek: Yuri Plisetsky's finger was in my mouth. In. My. Mouth. I am hyperventilating.
  • Yuri: Otabek bit my glove off. Punk as fuck. I could feel his tongue under my fingertip.
  • *avoid eye contact with each other for the rest of the night because they f e e l their faces burning*