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Lo sai che una ferita si chiude e dentro non si vede
Che cosa ti aspettavi da grande, non è tardi per ricominciare
E scegli una strada diversa e ricorda che l’amore non è violenza.
Ricorda di disobbedire e ricorda che è vietato morire                                          Vietato morire

Ermal Meta/Vietato morire

L’ho già detto che lui e Fabrizio Moro lo vincono a mani basse il Festival?

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  • <p> <b></b> Unpopular opinion that Not Fall in Love with You from Vol 3 is actually a bees song in disguise.<p/><b></b> How?<p/><b></b> Well from my understanding the argument that it's a BlackSun song is because it played during a BlackSun moment and that the song is from Sun's point of view. But a few lines don't really make sense if it's from Sun's point of view.<p/><b></b> Sun has shown countless times that he is flirty with Blake. With the wink when first introduced, to asking her to the dance, to pointing to her during the Vytal festival. So saying "can I do anything to conceal it?" Doesn't make much sense as he has shown it multiple times. Arguing that he is just a flirtatious person also doesn't work. Neptune is a flirtatious person, a person that has flirted with Weiss, and team INDG. Sun has only been seen to flirt with Blake.<p/><b></b> This outward show of affection is not concealing anything. Nor is it "locking up [his] heart and not feel[ing] it".<p/><b></b> As the song progresses the narrator explains to the listeners that they have fallen hard for their crush and how they wish their crush could "fall for me like I fell for you". When looking at Sun and Blake both have been seen showing some sort of affection to one another. Sun asked Blake to the dance, Blake said yes (albiet after some convincing to go to the dance via Yang). During the festival Sun is able to elicit a blush from Blake. These thing show there is at least some feelings between them, that it's not just one sided.<p/><b></b> "Now how the heck do you think it's Yang singing then?" You ask.<p/><b></b> If you ask any Bee shipper they'll be able to list off some bee moments. The most popular probably being Yang talking one on one with Blake before the dance, the dance snippit, Yang attacking Adam to protect Blake, and then how both characters talk about each other during vol 4.<p/><b></b> Now returning to the lyrics. With Yang as our narrator the lines seem to make more sense with the narrative of the song. Yang has been seen to be flirtatious few times. Off the top of my head I can think of the first night at Beacon where she was checking out the guys, and at Junior's club (if you can call that flirting). But as of late Yang has shown very little flirting overall except for a few times with Blake. In this sense Yang could be concealing her true feelings. Trying to "lock up [her] heart and not feel it". Of course her feelings are seen countless times as Yang constantly worries about her partner and tries her best to encourage and help Blake.<p/><b></b> Then later in Vol 3 when Adam threatens Blake that he will destroy everything she loves a single look at Yang can tell Adam that Yang cares, or dare I say, loves Blake. The lyrics can easily match up with this scene as Yang, who is a complete stranger to Adam is instantly made a target due to her simply looking for Blake. Also having it be Adam attacking Yang and not some Joe Smoe can invent tension that Adam understands what it's like being in love with Blake (although not confirmed Adam and Blake have a past, and the fact Adam is deliberately targeting people Blake loves, or love Blake can be a sign that he is jealous or wants Blake back to himself).<p/><b></b> Then there's the "if your heart would agree" lines. This is a common fear when falling for someone, that they won't feel the same back. Which can be used to enforce hiding one's feelings in the first place. Sun and Blake have already shown they have some sort of feelings for one another, whether it's one sided or not. Yang on the other hand would have more to fear from if Blake didn't feel the same. If found out their current relationship as partners and friends would change and can add more tension to the team in general. This also can explain the "could you fall for me like I fell for you" as that would make things not one sided and ultimately, take any fear Yang would have about the situation away. But the romance in the song is also referred to as a "dream romance" which can imply the narrator doesn't think their crush actually reciprocates the feelings (again Sun and Blake have done this on some level).<p/><b></b> Lastly, this song is a coming to terms song. The narrator is coming to terms that they are in love with this person. The narrator is trying to hide their feelings, trying to not fall in love with someone. Yet the final line of the song is "I'm in love". This is important because again the few times Yang has flirted was with men. In a sense this can also simply be a song about Yang coming to terms with her sexuality, which can further explain why the narrator is trying to hide their feelings and feels like the romance will never happen.<p/><b></b> With the Vol 4 soundtrack practically out (I'm still waiting, thanks Amazon) we got BMBLB, a song that's being praised as the bees song showing Yang loves Blake. But songs, specifically RWBY songs, have a narrative and are known to have multiple parts (ex. Red Like Roses, Mirror Mirror). Not Fall in Love with You can be seen as part one of a story and part 2 can be BMBLB(this is based purely on lyrics I've seen). Not Fall in Love with You is about coming to terms with loving someone, and BMBLB is about embracing that love. Or as Yang coming to terms being into Blake and finally accepting that she is and embracing the hell out of it.<p/><b></b> I want to point out that I am not trying to say BlackSun will never happen, or that Bumbleby will never happen. I am just making an observation about the songs from what we've seen in the show.<p/></p>