Manchmal ist das Schwierigste nicht das Loslassen, sondern zu lernen, von vorne anzufangen.

Nicole Sobin

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Good Morning from Scotland.

Eilean Donan at Dawn by Andrew Nicoll 

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Dawn light at Eilean Donan Castle in the NW of Scotland. Taken on the way home from an excellent week on the Isle of Skye.


Nicole Mejia (via Nicole Mejia on Instagram: “New @bluebodybrazil_fit colors💙 Evergreen, Carmine Red, or Bright Blue? BYE2016 for 20% off your order🙃 #fitandthick #bluebodybrazil”)



Hey Fam, Nicole’s Born Day is right around the corner (THIS Wednesday!!). Our boo will be turning 30 again for the 3rd time!

Please join us here on Tumblr or Twitter & Instagram in celebrating Nicole and showering her with the love, support, and good energy she deserves. Let’s collectively remind her that this new year is hers for the taking! *Speaking that into existence.* We want her back on our screens in 2018!

Yes, we’re aware that we’re cutting it close (like really really close) this year… so we’d like to apologize for that, but also want to say thanks to all of you for continually showing up for Nicole!  

Here are the details for the prompts that YOU chose for #NBAW2018

Day 1 - Wednesday, January 3rd: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE! Wish Nicole a Happy B-Day. Send her your sweet tweets, letters, Fan art, collages, cards, post a gif set, video message, etc. *If you’re on twitter, You can also send your well wishes to Nicole via group text (Just shoot a DM our way on twitter responding with “TEXT MESSAGE OPTION” & we’ll give you all the details).

Day 2 - Thursday, January 4th: The ABC’s of Nicole Beharie. Go down the alphabet using each letter to describe Nicole. You can use the whole alphabet or choose a few letters to work with and contribute to our alphabet chain!

Day 3 - Friday, January 5th: Favorite Scene From a Movie or Show. Tell us about one (or two or three) of your favorite scenes in which Nicole absolutely captivated you!

Day 4 - Saturday, January 6th: Song Cover Day. It’s no secret that Nicole has an AMAZING voice. Tell us which songs you’d like to hear her cover.

Day 5 - Sunday, January 7th: Movie Reboot With Nicole As Lead. Is there a film that you’ve seen with a leading female character role that you think Nicole would be perfect for in a reboot? DO share! (We’d personally cast her as lead in EVERYTHING).  

Day 6 - Monday, January 8th: How Does Nicole Inspire You?

Day 7 - Tuesday, January 9th: Free Day. Use this day to create anything you like! Fan Art & Mood Boards & Manips (especially those of the mermaid kind), Oh my! Maybe a poem or video or themed gif set or fanfic or playlist…. 

BONUS - EVERYDAY is a NICOLE BEHARIE GIF PARTY day! Share your favorite gifs of Nicole all week long!

We’ll post each prompt daily across Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram. Use the hashtag #NBAW2018, so we’ll be able to see your posts. 

Everyone is welcome to participate. We thank you & we appreciate you all! Have Happy New Year FAM!

Sometimes we just have to cut off the dead branches in our life. Sometimes that’s the only way we can keep the tree alive. It’s hard and it hurts, but it’s what’s best.

Nicole Williams (via OptimisticallyAstray)

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Lea and the rest of the cast on set of Untitled Mayor City Project via Yvette Nicole Brown’s Periscope (March 16, 2017)


Tina Modotti (1896-1942) by Nicole Ameda
Via Flickr:
Telephone Wires, Mexico City, c. 1925